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VBA Express, Inc. is not just one of the top Microsoft help forums, it is also one of the best places to get affordable, rapid solutions in all of the Microsoft applications. We don't work just in Micrsosft Excel and Access, we also work in SQL Server, Azure, Power BI, Word, Outlook, PowerPointand

While Microsoft Office for the Mac does not come with Microsoft Access, it still has a nice suite of applications, and we work with all of them.

Jacob is one of the original founders and owners of this site, and he is also one of our senior Microsoft developers.

Jacob has worked as a Microsoft programmer and trainer since 2004. Jacob has completed over 2,000 projects to date for 500+ unique clients. Many of this projects are primarily for Microsoft Excel and Access, integrating them with the rest of the MS Office Suite through the use of VBA. Additionally, Jacob develops windows applications with VB.Net as well as SQL Server and Azure databases. Recently Jacob has taken on Microsoft Excel Power BI, doing several BI projects for the Microsoft Corportion.

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Anyone can get the 1st project, or even the 2nd, but we get the 3rd and so on.  Work with us and see why!!!

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