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  1. A Data Cleaning Macro - Clean, Trim and CHAR(160)
  2. [SOLVED] Vlookup and Type mismatch error
  3. Clear contents in multiple range and multiple sheets
  4. [SOLVED] select the first value from data validation list
  5. help to Write a code to put value copy two tyms and columb values to row
  6. need help to copy rows to a new sheet depend on a cell value
  7. copy paste macro
  8. Prompt for narrative on saving spreadsheet
  9. VBA and SQL - help with update statement
  10. checking for duplicates and deleting duplicates
  11. [SOLVED] Copy data to other sheet
  12. consolidate data from multiple excel files into single file
  13. [SOLVED] Look for specific date
  14. VBA Multiplication Formula
  15. VBA Code to select value from Popup dropdown
  16. Window 8 PutInClipboard error
  17. [SOLVED] Macro running but populaing wrong cells
  18. Can not run SQL update statement
  19. (Help) Moving row with the macro
  20. [SOLVED] SUMIF formula
  21. [SOLVED] IF / AND within VLOOKUP formula
  22. [SOLVED] manipulating bmp files
  23. Excel Crashes and macro runs slow
  24. [SOLVED] Data connections have been disabled
  25. Saving A Excel Macros File
  26. Copy data to other sheet
  28. Generate number when userform information is submitted
  29. [SOLVED] vba macro code for counting total days above 32 degrees, 33, 34, and goes on..
  30. [SOLVED] Compare/match name list in sheet with sheet names and delete extra names from list
  31. Help with ActiveX installs (date picker)?
  32. [SOLVED] Vlookup: Wildcard in Reverse
  33. want to compel user to enter data to both col B and then col C if data is in col A
  34. Display a simple Access Database onClick
  35. Sending emails with attachments from excel
  36. Help please
  37. [SOLVED] Need code to merge PDF files in a folder using adobe acrobat X
  38. [SOLVED] VBA Create Unique Distinct List From Three columns
  39. [SOLVED] Set a variable based on another variable
  40. Excel weird behavior when connecting through ADODB
  41. Dumb question - onLoad?
  42. Create Time Log Based on Workbook.Activate/Deactivate events
  43. VBA runtime crash - Listrows.add
  44. Displaying an SQL Select Statement Help
  45. Clear contents
  46. help with uniquevalue function
  47. Run macro from an already open workbook
  48. I need good examples how to traverse xml file
  49. [SOLVED] Excel data import once only and save as new file
  50. Listing folder names in a column
  51. User form, VBA and timediff
  52. [SOLVED] Working With Specific Named Ranges
  53. Count Number of Targets Reached
  54. Import Table With No ID From Internet
  55. Run Access Macros in Excel
  56. [SOLVED] Match numbers and highlight
  57. [SOLVED] Force user to save as new file and NOT overwrite MASTER file
  58. SumIf Dynamic Range
  59. [SOLVED] On Error Close Worksheet
  60. [SOLVED] Chart title not updating
  61. [SOLVED] update pivot dynamically based on range in separate worksheet
  62. [SOLVED] selecting the newest date
  63. Simple Link to Access code
  64. [SOLVED] Mismatch error
  65. What's the best approach: Need multiple queries displayed on Excel on the same page
  66. VBA To Send Warning When The User Hasnt Worked In The Workbook For X Minutes
  67. Pasting into cell changes format - can this be stopped?
  68. Running Macro when Data Valaudation Cell Changes
  69. Navigate Webiste and click on link/button using vba
  70. [SOLVED] Why is this loop not working?
  71. Sending email from Excel
  72. Can Excel run this big SQL?
  73. [SOLVED] R1C1 and using variable in array formula
  74. Excel dashboard based on Outlook data with events
  75. VBA getElementsByTagName Issues
  76. [SOLVED] Loop Data validation list item and generate PDF for each
  77. Error code 438
  78. Search for a string with " char.
  79. [SOLVED] VBA Separate monthly data into weekly data
  80. [SOLVED] TextBox Editor
  81. [SOLVED] dayly data to weekly data
  82. [SOLVED] delete all sheets and charts except "Input"
  83. Using datevalue with different languages
  84. [SOLVED] Proper syntax to sort columns (only identified in variable)
  85. [SOLVED] vba macro code for filtering from the given numbers.
  86. VBA merge without creating new sheet
  87. Macro for copying specific values from one excel file to another
  88. VBA- Skipping word in column of data and displaying result in other sheet
  89. Copy my files + Date
  90. Macro to find a word and select a range based in their position
  91. Scrolling down flowchart
  92. Copying a (variable) range from multiple worksheets to a summary worksheet
  93. [SOLVED] Count filled Cell where having number Only
  94. Generate path of a file in column and send email as attachment based on a cell value
  95. combobox to populate listbox
  96. [SOLVED] copy entire row to another sheet if cloumn A contains numeric data on Cloumn A
  97. Offset command for specific row display
  98. My code works for a single row, but how do I make it work for all rows?
  99. Opening multiple files and applying a macro to all of them
  100. [SOLVED] Plz help, Macro needed for If the file opened from folder, do this
  101. VBA: Change conditionally highlighted rows from current date to 24 hours
  102. [SOLVED] Duplicate Master from Brettdj
  103. [SOLVED] VBA Black Scholes w/Greeks and Conditional Formula
  104. Excel Macro help with Outlook email
  105. [SOLVED] Help transforming dates and rounding numbers using VBA
  106. Best approach to filter on a value, but showing all lines concerned by same object?
  107. [SOLVED] Paste data to another sheet and do sum and Multiply.
  108. [SOLVED] Transposing in VBA
  109. [SOLVED] Multiplied of 2 column
  110. Find duplicates in each column, then delete rows containing only Subsequent duplicate
  111. VBA to Self Destruct File
  112. List Conditional Formatting on Separate Sheet
  113. Search & Replace
  114. What to do when Text is found in a row?
  115. Help Organising Data
  116. CountIf with date
  117. Relative address rather than absolute address in VBA code (macro)
  118. [SOLVED] Sum the column
  119. VBA concenate problem
  120. enable and disable cells based on other cell value
  121. Cut and Paste Rows from multiple Worksheets on to one summary sheet based on 1 condit
  122. Macro to repeat merge, Filter, copy & paste to other sheet.
  123. [SOLVED] Identify value and automatically puts in another spreadsheet
  124. vba script to convert worksheets to pdf
  125. Logic
  126. Insert blank rows based upon cell value with criteria
  127. Cells Clearcontents
  128. [SOLVED] Pivot "For Each" Filtering Loop Failing
  129. [SOLVED] check if listbox selected
  130. [SOLVED] ComboBox: Possible to change Popout direction?
  131. Tab order with VBA
  132. How to enter data in a specific cell (c8 in all sheets ) when data is on 1st sheet
  133. [SOLVED] Ignoring comma when creating validation lists
  134. Pivot table empty
  135. Passing Variables through VBA Excel - VBA Access
  136. How to make Excel Start itself with a VBA Macro
  137. [SOLVED] Per hour result
  138. Open attached file from email in Lotus Notes in Excel
  139. [SOLVED] Pivot Table Subtotals
  140. VBA Print function - want quotation marks in my text file
  141. Inquiry: VBA Code in Excel
  142. [SOLVED] vba textbox data valdiation
  143. Adapt VBA Code With Adjusment Range
  144. [SOLVED] Export multiple worksheets into one csv file
  145. [SOLVED] Need to copy paste different cells to another file (files are same image)
  146. Comma delimiters - Batch conversion of .csv to .xlsx
  147. Macro not running properly on other systems
  148. typed and moving
  149. Set range and calculate sum problem
  150. whenever auto insert row than auto enter a formula in specific cell
  151. [SOLVED] Formulas to values with offset based on date > today
  152. [SOLVED] Lotus Notes adding signature and attaching saved PDF
  153. Compare two columns to sheet3 based on condition
  154. Add New line above inlineshapes.
  155. MAX MIN AVERAGE for situation
  156. Search column - move/copy entire row into another sheet.
  157. [SOLVED] Set Range as a single cell relative to active cell
  158. [SOLVED] Userform listbox to range
  159. [SOLVED] Multiply cell values using worksheet change event
  160. Copy used cells and paste to master spreadsheet
  161. Macro for adding variably named PDF in email from excel -
  162. Getting "Subscript out of range" error
  163. [SOLVED] How to identify my version of VBA
  164. [SOLVED] Deactivate Event Causing Error
  165. [SOLVED] Dir function not working
  166. Update Pivot Table filter by a value in another cell
  167. Object Variable or With Block variable not set
  168. Can this be done with macro
  169. [SOLVED] Replace formula
  170. [SOLVED] Adding Values in a Userform
  171. Need to link drop down list from range in xlsm (Add-In)
  172. Indexed Database Table in Excel for Lookup
  173. [SOLVED] VBA Format to Sheet Array
  174. [SOLVED] excel 2010 stops working when opening a userform
  175. [SOLVED] VBA Code to parse boolean equations
  176. [SOLVED] Insert blank row based on values in specified column
  177. [SOLVED] SetFocus on TextBoxes
  178. help conditional formula if cell
  179. Deleting repeated cells in two column table (text)
  180. Using inputbox to locate a range, and using 2 different locations to insert amounts
  181. Tips And Tricks
  182. [SOLVED] VBA Generate sheets with unique values
  183. [SOLVED] Loop Only Works on Active Sheet
  184. [SOLVED] Delete Duplicate data on sheet2 and delete the row
  185. [SOLVED] Need help with macro that clears out several different worksheets
  186. Email Automation
  187. Mass Pivot Table Changes
  188. [SOLVED] Find strings and delete
  189. How to paste a range of cells from excel to text field of a web page
  190. Request Help for this Simple Macro
  191. Excel 2010 Protect Existing Row, Allow New Rows
  192. Sorting GPS Marks
  193. [SOLVED] macro to repeat a value times in a column
  194. Calculate multiple sums depending on cells
  195. loop the wookbook with HPageBreaks and VPageBreaks.
  196. [SOLVED] Export embedded Word document and set data
  197. [SOLVED] Close a command button after it has been clicked
  198. [SOLVED] Average times as long as between 2 dates
  199. [SOLVED] Select Case nested in If Else... where's the break?
  200. VBA Index/Multiple Match criteria
  201. [SOLVED] Check & Copy Data
  202. Object variable or With block variable not set error
  203. VBA: extract systematiically 5 rows and save them in a new excell file as .txt
  204. [SOLVED] Calculating Min,Max,Quartile in dynamic ranges
  205. [SOLVED] Worksheet focus change issues with userform(s)
  206. Interpolation and calculation from table
  207. [SOLVED] VBA Coding to Repalce a List of Words with one word.
  208. Fill in InputBox using VBA
  209. Put Data On One Row in Excel With Many Forms
  210. [SOLVED] Sum Based On condition!
  212. [SOLVED] vba function to return random sign
  213. [SOLVED] VBA Code to populate to end of data
  214. Auto paste special on lookup formulas if value is found
  215. [SOLVED] Selecting Multiple Items in a Pivotfield, Hoping to be able to Toggle with a Hotkey
  216. [SOLVED] time utilization
  218. VBA code to merge cells
  219. [SOLVED] InStr reading cells - doing something wrong
  220. Hello my fellow nerds
  221. [SOLVED] Repeat a column Insert in the same position on two other sheets.
  222. [SOLVED] Code Execution Interrupted when Reloading Userform
  223. HELP : Extract value with criteria color
  224. Fastest way to temporarily store results for further analysis
  225. [SOLVED] Paste a columns formats and formulas not its values
  226. Prevent form from closing after programmatically adding code
  227. Help With Counting
  228. Strange delay in execution of MailTo Macro code
  229. INDIRECT() function doesn't work: "Can't Find Object or Library"
  230. Excel 2010 huge file size
  231. Show Zero Value in Cell
  232. [SOLVED] Changing the Row reference of a formula
  233. [SOLVED] How to Make Copy of Word Document
  234. Re-Arrange Data based on FLAG
  235. When choosing an image according to the number in a cell to show marked
  236. Extract portion of web page to excel using VBA
  237. [SOLVED] Bypass Run-time error '13'?
  238. Run Access create table query from Excel with msgbox displaying records created
  239. [SOLVED] Renaming a text file and extension from content
  240. [SOLVED] Need Error Check
  241. [SOLVED] Re-Activating OnSave Macro
  242. Copy Columns With Specific Headers--Paste Into Separate Workbook Based On Header
  243. [SOLVED] Issues in conditional formatting
  244. Macro built on Win64 not running on Win32
  245. [SOLVED] Using multiple if criteria in VBA
  246. Bitten off more than I can chew.
  247. [SOLVED] Please help Chart data
  248. total Fridays in a range
  249. Copy Data From INTERNET EXPLORER into Excel using vba
  250. Shared document/Multiple Users - tops please :)