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  1. [SOLVED] Create a Loop - Help!
  2. [SOLVED] Linking/merging two worksheet_change functions
  3. Look up & return
  4. [SOLVED] Convert Cell Value in a range of cells
  5. [SOLVED] When does a Workbook become a member of the WorkBooks Collection?
  6. [SOLVED] clean a row if it doesn't start with a number except _
  7. [SOLVED] if find the matched data in another work workbook copy the complete row
  8. [SOLVED] When running a macro, Excel suddenly stops responding
  9. compare 2 sheet and all column if find duplicate will delete on sheet 2
  10. [SOLVED] Cannot get xlSaveDialogAs or GetSaveAsFilename to work as required
  11. xml download "argument not optional"
  12. [SOLVED] I am Having a challenge with ThisWorkbook.Close
  13. 400 Error
  14. [SOLVED] Need help to calculate average of those cells between two blank cells
  15. Creating New File Off Template and then some EXCEL MACROS
  16. how do I work with objects (pass objects to objects?)
  17. [SOLVED] One sub Button Two Macros
  18. Text populate containing more records based on date
  19. Macro to copy data from different cells and paste in new sheet
  20. [SOLVED] Loop through a dynamic range and apply code in a seperate sheet
  21. Based on Condition Merge and CountIF & Apply
  22. [SOLVED] Change 'Entire Row delete' to 'cells in columns A-G'
  23. Changing the value of a pivot item
  24. Finding First Value that Falls in a Range Across Multiple Columns
  25. [SOLVED] Deleting positive values in 45,000 row database
  26. [SOLVED] Macro to Consolidate multiple workbooks into new workbook based on criteria
  27. Macro has working very slowly; How to speed up this macro.
  28. [SOLVED] Method Intersect Error
  29. add individual rows to outlook calender with button
  30. Copying part of a Text String of different lengths
  31. [SOLVED] create a new checkbox and assign its ID?
  32. SAS add in Advanced VBA question
  33. [SOLVED] VBA: Mixing Relative & Absolute References
  34. Importing Images Into Excel 2013
  35. [SOLVED] Objects and invalid use of property
  36. [SOLVED] Trying to check if a checkbox is checked
  37. Screen capture (print screen) to new Excel workbook or Word
  38. Arranging data datewise
  39. Print sheet after update shapes/images
  40. [SOLVED] #REF!
  41. [SOLVED] Selecting and deleting rows based on criteria
  42. [SOLVED] Excel Save Error
  43. [SOLVED] Supply one password to unlock all code in workbook
  44. OPEN: Excel Macro Save As with a new file name
  45. Formula for a table which does not exist
  46. How to Arrange telephone directory ocr image in excel, in table form
  47. combo box error
  48. select and replace cell
  49. [SOLVED] Load a Multidimensional array
  50. VBA code to sort a sheet
  51. [SOLVED] Detecting "Protected View"
  52. [SOLVED] excel VBA - Listbox only populating one result!
  53. Return combinations of the most popular choices
  54. Call macro by typing "Enter"
  55. [SOLVED] Add value to existing named range via inout box
  56. VBA code for distributing available stock
  57. [SOLVED] Need to combined 87 xlsx worksheets into 1 & append source filename to each record
  58. Grouping with Regular expressions in EXCEL 2010 VBA
  59. VBA problem with alternative to index match formula
  60. Perdictive Pattern matching algorithm
  61. [SOLVED] VBA Create Sheets and Add Formula To Each Cell In Range
  62. macro code working for 1 file but not when trying to apply for the range of files
  63. Rows to Column (Transpose) with one Heading
  64. Send Email Via Excel and store a copy in Excel
  65. Sort by second column in listbox
  66. macro causes Excel to 'crash'
  67. Categorising data by time
  68. Copy fields from active task to active worksheet
  69. Search Excel file
  70. MOving and Sorting Data Marco from master sheet
  71. Worksheetfunction.countifs not working
  72. Need help with VBA find match
  73. [SOLVED] Display search terms in another cell
  74. [SOLVED] Look for #N/A sign then copy paste
  75. [SOLVED] Row count +1 on data import
  76. [SOLVED] Populate form label with cell value
  77. VBA for multi-colored pivot chart bars?
  78. How to copy past only the cell marked in red
  79. [SOLVED] Saving Symbols as a variable
  80. Search Folder looking for File Tags
  81. [SOLVED] Return Multiple Values based on Lookup Value
  82. [SOLVED] VBA Create Sheets & Copy Data
  83. Select or Filte Row Based on Single Cell Colour?
  84. CountIFs based on Data Validation boxes
  85. Display all matching values in one comma separated cell
  86. Modifying This Macro Slightly Please
  87. AutoSum >40
  88. VBA - phrase search and filtering
  89. How to create multiple buttons in excel linking to each row
  90. Script isn't copying all values in the criteria correctly and need help displaying
  91. Call Outlook Macro form Excel
  92. Not VBA, but a IF & AND problem
  93. How to Trigger an event
  94. combine 2 macro code in to one so that i can use it in single sheet....its urgentttt
  95. [SOLVED] help with cell values -if same then mark as "duplicate"
  96. [SOLVED] Copy PDF
  97. PivotTable: CD count not track count.
  98. Help needed to track user changes on a worksheet in different columns for each user
  99. [SOLVED] Checking if cell value is within +-15 from next one.
  100. Help with creation of Word Document from Excel
  101. [SOLVED] Searching for one of many text strings in a cell based on a text string lookup table
  102. Get the position of the data in the table
  103. [SOLVED] What is happening with this function
  104. Help with: Prefill cells with command line switches from a browser
  105. Break each external links in a cell and replace with the current value of each link
  106. attachment download from outlook
  107. Reply on open Outlook item by Excel VBA
  108. [SOLVED] POP UP VBA!!
  109. Cell Values getting truncated when converting an excel 2010 file to dbf 5
  110. How do I disable auto text to columns with VBA?
  111. Help Subtract value and update cell in another workbook
  112. [SOLVED] Grouping not working properly using slicer for pivot data
  113. How to rename cells
  114. Problem sharing program with another computer
  115. [SOLVED] VLOOKUP only if #N/A found
  116. [SOLVED] Creating excel file using VBA - File name to contain the current date and time
  117. What exactly is VBA?
  118. VBA Excel Help Selecting Multiple Pages
  119. [SOLVED] VBA Automatic Rolling Column Headings
  120. [SOLVED] Trying to solve count
  121. [SOLVED] On Error GoTo ???
  122. selecting specific rows
  123. HELP- Vba to copy Word to Excel
  124. [SOLVED] HOw to run a macro automaticcaly when open a workbook
  125. macro to delete rows in result of advanced filter.
  126. Extracting 4 digit number from combobox, looking that up in a worksheet column etc.
  127. File attached
  128. ListBox.ListCount limit in Excel 2010, and/or previous years...
  129. Copying table from Excel, and saving error
  130. [SOLVED] Reverse columns and Rows
  131. trying to copy a cell to a different cell automatically
  132. [SOLVED] UF validation based on date
  133. [SOLVED] How to jump next to column
  134. [SOLVED] from a string, how to get the equivalent constant value?
  135. [SOLVED] design ideas for UF and multiple users
  136. select the second row of the result of advanced filter.
  137. Code VBA checkbox and optionbox
  138. Formulas help
  139. Macro to find a cell containing text, select range offset, cut and paste to lower row
  140. VBA User form and Coding help
  141. VBA code edit to populate to end of data
  142. VBA code error
  143. Listbox Problem
  144. Matching First Name & Name Text Boxes on Form with Corresponding Columns TROUBLESHOOT
  145. [SOLVED] Before_Close Sub
  146. [SOLVED] Pull Data from Sheet3 to Sheet1
  147. [SOLVED] Delete a known named range from a known cell
  148. Password Protected code needs editing Employee no longer with Company
  149. [SOLVED] Removing last six characters from a string
  150. [SOLVED] First unhidden column
  151. How to find worksheet that contains an error (with 100+ worksheets in it)
  152. Pull Data From One Worksheet To Another
  153. [SOLVED] Overwrite write reserved file with updated copy (same name; also write reserved)
  154. How to delete rows if a cell is red?
  155. macro to delete data based on time
  156. [SOLVED] Search a string to contains....
  157. [SOLVED] Variable coping
  158. macro to delete row if cell is empty
  159. [SOLVED] Add to Column Next to Selection
  160. [SOLVED] Running a script from a blank workbook and apply to specific files in specific folder
  161. macro opens the desired file and paste the information in a selected from me sheet
  162. Excel freezes after running Macro
  163. A macro that adds up prices and sorts them in categories
  164. [SOLVED] Check Label for certain text
  165. Worksheet_change event executed on a wrong sheet?
  166. Multi Columns, Multi Listbox Form
  167. VBA Conditional Formatting Not Working Properly
  168. [SOLVED] Name Splitter Help
  169. [SOLVED] Look/Match specific text based on similar column criteria
  170. List view for VBA Excel Macro
  171. [SOLVED] Extract 1st 4 letters of last name..ideas?
  172. Using a drop-list to categorize and insert cells
  173. [SOLVED] Request to Modify Macro
  174. [SOLVED] Delete Row if Cell Contains More Than 10 Characters
  175. [SOLVED] VBA SUM question
  176. [SOLVED] Formula be replaced with macro
  177. Macro speed
  178. [SOLVED] Subscript out of range Multidimensional Array
  179. [SOLVED] if does not find matched value data with data on cell delete the row
  180. [SOLVED] Do While Loop will not execute
  181. Categories List
  182. Create Output File
  183. Evaluate content control title and move to correct column
  184. [SOLVED] Copy row cells to powerpoint
  185. Normalise Pivot Table
  186. VBA Macro stops working after opening the VB Editor
  187. Redim Preserve array problem
  188. Multiple Goal Seek Code - Only Solves the First Row
  189. [SOLVED] if cell start with 0 clean the cell from A to Z
  190. Creating a macro for next empty row
  191. [SOLVED] if find none numeric data on cloumn A just clean the column A
  192. [SOLVED] Creating a combined formula with erow macros
  193. Conditional Min and max in a hour format
  194. How do I delete something based on headers?
  195. [SOLVED] "mypath" causing a problem in a network drive
  196. Not able to design pivot based on requirement
  197. Overflow error.
  198. if find the matched data in another workbook copy the complete row
  199. Worksheet to find values of a sheet and copy the column
  200. Fill in between the points on a scatter plot
  201. [SOLVED] Unable to use Validation
  202. [SOLVED] MID Formula help - when last digit value is 0
  203. [SOLVED] Handling Strings with seperators
  204. [SOLVED] Remove the limitation 65536 rows
  205. advanced replace macro
  206. [SOLVED] Search all open workbook and if find the match data , clean the cell on Column A
  207. Combine macros
  208. date falls on monday display the date of saturday
  209. [SOLVED] Using a Variable in creating a Validation List
  210. [SOLVED] Working With Subset Of Data
  211. Use of operators in Text Boxes inconsistent?
  212. Using vba to populate data into a master workbook
  213. Simple excel macro help required
  214. Combo Box Data Validation Macro
  215. [SOLVED] Find and replace question
  216. Excel 2003 Macro, no longer working in 2010
  217. [SOLVED] Replace Cell Date with text
  218. vba macro code for finding the common entry names
  219. [SOLVED] Macro in 2003 works, in 2010 doesnt work (part 2)
  220. [SOLVED] What to do with my Excel .xml file
  221. [SOLVED] Footers question in VBA
  222. VBA and NumberFormat
  223. Updating Access from Excel UF
  224. Opening Excel Automatically
  225. [SOLVED] UnProtect al files in a folder
  226. Setting print area and borders.
  227. I Need Eidt Code Copy And Paste
  228. [SOLVED] Export and import CSV Date format proble in Excel2010
  229. [SOLVED] Please help with my ListBox
  230. [SOLVED] Delete File In Use error
  231. [SOLVED] Merge and Combine data
  232. Filter specific data to a new workbook
  233. Need Help For Excel VBA Coding Convert to Addins (or) dll
  234. Can not run VBA use data from other excel file
  235. [SOLVED] Check sheet1 Copy duplicate items rows on sheet2 to sheet3
  236. Help for transferring the raw computation to Excel VBA in financial situation
  237. [SOLVED] Automatically give new sheet name (created frm template w/macro) the value of a cell
  238. find and move the duplicate values in another sheet
  239. [SOLVED] Macros - dates in a column and display months in another column
  240. [SOLVED] Removing web address references / placing ... on a cell after 397 characters.
  241. [SOLVED] time calculation problem
  242. [SOLVED] Referece to Formulas R1C1
  243. Extracting Image information using Data Modified from Folders & Subfolders
  244. [SOLVED] Automatically sum cell values from new sheets (that are not created yet)
  245. Select multiple worksheets using list contained in worksheet
  246. Barcode Scanner Excel Lookup
  247. vba excel populate textbox into listbox
  248. Closing Excel when UserForm closed (only if not an admin)
  249. Copying & pasting the Data from Multiple sources to corresponding multiple destinatio
  250. [SOLVED] Function data type issue