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  1. [SOLVED] Counting specific figures based on pivot table data
  2. [SOLVED] Wildcards with Replace in VBA
  3. Code duration inconsistent
  4. Unhide Entire Rows based on numeric value in cell
  5. Need help with four basic VBA functions
  6. Lookup multiple values and compare different scenarios to get a specific result
  7. Are these multiple range objects or multiple names
  8. Need help with inspecting elements from website
  9. [SOLVED] Macro not working for partial date format conversion
  10. [SOLVED] Calculator buttons repeat very slowly
  11. Game in excell that I found. Where is the code that makes this game work
  12. Adapt Colorpicker to limit selection to a few chosen colours
  13. [SOLVED] Find, copy & paste
  14. Convert PDF data to Excel
  15. [SOLVED] Inspecting dates of a Policy period
  16. [SOLVED] VBA code for tracking tracking updates in a column
  17. How to Extract Row reference from chart series
  18. [SOLVED] Counting conditional format colours, column by column
  19. [SOLVED] Chage default program to open a filetype?
  20. Extract Specific Text From Middle of a String
  21. Update workbook
  22. [SOLVED] Suddenly can't do anything in VBA ?? "Access is denied" ??
  23. Copy/Paste Recolored Picture with VBA
  24. Automatic graph generation macro
  25. [SOLVED] Some explanation requested on converting string to double.
  26. Excel Macro Code Crashing
  27. Hide rows based on results of a drop down box on another sheet.
  28. [SOLVED] Help with For..Next Loop
  29. Moving highlight scroll bar
  30. Remove duplicates on three criteria
  31. VBA code for extracting three specific number patterns
  32. Opening CSV files disables / uninstalls add-ins
  33. [SOLVED] Excel data to Word with images
  34. Excel form to save data in Access
  35. [SOLVED] Can't find out my mistake using a variable
  36. OLEObjects Inside UserForm
  37. Working with dates, ranges, and arrays
  38. Find data from other workbook-Copy All column on row
  39. Excel VBA to open a website and search for specific words in search box
  40. Change graph source data by vba
  41. [SOLVED] VBA MACRO CODE FOR getting sheet names at once in multiple sheets
  42. ListView at runtime
  43. [SOLVED] If a cell contains #N/A then copy paste end of row
  44. VBA code to add a line immediately before a footer.
  45. Code to identify the start of an event and then report that time - multiple columns
  46. [SOLVED] Using Functions in VBA to bring a value to a variable without using the worksheet
  47. Get Word VBA macro variables passed back to parent Excel macro that called it
  48. [SOLVED] Countifs syntax and use, beginner question
  49. Excel Macro VBA capture dynamic column
  50. Selected Sheet Range copy One after One!
  51. [SOLVED] Conditional formating using relative references
  52. [SOLVED] Turn first and last names around and remove middle initial
  53. [SOLVED] Reading text files without .txt extensions
  54. Use IF or a VBA to check multiple fields and display specific text in a cell?
  55. [SOLVED] How to show percentages from multiple cells in the caption for one.. userform button
  56. [SOLVED] Countifs syntax (beginner question)
  57. [SOLVED] Having problem with autofilter vba
  58. VBA code to sum cells based on text in a cell in the same row but different column
  59. VBA errors
  61. VBE I/O Errors, Out of Memory, and crashing of Excel due to duplicate VB code
  62. VBA code to identify folder based on folder name given in a excel sheet
  63. Excel to Outlook help
  64. VBA code to list all folder names in excel
  65. Set Tab Order
  66. VBA to N-DS
  67. Consolidation of 5 worksheets into a single master sheet
  68. calculate 2 datetime and returning to days and hours
  69. [SOLVED] Start Command Button from different sheet
  70. Replace Cell Ref in Formula with Value
  71. help with VBA to classify and highlight row based on value of cell
  72. help with VBA to classify and highlight row based on value of cell
  73. help with VBA to classify and highlight row based on value of cell
  74. Help big project due
  75. Semi-Generic Bar charts
  76. Need Help with Error Message
  77. 2007 Menu Issue
  78. Calculate Average Handling Time, without a timer??
  79. [SOLVED] Return data not duplicated via formula?
  80. Hyperlinks in a body of a Task
  81. [SOLVED] FileSearch VBA error - please help!
  82. [SOLVED] formulas business days (automatic list)
  83. Carry text formatting between chart titles
  84. [SOLVED] Help to duplicate a range on one tab to another multiple times based on a cell value
  85. Getting data from web
  86. [SOLVED] Searching multiple columns and returns the values in excel vba
  87. return a value into a vlookup cell
  88. [SOLVED] Importing share price data (open, high, low, close & volume) from website
  89. RegEx Newbie
  90. [SOLVED] I need help merging workbooks (1 worksheet in each) into a summary workbook.
  91. [SOLVED] Beginner: Application.Caller for a shape
  92. Help with a search and copy funktion
  93. filter pivot tables with one pivot table with multiple value selection
  94. VBA Code De-bugging in 2010 excel
  95. SFTP Error
  96. Text File Import w/ Variable File Name
  97. Ignore If statement if condition equates to error - HELP!
  98. [SOLVED] Separating piece of file names into three different column
  99. How to append Signature File in Lotus Notes??
  100. Macro todelete a chart if it has zero values using VBA
  101. [SOLVED] VBA Multiple Sheet Formatting
  102. [SOLVED] Application.FileSearch in Office 2010
  103. Downloading an Excel file from a website
  104. Calculating Difference of Workdays
  105. [SOLVED] AutoFilter criteria help
  106. [SOLVED] When is data removed from the clipboard? Can I avoid copying a range for each paste?
  107. Exclude specific worksheet from existing code
  108. [SOLVED] Can this be done in a formula?
  109. VBA Yearly Extract
  110. [SOLVED] how do I change file extension on VBA that I already use
  111. Merging Data From Workbooks macro
  112. Mid() mismatch
  113. [SOLVED] Select, Zip, and Email Excel files
  114. [SOLVED] Can you clear ALL .OnKey assignments at once?
  115. Recore new macro tool - automatically start on opening
  116. custom views with a protected worksheet
  117. [SOLVED] Stability Issues in VBA macro
  118. hyphen in code
  119. Need a macros that read a range of cells, determine low value, then do something else
  120. Excel 2007 to Excel 2010 Incompatibility
  121. Using multiple checkboxes to hide and show specific columns Excel 2010
  122. switching between running Programs or Alt+tab
  123. Output From and to document numbers and missing number for each branch in given range
  124. Need help editing this macro code
  125. Run macro in all worksheets
  126. Selected Slicer Value to Populate Cell
  127. [SOLVED] Print two different worksheets from two files within one folder
  128. vlookup question
  129. Anyone Used LockXLS?
  130. Help creating lotus email with attachments from excel look up list
  131. [SOLVED] Search rows on one or more criteria
  132. [SOLVED] Date format issues with date picker on form
  133. Create separate word docs with data from xls
  134. [SOLVED] Can a Add-in detect when you save a different workbook?
  135. [SOLVED] Listing Conditional Formatting on Separate Sheet or Workbook
  136. need help with VBA for copying highlighted rows
  137. [SOLVED] loop thru rows and populate a cell based on another cell's content
  138. [SOLVED] Conditioning the names in a cell
  139. [SOLVED] Clearcontents method of range class failed
  140. Copy files listed in Excel from one directory to another...?
  141. programmatically add reference and module in one macro
  142. How to Convert XLM Files to Excel VBA Workbook/File?
  143. Array Into Outlook Messages
  144. [SOLVED] VBA Stacking cells on top of each other
  145. Compare and Copy
  146. Need Help (Question in replys as it wont let me post it myself saying post denied)
  147. If function wont distinguish between letters and numbers.
  148. [SOLVED] cmBox.setfocus doesn't give cmBox focus. Why?
  149. How to make all MsgBox and InputBox pop up in the same part of the screen.
  150. EXCEL 2010: Macro is not working
  151. Create a Loop Until using VBA
  152. How do I set .MarkerBackgroundColor in a chart to a ThemeColor with TintAndShade?
  153. I Need assistance with popup calendar macro in excel 2010
  154. problem with VBA when I open Excel automatically
  155. select and delete row based on a cell's value
  156. Creating Dynamic Named Ranges for Dependent Data Validation Lists
  157. Beginner's Question on IF function in VBA
  158. Add blank rows to fill a page
  159. VB, Input Boxes and Printer Selection
  160. formula using VBA
  161. Sort not working anymore
  162. VBA to copy from a web browser
  163. Using a percentage in VBA
  164. Combining Workbooks with different file extensions
  165. destination name problem when error handeling... Please Help!!!
  166. [SOLVED] Find PN then trim all spaces
  167. Run time error 1004 Select methof of Worksheet class failed
  168. [SOLVED] macro to take information from. xml file and put it in. xls file
  169. [SOLVED] Row deletion..!! Reverse case...
  170. Find match copy paste from another closed workbook
  171. [SOLVED] Find word insert formula
  172. Copy row from one sheet to other sheet
  173. Can anybody help me?
  174. [SOLVED] More precise number formats with "$" symbol?
  175. How to paste data into next available blank row
  176. InputBox OK and Cancel Button Problem
  177. Close Workbook Only if Completed
  178. How to fill down to a certain length and delete everything before it
  179. Consulting work recommendations
  180. Userform Populated with range from another excel file
  181. vlookup query using VBA
  182. Automatically populating data when a certain column is filled
  183. get Zip codes from web based on address in cell excel VBA
  184. [SOLVED] Lookup Value in Range for an If Statement
  185. [SOLVED] Help Using Excel Month Function
  186. Compare two workbooks and generate a report for the differences.
  187. copy and pasting pivot graphs in different worksheets into a new worksheet
  188. [SOLVED] Class Modules - a few questions
  189. run Word script from Excel with multiple open documents
  190. Need VBA help duplicating certain rows and manipulating data on these rows
  191. [SOLVED] Banding Formats
  192. How to shade rows with three different colours
  193. [SOLVED] delay in a macro?
  194. Consolidate worksheets with specific requirements
  195. Include theme colors in an add-in
  196. VBA Code For Appending to the text file
  197. Macro becoming slower
  198. Copy range and paste depending on the selected checkbox
  199. How Do I Get An Excel Sheet That Validates And Then Emails?
  200. [SOLVED] Colour cell in column F if any value in cloumn J
  201. Excel Module to find() and assign variables
  202. Check a list of names, if a worksheet exists move on, if not, create one
  203. [SOLVED] VBA to create Table of Content but EXCLUDE xlSheetHidden andxlSheetVeryHidden
  204. Pivot Table Link Help
  205. [SOLVED] Compile error: Type mismatch: array or user-defined type expected
  206. Vba Pivot table
  207. Finding and adding up values
  208. [SOLVED] Help with excel formula
  209. Copy Range from active row to new sheet
  210. [SOLVED] Help with formula please
  211. consolidate with two criteria uisng VBA
  212. [SOLVED] Compare two lists First Name Last Name - If both match add Email Address
  213. VBA to filterthen copy cells from sheet1 then paste vlaue to sheet2 destinated cells
  214. change event
  215. Update master workbook if does not match multiple columns
  216. EXCEL: Data Validation With Case Sensetive.
  217. [SOLVED] Access to info in Status Bar when in autofiltermode
  218. Referencing a column in AVERAGEIFS function in excel
  219. [SOLVED] Type Mismatch Error 13 in Using Range and Offset
  220. Need VBA code to display 1st PRIME number greater than value (N)
  221. VBA worksheet change event
  222. Automate capturing a particular columns using VBA
  223. Error handling not working
  224. vlookup help needed
  225. [SOLVED] Excel is forcing numbers on me!
  226. IF and OR .... Can't seem to work it out.
  227. Data Entry UserForm for Excel 2007
  228. place 0 before numbers in a string
  229. highlight entire rows when two cells in row are populated
  230. [SOLVED] Finding matches coloring them and the color of the sheets
  231. Convert Word document in HTML via Excel
  232. populate word doc
  233. Reorganizing data
  234. Macro to pull calendar appointments from outlook into excel
  235. [SOLVED] Repeat Procedure
  236. Specifying filter according to date
  237. Blank cell not really empty when copy and paste from different projectsheets
  238. Is this possible in VBA ????? ( rexx interpret command)
  239. [SOLVED] Copy down values with VBA
  240. Find columns based on header names and make the column proper
  241. vba to check if folder exists in SharePoint and if not then create folder
  242. Vlookup Error
  243. [SOLVED] Vba Cut Paste By Criteria
  244. [SOLVED] Find "PR" in column O then color cell and msgbox
  245. Open a txt file
  246. Wildcards with Index Match Match
  247. VBA vlookup value not formula
  248. [SOLVED] Microsoft Delpoyment Summary legit?
  249. [SOLVED] Iterate Directory's Opening Workbook
  250. Creating a Macro to sort data