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  1. Send SMS from Excel VAB from API
  2. [SOLVED:] No rush, just to improve myself
  3. Deleting Rows That contain specific content in two columns
  4. [SOLVED:] VBA: Export Certain sheets of a workbook as PDFs
  5. AverageIF function
  6. [SOLVED:] Run time error 52 - bad file name or number
  7. Can't locate bug of a Run-time error '438' message
  8. [SOLVED:] unmerge all cells a workbook from another workbook
  9. i want required vba. I am looking for a small value from the Range
  10. [SOLVED:] vba conditional formatting
  11. [SOLVED:] ByRef argument type mismatch
  12. [SOLVED:] Making multiple files.
  13. Macro update to copy data from sheet 1,2,3 into same sheet
  14. Shared Workbooks - against all odds...
  15. Print Results To Excel Worksheet
  16. Error bars on charts
  17. [SOLVED:] Wronf priority of events? picture in form not showing because heavy processing
  18. [SOLVED:] Make one loop with dynamic range (Find Last Cell)
  19. Combine Columns from different worksheets into one
  20. [SOLVED:] How do I update multiple worksheets based on one userform?
  21. [SOLVED:] Sub or Function not defined
  22. [SOLVED:] Working with "selection" instead of precise address= slow as a snail
  23. delete rows based on search criteria
  24. [SOLVED:] Splitting the content of a cell based on special characters
  25. Error 424: what am I missing?
  26. Help for using MID and INSTR in source code!
  27. VBA Dynamic Start Rows
  28. [SOLVED:] UF ComboBox Populate from Sheet
  29. [SOLVED:] Bypassing a dialog box
  30. VBA macro code to find and replace values in XMLfiles using Excel list
  31. [SOLVED:] error when vba editor opens by code 'not trusted'
  32. [SOLVED:] Workbooks object question
  33. Creating a master tracker to copy worksheets and perform tasks
  34. How do you extract only specific FormFields from multiple Word documents into Excel?
  35. Pivot data Filter VBA Code require
  36. Source code - Cant find something that ought to be there
  37. [SOLVED:] Extracting values from sheet 1 to sheet 2
  38. Activating multiple sheets with countifs function
  39. How to updated pivot tables on different tabs from user form parameters?
  40. ActiveWorkbook vs Application.Workbooks
  41. [SOLVED:] Serious trouble with running total calculations
  42. Find and replace words that are formatted with tags
  43. conditioned comboboxes
  44. What does '400' mean?
  45. VBC to highlight / select group of active cell
  46. VBA Get Data Java
  47. Assigning Headers
  48. [SOLVED:] UF Run Macro if LEN equals a number
  49. Max Frequency
  50. [SOLVED:] Getting values from merged cells
  51. Sleeper: Scaling chart based on values
  52. Create appointments on a shared Outlook calendar from Excel
  53. Help with Data copy from IE to Excel
  54. [SOLVED:] Getting values off another sheet by references!?
  55. [SOLVED:] insert name of tabs that had data copied in master tab
  56. [SOLVED:] Macro Button
  57. Run Macro Save AS
  58. [SOLVED:] Excel VBA to open a workbook that contains a string
  59. [SOLVED:] WorksheetFunction.HLookUP 1004 Error
  60. My greeting macro doesn't run automatically when I open Excel
  61. Custom Data Type - Dim Variable As CustomDataTypeName
  62. Extracting data, pivot tables, and maybe VBA help?
  63. [SOLVED:] Excel VBA to copy cells from password protected file into another file
  64. [SOLVED:] VBA Code for Combining Multiple Columns into One Column - Excel for Mac
  65. [SOLVED:] How to list all the files in a folder?
  66. First 6 minimum values of a row in an array
  67. Traffic lights - Increasing/Decreasing Trends
  68. [SOLVED:] Copy cells from password protected (to open) workbook into another file
  69. Calculation on matrix using formula
  70. [SOLVED:] Problem with Print All Sheets
  71. Help me tweak working VBA Code
  72. Error 1004
  73. Put text in multiple cells
  74. [SOLVED:] VB to search for a key word in Column A, then copy it to column B for multiple rows.
  75. [SOLVED:] Help with array printing
  76. VBA code required to unhide multiple sheets
  77. Find maximum number of rows with text, then fill accordingly
  78. VBA code not finding values that contain numbers and letters....HELP!
  79. [SOLVED:] VBA code to track changes in workbook
  80. [SOLVED:] Userform with doubleclick filled with values of autofilter
  81. İf cell contains the number then copy certain cells to another book
  82. Run code every 24th hour for three days - fx?
  83. Is it possible to run code every 24th hour for 3 days?
  84. Re-Enabling Cut/Copy/Paste on Excel
  85. [SOLVED:] Conditional percentile calculation
  86. Sleeper: Adding a subroutine to a macro already done.
  87. Next loop without calling additional functions on error
  88. [SOLVED:] Create sub lists from main list
  89. Replace Query Database
  90. [SOLVED:] Using VBA in Excel 2010, need to change text of many cond formats, but how?
  91. Check if a text box exists in a webpage and if so then run code.
  92. [SOLVED:] prevent form to make the sheet scroll?
  93. Macros for saving the file with sertain file name
  94. [SOLVED:] VBA issue with renaming a file
  95. Create Button Shadow Effect
  96. Evaluate 3 columns of data and display 1 value in a 4th column
  97. Macro/VBA code help
  98. [SOLVED:] Help with syntax for nested dictionaries
  99. [SOLVED:] Error 1004 Application defined or object defined when code runs
  100. Write formula in VBA-'Error 13'
  101. Running a macro when double clicking a cell in another sheet
  102. Help with activating sheets
  103. [SOLVED:] Using stdev() function in VBA
  104. VBA Reference problem
  105. Copying formulas from 2 different workbooks
  106. Tweak VBA to Move SharePoint Files to a Folder in Same Location
  107. Quick question about my code that creates a 2D array
  108. how to grab filter list data
  109. [SOLVED:] VBA open password protected file in read only mode
  110. VBA to force paste special
  111. [SOLVED:] Anyone know how to - Range = typed array
  112. [SOLVED:] Selecting userform from cell content
  113. [SOLVED:] referencing a control type
  114. [SOLVED:] Macro recording gives different result in graph
  115. [SOLVED:] Return Column / Row name of active cell
  116. [SOLVED:] VLOOKUP Problem (duplicating lines)
  117. Excel vba string find and replace/change column value with a variable string
  118. reference combobox as a variable
  119. [SOLVED:] VBA Evaluate returns #VALUE for some expressions (SUMPRODUCT and IF)
  120. Sleeper: Help required regarding solving the excel problem.
  121. [SOLVED:] Need help with returning values from excel sheel to another using cell address
  122. BOM Challenge
  123. Filtering text data into n subsets then summing
  124. VBA to determine the rank of a matrix
  125. Match and copy.
  126. VBA Suchen und Ersetzen
  127. [SOLVED:] Find and copy from another sheet?
  128. [SOLVED:] Can VBA copy a table from Word and be pasted entirely into one single cell in Excel?
  129. [SOLVED:] Running a macro in a worksheet from a module
  130. [SOLVED:] vba to copy a content of cells marked green
  131. [SOLVED:] Pulling back Unique ID to excel
  132. Macro to copy information from the main worksheet by date and city criteria and paste
  133. [SOLVED:] Select specific sheets then run a copy row macro
  134. Macro SoS!
  135. Sleeper: Make macro more efficient
  136. Coding Assistance!
  137. [SOLVED:] find highest high and highlight it
  138. Using values from merged cells (VBA)
  139. [SOLVED:] 3D Z-Axis
  140. How to stop displayig a cell text in the formula bar?
  141. Hide columns based on cell value
  142. Help macro copying specific columns from one workbook and paste value .... in another
  143. Finding value in matrix
  144. Should I look for a solution?
  145. combox preload speed up
  146. [SOLVED:] Range of last used cell, Paste Data to last cell
  147. [SOLVED:] Make File Folders using data from column range
  148. [SOLVED:] Filter Data, Delete Rows, Then remove filter
  149. help me(filter in the listbox)
  150. [SOLVED:] Is there any event which catches an image being pasted into a workbook?
  151. [SOLVED:] Filter table for results within a date range
  152. [SOLVED:] sending email
  153. [SOLVED:] sending email
  154. [SOLVED:] working with Date&Time values / nested loops / Formatting
  155. Selection = <Type mismatch>
  156. Cannot surpress compatibility or auto calculate message..HELP!!
  157. Challenge... Very difficult coding HTML knowledge required Please Help!!
  158. Easy way to code all toggle buttons?
  159. VBA to Compare 2 Workbooks with Criteria and Paste Differences
  160. [SOLVED:] Exporting Single column as .txt file
  161. I need vba code Refresh all sheets and save
  162. VBA Code to search for value in worksheet and enter date into next column
  163. PLEASE help me with a VBA macro to filter data with mutiple criteria
  164. VBA Code is too long and slow to load data from on worksheet to another
  165. [SOLVED:] Replace only in text and numbers (not in formulas)
  166. Macro no longer works
  167. VBA S.O.S.
  168. I Need Help Conditional formatting in cell
  169. number of decimal (digits after dot) and other
  170. Sleeper: Download .xlsm from outlook
  171. What's the best way to create a custom user guide for a workbook?
  172. [SOLVED:] deleting empty lines in a word document after inserting text
  173. Pull innertext from 2nd and 3rd tables within each class name
  174. Delete some plot area
  175. Using VBA to change File Folder Properties
  176. VBA code skipping cells, not sure why?
  177. Do Until loop vs array
  178. Help needed!
  179. [SOLVED:] min value
  180. [SOLVED:] VBA Merge two tables into one
  181. Excel .xlsm + Run time error 1004 Initialization of the data source failed
  182. map xml to sheet whitout export
  183. [SOLVED:] Pivot Table Filter Macro Error
  184. [SOLVED:] For Loop with multiple conditions.
  185. Auto insert colon and decimal period
  186. [SOLVED:] Shell Command Duration
  187. Need your help!
  188. [SOLVED:] Macro that finds a semicolon, then copies and inserts rows, and removes some data
  189. [SOLVED:] Find and Replace in csv Files
  190. [SOLVED:] Find value of cell after filtering
  191. [SOLVED:] if sheet 9 exists, clear it otherwise create one
  192. Delete then restore all data tables in a workbook - fix for Excel 2010?
  193. If Statement ComboBox Value
  194. [SOLVED:] do until loop with if statement that applies on different columns (vba)
  195. Loop to set 250 strings to cell contents
  196. [SOLVED:] Checkbox - linked cells
  197. Cell values based on dropdownlist selection
  198. Combine Workbook_different worksheet(same Name) in one master workbook
  199. Replace content of column
  200. follow hyperlink change file location
  201. [SOLVED:] Copy paste help needed in macro
  202. Delete Characters in a string
  203. [SOLVED:] Check Column N and if empty clean data on columns M,L,K
  204. dynamically inserting bars into a chart
  205. [SOLVED:] Clean the row if column F does not contain UDS or EUR
  206. VBA Code - Data from Access to excel
  207. Press ENTER instead of clicking on the button
  208. [SOLVED:] VBA Sum Records Which Match Monthly Column Heading
  209. Copy filtered records and paste another worksheet in Excel VBA
  210. [SOLVED:] Expiry date
  211. [SOLVED:] Formula Assistance Desperately Required
  212. [SOLVED:] Crossovers
  213. Find indices of value and return entire rows of these indices
  215. Shuffle Array VBA
  216. selecting ranges
  217. [SOLVED:] Conditional formatting
  218. [SOLVED:] Match Criteria on two Sheets and see if the Conditions are met
  219. [SLEEPER:] Unable to call Java web service via excel 2010
  220. For Each Loop Not Working
  221. Dates and Filters
  222. Find Values in Different Columns and Figure out where to place the values
  223. Subtotal in VBA with counta function
  224. How to find a string in excel VBA
  225. Lock changes to Pivot Table Rules
  226. Break/remove link
  227. Make conditional formatting (font color, number format) static
  228. Find or Match with alphanumeric fields?
  229. Colour Cell background based on cell values
  230. [SOLVED:] VBA to insert column and write concatenation formula
  231. [SOLVED:] Macro to Take a Worksheet from One workbook and Move it to Another
  232. [SOLVED:] Format Current Selection as a Table
  233. unique records to Main worksheet in Excel VBA
  234. Replace unicode charachters in a text file
  235. Selecting values from different rows in a table and merge them in order in one row
  236. How to split table into multiple worksheets based on one column and change its format
  237. [SOLVED:] where are these two excel workbooks coming from
  238. [SOLVED:] Automatically saving workbook containing macros as a macro-free workbook
  239. Get Data From Web Page
  240. help me with a webbrowser control please
  241. [SOLVED:] VBA Code - Set up condition to an Option Button
  242. Gaining Familiarity with VBA
  243. Print to txt file
  245. Pull Data from a closed/open excel workbook
  246. Copy cells from open or closed workbook
  247. [SOLVED:] Trouble getting word docs to print from Excel VBA
  248. [SOLVED:] Turning part of substring into capital for text data
  249. Generating sheets using several templates
  250. Macro that Splits columns and creates .txt files with the data