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  1. Print to txt file
  3. Pull Data from a closed/open excel workbook
  4. Copy cells from open or closed workbook
  5. [SOLVED] Trouble getting word docs to print from Excel VBA
  6. [SOLVED] Turning part of substring into capital for text data
  7. Generating sheets using several templates
  8. Macro that Splits columns and creates .txt files with the data
  9. positioning charts
  10. Relative selecting to the right (or left)?
  11. Merge multiple workbooks with multiple worksheets into one
  12. [SOLVED] Update Cell Based Off TickBox Value
  13. The specified Dimension is not valid for the current chart type
  15. Extra lines at the botom of notepad when opening CSV
  16. Select picture shapes
  17. skip zeros for chart range
  18. How to Convert XML text intoe Array
  19. Macro that updates a workbook using an old workbook
  20. Extracting a number from text using a vba function
  21. [SOLVED] SQL Syntax help
  22. [SOLVED] Unprotect a merged cell
  23. [SOLVED] Run Crystal Report from Excel VBA
  24. [SOLVED] Dynamic hyperlinks?
  25. What method do I use?
  26. [SOLVED] Change VBA from AutoFill to FillDown
  27. Compare two sentences and highlight in different color
  28. [SOLVED] VLookup Formula
  29. Trying to create Submit button that will attach the form created in Excel via Lotus
  30. [SOLVED] exporting chart as image on a mac
  31. How can I see the code used on another form?
  32. [SOLVED] Filter data to pages based on number format
  33. [SOLVED] Two macro button but in a double action
  34. Vlookup from external file
  35. Please help - pivot drilldown macro
  36. how to set function( input range )and (array output)!!
  37. Code That Works on PC but not Mac
  38. Chart color palette sync issue
  39. Insert Image to Specific Page using APPWD
  40. [SOLVED] Macro that copies data and format Worksheet to worksheet
  41. macro in excel
  42. IF function
  43. [SOLVED] initialize all DTPicker same CustomFormat in UserForm
  44. Kick off macro when a cell is double clicked?
  45. Adding attachment to the lotus notes via evcel VBA
  46. [SOLVED] *variable* in .AutoFilter Criteria
  47. [SOLVED] searching a range alphabetically
  48. Variable column reference for a formula
  49. How to make the values in larger font for the cells with datavalidation?
  50. Refresh ribbon with code
  51. fixe through the win7 date windows and get information by retrun,!!!
  52. Workbook.Open Opens a Dialogue Box Instead of the Specified file
  53. defining a range as a string
  54. VBA to copy worksheet and insert at the end all worksheets
  55. How to move column?moving is possible,if so will it affect formulas?
  56. Protect spesific columns from deleting
  57. Excel 2010 VBA and Speech Recognition...
  58. Application-defined or Object-defined error
  59. IE automation - tricky - how to give the script a file path then click OK ?
  60. marco in Excel - loop probably
  61. How to disable Clipboard Section (Cut, Copy, Paste) under Home Tab - Excel 2007
  62. Need macro to update cell that linked to another program
  63. dual search criteria over two ranges (ie column)
  64. Need macro to check data from workbook to another workbook
  65. Macro which copy cells if other cell have specific value
  66. [SOLVED] Beginner's attempt at VBA!! Not sure what is going on!!
  67. Save image from computer to worksheet via userform
  68. Read Only Files
  69. Excel and Word
  70. using pointer in VBA
  71. onAction refreshing ribbon macro
  72. inserting a pdf as ole object into word doc from excel
  73. [SOLVED] Formula to calculate how many circles fit in a larger circle
  74. External reference help
  75. length of a minimum of a range defined by a variable
  76. I Need Help Vba Code Disable Key F12
  77. #Click in Botton of Web Site whith VBA Excel 2007
  78. excel vba to sum textbox values inside a userform frame
  79. Count if - cell color index & cell value (range of value)
  80. Open file from FTP: "Excel cannot access" error
  81. Dependent (conditional) combo box without creating UserForm
  82. [SOLVED] go to worksheet depending on Cell value
  83. [SOLVED] Change the range to all data range in column
  84. How can I speedUP my events based procedure?
  85. Copying data down the column til then "nth" row
  86. Filtering by InputBox date entries and using Autofilter with 3 criteria
  87. nested if VBA
  88. Select Column with VBA and come up 3 rows from bottom
  89. Open and close multiple workbooks - out of memory
  90. Right click on the tab: Enable
  91. [SOLVED] Surveys in Excel!
  92. VBA codes find multiple data using multiple criteria
  93. Choosing ranges/cells between sheets!
  94. Not Saving
  95. Organizing Data with many categories
  96. Runtime error 1004 - paste method of worksheet class failed
  97. [SOLVED] Consolidate two reports based on multiple criteria
  98. Worksheet sheetchange -out of stack
  99. [SOLVED] Difference between carriage return and linefeed?
  100. [SOLVED] Problem wih logical es formula
  101. [SOLVED] Sorting Simplification Problem
  102. [SOLVED] Insert row and paste data into (modify code)
  103. [SOLVED] Alert/Message Box
  104. Protect Range of columns
  105. Create a combobox
  106. vba macro splitting string/text
  107. How to grab particular data and output data?
  108. [SOLVED] How to automatically rotate through task
  109. [SOLVED] Find and copare value afte fill cell
  110. [VBA] Changing to directory with variable that was read from a text file
  111. Workbook Not Saving
  112. [SOLVED] if find less that six numeric value clean the cell
  113. Search folder -> find excel in folder and copy data
  114. [SOLVED] Writing formula at the end of selection
  115. Using R1C1 formula referencing other WB and SH
  116. [SOLVED] VBA Formual not working
  117. [SOLVED] Conditional Formating (modify)
  118. Automate Report
  119. Buttons often expand to fill the worksheet. Button Bug
  120. [SOLVED] Copy multiple cells on the same worksheet after a search
  121. Get data from HTML files
  122. [SOLVED] vba module not reading the IF Statement
  123. [SOLVED] deleting old ws (cycling sheets)
  124. [SOLVED] Interactive userform please help
  125. [SOLVED] propertrim() and lower() functions, manipulating ranges of cells
  126. Rename Picture to Value in a Cell & Copy to Worksheet
  127. [SOLVED] VBA macro help to find index match error
  128. Analysing a Word Documents headings and write it in an array
  129. [SOLVED] Adding Page breaks every ninth row
  130. [SOLVED] Extract data between brackets
  131. Minor Flaw - Help and understanding required if possible
  132. One Checkbox to uncheck/disable all others in group
  133. Select last cell with the data in the column/range of cells - only visible datas
  134. [SOLVED] Worksheet change help please
  135. Clean the Cells if cell does not start with (
  136. Automatic Deleting complete excel sheet in 2 years
  137. [SOLVED] Change cell color based on text
  138. Error: You must rely on system font, Adobe 10, windows 7, Office 2010
  139. Help need to fix code
  140. Find all values with curly brackets
  141. VBA syntax error
  142. Need help seperating files
  143. [SOLVED] Cells blocked with permission to change II (block full range)
  144. [SOLVED] VBA code that Unhides sheets that are hidden using sht.Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
  145. vlookup on an array
  146. Excel 2007 Code
  147. Need Help on a macro...kind of desperate!
  148. [SOLVED] Copy interior Color to linked Worksheet
  149. Need Help: Macro that can filter data and plot results on a matrix
  150. [SOLVED] Extract unique Values by comparing Master list and copy full row to another sheet
  151. Simple macro - loop to write value from column to another cell, then save as PDF
  152. creating report
  153. [SOLVED] Macro to match entries in column A on diff sheets
  154. [SOLVED] Compare sheets macro
  155. Find particular text in a sentence in a cell and copy to adjacent cell
  156. Pick specific portions and make new lines
  157. word doc with multiple tables to master excel spreadsheet
  158. Creating Row and Column headers based on a formula and filling area with formulas
  159. [SOLVED] Increase Target.Value By Percentage
  160. Move / copy to relevant cell matched with sheet name VBA excel 2010
  161. [SOLVED] Printing only non-blank rows
  162. [SOLVED] VBA Query to filter #N/A
  163. [SOLVED] VBA to populate a multicolumn listBox using Additem
  164. To Sum all columns to right
  165. [SOLVED] Unqualified Error
  166. [SOLVED] How to get Tab-index from user form in ascending order
  167. [SOLVED] If variable 1 = 'this' then make variable 2 = 'that'
  168. How to Skip a column for every 2 columns while Paste the values?
  169. Need VBA coding help for status bar and screenupdating
  170. (Bit Rusty, Need Help) Copy & Paste for Adjustable Cell Range (Horizontal to Stacked)
  171. Can some one help on Saving multiple excel files from one excel data file
  172. text to number
  173. Late Binding VBIDE
  174. AppActivate does not work
  175. [SOLVED] Multiple Criteria Duplicates
  176. Need Help with Macro
  177. Excel VBA for ammending outlook Signature template
  178. Query Connections on a Mac
  179. Dynamic Named Range used on multiple sheets
  180. [SOLVED] append several sheets to a 'Results' sheet
  181. [SOLVED] VBA to lock specific rows when a worksheet opens
  182. [SOLVED] Date keeps returning time, don't understand why
  183. Send Keystrokes Without Interrupting The User?? - There has to be a way
  184. Cannot Insert Image into Mac Excel 2011 UserForm
  185. mousemove(drag and drop) for spreadsheet on vba userform
  186. Maximum x-axis value of chart couldn't fit into the image control of userform
  187. Customer-Data Tally work sheet Update Using VBA
  188. [SOLVED] Command execution VBA
  189. Problem solved? HLOOKUP/VLOOKUP question.
  190. Output Unique Data To An Array VBA
  191. How to sort invocied by column based on sequence number provided in another sheet
  192. [SOLVED] Adding Number into the generated Report
  193. [SOLVED] Insert after
  194. [SOLVED] How to insert rows in sheet1 based on sequence number.
  195. [SOLVED] Make macro timer a little bit more fancy
  196. [SOLVED] Custom function not being able to record correct cell values - RANDOMLY???
  197. [SOLVED] Copy and paste data and format if values match between sheets
  198. Modifying codes to add if-else statement
  199. [SOLVED] Listbox default tem when the list is made up of dates
  200. Moving Rows Reversing Columns by VBA
  201. VLOOKUP referencing table name
  202. Need to calculate sum & division till end of data in sheet1
  203. [SOLVED] Using DropDown list to navigate through Sheets - Help with Code size reduction
  204. Fill sheet 2 with details as froma table in sheet 1
  205. [SOLVED] vba to generate XML file with different values
  207. Pivot table format
  208. [SOLVED] formulaArray resultat over Msgbox
  209. Changing cell value from another workbook cell value in vba macro
  210. Run time error 1004 file could not open
  211. Pivot table priority issue
  212. Optimize VBA code
  213. VBA Automatic Data Export from .Docx to Excel
  214. Code takes action on multiple worksheets
  215. [SOLVED] CONCATENATE used with IF AND funtion
  216. VBA code to transfer data to different workbooks
  217. macro to control visible tabs
  218. Most efficient way to copy array data (big amount of data) to a txt file
  219. Pivot Table - Hide Columns + Maintain Grand Total
  220. Macro/VBA to remove all text before hypens - Active X Combo Box
  221. VBA Help, need this for school
  222. Runtime error 1004
  223. VBA- copy/union certain cells
  224. Moving Duplicate records from one worksheet to another
  225. [SOLVED] Reformat Spreadsheet
  226. Measure height of textbox
  227. [SOLVED] Macro that sorts a specific column by colors and value.
  228. Fill Down Data
  229. Case When error for set values
  230. Custom button sometimes won't load to ribbon through xml
  231. [SOLVED] Help using Named Range in VBA tp pupultate a worksheet.
  232. (*Challenging!*) Protect two range's data validation and change in priority order
  233. Fetch the data's from excel file and provide the CSV file as a output
  234. Save a file as csv with date
  235. Computing Limitations for large VBA code
  236. Select multiple cells in a range
  237. [SOLVED] have to delete one to one duplicate entry in muliple columns
  238. [SOLVED] List all Excel and Word files in a folder containing specific text
  239. Challenging issue when making alignment of datas into excel using vba
  241. With 2 sheets, if value not in one sheet AND column C = specific color, copy & Insert
  242. [SOLVED] Disable Send by Email
  243. ScaleAxes with VBA problem
  244. EXCEL VBA: how to use vba fuction to translate the day format
  245. select cells through loop
  246. Need Help with Querying an Excel Table in VBA. ADO?
  247. Macro to copy data from one workbook to another.
  248. [SOLVED] Out of memory for below code
  249. [SOLVED] Wrapper for RtlMoveMemory
  250. [SOLVED] Subtotals several columns