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  1. [SOLVED] Wrapper for RtlMoveMemory
  2. [SOLVED] Subtotals several columns
  3. Date Filtering with VBA
  4. Document select, and move
  5. Hide Rows to variable specific criteria
  6. When PrintView button is clicked open the invoice in PDF format
  7. [SOLVED] Insert Picture in Footer
  8. [SOLVED] Get Max value in a multpile term cell reference
  9. User Form Code to Load Text Files
  10. [SOLVED] Copy Data from one sheet to another IF cells are highlighted specific colors.
  11. [SOLVED] Delete rows ONLY IF duplicate value in column A + cell is highlighted Specific Color.
  12. [SOLVED] Count Cells by Color
  13. Maintain index table to show allocated numbers
  14. VBA substitute on Office RT?
  15. Data Picking and placing to appropriate cell
  16. [SOLVED] Clean and Trim Text from Download
  17. Split cell contents
  18. Skipping Over If Statement
  19. xlSheetVeryHidden Does Not Work on Mac?
  20. Trouble with swimming time grading in excel
  21. Need help with creating references from one sheet to another in a more efficient way.
  22. Compare two columns varying in number of rows on different sheets
  23. Excell
  24. [SOLVED] Find Hidden cells in array and enable "Calculate used range" on all non hidden cells
  25. Excel Formula to determine winning teams
  26. Two Sheets Exported to One File
  27. [SOLVED] Pre Typed Text Box Appear After Macro is Executed
  28. Consolidating data
  29. Macro to save a readonly copy of file with todays date
  30. Click in Image with iframe
  31. Ranking and declaring winner and runner up
  32. Workday Friday changed to a Thursday
  33. Delete table rows from different worksheets in excel
  34. Date Data Tracking
  35. Tab behavior in user forms
  36. Macro Inserts Lines, but disturbs referencing cells
  37. run-time error 91
  38. Date Tracking NEW
  39. Is it possible to Insert Array into Excel Table
  40. How do I handle missing XML attributes?
  41. Calculate BOM levels with target price
  42. [SOLVED] Selecting numeric data in range if they start with 2 specified numbers
  43. [SOLVED] Entering a value to a range of cells which are -1 column from cells selected
  44. [SOLVED] Select Cell X, Filter cell Y, if cell Y meets condition Z -> Input into cell X
  45. Excel traversing Array Uses lots of Memory
  46. Excel to Memories
  47. [SOLVED] ADO Query of Excel Table is returning with incorrect Field Type
  48. [SOLVED] Find text in Row and use as criteria for search in column where text is found
  49. vba to terminate Chrome Browser
  50. Run-time error 13 - type mismatch- simple price time series calc not working on array
  51. [SOLVED] Cond Formatting
  52. [SOLVED] code executing too fast?
  53. Export All Pictures in Spreadsheet as Filename in Cell Range
  54. [SOLVED] Coordinate based query and data copy/paste/clear
  55. [SOLVED] Run-time error '1004': Application-defined or object-defined error
  56. Combining duplicates based on several conditions
  57. Date Picker Issue
  58. Problem to calculate target price according to tree levels
  59. [SOLVED] EOF question
  60. COUNTIF (unique values only)
  61. copying Data from multiple tabs of multiple files in master file
  62. Keyboard shortcut to refresh the data in auto-filter column
  63. [SOLVED] Mininum Maximum
  64. If then Else to fill blank cells
  65. Copy & Paste Based on Column Criteria
  66. VBA - Search Loop Help
  67. Code for linking multiple check boxes with If then statements
  68. How to generate Crystal Report (SAP BO BI) using Excel VBA?
  69. AHT Calculation
  70. Identify cell formula changes in VBA
  71. Loop through and ignore hidden rows
  72. VBA - struggling to calc and write StDev data into an array with a For Next loop
  73. Save/Retrieve Image from database using excel vba
  74. Fetching datas from different sheets onto one sheet
  75. Colour visible cells in a loop VBA
  76. [SOLVED] Formula to return value in months in date range match
  77. VBA separate range of dates in cells with duration
  78. Return Color of Individual Characters in Cell
  79. Insert Row with formula on double click & delete last row within a defined Range
  80. Type Mismatch error because macro only applicable to .xls - files and not .csv
  81. How to bypass security warning sending emails from outlook using Excel VBA Code sampl
  82. [SOLVED] Help to modify this lookup function
  83. [SOLVED] Copy only borders of a range to new range
  84. VBA to send Email from other users on shared WB
  85. [SOLVED] New Issue with SaveAs
  86. Amendment (With exception) on the the created vendor macro file
  87. VBA to change cell font if then not working
  88. [SOLVED] PivotTable copy certain sections and paste to another sheet
  89. Error 438 in VBA
  90. [SOLVED] Copy Paste Formula in alternate Rows without breaking link
  91. Completing Data / Interpolation
  92. Problem with conditional selection
  93. 3D garph help
  94. Why so hard to get a cell's formula dependents/precedents
  95. VBA Sharepoint Check out & Check in - Please help a newbie!!
  96. VBA - Hiding rows in worksheets with comments
  97. Filter/Sort looping issue
  98. [SOLVED] Add "Print" button to my msg box
  99. Exit MsgBox If MsgBoxResult = Cancel
  100. VBA_ How to download .xls file (which is created from javascript) from website
  101. [SOLVED] Lock sheet-macro
  102. Sine using Taylor Series
  103. [SOLVED] VBA to select first cell with data in a row
  104. Double numbers
  105. Double Click to insert Row
  106. Index function skips value in table.
  107. [SOLVED] Tricky COUNT(IF(S)) problem
  108. [SOLVED] VBA creating, activating command buttons
  109. Mail Merge VBA + Excel + Word!?
  110. VBA help request: copy a range, add new data within the range and paste beneath data
  111. Get browser to update after changing drop down box value
  112. Menu shortcuts
  113. error msg box
  114. Loop Case Statement
  115. [SOLVED] Time Format in a cell
  116. Adding Columns into Excel with a Macro
  117. [SOLVED] VBA - Random Comparison Columns
  118. Finding the greater text value from several cells
  119. VBA Excel: How to create file which will be crashed on precise date
  120. Userform or InputBox appearing on screen connected via network
  121. can't find my mistake to calculate target price
  122. [SOLVED] VBA Excel: Error 424 in "For Each" caused by FireEvent ("onchange")
  123. ByVal vs ByRef Question
  124. Convert excel data to fixed width text file
  125. [SOLVED] VBA CheckBox issues
  126. [SOLVED] Delete Rows Based ColA (multiple criteria)-Delete Rows based ColB (multiple criteria)
  127. [SOLVED] VBA check box used to change color of a cell not working
  128. [SOLVED] Extracting Last name, First Name and sometimes Middle Name
  129. click a button in a dropdown menu on webpage to download sth using vba
  130. Workbook open fail problem
  131. [SOLVED] clear contents of adjacent cell(s) on change
  132. VBA macro to create pdf and folder based on cell values
  133. [SOLVED] Macro that to transfer information sheets by product
  134. right-Click on image
  135. [SOLVED] Array
  136. [SOLVED] excel functions regarding text entries
  137. IF Statement that will assign account types based on "account number"
  138. [SOLVED] VBA code to initiate search button on website
  139. Get all data from word table into excel
  140. [SOLVED] Formula help please
  141. Insert file name and loop
  142. Looking to create a Outlook Task. Need VBA Template
  143. Select Case Statement Problem
  144. Remove line breaks
  145. Assign each trade a Trade ID
  146. [SOLVED] How to make Excel file only open in Excel 2007
  147. [SOLVED] I'm having trouble removing some shapes from my worksheet
  148. Using VBA to paste an Excel sheet as an image and keep conditional formatting
  149. [SOLVED] VBA code to quickly change dates and times in comments
  150. Copy paste filtered range with criteria using VBA
  151. vba for when data is changed to remove item from data validation list in another wksh
  152. Error 13: Type Mismatch Row Limit Restriction?
  153. Insert Copied does not work when selecting Visible Cells Only
  154. [SOLVED] COUNTIF - Alternate to count values in every third cell rather than full range.
  155. Duplicate Entire Row where Comma Exists
  156. HTTTP Post Request Help Needed
  157. Tracking tasks.
  158. [SOLVED] Adding Sheets from array
  159. Toggle autofilter while sheet is protected
  160. VDA structure creating
  161. Saving Using Path Definition
  162. vba to send email at the end of the day.
  163. Get container and/or parent of dynamically created control (checkbox)
  164. Paste Excel Picture from Cell in to Word - Error 438
  165. Export Data from another program to excel
  166. Match duplicates and copy updated cells from one worksheet to another
  167. [SOLVED] Merging PDFs Based on Checklist Selection in Excel
  168. Transferring Data from one Workbook to Another based on whether or not the cell is em
  169. Macro to Create Multiple Pivot Tables in Multiple Sheets with Dynamic Data Filter
  170. [SOLVED] Avoiding run time error '424': object required
  171. [SOLVED] How to add table in the outlook via excel.
  172. [SOLVED] Excel 2010 Weekly Update Breaks Excel
  173. [SOLVED] Custom Ribbon XML - Create a Dropdown with Additional SubMenu
  174. [SOLVED] Shape selection based on user input
  175. Adding a common value to a column using VBA
  176. [SOLVED] ActiveX button VBA references contents of button sheet even after activating new one
  177. [SOLVED] Little help with VBA please and programming search in VBA
  178. [SOLVED] Paste copied info one row down daily
  179. Create Check Box before running Macros
  180. [SOLVED] Colours based on drop down
  181. [SOLVED] Excel VBA to What If Test
  182. Excel SQL Query
  183. VBA assistance
  184. Excel VBA help! Duplicate orders with same customer ID totals?
  185. [SOLVED] Access array between different modules
  186. Search column for text match, if found add text into row
  187. Consolidating Workbooks
  188. [SOLVED] Copy all text on Sheet2 and paste to the Last unused row on Sheet1
  189. Show Item on special cell when click on each cell on column E
  190. Using ShowDetail Causes Un-Grouping
  191. Date type changing when moving cells from one sheet to another
  192. Which is the best tool to repair Excel?
  193. Shared workbook with specific sheets being read only if in use?
  194. Stop button from moving
  195. [SOLVED] Run-time error '70': Permission denied ->when i run code
  196. [SOLVED] Compare comma separated numbers
  197. VBA to Format Charts
  198. Automatic row addition
  199. Count button clicks and write them to a file or sheet with time and date index
  200. Special Characters
  201. Subtitle problem in embedded WMP control
  202. [SOLVED] Object doesn't support this property or method
  203. Worksheet Sheet ActiveX Controls Command Buttons Stopped Don't Work Working
  204. Run-time error '5' : From Excel Macro to AutoCad
  205. [SOLVED] Sorting by number of character in cell
  206. Running a Database Query
  207. [SOLVED] Types of Data Distributions
  208. [SOLVED] Need Code to copy Data to other sheets on condition
  209. [SOLVED] Operation must use an updateable query
  210. vbCrLf and vbLf
  211. Ifs, ors, and nots
  212. A few questions about DoEvents
  213. [SOLVED] Inserting a Row based on two conditions
  214. [SOLVED] Run-time error 424 issue
  215. VBA Date Match Error
  216. [SOLVED] Copy Table from one Sheet to Another
  217. [SOLVED] Function that finds number of Fridays in a particular interval date
  218. Excel VBA to select first value in Validation list
  219. vba to send appointment from excel to outlook
  220. Runtime Errror 9 Subscript out of range
  221. [SOLVED] Change tab color based on cell contents
  222. How to set 2 condition in VBA
  223. Customize Error bars individually in a dynamic timeline chart
  224. [SOLVED] Problem with Deleting Select Legend Keys
  225. Line intersection - with a difference
  226. [SOLVED] horizantal total
  227. How to add date column in workbook files
  228. DAYS360 in VBA
  229. VBA script to extract/reduce data to certain parameters(columns)
  230. Downlaod URL Data on disk based on criteria
  231. [SOLVED] Copy & Paste Variable Range By Table Header
  232. [SOLVED] Modify Code to Include More Columns
  233. [SOLVED] Copying Row Above Results In Zero Instead of Blank
  234. [SOLVED] Update data fill down dynamically
  235. [SOLVED] Compile Errror: Can't Find Project or Library
  236. [SOLVED] Sum if
  237. VBA for Row Difference
  238. How to use the path of an excel filevariable in a formula?
  239. Combo boxes stopped working
  240. follow hyperlink to location then delete linked file
  241. Use check button enable/disable code lines
  242. [SOLVED] Sort blocks independently
  243. Create sheets using data shown in filter
  244. [SOLVED] Improve Performance of Insert
  245. [SOLVED] Change Cells color based on cell and other cells value.
  246. How to do web scraping from java based website
  247. How to save excel file in CSV with Comma delimited (*.csv)
  248. [SOLVED] Checking cell format
  249. Uploading not working
  250. Freeze panes shifting on worksheet