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  1. Unhide and Activate a Worksheet using Radio Button on UserFrom
  2. [SOLVED] Need help removing unwanted commas that sometimes appear in rows in csv files
  3. Need to standardize 100s of excel files that have columns in the wrong order
  4. Just Hallo
  5. [SOLVED] Random numbers with specific outcome
  6. [SOLVED] Need Help on ADODB Query, need to convert field to int and order on it
  7. what's wrong with this code?
  8. Excel IF formula for birth date range
  9. [SOLVED] Macro to take data from a file other than the current
  10. Excel generate Outlook appointments
  11. VBA not on proper ActiveSheet
  12. [SOLVED] VBA IF Function for Digital Flip Flop
  13. Merging different workbook into one workbook in different tabs.
  14. Getting error 32809 - when ever we open our excel application
  15. Conditional Format with Date Stamp based on user input
  16. Separate data from Sheet1 to other Sheets based on filtering & conditional formating
  17. Split Excel worksheet into multiple workbooks
  18. New error in previously working VB code
  19. Fill the missing cells with date
  20. is there a way to combine these 3 macros into 1 macro ?
  21. Is there a Limit to where you can place a table to query it from ADODB?
  22. [SOLVED] VBA - Run time error 1004: Application defined or Object-Defined Error
  23. The Userform getdata and edit/add macros for both Text and Comboboxes
  24. Data Merge
  25. Copy charts from Excel to Word using Late Binding
  26. object or with block variable not set??
  27. [SOLVED] VBA to Highlight Rows based upon a Populated Cell
  28. My subtotal and sum
  29. [SOLVED] Selected listbox items to worksheet not working
  30. Help with "OR" in VBA
  31. Copy data from sheet 2 variable range to sheet 3 fixed range and send it by email
  32. Subtract textbox value from cell value
  33. Using Loops do create emails from Excel
  34. MSComm RTU serial communication
  35. Excel Opening The Wrong File
  36. Hyperlink from cell to sheet
  37. VBA formula to populate from PDF?
  38. [SOLVED] Help with Salesforce Login from Excel
  39. variable not defined compile error
  40. [SOLVED] Rename Sheet Name on cell value condition
  41. How to get control of range input type from a webpage using VBA
  42. Importing multiple text files to Excel sheet and making on Excel sheet
  43. [SOLVED] Excel Naming comvention.
  44. How export specific range to txt file
  45. Running Macro when a Dropdown Box Changes
  46. Run time error 438 - Hide Columns Macro
  47. AutoFill to dynamic Column range?
  48. Get data in listbox
  49. [SOLVED] VBA to populate with cells from another sheet?
  50. [SOLVED] VBA Linking cells within different sheets
  51. [SOLVED] How to get relevant data
  52. Excel GIF storage - no external files
  53. New to VBA, struggling to write some simple codes
  54. Excel Data Fill on Folder Files availablity
  55. [SOLVED] Function to return Boolean
  56. [SOLVED] slight change to an existing routine has created problems
  57. [SOLVED] VBA to Insert Blank Row Based on Two Conditions
  58. Want help on Select statement
  59. How to create a dynamic pivot table using macro in excel
  60. [SOLVED] Runtime error opening workbooks
  61. Make changes to another workbook - Runtime error 9
  62. [SOLVED] SUMIFS fomula
  63. Problem with display textbox when filter the data in listbox
  64. Generating a new Batch No as per the Creteria
  65. [SOLVED] copy from excel 2010 to word 2010
  66. VBA Problem
  67. Possible Duplicate Warning issue
  68. Conditional formatting
  69. [SOLVED] Array question
  70. Automate Saving and Closing Excel Workbook after 2 minsutes
  71. 1004 error while running the macro in VBA
  72. VBA on an old machine
  73. [SOLVED] Ranking system depending on 2 variables
  74. Alert by cell color change
  75. Excel Macro to Add Footer Text and Page Numbers to Word
  76. Formula to put row number based on a date
  77. [SOLVED] Need help with getting list of data from unique row
  78. sum of value from Center" Word
  79. [SOLVED] SQL in excel VBA
  80. is there a limit to how many WHERE clauses you can have in an SQL statement?
  81. [SOLVED] Help needed with some excel formula - hopefully someone can assist.
  82. [SOLVED] Passing variables to run a macro on multiple tabs
  83. if there is text add conditional format and edges
  84. inkingstart macro
  85. Append to Access Table VBA
  86. Transpose the data from X Range.
  87. Display a list of the folders and subfolders in VBA
  88. getting data from Excel into SQL
  89. compare names, substract values from one workbook to another
  90. [SOLVED] Dates Used as Sheet Names
  91. [SOLVED] Problems with dashboard VB code not working
  92. SelectionChange fail to work sometimes
  93. VBA code help [small code]
  94. [SOLVED] VBA to move pivot table field name to rows
  95. [SOLVED] help needed to write a vlookup or match formula
  96. Object variable or with block variable set
  97. Creating function with Ifs
  98. Help needed for making a GUI form in Excel.
  99. VBA Event Change Using Dependents
  100. [SOLVED] Run-time error '52'- Bad file name or number
  101. [SOLVED] Run macro when selecting specific worksheet
  102. Macro to Send Multiple Emails with Attachment through Lotus Notes
  103. MAcro - Range Selection - Help
  104. Dynamic Lookup Function to match the data in two sheet and copy in one sheet
  105. [SOLVED] Team ranking not working
  106. [SOLVED] Modifying an existing time formula
  107. [SOLVED] VBA to copy specific cells to specific columns in different workbook
  108. [SOLVED] Simple VBA calculation
  109. [SOLVED] Can't Get Find Method to Work
  110. Add multiple filtered row data to ListBox
  111. Active X controls
  112. Run-time error '9' Subscript out of range.
  113. Advanced Filtering of Large Spreadsheets
  114. VB calculations not working
  115. [SOLVED] Copy data from one workbook into another with named rangs
  116. [SOLVED] problem with closing WB when copying data from on WB to another
  117. how to make a range of names into a variable
  118. Help with Datepicker in Excel Form
  119. [SOLVED] Concatenate a formatted number
  120. Sharing a Workbook with VBA
  121. [SOLVED] How can I auto filter out "0:00" in excel 2010?
  122. VBA PivotTables "Unable to get the PivotItems of the PivotField Class"
  123. [SOLVED] Is there a way to autofill macros?
  124. VBA - Extract 3rd Column value from Listbox
  125. [SOLVED] How to paste a cell as special values from another sheet?
  126. VBA to obtain another workbook's worksheets into a drop down list
  127. Looping IF
  129. [SOLVED] Sending automatic emails
  130. Comparing 2 Lists and displaying all in New, Removed, Same
  131. How to display the output in a same worksheet?
  132. Inserting a new row and copy the data.
  133. [SOLVED] Complicated Reverse-order lookups
  134. Filter 2 columns between 2 dates
  135. Help creating a macro for color blind user?
  136. Display values in User Form
  137. [SOLVED] Run-time error 424: Object required
  138. Time exceptions within excel
  139. Help with date format
  140. is there a way to add to a list object?
  141. [SOLVED] Using Hyperlink from Excel cell in an Email
  142. [SOLVED] How do I add axis labels to bar chart bars?
  143. [SOLVED] Automatic Friday Week Ending Dates
  144. VBA: Delete dublicate rows based on 3 different columns
  145. newly created sheet - assign module
  146. VBA For Each Loop just prompting one input
  147. Listing the files from a compressed zipped folders
  148. Need help on how to get previous matching row data!!
  149. [SOLVED] VBA - automation error the object invoked has disconnected
  150. [SOLVED] Copy data from a file based on comparison between two different workbooks
  151. [SOLVED] Save E-mail Attachments
  152. [SOLVED] How capture City and State values from one cell (with a delimeter character)
  153. Launching Excel from MS-Access / Detecting Excel to prevent multiple instances
  154. Need help to write a code
  156. Copy Matching Data to Email
  157. [SOLVED] Change value of a MS Word ActiveX Checkbox
  158. VBA Code - Set up Button (Form Control)
  159. olObject
  160. [SOLVED] Print to last row, multipule columns.
  161. [SOLVED] VBA to Insert Blank Row
  162. [SOLVED] VBA Macro
  163. Excel2013 Macro- Run-time error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method
  164. [SOLVED] Help
  165. Need a little help with my (working) code regarding putting headers into comments
  166. [SOLVED] Want to use a different icon for an excel file
  167. Project VBA diplay Error94
  168. few datavalidated cells not working after after adding combobox. for INDIRECT formula
  169. [SOLVED] Add items from column range A1:-> into a Combobox
  170. Sort from A4 to lastrow
  171. VBA: Delete duplicate productid when it finds 3 different criterias
  172. [SOLVED] need help in code enhancement
  174. Parent vs Worksheet
  175. Copying a cell, from one workbook and pasting in a another workbook...
  176. [SOLVED] Selecting and sorting variable range
  177. [SOLVED] Help to modify VBA Code
  178. [SOLVED] Have a Label/Command Button Run a Spin Button (cross posted)
  179. [SOLVED] Import from Access to Excel, auto select .mdb file from same folder path as Excel
  180. [SOLVED] Conditional formating if the cell is empty.
  181. Help to create repeat macro until blank cell found
  182. [SOLVED] Linear interpolation using VBA for empty cells in a row
  183. ADODB & Jet Engine VS Pure VBA - Performance
  184. Saving a file with previous day date in specific location
  185. Copy Multiple TextBoxes to Clipboard
  186. how to use conditional formatting in gantt chart
  187. Normal Distribution - how to calculate E(X|X>Y)
  188. [SOLVED] Options List for Inputbox
  189. How to populate the other cells, as soon as values are selected from combobox?
  190. Running a .bat file from VBA
  191. [SOLVED] Open a folder in Windows Explorer
  192. Vba open workbook and paste from another workbook
  193. Copy text in a column till last row based on adjacent column
  194. Vba open workbook and paste from another workbook
  195. Assistance With Simplifying getElementsByName Coding
  196. [SOLVED] Modify code to search multi columns and return data
  197. [SOLVED] VBA code chages - pick two cell instead of 1
  198. Textbox and the standard module
  199. Ranking using data from 2 colums
  200. [SOLVED] VBA Cell Formatting Copy
  201. Date Prior to Actual Date
  202. [SOLVED] Export column script
  203. Find a word in a cell and delete the rows which doesn't have the word
  204. [SOLVED] Missing apostrophe
  205. Code Efficiency
  206. Drawing sample in Excel
  207. [SOLVED] Copying specific cells to a new sheets also give sheetname
  208. Help with Userform
  209. [SOLVED] Excel cells into publisher help
  210. Autosort vba problem
  211. Newbie Help with VBA I think
  212. [SOLVED] how to see the first cell in a row also copy to a new sheet
  213. [SOLVED] Vba code in excel to move doc files from one folder to another.
  214. ADDIN doesn't show when opening existing spreadsheet
  215. [SOLVED] Selecting the next sheet and copying the previous
  216. Copying value from multiple workbook to one after every 60 mins
  217. Automate Vlookup in Excel spreadsheet
  218. Glossary of terms using excel vba
  219. [SOLVED] COUNTIF(AND... Mulitple criteria
  220. [SOLVED] Deleting rows where value in column B starts with specific letter
  221. [SOLVED] VB Code for EXCEL 2010 - PLEASE HELP!!
  222. Highlighting a specific marker in a line chart
  223. [SOLVED] Column "A", where the zero value where the column "B" must be delete in the Value
  224. [SOLVED] I need help for Conditional Formatting.
  225. VBA - Combine two column value using Distance
  226. [SOLVED] Remove the Index References table and continue to show the CF
  227. I need a formula..
  228. [SOLVED] VBA - Find Specific words from Column "A" and paste to column "H"
  229. [SOLVED] VBA Function - Search Min Value by length
  230. VBA to Restrict certain usernames.
  231. Small Help in this Code
  232. [SOLVED] How to rename active workbook?
  233. Problems with nslookup function
  234. Beginner question
  235. [SOLVED] Can you sort SpecialCells or other noncontiguous cells
  236. [SOLVED] VlookUp not Working?
  237. [SOLVED] Count formla for three criteria
  238. doubleclick doesn't work
  239. NEED VBA Macro
  240. [SOLVED] Transpose 3 Columns (variable rows numbers) to 3 Rows
  241. Help with my code - I want to clear any formulas when pasting
  242. [SOLVED] How to select just letters in the alert and also make a string
  243. [SOLVED] Can't use Split correctly
  244. [SOLVED] vba Linear Sort help
  245. Listbox using List of Hyperlinks to other sheets
  246. How to update an excel cell/column date everytime a change is made to its row?
  247. Excel table if update the row end of cell date cell should update accordingly
  248. Reg; Excell cell count according to the cell values
  249. Hyperlinks for Combo from Sheet Tabs
  250. [SOLVED] Linking several workbooks to a master workbook