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  1. Reg; Excell cell count according to the cell values
  2. Hyperlinks for Combo from Sheet Tabs
  3. [SOLVED] Linking several workbooks to a master workbook
  4. Saving a value from a variable -- I'm missing something obvious!
  5. [SOLVED] VBA help! copy and paste to database sheet
  6. change the date column
  7. Formula - show unique value based on two condition
  8. CategoryNames or SetSourceData on Excel VBA 2013
  9. Function help
  10. values going below the ribbon
  11. Data Scrape from IE
  12. [SOLVED] how to loop through all used cells in just row 1 and alert?
  13. Excel VBA Code HELP - email active sheet plus 1 other
  14. Storing and retreiving text from a separate workbook
  15. Hello everyone! HELP: Delete Blank Columns and Delete Blank Columns
  16. VBA excel access sharepoint slow connection
  17. [SOLVED] Loop through active columns and save to file
  18. [SOLVED] Simple syntax problem
  19. [SOLVED] Deleting all subsequent duplicates below first one in sorted list.
  20. [SOLVED] Use one cell to create a variable number of rows on a different sheet
  21. using conbo boxes to populate data into text boxes
  22. run time error 91 "object variable or with block variable not set
  23. [SOLVED] Emailing from Excdel only rows with data showing
  24. macro to remove numbers before first alphabet in a cell
  25. smart vlookup
  26. [SOLVED] Ofsetting Cell by 1, 0 vba
  27. Search No. & text list
  28. [SOLVED] Sub-Procedure or Sub-Routine....??
  29. Macro to copy column from multiple files to paste to one file
  30. Function with FOR loop
  31. [SOLVED] add/insert data validation cell to if column value to left is a number
  32. [SOLVED] AND and OR formula into an IF
  33. importing specific event log data into workbook
  34. How to copy cells to same place but in another document?
  35. [SOLVED] Timer please
  36. fullscreen userform
  37. [SOLVED] Sort current usded range
  38. OCR by MODI via VBA Macro in Excel / Runtime Error -2147417848 (80010108)
  39. Sendkeys not working - trying to copy dated data
  40. Using Record Set in loop
  41. [SOLVED] combine data from 2 workbooks with matching cells in different locations
  42. Counting files in a folder
  43. Object variable not set
  44. Copy Paste hide columns of Filtered data
  45. [SOLVED] Creating Functions From Formula
  46. [SOLVED] Modify code a bit, (combine function)
  47. [SOLVED] Select certain files with statement (combine files)
  48. [SOLVED] How to match two filenames?
  49. Subtotal and Label Specific Data Sets
  50. [SOLVED] need to open file if file exists then merge
  51. [SOLVED] Minor formatting issue: allow capturing a (.) full-stop as decimal
  52. VBA Copy cells paste +1 column
  53. [SOLVED] problem with open file Run-time error 1004
  54. [SOLVED] How to COmbine two files with this code need to modify
  55. [SOLVED] need help with combine files
  56. [SOLVED] Change SQL Query Syntax
  57. [SOLVED] Writing a sub, using arrays, to join information on two worksheets using VBA
  58. Excel 2010 VBA Userform - Vlookup Textbox1 and return value to textbox2
  59. Excel 2010 VBA Userform - Vlookup Textbox1 and return value to textbox2
  60. Excel 2010 VBA Userform - Vlookup Textbox1 and return value to textbox2
  61. Excel 2010 VBA Userform - Vlookup Textbox1 and return value to textbox2
  62. Transpose Script not copying one specific field
  63. Format user input from inputbox into a lap time
  64. VBA Code to Move row if criteria to tab within same Workbook
  65. Macro to save book with diferent name each time ran
  66. code sequence works manually but not as a macro?
  67. Display VBA assigned values
  68. [SOLVED] Problem while open file script
  69. [SOLVED] Change value of a MS Word ActiveX Checkbox
  70. [SOLVED] Import script help.
  71. [SOLVED] Excel CF help
  72. multiple comboboxes
  73. [SOLVED] automatic variable names
  74. Activate Combobox dropdown when cell selected, not when doubleclicking
  75. Add new Row (table)
  76. [SOLVED] search for the keywords and copy paste to another sheet
  77. HELP... How to copy paste tabs content to another excel in the same order of tabs
  78. Automation help with the current code in VBA excel.
  79. Exit/hide combobox when item in dropdownlist is chosen
  80. [SOLVED] UF Reflect Sheets & Future Sheets
  81. VBA to match data in one file and copy data to an existing file
  82. Run Macro when a character is entered
  83. [SOLVED] Consolidate a table with keeping 3 column criteria
  84. [SOLVED] VBA msgBox executing before the previous line of code
  85. Creating user names & passwords to an excel workbook and restricting the view of data
  86. [SOLVED] How do I automate color coding the highest performers on a chart?
  87. How to bold values that are less than the average?
  88. Combining All Worksheets of all Workbooks into one Workbook
  89. round to even calculation
  90. Combining Rows
  91. Conditional row formatting based on multiple nested IF/AND statements
  92. Assistance with a formula to return values based on time
  93. [SOLVED] excel UF link to Accesd DB
  94. If Not Like - Checking string for date format
  95. Excel VBA - Hide cell values based on ComboBox selection
  96. Split Worksheet into separate workbooks
  97. Need to transpose data from rows to columns
  98. Userform to check 2 textboxes for duplicate & date check
  99. Possible to create a link/macro to copy cell contents into an intranet page in IE?
  100. [SOLVED] Colour cell based on dropdown list
  101. [SOLVED] Vba code to transpose specific range of data from column A to another sheet
  102. [SOLVED] How to compare data in a spreadsheet and paste matched values in another sheet
  103. Copying data from multiple worksheets to one summary sheet
  104. Filter data based on the date provided by the user
  105. [SOLVED] [ASK] Excel VBA for multiple files in folder
  106. Option buttons inside frames within a userform disappear partially when scrolling
  107. Button for every sheet one new email
  108. Return query from access to excel combobox
  109. Count numbers in a string and add numbers together
  110. Improving VBA code
  111. [SOLVED] Delete Duplicate Data
  112. [SOLVED] VLookup with VBA
  113. Highlighting Duplicates in Excel that are not a perfect match
  114. [SOLVED] Returning a value in the textbox on the form
  115. [SOLVED] I need a Conditional Formatting formula
  116. VBA code to copy data per month to another sheet
  117. Refresh autofit row using VBA excel
  118. [SOLVED] [ask]split text with comma to new rows
  119. Pivot Table: VBA code to filter dates based on a date in another cell
  120. Help automating the macro
  121. [SOLVED] Match first column sheet A with first column sheet B
  122. Having trouble with a VBA double loop iteration
  123. [SOLVED] VBA To Determine Row label reference values in Pivot Table
  124. [SOLVED] Remove the Index References table and continue to show the CF
  125. create folder if does not exit
  126. Copy cells in loop
  127. Array (25rows x 6 colomns) to be filled with random numbers with rules
  128. saving pdf file of the specified range
  129. Formula excel Combining to cells
  130. [SOLVED] Adding range values to email
  131. Excel - Sort data after report refresh and certain cell changes?
  132. [SOLVED] How to put Cursor in text box and move to next text box?
  133. [SOLVED] working code inside - need to add a delete the row after the data has been copied
  134. VLOOKUP Workbook Reference Asking For Data Updates
  135. [SOLVED] Network days in VBA Calculation
  136. Selecting dynamic range in Excel VBA
  137. [SOLVED] Copy a block of lines/rows and paste to another worksheet
  138. Mismatch error
  139. VBA Download File From Link
  140. [SOLVED] Setting ranges that could change in VBA
  141. Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() - Not running when workbook opens
  142. Decreasing time by 1 hour
  143. Compare values between 2 tables
  144. Dynamically modify Chart source data?
  145. VBA Macro Summary Sheet
  146. "Subscript out of range" ... Issue
  147. How do I mark my post as 'SOLVED'?
  148. Help with worksheet and workbook objects
  149. loop through cells
  150. Create a dialogue prompt to filter down data?
  151. Run-time error '6': Overflow
  152. Multiple Pivot Generation
  153. [SOLVED] Exporting Data to .txt - Need Help Setting Directory!
  154. Adding a search box to an Excel sheet using VBA (very novice)
  155. Running Macros in other Spreadsheets
  156. [SOLVED] Hide rows based on multiple criteria
  157. Specific Sheets Very Hidden
  158. variable counter
  159. boolean variable
  160. When/why does the VBIDE remember/forget its window state/position?
  161. Select Cells based on values in another cell
  162. Combobox from one form filters another combobox in another form
  163. Transfer data from one list box to another in a userform
  164. Add Chart to constantly changing stats table
  165. Day/Time difference VBA
  166. Userform Filter Search
  167. Exel Power View worksheet
  168. [SOLVED] Is necessary "Set Object = Nothing"
  169. [SOLVED] Print Array
  170. [SOLVED] Date value error, need help
  171. [SOLVED] Help, loop finds overlaps, then adds not overlapped items, but misses the first match
  172. Re-indexing Excel Sheets
  173. Scatterplot Illustration Help
  174. [SOLVED] Vlookup a text and MsgBox it thanks to VBA
  175. VBA UserForm: Updating Existing Data
  176. 2nd time a freefile is opened, exception is thrown
  177. Saving information from the user form
  178. Run Java code for web page via VBA
  179. [SOLVED] Preserve line breaks when inserting/pasting into a single Excel cell
  180. [SOLVED] copy cell value from one workbook to another based on two criterias
  181. Importing all outlook folders to excel using VBA
  182. Pasting a function to be in edit mode in a cell in excel
  183. Multi-Dimensional Array Sort
  184. [SOLVED] regular expression in excel
  185. [SOLVED] Go To Previous Worksheet / Go To Next Worksheet {Problem}
  186. change code to incorporate other textboxes
  187. adapting number code to incorporate () - -
  188. [SOLVED] Make specific text bold in cells
  189. Saving Excel 97-2002 file to Excel 2013 warning about Script Objects
  190. google translator vba code stop working
  191. Converting an Excel macro to run from Word
  192. VBA macro to delete all empty rows and columns
  193. [SOLVED] Toggle cell value on single click
  194. Challenging VBA Web scraping coding
  195. UDF To Concatenate
  196. Closing a program without killing other workbooks / "Wait please" pop up window
  197. [SOLVED] filling combobox's issue
  198. Fill Online Application - Acknowlegement number not generated
  199. Delete row with same ID but if found B2B-111 in column C of that ID.
  200. To Trigger an Event based on Certain Time and Certain Date
  201. [SOLVED] How To Write A Macro To Compare Active Row With Specific Columns In Above Row
  202. Colour pattern matching
  203. Hire Help
  204. [SOLVED] VBA FollowHyperlink
  205. userform not behaving properly
  206. Tidy up old verbose coding
  207. [SOLVED] Worksheet change code
  208. [SOLVED] Add password to togglebutton code?
  209. How to Optimize 6 nested loop coding in VBA.
  210. ListBox size issue
  211. Save As button using VBA Code
  212. [SOLVED] Preventing VBA converting cell value to date when printing as .txt
  213. VBA:comboboxes to present same date in different formats...ADAPT WITH CHANGE IN DATE
  214. [SOLVED] Simple Date to Text Conversion
  215. Download files from URL, unknown file names
  216. Need to match every reference in sheet 2 column A for a match in Sheet 1 Column A
  217. 3DES encryption using VBA
  218. [SOLVED] Transpose Nested Data
  219. [SOLVED] HELP -- Hyperlink Question
  220. Prevent user edits to a workbook without making the workbook dirty
  221. [SOLVED] help needed with Vlookup and IF function
  222. [SOLVED] Else without If statement compiling error
  223. [SOLVED] Method 'Open of object 'Workbooks'Failed
  224. Auto fill Cells Down if other cells have information
  225. [SOLVED] Running multiple VBA functions within one sub
  226. GPIB to USB Controller
  227. Quick VBA Rows Question
  228. How to concatenate ComboBox name
  229. VBA old test question help
  230. VBA to override all upcoming code for certain users??
  231. Help switching between two images
  232. Import MS Project to Excel 2000
  233. Delete row based on 3 conditions
  234. Help Calculating averages based on options selected in user form
  235. Using worksheet function randbetween for non-contiguous number ranges
  236. Use SaveAs to create new workbook
  237. Help with Importing Part of a text readable file into Excel worksheet via Macro
  238. Use ShellExecute to do a programmatic string search in an opened PDF file
  239. [SOLVED] Using VBA to rename files - from Auotgenerated microscope to multiple array location.
  240. [SOLVED] catching malformed data before sub runs
  241. Putting a Variable into a formula
  242. [SOLVED] Extracting data in "Treeview" from web using VBA
  243. How to email a pivot table using VBA
  244. [SOLVED] Macro to update columns depending on row identifier
  245. [SOLVED] Software Library from .nessus files
  246. Lock Cells after date passed - VBA Code
  247. MACRO or VBA Required
  248. [SOLVED] My filter by Invoice number skipping part of code
  249. How to catch the duplicate number in excel
  250. Vlookup in vba for dynamic range on data