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  1. Userform Help - Adding more than one record.
  2. Audit Log - track changes to all cells in a workbook
  3. Model cell colours
  4. Need a formula to show the cell coordinates
  5. Copy random numbers and sort.
  6. VBA to do something 5 times then go back
  7. Need some help pls. How to color cell A if cell B is an even number
  8. Loop through worksheet and create a new column based on cell values in another column
  9. Extract string from multiple files using vba
  10. Need help with homework problem
  11. Need help with this review problem
  12. [SOLVED] Store individual cell contents in arrays, match terms and highlight when found
  13. slowdown in performance when I write the result of the macro in cell
  14. VBA Error Referencing Spreadsheet
  15. Tool to automatically feed database
  17. VBA Error Referencing Excel Spreadsheet
  18. VBA copy data to matching workbook
  19. Find row number of maximum value found in a given column?
  20. VBA Mails workbook as attachment - need to remove path from filename
  21. Help Importing XML files - VBA
  22. Type mismatch error, code previously worked
  23. User cannot select items in a Listbox
  24. Quick Help with adding "MSG Box" into code
  25. HELP - Code not working (My old boss has retired and this was his code)
  26. Calculating elapsed time between starting and closing excel
  27. VBA Macro Progress Message
  28. VBA code of Excel 2013 is not working in Excel 2010
  29. [SOLVED] Start Looping Through Range from the Middle
  30. Excel 2002 to Excel 2013
  31. [SOLVED] Copy Current Row and paste to the next couple hundred rows
  32. VBA code is not working in win7_64
  33. Log in on a website thanks to VBA
  34. Choices from User Form
  35. [SOLVED] Combining workbooks with varying names
  36. [SOLVED] Automate - manual made macro
  37. Make Tiny URL link of hyperlink in cell
  38. How to speed up my macro?
  39. Importing data tables from the WEB
  40. Fill in form on website and submitting multiple values in new tabs
  41. Alternative to copy / paste
  42. How do I disable a macro button if file name is a date?
  43. String comparison and highlight... a bit different requirement.
  44. Scrape data Using getElementsbyTagName NOT WORKING
  45. Downloading pdf using vba, IS IT POSSIBLE?
  46. Miror margins
  47. Incremental numbers with a special format
  48. [SOLVED] Macro to Create Individual Workbook and Remove Colors
  49. Sum Column B based on Column A and format it
  50. Personal.xlsb ..... or ?
  51. difference between
  52. [SOLVED] Macro Button Color
  53. Need help fixing a VBA code to show the correct date when time is being converted.
  54. MsgBox Display Offset Value
  55. Populate a list box with worksheet names
  56. incorporating Bank Holiday into formula
  57. Sample post so I can look at some code
  58. [SOLVED] How to replace/move data from ons sheet into a workbook in a specific sheet.
  59. export to txt file
  60. [SOLVED] Need help integrating checkboxes into existing (simple) macro
  61. another code apart from ( target.address)
  62. [SOLVED] Trying to delete cells with specific terms, Runtime 424 Object Required error
  63. [SOLVED] named range tracking via VB
  64. Navigate in an application thanks to VBA
  65. [SOLVED] Inserting non default signature with picture in Outlook e-mail
  66. [SOLVED] Copy data from sheet to a table (object)
  67. Excel to Email with Attachment (1 line only at a time with button push)
  68. Cut/Paste data, code only works on first 4 rows
  69. Splitting a cell with "/" delimeter and use first part as new line heading
  70. How to find available rows, columns and bits from matrix definition in spreadsheet
  71. HELP: Find, Filter, copy and then send mail from outlook
  72. Excel crashes during VBA cell copy
  73. [SOLVED] Formatting a date in word document from excel using VBA
  74. Variable type change for XValues in charted data
  75. Overlap Dates
  76. Hyperlinks created on sheet (not VBA) work for some users but not others - Any Reason
  77. Web Browser Automation: favorite all items on page, move to next page
  78. [SOLVED] Update code for inserting data in all closed file in folder
  79. Looping through txt file and returning a section to excel
  80. [SOLVED] Running a macro based on a list
  81. pass data from excel to web form
  82. Search external file for a value then print each row of data found using VBA
  83. SCHEDULE help please
  84. [SOLVED] How do I combine two statements in Excel?
  85. [SOLVED] Delete all data on sheet except certain range
  86. [SOLVED] How to get my macro to click a button in a dialog
  87. Pass value from excel to IE form
  88. Macro to copy Codes in rows when Criteria's are met
  90. Adding subfolders into routine
  91. Please help me with
  92. Help Needed: Listing Files & Folders-VBA Coe Error
  93. VBA With Excel to Merge PDF Based on Filename Oldest to Newest
  94. [SOLVED] Set default value of combo box
  95. [SOLVED] entries in column A
  96. Table Changing Name After Macro
  97. VBA to sum data on another worksheet
  98. [SOLVED] AfterUpdate not triggered
  99. VBA Data from an access database using a variable
  100. CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
  101. [SOLVED] CheckCompatibility statment
  102. Function that uses a variable number of arguments
  103. how to track precedents and dependents.
  104. [SOLVED] Problem with code
  105. vba subtract time from date
  106. Filtering multiline data prior to dumping into cell
  107. In a cell Vertically entered mobile number , I want to extract all mobile number.
  108. Search and Paste
  109. [SOLVED] Add default Outlook e-mail signature with Excel without displaying e-mail first
  110. Pass Sheet Range to a SelectionChange Event
  111. [SOLVED] Parsing XML Help
  112. [SOLVED] Please help with Array comparison to trigger email
  113. [SOLVED] VBA to filter a column starting at row 2 to Lastrow
  114. Output Required Horizontally in Excel Sheet separated each by semi colon.
  115. Deleting ony those rows in excell sheet in which entire row cell is blank .
  116. 32x to 64x error
  117. Gradation - Quantile Performence
  118. In an excel sheet some column cells are blank then corresponding blank cell
  119. [SOLVED] Combine All Workbooks from One Folder to One Master file
  120. Copy unique column values to a new column in a different worksheet
  121. [SOLVED] Extracting Home Value Estimates from Website
  122. Import data from Word to Excel - School Assignment
  123. loop not working for next file in same folder
  124. Importing from Web problems
  125. vba to clear values in an excel pivot table
  126. offset one row
  127. [SOLVED] Insert New Row issue...doesn't work when the worksheet is protected
  128. IF and Then range based upon number rather than string - code inside. Help!
  129. VBA slow reading back from database
  130. [SOLVED] Split Function Help
  131. How to call onClick Javascript function in VBA
  132. Find Date an return row number
  133. Insert columns to multiple sheets based on list
  134. VBA Date
  135. Userform to Find Cell from ComboBox Value and write to Adjacent Cells
  136. Excel Form - Displaying 2 Digits (Zero fill) and Reacting to Forward/Back
  137. [SOLVED] Copy, Paste, and Repeat Down Based on Adjacent Cell Value
  138. [SOLVED] Edit Cells By Comparing Value
  139. [SOLVED] Adding Two Arrays in VBA
  140. Combining matching values
  141. [SOLVED] Help defining and building an array and using VLOOKUP
  142. VBA Macro FUNCTION To Sum Up Values of multiplier of muti-Columns
  143. [SOLVED] Email from excel-VBA
  144. [SOLVED] command button
  145. [SOLVED] Sort names NEWBIE
  146. [SOLVED] Cell color
  147. [SOLVED] Help with loop
  148. Ecel crashes when code initiates
  149. [SOLVED] transposing information between 2 sheets
  150. [SOLVED] Conditional Search Copy Entire Row to next row on match
  151. [SOLVED] Populate Treeview with specified Windows Directory & Sub-folders/files
  152. Comparing cells
  153. [SOLVED] Text instead of #N/A
  154. [SOLVED] Removing Special Characters
  155. [SOLVED] Shift select data
  156. [SOLVED] Chart in chart sheet - assign array values
  157. Sort names
  158. Paste multiple cells into one
  159. VBA Code for hiding rows based on a result of formula
  160. Data Validation - Multiple Criteria
  161. Copy entire row
  162. generate work schedule
  163. Create worksheet level event in macro
  164. Can't Scroll Down Dropdown List
  165. Create CSV files with Multiple sheets columns
  166. [SOLVED] F8 Key suddenly does not work
  167. [SOLVED] How to rename the .XL file with the name of the .CSV file
  168. [SOLVED] Inserting a block of rows at the end of a register
  169. Adding active spreadsheet as attachment to email
  170. VBA to search given cell value in given folder path
  171. [SOLVED] SelectSingleNode
  172. [SOLVED] Treeview - Sort Nodes Alphabetically (Like in Windows)
  173. [SOLVED] Macro to generate summary based on Dates
  174. Extract partial value from cell
  175. [SOLVED] Vlookup on another sheet
  176. Calculate hours
  178. [SOLVED] Macro to loop through data in Master Worksheet
  179. How to set a loop around a script?
  180. Split Multiline Cell text Into Multiple Rows
  181. [SOLVED] Values from 2 collumns into 1 column
  182. FindAll on sheet3 then display in sheet1 user form
  183. Process All CSV Files In SubFolders
  184. Price consistency calculation in Excel
  185. Display current time on a form in a Mac
  186. content list & rename
  188. erase array value partially
  189. Double filter in VBA code
  190. VBA change data source Pivot Table
  191. [SOLVED] HELP! Saving exported spreadsheet and naming the file based on a cell value VBA
  192. I need help to enhance my code...
  193. [SOLVED] Code needed to organize data
  194. [SOLVED] Multiple arguments used in cell function
  195. Force User to enable macro and still save
  196. [SOLVED] Help with matching in VBA
  197. [SOLVED] Copy Table To New Sheet
  198. [SOLVED] VBA EXCEL Range syntax
  199. Website automation by VBA
  200. [SOLVED] Doesn't wait for the response to Question
  201. Auto fill/graph on button click
  202. [SOLVED] I am looking to see if there is a more efficient way to write a code
  203. [SOLVED] Value to stay visible
  204. [SOLVED] Add a row with more than 10 columns to a ListBox?
  205. Fill A AZ
  206. [SOLVED] Detecting Change in Value
  207. Directory Issue
  208. [SOLVED] Data validation - Team Name, Thread and Sub-Thread
  209. [SOLVED] Help with Error Message returning the Row and Sheet that contains the error
  210. Saving File Gives Error Excel VBA
  211. How to disable Heading Control, via VBA in the Ribbon, View Tab
  212. [SOLVED] need help with regex
  213. [SOLVED] Need help to copy the UsedRange
  214. EXCEL/VBA macro for print address wrong spreadsheet in wrong workbook
  215. [SOLVED] Compare two cell in two columns and present in new column
  216. Select a Range based in a criteria, copy to a new workbook and attach in Outlook
  217. [SOLVED] handling .txt files with 4mio lines (610 mb)!
  218. VBA to Concatenate Multi-Value Cells
  219. Create multiple Free text Search Tabs in Excel
  220. Email With attachments, Changeable users
  221. [SOLVED] sick record
  222. [SOLVED] Match two different columns
  223. [SOLVED] Need to loop until last cell need to modify
  224. Refresh Spreadsheet data and Pop-up message based on critera
  226. [SOLVED] in cell forumla
  227. [SOLVED] Autofill certain cells with VBA
  228. ShowWindowsInTaskbar in 2010
  229. Generate Outlook E-mail via Word using VBA, Formatting Issue
  230. code to copy content to adjacent cells based on a cell value
  231. How to get the data back from website to excel
  232. Input From TextBox to Web Site
  233. Copying and pasting a dynamic range
  234. VBA "Error loading DLL" wrong PowerPoint reference (Excel 2010)
  235. [SOLVED] Need help to autofil with VBA
  236. Display outlook mail from VBA
  237. How to write myConnection(id)
  238. Anyone can help?
  239. Intersecting range and array
  240. [SOLVED] AutoBackup / Make 1 extra copy of my workbook
  241. [SOLVED] Optimize Macro
  242. [SOLVED] Advancing cell referencing each month
  243. [SOLVED] Macro to make userform appear when clicked anywhere in Column D
  244. Importing a Portion of a .txt file by pattern - Please Help
  245. Improving Macro
  246. Excel Macro Procedure Too Large Error - Help
  247. Help with userform
  248. Show Installed Digital Certificates programatically using a Macro
  249. Can someone help on my code enhancement
  250. Copy/Insert union of subranges into existing worksheet