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  1. Import Picture With Same Dimensions As Picture Already On Sheet
  2. [SOLVED] Loop autofilter through multiple combinations, calculate and paste
  3. Unique positioning of data on excel
  4. [SOLVED] Iterate Sheets In Workbook
  5. Extend the dates and compare the date with other rows
  6. Auto Hyperlinking VBA that auto matches?
  7. [SOLVED] Combining of data
  8. finding variations in the data base
  9. Monitoring Emails Sent From VBA
  10. copy data and paste to different sheet
  11. Macro/vba to merge data
  12. [SOLVED] Recursive File Search
  13. Combining Data from Multiple Tables & Refreshable
  14. Dynamic Linked Ranges (Format & Content)
  15. [SOLVED] Simple VBA code to calculate ColumnWidth
  16. Finding Alpha Numeric in string and delete row
  17. VBA/ Call Function and sum from different sheets
  18. VBA Code to deploy plots
  19. Dynamic form question
  20. Extracting ContentControl Data from a Word Doc into an Excel Sheet for analyzing
  21. Verifying emails have been sent
  22. [SOLVED] PivotTable Error
  23. Related to Thread: Colour Entire Row Base on the Value of Two Other Cells in Excel
  24. [SOLVED] Exclude Dir dot & dotdot from listbox
  25. RecordSet in Excel VBA
  26. Closing workbook without close button
  27. [SOLVED] Recording data from outlook to an open spreadsheet
  28. Formula Last Cell value in row but placed in the same column
  29. [SOLVED] VBA Function - Portfolio Volatility using Co-variance Matrix
  30. [SOLVED] Show Message Box for Limited Time Period before continuing with remainder of code
  31. [SOLVED] Name Manager question
  32. VBA code required to delete Right click menu over SHAPES
  33. form question
  34. Simple VBA macro - move cells, pull data from adjacent cell
  35. [SOLVED] Convert-Calculate and Convert Again
  36. Consolidating Multiple With Statements to Run Faster
  37. Copy Hyperlink from Image to Text
  38. [SOLVED] VBA Userform Issue
  39. Tagging Type based on Criteria in the file
  40. [SOLVED] Is there a way to add music by vba code?
  41. Sending Text to an existing Batch Script to be used as variables (Encoding)
  42. Run-time error '438': Object doesn't support this property or method.
  43. VBA auto copy-paste from Excel to Word works but no source formatting!
  44. Help With Applying Numeral Limitations in VBA Forms
  45. Userform Appearence
  46. [SOLVED] Help With Option Buttons in VBA UserForm
  47. The query did not run, or the database table could not be opened
  48. Help with "dim as"
  49. Compile Error Regarding If Statement
  50. Using Option button in userform
  51. [SOLVED] vba array into combobox userform
  52. [Help]Export ListBox contents to new workbook via CommandButton!
  53. VBA to collate information from 3 workbooks into one Ranked Table using filter
  54. Need assistance in the code
  55. Add new project number to user form
  56. Need to generate ID when pulling files from shared folder
  57. [SOLVED] Passing variables from userform to normal module based on command button clicked
  58. [SOLVED] find "w" instance in column and count within range then change the next "Daily" val.
  59. Remove bits from a byte
  60. Loop thru sheet and send emails
  61. [SOLVED] input msg error when "Cancel" button is clicked --
  62. VBA Files "clashing"
  63. Email through excel from lotus notes 9
  64. [SOLVED] Specific formulas not working in Loop_all_files_in_folder macro
  65. [SOLVED] Macro copy & paste into new sheet if condition is met?
  66. VBA, Looping directory with calculation Error.
  67. Enabling Macro to Active When Multiple Cells In Column Change
  68. Copy Cell Color to Another Cell & Changing Graph Color to Match Cell Color
  69. For Each digit in a multi-digit number
  70. Loop help
  71. [SOLVED] Issue with Basic If statement code to change data in a column
  72. Help With a Sub
  73. Extracting data from a table
  74. Macro / VBA help for a complete newbie, please? Auto-delete data/helper cell
  75. Extract data from between two dates..
  76. Autofilter with more than two criteria
  77. variable email title in outlook while sending in vba
  78. Loop through every auto filter drop down, copy result cell and paste to another sheet
  79. [SOLVED] Help with Worksheet_Change
  80. [SOLVED] Custom Object Self-referential Events
  81. VBA Best practice
  82. How to fast read/write Excel VBA array contents to and from text file!
  83. How to fast read/write Excel VBA array contents to and from text file!
  84. [SOLVED] Changing the Value of the ComboBox
  85. [SOLVED] Combine data in two column if sum of column is same
  86. Split on cell into various rows with VBA
  87. [SOLVED] Copy pivot table and paste it in to next available column in same sheet
  88. Code to be used for all the ranges in the column
  89. [SOLVED] Run-time Error 1004
  90. Loop thru excel workbook and send sheets not working
  91. [SOLVED] Non-Contiguous columns in multiple workbooks into New Workbook - Efficiency?
  92. Import large text file. Please help me to fix this code.
  93. Making key binds to vba userform buttons
  94. Trying to return value deep within the Locals window
  95. How to add an Pop-up message
  96. VBA Extract Matching Data from Worksheet Named Range
  97. Add row if text is not identical to above cell
  98. [SOLVED] ASSISTANCE NEEDED PLEASE. If..Then.. ElseIf statement that loops.
  99. Merging multiple excel file into one
  100. [SOLVED] Modify code to look for certain sheetnames
  101. Code not deleting shape
  102. runtime error 13
  103. VBA using IF to populate msgbox
  104. Copy & Paste to new sheet if cell contains data?
  105. Find the duplicate and create a pivot using VBA
  106. Help with worksheet loop
  107. Find the Max of s Subset within a Subset
  108. Code to select current open workbooks under ComboBox n Userform
  109. [SOLVED] Copy Rows and Paste Values
  110. Input Box to Sort by row
  111. VBA second half repeats twice
  112. [SOLVED] How to trim a string from both sides?
  113. VBA code problem with random numbers generations
  114. [SOLVED] Range Selection Then apply formula with third column over
  115. Use VBA to output file automatically
  116. VBA Transpose every 4th row, loop until empty column
  117. Highlight Row Based on Cell Value
  118. Decode vertical text file to horizontal text file
  119. Running macros on files on SharePoint Server
  120. Interaction on Child IE Window
  121. Sum problem help for a novice
  122. Excel cell value as string won't store
  123. VBA to block black filled cells as sheet updated
  124. Match and statements in sheets
  125. [SOLVED] Delete Scooby (Shape)
  126. Vba Code for data set passed with each press of a button.
  127. VBA code to run other macros
  128. [SOLVED] Worksheet change event help
  129. [SOLVED] Macro from this pseudo code?
  130. VBA Saving a Word Document with a reference to an Excel Cell
  131. [SOLVED] Change macro to produce PDF's instead of workbooks
  132. Loop through code, move across a columns
  133. VBA: Detect whether Office 365 subscription or purchased Office version
  134. code does run too slaow and too long
  135. Reading data from one spreadsheet into another using VBA
  136. [SOLVED] Worksheet Activation and Change issues
  137. [SOLVED] Calculated field in Pivot help
  138. Creating a Folder in Sharepoint, if it does not already exist from an excel userform
  139. Identifying Object that initiated VBA sub-routine
  140. Need help in aligning data in different rows
  141. [SOLVED] Change a worksheet's code name to Sheet1
  142. [SOLVED] Attempting to extract 3 column listbox values after adding new row
  143. Count checked fieldform and content control boxes from word using excel
  144. VBA color index
  145. [SOLVED] Advanced filter help
  146. Find cells containing A two letter string by itself
  147. [SOLVED] rearranging the rows and columns
  148. [SOLVED] Calculate time spent in each job role.
  149. [SOLVED] Sum a range across multiple Worksheets
  150. Reconciliation Macro Help
  151. Match values from different columns
  152. [SOLVED] Next without For Compile Error
  153. Extract files as a object into excel from folder path
  154. Help with ComboBox In userform
  155. Solved
  156. Code to Force Macros Not working WHEN extended
  157. Textbox number of digits allowed
  158. Linking a textbox to a worksheet sub
  159. Applying If statement to string
  160. sumif criteria based on cell color
  161. [SOLVED] How to Speed up Code without Excel falling down - EXCL 2013
  162. Protecting a Sheet But Allowing Certain Features
  163. Mscomm32 (using Netcomm) reading issue with USB to serial comport
  164. Internet Explorer VBA Automation - Help with one issue needed
  165. VBA to import excel data in word document
  166. Ned help with vba error
  167. [SOLVED] Hiding Rows from a Function
  168. Sum Alphanumeric (Multiple selection)
  169. Excel to return looked up values from drop down list?
  170. Excel Macro to make Bloomberg refresh Data?
  171. [SOLVED] Text outcome coming out reversed
  172. Auto Picture Insert in Excel 2007
  173. [SOLVED] my old code is strange today
  174. [SOLVED] Formula Help
  175. Use of Indirect or other method to pass data between sheets
  176. User Form help
  177. User Form textbox mismatch
  178. [SOLVED] Some incorrect results from a formula
  180. VBA code to fill in a combo-box of an IE site linked from another IE site
  181. [SOLVED] Highlight Cell Based on Number of Times its Value changes
  182. Making an Auxiliary Table For Grade Distibution
  183. Excel Formula for the below conditions
  184. Updates on Vlookup/VBA regarding scan components
  185. [SOLVED] Check string length
  186. [SOLVED] auto filter blanks
  187. VBA code to delete row that meets certain condition
  188. [SOLVED] trying to build an array from a userform listbox
  189. Extract and Recombine Multivalue Path Parts Using RegEx UDF
  190. Making a Histogram (Grade Distribution)
  191. [SOLVED] Changing tab colors based on a list of tabs and cell value
  192. [SOLVED] Checking a Range for a Value, If another cell has a specific value
  193. Multiple criteria comparing
  194. VBA code to generate letters in one cell
  195. macro does not run
  196. [SOLVED] Change Long Date to Short
  197. Two-Way Editable Links Over Different Worksheet
  198. [SOLVED] VBA to add form data to multiple sheets.
  199. Date Formatting Issue
  200. Macro for adding and verifiyng country code phone number(prefix)
  201. Rotating Tasks
  202. Macro for Depulicating Multiple Columns in Excel
  203. Making an auxiliary table with adding new data
  204. Making a Table
  205. Search Column for Word in an Array, If Found Paste Replacement in Adjacent Empty Cell
  206. Comparing Data From Two Sheets and Find Non-Matching Values
  207. [SOLVED] Selecting worksheet that is called by macro range
  208. [SOLVED] Changing Tab color to "No Color"
  209. Need help to correct code
  210. Userform - textbox value format as a time
  211. xml add column range B:C5000
  212. [SOLVED] Extract pivot table data list table
  213. Excel database - Userform doesn't work out
  214. [SOLVED] Out of Stack Space
  215. VBA code for random numbers generation and sorting problem
  216. VBA Code to Search and Select Sheet through Input BOX
  217. [SOLVED] need help in cells count According to color
  218. [SOLVED] Shading Every Other Row
  219. Share files from VBA
  220. Making an Auxiliary Table For Counting Colored Cells
  221. Excel2000 Sendkeys VBA
  222. Excel VBA code reads wrong innerHTML code
  223. help with porject
  224. [SOLVED] Code works every other time
  225. UserForm to Sort Worksheet
  226. Need Help ASAP Issue with Subs
  227. repeating the copying of cells from one worksheet to another
  228. Run time error 462 the remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable
  229. [SOLVED] error after change const to intger
  230. Protect List Validation
  231. VBA, Email sending out from Excel question, please help :)
  232. VBA code to copy and paste a sheet from a workbook containing a particular name.
  233. Email Watcher Help For .display
  234. Go to cell based on value of another cell
  235. [SOLVED] Vlookup VBA by select range from another workbook
  236. Need either VBA or formulas to count and then sum up range value in a column
  239. Insertinf formulas using VBA
  240. [SOLVED] Drag a formula down to the end of a list
  241. [SOLVED] Code for a Calendar W/Notes
  242. Loop for spefic condition not working
  243. [SOLVED] Copy data from one worksheet to another based on date
  244. [SOLVED] create a summary
  245. [SOLVED] Copy content of one excel to another if matching the sheet name
  246. VBA code to copy and paste a sheet from a workbook containing a particular name.
  247. Copy data in corresponding cells
  248. [SOLVED] Loop search multi column listbox
  249. Copy Range to Another sheet if Cell Match
  250. Inputbox to filter pivot table field