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  1. [SOLVED] TextBox VLookUp not diplay message if EAN is wrong
  2. [SOLVED] Copy rows based on criteria
  3. Fixed formatting of combobox?
  4. [SOLVED] Need help modifying a VBA code to add an exception
  5. CTRL + Shift + Down in a Macro?!!?
  6. Combine and sort 2 columns
  7. VBA: wait for object to finish not working properly
  8. [SOLVED] Filter more than 2 values
  9. [SOLVED] Copy the contents of a worksheet which includes merge cells and make multiple copies
  10. Update Access Table (INSERT INTO)
  11. [SOLVED] Clear Sheet Row Containing Combobox Selection without Affecting Formulas in Row
  12. Moving Range, Find & Change Value
  13. Derive bearing & direction from a declared decimal degree position
  14. VBA Code to add to the below that will do a vlookup on certain columns that are merge
  15. Check if weekend exist in date range
  16. VBA code for sorting(descending or ascending users preference)
  17. Lock/Unlock cells based on values in parent cell
  18. Copy value to next empty cell in same row and return average.
  19. NEW TO VBA NEED HELP PLEASE!! thank you :)
  20. VBA to Select 2nd Outlook Account and Download attachments
  21. Auto-Expand Table and Add Row Below
  22. Dynamically add column to right of last column
  23. [SOLVED] Trouble With If/Else using Find and Replace In Specified Range of Cells
  24. Advanced Filter and Multi Graphing
  25. i have a vba for outlook tha must be chanced in lotus
  26. Split row to column with insert
  27. Excel formula to combine
  28. Problem with code to edit existing data on Access database
  29. Excel VBA to copy and paste in vertical
  30. [SOLVED] Help with COUNTIFS please
  31. VBA on Virtual private server
  32. How to check a HTML Checkbox without ID or name using VBA
  33. Automatically change size of pivot chart based on the number of filtered results
  34. Need Help Expanding Conditional Formatting Code via VBA
  35. VBA to lookup a value, paste different value in appropriate cell
  36. Merge contents of rows if criteria is met
  37. Need Macro to paste to the next free line
  38. [SOLVED] Finding and highlighting text in a word document
  39. Align Text/Caption to Checkbox
  40. [SOLVED] Method 'Range' of object '_Worksheet' failed error
  41. Add a Argument to Specific Formulas VBA
  42. [SOLVED] named range cell counting for calendar miss counting december
  43. Excel 2013 Too Bright
  44. [SOLVED] Filtered Range only copy and pasting once and not offsetting.
  45. Highlighting(Colour) cells problem in VBA excel
  46. Create Pivot table using VBA
  47. [SOLVED] Using VBA to format multiple cells of a sheet based on the cells value of another she
  48. Possible to Disable/Enable Plugins Quickly in VBA?
  49. Object Required - range
  50. excel vba needed
  51. Get Administrator Rights excel 2013
  52. [SOLVED] compare between worksheets and write into cell
  53. [SOLVED] Rounding to a Fraction
  54. [SOLVED] Formatting Cell Borders if Not Blank
  55. Hide workbook
  56. [SOLVED] Excel Macro to save with Current Date?
  57. [SOLVED] Excel VBA code to export charts to PowerPoint as metafile
  58. [SOLVED] Search Cell values after change in second Sheet
  59. if column D on sheet1 has data copy to sheet2 on columns A-B-C
  60. [SOLVED] Stop macro if cell is blank
  61. [SOLVED] Outlook Email code only sends one email
  62. How to forward or reply email from lotus notes using VBA/ VB script
  63. VBA macro need for linear Interpolation
  64. Count Unique
  65. Wrong Msgbox displaying
  66. Using VBA/VB.net to access an open instance of Excel
  67. Excel 2013: handle Excel warning @ workbook opening: circular references
  68. Conditional Formatting
  69. Help with Arrays
  70. [SOLVED] VBA to paste to new sheets if column is blank
  71. VBA to format selected range
  72. If %tage are same club the data
  73. [SOLVED] Macro to paste data in next blank cell?
  74. Short cuts to files
  75. Formula Help
  76. append csv file with multiple csv files
  77. Pull Data From Microsoft Word Form to Microsoft Excel
  78. Delete Row A if Row B Contains
  79. [SOLVED] Stopping a macro that uses a list
  80. VBA to test if particular measure exists in pivot table (PowerPivot Pivot Table)
  81. Populate Word bookmark into excel
  82. Consolidating Workbooks Using List
  83. [SOLVED] VBA to delete rows if font colour is Red?
  84. I need help with multiple combo boxes in the same sheet
  85. [SOLVED] Paste to row problem
  86. Move data without deleting rows
  87. Organize all Pivot table in all sheet in a workbook
  88. Sum ranges from multiple workbooks VBA
  89. [SOLVED] filtering data based on one column through macro buttons
  90. vba copying and paste pivot tables fields
  91. Ghost button until valid entry
  92. Get Range from Listbox selected items
  93. Copy selected items from Listbox to multiple ranges
  94. Automating Userform
  95. Date Picker Problem
  97. "uncontrollable columns
  98. Spreading (Distribution) numbers randomly problem with VBA excel
  99. Worksheet, Warehouse work attendance with barcode scanning
  100. Cant send to multiple recipient using Lotus Notes VBA. Please help
  101. Randomly distribution a number into a range of cells in VBA
  102. [SOLVED] Recreate code
  103. How to filter multiple values
  104. Help needed Adding, Updating Records on Database through Network.
  105. Find and replace lines in csv files with a excel sheet
  106. Excel Heat Map with VBA
  107. [SOLVED] Find and show another sheet (adaptation)
  108. [SOLVED] find occurences
  109. Populate combobox only with values that column cell is empty
  110. Error trap
  111. [SOLVED] make another loop outside
  112. Randomly distribution a number into a range of cells in VBA
  113. Login to Website and Click Link
  114. Selenium Wrapper VBA Help
  115. Calculate difference between working hours and sometimes dates - Formula Please
  116. Copy Particular data and display from other XL file without opening
  117. Selenium Wrapper VBA Help
  118. Help on updating info based on date
  119. [SOLVED] SUMIFS Formula to pull data from next tab
  120. Macro for Descriptive Statistics fun! (calling ATPVBAEN.XLAM)
  121. Fill values in another sheet based on the for the cells coloured in one color
  122. [SOLVED] build userform calendar using "cell counting" method looping named labels (SamT)
  123. [SOLVED] offset in for each loop
  124. How to use MS Word Spell checker to spellcheck Excel Textbox
  125. Modify cells using userform
  126. [SOLVED] Combining Counts and Sum from two columns
  127. [SOLVED] copy listbox value(2 of 3 columns) to a listbox that name matches day value (3rd col)
  128. [SOLVED] #VALUE error
  129. XML data with variable filenames
  130. [SOLVED] copy paste after the lastused row of another sheet excluding the headers
  131. autofilter each value in a column and campare with another column
  132. copy data from sheet 1 to sheet 2 when data entered in sheet 1
  133. keyword search
  134. Pivot Refresh
  135. [SOLVED] static today date function based on 2 criteria
  136. [SOLVED] Enter Date After copy filtered data
  137. Macro Help
  138. How to save as CSV file with the filename being dynamic and worksheet name static?
  139. [SOLVED] Trouble with Comboboxes
  140. Calculate hours between two times
  141. Looking for a old members post
  142. Finding and renaming files from spreadsheet list
  143. result of filter
  144. Using Cell Value in VBA
  145. [SOLVED] VBA formula help
  146. VBA Coding help to cut rows & paste to "archive" tab
  147. Help with calling Access Database for data?
  148. Excel Name Ranges
  149. VBA - Delete Entire Row if Cell contains Text variable
  150. [SOLVED] Deleting rows based on 2 column citeria
  151. Multiple Controls on a Form
  152. [SOLVED] VBA to insert PART of a recset into a named range?
  153. [SOLVED] Index Match a col of long text stings to find short text strings and return adjacent
  154. textbox with date variable?
  155. Making an array that selects an increasing number of objects
  156. input text in to htm page using vba from excel
  157. Simple if statement
  158. Saving a copy with date problem
  159. Help with looping/dumping recordset
  160. Offset one column
  161. Copy Template and Move Data
  162. Code to extract Html from deeper than I am able to
  163. Inserting Column Based On Text
  164. Function "&" with 2 columns
  165. [SOLVED] Show value of cell above
  166. Subscript Out of Range
  167. Setting text format for a textbook on a form
  168. [SOLVED] Expected end of statement error
  169. Operator <= doesn't seem to work!
  170. HELP: input text into htm page textbox using vba from excel
  171. VBA Excel help
  172. Exam setting plan got :confused: need improvement
  173. [SOLVED] Runtime Error 91: Object Variable or With Block Variable not Set
  174. [SOLVED] How do I get the total from all array elements
  175. Excel Vba textbox userform Vlookup give missmatch error
  176. Cut copy and Paste permanently disabled in all workbooks help
  177. vba code to calculate time difference
  178. Need to specify columns to be copied in this VBA code
  179. [SOLVED] simple MATCH function - need help
  180. Help with VBA Excel tool to create MS Project Plan
  181. [SOLVED] Create multiple workbooks from a filtered list
  182. vbYesNoCancel
  183. Couple of Simple VBA Questions
  184. Am I duplicating my rules
  185. MACRO modification
  186. Match/Index VBA for UserForm with multiple criteria
  187. run time error 1004 in pivot table wizard
  188. Copy Excel Tables To Word
  189. Add an appointment to a collegues calender
  190. [SOLVED] Run-time error '13': Type Mismatch -- HELP
  191. [SOLVED] 2 D array assignment
  192. copy column to row on new worksheet based on cell values in column A
  193. Macro code for copying Data to next row after a certain period
  194. Counting Unique Value Pairs in 2 Columns
  195. Can I use VBA with this problem?
  196. [SOLVED] From Excel create a footer in Word
  197. Removing duplicates if certain conditions match
  198. [SOLVED] Nested Statement Help for Time Calculation.
  199. Someone help me for this encode or decode in excel
  200. Delete Rows And Rename Headers
  201. Delete Columns Based On Text
  202. Email VBA code that CC's sender?
  203. [SOLVED] Can someone explain these CF formulas to me
  204. Copy specific values
  205. Create Sub Sheets From Master
  206. Looping through rows and copy cell values to another worksheet
  207. Inser a row based on the cell value in a column
  208. Problem with VLookup code - Need assistance Please!!
  209. No of records for each person 90 days old
  211. Put extracted news into a scrolling box in Excel Sheet.
  212. Modify macro so it searches files in subfolders
  213. Excel not responding while running VBA
  214. [SOLVED] VBA- Inex Matchdex Match?
  215. Extract cell info from specific column selected out of Named Range
  216. Find/Replace in Specific Workcheet
  217. Looping through rows and copy cell values to another worksheet
  218. Rearranging data based on counter using VBA code
  219. Problem with code
  220. Copy data to cells not working
  221. [SOLVED] Trying to drag cells down and $ keeps reapplying even after deleted
  222. Problem with Printout Code
  223. Print title + Dynamic range until empty row
  224. Can I keep an API from updating?
  225. [SOLVED] change function add and remove rows
  226. Add a worksheet based on cell content
  227. sendkeys works once only despite time frame
  228. [SOLVED] Match NOW() with cell formatted as date
  229. [SOLVED] amend excel VBA for powerpoint
  230. Items frequently bought together
  231. copy Formulas instead of Text values
  232. column to be cut and pasted with values in different column
  233. Looping thru rows and copy cell values from "Inputs" sheet to "Output" sheet
  234. Excel Export Cells to PDF Forms (fillable)
  235. [SOLVED] Looping Through Checkboxes?
  236. Q: Create Macro to Archive and then Clear Specific cell. Clearing Issue.
  237. [SOLVED] Populating ActiveX Drop List from Cell Values
  238. [SOLVED] Make my Code work faster
  239. VBA Table
  240. Macro to insert row and text above cell
  241. [SOLVED] Sorting all worksheets but exclude 3 worksheets
  242. [SOLVED] Importing data from one Workbook to another
  243. Copy data from a range of cells and sheets in a closed workbook
  244. VBA: Macro for multiple charts creation with predefined settings
  245. Using a variable value to select a range when creating a chart
  246. Need to copy address to next sheet in a database manner
  247. [SOLVED] VBA to keep format when concatenating
  248. [SOLVED] Loop through Columns - Copy & Paste
  249. Plot area resize to fit the entire chart area
  250. Create a Code to update Date