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  1. Updating Row Information for Pasting Values
  2. [SOLVED:] Simplify Code?
  3. [SOLVED:] Duplicate Entire row if cell value >15
  4. [SOLVED:] Dynamic Sort Range. How to code
  5. Batch protect multiple sheets
  6. Application.FileSearch substitute in excel 2010
  7. My Macro sits and spins
  8. ★ Copying paragraphs from other documents with interface
  9. [SOLVED:] Highlight Lowest Value in a column
  10. Copy/Paste Function not working properly in Loop
  11. Search Outlook attachments for specific content before sending new e-mail
  12. [SOLVED:] Making Your Own Date Format
  13. [SOLVED:] Listview sort when column header clicked
  14. [SOLVED:] VLOOKUP help
  15. Multiple text file importing
  16. How to use Excel to upload a file to web
  17. Search Dir for Workbook and worksheet and add either as required
  18. [SOLVED:] Delete Columns based on the font colour in row 1
  19. [SOLVED:] IF Statement in VBA with Offset
  20. Converting a range to a table and then creating a pivot table through a series of WBs
  22. Data validation list for-loop wont go to next
  23. Code to close workbooks
  24. Get all occurrences of data from text file using VBA
  25. table filtering and sorting
  26. [SOLVED:] New to VBA, Need help outputting a list of the TextBox names from my 1st project
  27. Worksheet Data Input and Data Handling
  29. Reverse a matrix on VBA
  30. [SOLVED:] VBA to ignore login request?
  31. macro to Create a Output file based on Input file
  32. Transpose from .txt files
  33. Count Cells in Range Containing Specific Value
  34. [SOLVED:] Count Spaces Between Values
  35. Steer me in the right direction?
  36. Need help on the code i have created for Ping tool on vb script.
  37. Pivot Table: Difference From ... question
  38. New Comment Arrow
  39. [SOLVED:] loop through all public declared variables in a module
  40. Help on existing macro
  41. [SOLVED:] Pick the fillcolor of a cell
  42. Delete columns based off of formula in another cell
  43. Copy range in row based on criteria and paste to another row based on criteria
  44. [SOLVED:] Run JavaScript and Get Return
  45. [SOLVED:] Trying to create a PivotTable with VBA, constantly getting an error.
  46. How to use VBA to apply filter to a pivot table
  47. [SOLVED:] If filtered rows are Yellow then delete else ignore and remove filter
  48. [SOLVED:] Worksheet Change Event has gone AI :o
  49. Nurse Scheduling Help
  50. Using an IF and IN statement in VBA
  51. [SOLVED:] IF different from blank then
  52. R-Code to VBA Conversion
  53. VBA Macro a filter that consolidates and displays information in different tables
  54. [SOLVED:] Select/Move Rows to New Sheet Based on Date
  55. VBA for Sorting Table
  56. [SOLVED:] Problem Macro
  57. building an array
  58. Cell Value
  59. [SOLVED:] use variables in excel 2010 vba with batch file
  60. VBA code to copy differing range of cells depending on sheet name
  61. Extract text files from zip files and import contents to Excel
  62. [SOLVED:] loop certain columns
  63. Help with consolidating date on a worksheet from other worksheets
  64. Inserting pictures (bmps) from Macros into location of current cell (variable cell)
  65. Toggle newly inserted row based on criteria
  66. [SOLVED:] AutoFilter Previous Months Data
  67. Static Workbook but dynamic sheet - Indirect lookup
  68. Alternative for large data reporting
  69. Find and Replace VBA using Userforms
  70. [SOLVED:] Random Variables
  71. Put comment with IF
  72. Cant use match to find cell (date) i have just copied!?
  73. auto transfer multiple rows from one excel to another
  74. Looking for some help to find "missing" letter groups
  75. [SOLVED:] Open a Workbook with path
  76. [SOLVED:] Compile Error: Expected: line number or label or statement ....
  77. How to copy a column from one worksheet to another if the Active sheet is different
  78. Finding a non-unique value and take max in another column
  79. [SOLVED:] Return value from Custom Ribbon
  80. [SOLVED:] How to sort a list of numbers and eject one special number of this list?
  81. [SOLVED:] Edit Current Selected Cell
  82. Find Matches for a Range of multiple criteria?
  83. Opening URL with Fragment Identifier from VBA Excel
  84. [SOLVED:] How can I fix my autofilter if criteria not met?
  85. Sleeper: How to color code a row if range of columns are blanks
  86. Highlighting all row with same date
  87. [SOLVED:] Splitting one column into serveral columns
  88. [SOLVED:] Pivot AddDataField - All data the same as first column
  89. Function that searches the maximum of numbers which is smaller or equal 0.75.
  90. VBA to convert formulas to value
  91. Add/select multiple files
  92. Adding a 2nd Macro
  93. Extract data into multiple cells
  94. [SOLVED:] Userform ComboBox loaded from Access
  95. Macro to insert a row if defined value not available
  96. [SOLVED:] Copying from PDFs - Only pastes last file?
  97. [SOLVED:] Data Transfered but not to Target sheet
  98. Loop through Range and copy rows based on multiple criteria
  99. [SOLVED:] Alternate way to move a file
  100. copy-paste area with objects, formulas and values
  101. receive positive or negative numbers
  102. Count number of rows in a pdf?
  103. How to change the forecolor in charts?
  104. Copy one range from multiple files.
  105. VBA code help needed
  106. How to determine 7 calendar days?
  107. [SOLVED:] Produce a word doc for each column_Docvariable+UBOUND function
  108. [SOLVED:] Save Current WS as Workbook to Selected File Path
  109. Need Help changing outputs in Excel Workbook
  110. Sleeper: Creating a one-dimensional array from a list on Excel.
  111. I need some help printing an array from a set of values on a worksheet.
  112. [SOLVED:] Userform VLOOKUP
  113. To get a output from table based on condition
  114. VBA code to add formula to blank cell
  115. [SOLVED:] VBA Row (Couinter) Assigning Problem
  116. Clearing contetn of cells
  117. Nightingale Rose Diagram - how to add wedge outlines
  118. how to protect vba code in excel
  119. Merge PDF files created by Foxit from Excel
  120. [SOLVED:] Help Writing Code That is Conditional on Shading of Cell
  121. [SOLVED:] .Rows.Count not working correctly?
  122. I am having a problem with the Application.Sumif function in vba
  123. [SOLVED:] Show userform from another userform
  124. create report from text in spreadsheet
  125. VBA: Problem clicking button on second page of a website form
  126. [SOLVED:] Creating a VBA Script to save in a current month's folder (create folder as needed)
  127. write variable in vba to text file
  128. [SOLVED:] Merging Multiple excel files into a master file
  129. [SOLVED:] Greater than >8 then MsgBbox
  130. Convert DD. December yyyy string into date?
  131. Produce multiple spreadshets based on columns
  132. [SOLVED:] How to define the Key in the sort method of a range
  133. Reading variable from combo box
  134. [SOLVED:] How to open word using excel if not already open?
  135. [SOLVED:] List Files and Folders
  136. VBA many functions
  137. Loop inside if statement with listindex
  138. Chart in Userform
  139. VBA code identify rows that have exceeded a certain value in a cumulative chain
  140. MsoAutoShape Binding Problem
  141. [SOLVED:] Merging two spreadsheets using a script and creating html language
  142. Macro to combine data under 3rd and 4th Column if condn satisfy for 1st , 2nd column
  143. Chart in userform without creating a image temporary file
  144. Don't want to over write file ?
  145. Lookup functions ? how to sovle this issue ??? help me please
  146. Conditional Data
  147. Sleeper: Alternative for GetElementsByTagName for filling a xmlnodelist
  148. How to remove an element from a nodelist.
  149. # of Thursdays-Fridays in a month
  150. Simple task but cant find a solution
  151. Bootstrapping-Random sampling with replacement
  152. Please help - Procedure too long in VBA
  153. Exporting Camera Snapshots
  154. looping help for copying data from a range and paste in another cell
  155. Delete data in closed workbook?
  156. [SOLVED:] checking if some specific workbook is open; if not then it should be opened.
  157. [SOLVED:] Run Time Error 13 - Type Mismatch Frustration
  158. Look @ My Code - Aggregates CSV Files Into Single Spreadsheet - 2 Issues
  159. Save Workbook as HTML
  160. UDF Several SUMIF optimination
  161. [SOLVED:] How can I fix my autofilter?
  162. VBA for a calculation where the range is dynamic
  163. [SOLVED:] Changing name and range of horizonal and vertical axis in a stacked bar chart
  164. Add current value to running total
  165. Need help with a complicated Concatenation and Abbreviation Macro
  166. Find two cross reference data points
  167. [SOLVED:] Search column header and copy
  168. vba code for excel list of folder name, subfolder directory, file name and revision
  169. Wrong date VBA
  170. VBA help to create summary table from a range of data.
  171. Vlookup macro replaced with an array
  172. [SOLVED:] Shell and Wait - 32 bit and 64 bit
  173. Excel VBA Charts to powerpoint
  174. Can macro simulate data?
  175. [SOLVED:] Update a previously recorded row.
  176. [SOLVED:] Problem with For and Cells
  177. [SOLVED:] Excel 2010 VBA - Issues with Drop Down box with Table Interface
  178. Array Item used correctly
  179. Scanning through multiple sheets and copying based on Header.
  180. Excel 2010 Macro Security
  181. [SOLVED:] Placing Image - Different on another computer
  182. Vba code for 3 pivots in one sheet
  183. [SOLVED:] Match Function Help Trying To Match Against All Worksheets In Workbook
  184. appending textbox info from a userform to a worksheet as a comment
  185. Calling a Sub from another Sub()
  186. Load zip structure in a treeview (vba)
  187. hyperlink to run macro not working
  188. Copy a Table from outlook msg body to Excel on receiving mail
  189. [SOLVED:] Need help with this VBA code
  190. [SOLVED:] Are multiple hyperlinks to run multiple macros within a single sheet possible?
  191. Obfuscate a SHEET?
  192. Loop excel files and sort it in a tree diagram
  193. [SOLVED:] Different size in a joined string
  194. [SOLVED:] copy specific worksheet in xlsx as text file
  195. [SOLVED:] Delete All Rows except Row Containing Text and Row Above
  196. [SOLVED:] Pasting specific cells in A different order
  197. Desperately lost in VBA code
  198. [SOLVED:] Generate an table Index
  199. Disable copy paste code not working if data is copy pasted from different workbooks
  200. [SOLVED:] Help in fixing LinkedIn code
  201. Extract data from Multiple excel files
  202. For in columns Range
  203. [SOLVED:] Delete row based on date and cell value
  204. [SOLVED:] Radio Buttons on User Forms
  205. Help: Auto Calculate Macro
  206. Problem with VBA code - simulating profit and loss from delta hedging.
  207. [SOLVED:] Deleting an Entire Row
  208. Add Date to all files in a folder
  209. SpecialCells(xlCellTypeConstants).select shows unexpected behavior (for me)
  210. Search button
  211. Absolute/Relative Workbook hyperlinks?
  212. [SOLVED:] Clear textbox along with cell contents
  213. Import value from adjacent cell in another workbook if cell meets criteria
  214. Writing macros to calculate mutual fund performances
  215. Issue with Space in Path for Output File
  216. [SOLVED:] Multiple Monte Carlo Simulations
  217. Simple IF statement help
  218. [SOLVED:] Help with database in excell
  219. Combine Macros
  220. Populate Excel -Output Tab based on Input Tab
  221. Need help copy cell based on other column value
  222. Create Multiple Excel Files from One file
  223. [SOLVED:] Is it posible to "paste" a Dutch translation of an Ecel formula in a cell
  224. File name with some changing numbers
  225. [SOLVED:] Help Required to make code run faster
  226. [SOLVED:] Different sum
  227. Extracting Data From Specific Cells From Each File Form A Netwrok Folder
  228. [SOLVED:] Summarising trading positions
  229. Auto filter criteria
  230. [SOLVED:] Click on Summary Tab to set Filter in detail Tab
  231. Copy several pivot tables to new worksheet
  232. [SLEEPER:] Is it possible to convert a database with VBA macro in web page?
  233. [SOLVED:] How to use auto filter in excel vba?
  234. How to dynamically place a VBA code to a Output excel file?
  235. [SOLVED:] Run macro for selected rows
  236. Suddenly Can't find project or library on something that has been working for weeks
  237. [SOLVED:] Trouble saving as PDF
  238. How to divide two values from a pivot table
  239. [SOLVED:] Copying values between two matching values...
  240. [SOLVED:] Save File in New Created Folder
  241. Trouble with code to grab data from multiple sheets and filter and list
  242. List File Hyperlink
  243. Please Help !! Code Needs Slight Modification
  244. VBA Code- Insert formula up to last row
  245. [SOLVED:] Need Help: Formula to get the amount (number) only out of text
  246. Excel Macro not working properly (missing data pasted using macro)
  247. Excel Array formula
  248. How to remove cells leading ' s when cvs (comma separated) file is imported in Excel.
  249. Some problems by using two userforms
  250. Copy paste first row with correct cell reference