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  1. Copy paste first row with correct cell reference
  2. Slicers:Extract selected & unselected items to a Range
  3. Combining matching values.
  4. VBA Adding Table Row - Quick Fix Help!
  5. [SOLVED:] Selecting ONLY filtered cells NOT all the active cells in a column
  6. [SOLVED:] Excel Macro Run-time error '1004': Selected method of Range class failed
  7. Hello, how to distribute content to a cell by various cells automatically.
  8. [SOLVED:] Find a string and clear cell's contents to the right
  9. error parsing text files in directory using excel 2010 vba
  10. Filter all sheets by filtering one sheet
  11. Quartiles with N/A
  12. Filter
  13. [SOLVED:] Lock (freeze?!) objects
  14. Private VBA Apply to all New Worksheets
  15. Consolidating Multiple Sheets into One File
  16. [SOLVED:] Filter on today's date
  17. [SOLVED:] Workbook.Open Event not working correctly
  18. Splitting Sheets
  19. Macro for counting frequencies
  20. VBA String Range Detection
  21. [SOLVED:] Merging multiple worksheets into one
  22. Simple computation to record the difference between consecutive cells over a range
  23. Need help creating VBA code for interpolation (kinda)
  24. [SOLVED:] Improve Multiple loop code
  25. VBA: Compare 2 cells from different workbook and publish the text right or wrong
  26. [SOLVED:] How can I use a current worksheet rather than creating a new one?
  27. Delete rows based on a condition
  28. copy-paste from one Excel file to the other VBA
  29. Conditional macro in Excel based on two or more conditions
  30. Prevent duplicates for 2 sheets + msgBox
  31. [SOLVED:] conditionally sum values based on the TOTAL of multiple columns being greater than 0
  32. fill in sequence number
  33. Get data from a PDF...VBA
  34. [SOLVED:] Text Box not Displaying
  35. VBA Expert Wanted! >> Populate Table by Cycling Through Sheets
  36. Retaining the Macro code for disabling Save option in Excel
  37. [SOLVED:] IF / OR Statement
  38. [SOLVED:] Delete table last row
  39. [SOLVED:] Transponse help
  40. [SOLVED:] Formula - Sumif,sumifs, aggregate
  41. User Defined Function Call Error
  42. [SOLVED:] Returning the Desktop Path
  43. Vlookup/Index match, Vba code for two sheets in a Workbook
  44. Pasting Rows from one Table to another
  45. Cell Split or add Rows Excel VBA Leave Plan
  46. [SOLVED:] Creating a new row problem
  47. Use Find Method to Clear Groups of Cells in Column When First Cell Marked "DELETE"
  48. VBA problem can anybody help
  49. Macro to Convert text to Number to last cell in the range
  50. Excel userform to search find and return data
  51. VBA Shift One Row Down.
  52. Help....for Changing Vba Code in a Pivot for Filtering a Criteria.
  53. Assigning a cell value to a variable - between different workbooks
  54. Excel file which listed new for any update information
  55. Macro to Copy data from Input sheet to Output sheet based out few criteria
  56. AutoFilter and Copy - Paste
  57. [SOLVED:] Listview in userform to show data entred by textboxes and comboboxes
  58. Run-time error "91":
  59. Exit from Sub which is called from another Sub
  60. [SOLVED:] Seletion problem in listbox (Userform)
  61. TextBox Has Numericals, Value is String of Hexadecimals
  62. place grid in parsed xlsx
  63. How can I copy and image file from Access Table to Excel?
  64. Reset Sub Workbook_BeforeClose
  65. add date to the column during update in worksheet
  66. Urgent: Help Needed With INDIRECT Formula
  67. [SOLVED:] Create Outlook 2013 Calendar items without duplicates
  68. [Solved] Referring to a String within Quotations
  69. [SOLVED:] Excel MultiLine Textbox to Access Database - MultiLine lost in the Access Database
  70. Code for multiplying 2 values based on search
  71. Help with worksheet_change
  72. date issue for excel file
  73. Pivot Table expand/collapse buttons
  74. [SOLVED:] Help with Loop
  75. Importing Data from Closed Workbook
  76. [SOLVED:] SUM IFS (Vba)
  77. ISNA alternative
  78. Data Comparison between master workbook and another workbook
  79. Creating list of Unique values in offset cells
  80. Cycling through filters
  81. Pivot error
  82. [SOLVED:] Array declaration question - "myArray()" versus "myArray"
  83. CMD.exe window keeps "taking over" when looping
  84. Copy email id & contact numbers from multiple resume which is in word file
  85. Formating date delimiters in real time
  86. XML Source data format change, Macro's no longer working
  87. [SOLVED:] vb to copy and paste based on criteria
  88. VBA formula
  89. Copy Charts from Excel to power point 2007 and save as.
  90. Looping a macro until the formula within the macro results in an acceptable output
  91. Multiple Command Buttons & results in a new sheet.
  92. Open a file from browse window and perform VLOOKUP
  93. [SOLVED:] AdvancedFilter displaying Unique values.
  94. google poly line encoding in excelR
  95. [SOLVED:] Unable to locate named range in code
  96. How to avoid Circular reference in a Range
  97. [SOLVED:] Transformation of data with macro
  98. [SOLVED:] save one large file as separate text files
  99. Syntax for unique values
  100. [SOLVED:] Filter Data Using Macro
  101. [SOLVED:] Modification to copy VBA code
  102. [SOLVED:] VBA: Importing data from one worksheet to another returns "TRUE"
  103. [SOLVED:] Aligning a chart textbox with a variable datapoint
  104. [SOLVED:] write data consecutively if certain cell is not empty
  105. [SOLVED:] Application.FileSearch Help
  106. Help: How to Find and Replace VBA Code with VBA Code?
  107. VBA to copy down information into blank row
  108. How to Allocate ER Credit with VBA
  109. What if analysis in Median (formula help required)
  110. Loop for copying values from excel file to fill sentences in Word
  111. [SOLVED:] SUMIF with Left criteria VBA
  112. 2003 sorting code not working in 2010
  113. [SOLVED:] Max Row Index for an Array
  114. [SOLVED:] Excel 2010 How to Create a Custom Toolbar and Distribute to 50+ Users
  115. Using VBA to send emails via outlook using excel cells
  116. Establishing comm link with Eicon Aviva from Excel VBA
  117. [SOLVED:] Use Cell Value to go offset to another cell
  118. [SOLVED:] Auto-remove duplicates from dynamic list
  119. [SOLVED:] Find and Open an email in Outlook
  120. [SOLVED:] Odd error when comparing times with "dateadd"
  121. Code to sum columns in lastrow +1
  122. how to get the directory (file save) when the macro is run the first time in the day
  123. I need help with this VBA exam example
  124. Macro to Transpose data
  125. Can you help fix this macro?
  126. [SOLVED:] VBA Edit to Search Range
  127. [SOLVED:] Nested Loop in VBA
  128. [SOLVED:] Employee schedules, 15 minutes interval table [working/slow; need alternative ideas]
  129. Excel Recursive function through XML file
  130. [SOLVED:] Pivot Table VBA
  131. Prompt/Store value based on a selection/entry
  132. Create different text files from parts of a range
  133. Using vba to automate a Microsoft Word document with data imported from a Excel sheet
  134. Copy-Paste rows from multiple worksheets into a new workbook based on unique id
  135. Defining Dynamic Named Ranges with VBA
  136. Macro to combine columns without formulas
  137. nervous! How To Import Data From SQL Query To VBA Coding?
  138. Return Last April using VBA
  139. search in another excel file with VBA
  141. Conditional wrap line - VBA Excel
  142. Linear programming using solver in Excel 2000
  143. VBA code for entering a formula not as expected
  144. VBA Multi Select ListBox Issues
  145. Revising a code that inserts a new option column upon execution of an option button
  146. VBA: Text from Excel to Word with formatting
  147. Userform calls other userform, then populate worksheet
  148. Linking Content of Wkbk1 to Wkbk2, Extract filtered information into table in wkbk2
  149. Help with VBA code Transfer excel range to Word bookmark
  150. how to open protected view excel file using VBA macro
  151. PDF Data to Excel Adobe XI
  152. Develop a macro to solve below problem
  153. How do I copy Internet Most Visited Places shortcuts to an Excel sheet ?
  154. [SOLVED:] How to set the SubTotal TotalList using a variant instead of an array
  155. [SOLVED:] Advise on "Best" or "Better" practices
  156. [SOLVED:] Pulling specific lines from a text file into Excel
  157. Pull data from webpage
  158. VBA Help - Excel Range (text) to Word Bookmark
  159. [SOLVED:] via code to use to 6, 8, 12 sheets
  160. Help vba code for a formula in two cells
  161. [SOLVED:] Vlookup using Vba code across two tabs
  162. [SLEEPER:] Create Summary
  163. Create new sheet
  164. How to Pass an array of implement(ed) object(s) to a sub/function?
  165. Help with a code for a picker
  166. Split certain cells to multiple sheets IF value
  167. [SOLVED:] macro to take values from range to slicers
  168. Vba to insert text in range of cells
  169. If dropdown only contains one option, automatically show that option - How????
  170. Return the value below the cell that contains a specific string
  171. I Need an Array Formula?
  172. Data from Excel to Word 07 Bookmark
  173. [SOLVED:] import txt or csv delimited parts into different excel sheets
  174. Sleeper: Look up records in Access from Excel and copy data to cell
  175. Date Validations using VBA code
  176. Loop within a loop vba
  177. Determine if all files in a folder were created today
  178. excel says it cant find the file I just DoubleClicked
  179. [SOLVED:] User Form .SetFocus Help
  180. Build new Nested Loop in VBA
  181. [SOLVED:] How to add a label to one selected data point in an xy scatter chart
  182. Sort on multiple dynamic columns using excel VBA
  183. [SOLVED:] Open Latest Outlook email by Received Date
  184. create a worksheet based on description
  185. VBA Form inserting dates in the wrong format
  186. [SOLVED:] VBA Set Variable equal to macro function
  187. [SOLVED:] Max value in array and return adjacent column (similar to offset/match in excel)
  188. SaveAs xlText (tab delimited text): delete empty line at the end
  189. [SOLVED:] VBA Sheet Protection Failing
  190. Copy and Enter Current Record Displayed in Userform a # of Times to WS
  191. Excel Duplicates
  192. Moving sheets to a new workbook
  193. VBA CODE- Match 2 cells and display the result
  194. Error When Testing Collection for Key Exists
  195. [SOLVED:] FSO filtering on the fly
  196. [SOLVED:] Change Numbers to Words
  197. VBA Importing a sheet from a closed excel workbook
  198. Multi-step workbook/sheet automation with VBA, macros, INDEX MATCH combination
  199. [SOLVED:] Add Dates to Printed Header
  200. Concatenate in VBA
  201. Excel 2013 - VB Script to save and e-mail form
  202. [SOLVED:] [VBA] Pasting data in Word looping for no apparent reason
  203. [SOLVED:] PivotTable field name is not valid when changing source data
  204. VBA Code - Lookup column1 in Column2
  205. How to Shell to other Application with excel vba
  206. [SOLVED:] Question with FSO filtering - snb
  207. VBA Calling/Application.run with dynamic inputs + error handling
  208. HELP with Formula to calculate Interest Rate
  209. Running a PDF file from Excel
  211. [SOLVED:] Custom Function Needed for Evaluating Performance
  212. Saving Row as Text file - Concatenate & Line Breaks Not Working
  213. [SOLVED:] How can I remove duplicates from a dynamic range?
  214. Small Script Edit - Pasting value in front of data set
  215. [SOLVED:] Cannot unlink word header
  216. Delete row based upon Date
  217. Running macros while logged off
  218. [SOLVED:] Copy value of cell if date matches the date of another sheet
  219. Problem to create an indexed array - M(1 to 1, 1 to 4){i}
  220. [SOLVED:] VBA Code: If not in column A then Replace
  221. [SOLVED:] Dynamically Color Coded excel rows
  222. Turning Auto Calcs into Run by Button
  223. Merge and Append 95 Workbooks into One Workbook
  224. [SOLVED:] Move data from one sheet to another and export
  225. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to Insert a Row
  226. Copy sheets from file to another but Not Copying those that already exist in 2nd file
  227. Move cell values and buttons up from application caller
  228. [SOLVED:] Clear contents before replacing text
  229. Search through a number of files for keywords and return associated data. help!
  230. Userform With Multiple Independent Combobox (delete row when not match)
  231. VBA Excel data to Powerpoint
  232. [SOLVED:] index match function & IF to exclude few values
  233. Color issue confusing me
  234. Help putting border around a range
  235. [SOLVED:] Add a sort filter to existing code
  236. Compare 2 multi-arrays and isolate duplicate into 3rd array
  237. Help with code to determine whether two strings are in a cell
  238. VBA Code - If Code #1234 found in ColumnA then result code 5678 return in ColumnC
  239. VBA Code: Use keyboard keys in VBA coding
  240. [SOLVED:] VBA/VBE Weird behavior when deleting a code line in a sub using a different sub
  241. How to Go to Next Row on a UserForm
  242. [SOLVED:] Finding the Sum of Numbers between words in the entire workbook.
  243. Shape Conditional Formatting & Permanent Logged In User, Date & Time Stamp
  244. [SOLVED:] Get latitude and longitude from Bing using VBA
  245. Help with macro for filter
  246. [SOLVED:] Import worksheet based on filename and date
  247. Pulling Data from Web - page still loading
  248. [SOLVED:] Search left from specific column eg. "y"
  249. convert text with (.) to number with (,)
  250. Removing blank lines from report calculated by macro