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  1. [SOLVED] VBA/VBE Weird behavior when deleting a code line in a sub using a different sub
  2. How to Go to Next Row on a UserForm
  3. [SOLVED] Finding the Sum of Numbers between words in the entire workbook.
  4. Shape Conditional Formatting & Permanent Logged In User, Date & Time Stamp
  5. [SOLVED] Get latitude and longitude from Bing using VBA
  6. Help with macro for filter
  7. [SOLVED] Import worksheet based on filename and date
  8. Pulling Data from Web - page still loading
  9. [SOLVED] Search left from specific column eg. "y"
  10. convert text with (.) to number with (,)
  11. Removing blank lines from report calculated by macro
  12. [SOLVED] macro to hyperlink excel cells to pdfs
  13. [SOLVED] Cell Returns no value even though the cell does contain a value
  14. [SOLVED] VBA/ Checkbox to add/remove fields in pivot
  15. How to close the all excel workbooks once i open a one excel workbook
  16. Recording results of multiple runs using VBA
  17. Paste with offset from a different sheet VBA
  18. Fix Broken Code
  19. [SOLVED] Find First Cell in Column Containing non-NULL Data
  20. [SOLVED] Move up cells less than row value
  21. [SOLVED] Application.Onkey
  22. Combine multiple sheets from multiple workbooks to a single workbook of multiple work
  23. [SOLVED] VBA to run a Linear Regression Automatically
  24. [SOLVED] VBA Power Programming 2007 - Disk Examples
  25. [SOLVED] Copying and Pasting through Ranges of Varying Lengths
  26. [SOLVED] Export Each Excel Row Text - to PPT
  27. forcing excel sheet to save it as .xlsm
  28. copy/paste values only between 2 tabs
  29. Creating chart by searching input datas in different worksheets
  30. Insert value after matching with existing cell
  31. [SOLVED] Textbox .ColumnWidths without trial and error?
  32. Pull data from Word to Excel help
  33. [SOLVED] Identify 7 day separation between product calls
  34. [SOLVED] listbox items = column headers macro
  35. VBA Code: ascending order of the columns
  36. [SOLVED] Format all my Command Buttons The Same - Retain Press Color Change Individual Button
  37. how to minimize sum with macros
  38. Delete record from listview and excel sheet at the same time and apply duplicate prev
  39. Need to direct my appointment a non default calendar
  40. Link button to table row for sorting
  41. Compare Dates within Textboxes in Userform
  42. Converting Values from one spreadsheet, and turning it into an XSLT code.
  43. Export excel sheet to .txt, reformat to .dat. But format changes in Linux
  44. VBA to delete rows *partial text*
  45. [SOLVED] VBA to copy last row of one sheet onto another sheet
  46. Extract web data
  47. PrintToFile Problem
  48. VBA Google Search Scraper/Extract
  49. Vba Outlook license reminder notification
  50. VBA code for distributing items having different weight and time to different slots
  51. Find a particular text in column A and copy the value from next column and transpose
  52. CopyPicture method of Range class failed
  53. WaterFall Chart - Up/Down Bars
  54. [SOLVED] Need help need VBA to build combinations from values from structured data
  55. Find Search with Msg PopUp
  56. 3-dimensional grid search
  57. Converting xls formula to VBA function
  58. [SOLVED] VBA to insert Now() when formula result changes
  59. [SOLVED] Match Funtion Help
  60. [SOLVED] Find with additional requirement
  61. join multidimensional array vba
  62. Need help implementing UserInterFaceOnly:=True
  63. [SOLVED] Arranging groups of numbers into a normal distribution
  64. can't run a simple recorded macro
  65. VBA assign random variables to cells
  66. Select and delete entire columns
  67. [SOLVED] Split a Text File - Rename With the Original Text Heading Found in file
  68. Numbered Text boxes managed by Loop or for?
  69. Extract specific values in text files and paste to Excel
  70. [SOLVED] Where is the error in this short code??
  71. SumIf in vba returns 0 value in userform
  72. [SOLVED] copy from one sheet to another sheet based on column names
  73. [SOLVED] What I'm doing wrong???
  74. Script to Change Chart Titles
  75. [VBA]:How to use VBA to merge 2 sheets into one with the same ID
  76. Speed Up Get Data Code
  77. [SOLVED] Copy rows and paste them to new sheet
  78. [SOLVED] Naming a Range (VBA)
  79. [SOLVED] VBA to pull values from cells off of second sheet
  80. Remove blank cells to left if condition
  81. Countif Synthax
  82. VBA "Object doesn't support this method" HELP!!
  83. cut entire row and paste many times as quantity - Tables
  84. [SOLVED] Help w/combining excel actions
  85. Looping Through Worksheets
  86. Using Index match in VBA returns wrong value
  87. Open Multiple Files in a Folder, List file name, and calculate Average of Column
  88. Autofill a resize range
  89. Replacing "/" with nothing -VBA
  90. [SOLVED] Excel VBA to print 3 copies of sheet if it finds something in cell A2.
  91. Offset selection by 3 columns?
  92. [SOLVED] Ribbon Issue
  93. [SOLVED] Run-time error '13': type mismatch VBA code
  94. excel vba range property non contiguous ranges
  95. Using VBA code to change value of a checkbox in a cell
  96. [SOLVED] Ranking like values the same, but not omitting the next rank number?
  97. Extracting minimum and maximum points above and below moving average
  98. [SOLVED] Naming a column B range based on Col A value
  99. [SOLVED] Change listview items font color based on criteria
  100. [SOLVED] VBA to transpose rows to column based on values in col A
  101. Links and Macros Automatically Enabled
  102. Excel VBA code to get data from a cell.
  103. Excel Vba Code To Create New Worksheets When Range Is Updated
  104. Compare the value with different name.
  105. copy paste macro needs sum function
  106. Import Excel Named Ranges into Word with VBA
  107. VBA Code: excel is hanging at some point
  108. VBA Interacting With A Child Window
  109. [SOLVED] VBA to populate row of cells with userform listbox data (code runs by column only)
  110. "object expected" suddenly popping up
  111. Find last column , enter formula to last column skip 3 lines and repeat
  112. cannot add date
  113. [SOLVED] Need help with fixing code - Match FName + LName and highlightcells
  114. HELP!!! Importing CSV file into excel based on cell value
  115. vlookup on temp file
  116. [SOLVED] Sumif using offset in vba
  117. [SOLVED] Increase cell value by 1 when workbook opens
  118. Check for empty cell in a range of #N/A cells
  119. [SOLVED] VBA to Paste top rows to bottom 4 rows as values
  120. VBA Excel Google Search Scraper/Extract
  121. Optomize Code for a Sort and Remove Duplicates Macro
  122. [SOLVED] adding comments to ListColumn tables in Excel with Access VBA
  123. [SOLVED] Select Case
  124. [SOLVED] Need Help with revision of current VBA macro! please!
  125. Can't get right code to amend records in listview
  126. Using ADO with Excel
  127. If cell in column B(tab1), copy tab2 and paste value from column B(tab1) into new tab
  128. If a cell is filled up, copy data to the right of cell instead
  129. Email Attachment via Outlook
  130. [SOLVED] Make formula equal to cell contents of last cell in a column
  131. Save specific Outlook attachment to folder
  132. Define cells and cut them
  133. Interest claculator that allows payments and advances
  134. Split Excel sheets to multiple Workbooks based on Criteria in Cell A1
  135. Loking for a macr to delete first six lines of txt documents
  136. [SOLVED] Take values from different area of a column with a variable range lenght
  137. Auto-populate a master list from info in other sheets without adding spaces
  138. VBA assistance
  139. VBA to login and post in FACEBOOK
  140. Using And / Or with Conditional Formatting
  141. VBA Assistance - Highlighting and Deleting based on another cell value.
  142. [SOLVED] Merge Excel files with different yet similar data headers
  143. Change list values using VBA
  144. Slow dynamic shart update xl2016
  145. [SOLVED] "For each ... next" loop not working
  146. [SOLVED] Row Compare - Data not cell
  147. A way to filter based on strikethrough formatting?
  148. Form 2.0 Frame
  149. Saving & closing
  150. [SOLVED] VBA to place combinations from cell to muliple cells essentially un merge them please
  151. [SOLVED] need VBA to arrange the data from left to right smallest to largest, please!
  153. [SOLVED] Help edit data in listview via two Dtpickers
  154. Exporting worksheet from a closed workbook in a shared drive to another workbook
  155. Ribbon Interface Menu builder
  156. Help in VBA problems with Macro
  157. Expand the Range For Each Cell in Range
  158. Excel VBA to compare two lists
  159. Calculate the percentage of those who answered YES
  160. synthax of Cells.offset.value
  161. [SOLVED] Renaming a sheet after a cell value that's too long
  162. [SOLVED] Select and sort rows based on multiple criteria
  163. Calendar by BlueCactus not works
  164. Need this to in VBA please the formula used is limited. Thank you
  165. Autohighlight
  166. Elseif with values of formulas
  167. Search for Job ID and update fields in row below
  168. Specified table rows copy from Sheet to another sheet
  169. [SOLVED] Data sort a dynamic range of conditionally formatted cells?
  170. Alternating MsgBox
  171. How to divide time series in to shorter time series in vba
  172. [SOLVED] Data sort a dynamic range?
  173. [SOLVED] ADO - Issue in Excel
  174. aggregate Data and create new dashboard
  175. [SOLVED] Anyone fluent with .Names.Add using values rather than addresses? (advanced)
  176. Update a list rather than just add to
  177. [SOLVED] Remove extra commas from end of content
  178. Loop through Pivot Table Filter field from a List and create pdf
  179. Trouble executing VBA on remote connection
  180. Linking equation with a code.
  181. Moving data labels to variable location on bar chart
  182. [SOLVED] Need VBA out- put to different location on worksheet.
  183. CommandButton - Save in multiple locations
  184. VBA - Connecting to Database using System DSN
  185. I have a formula that needs to be turned into a VBA, please!
  186. [SOLVED] How DO I remove the FALSE return from this formula to leave an empty cell.
  187. Hyperlink Error handling challenges.
  188. Dialog box, select rows>5, delete in multiple worksheets
  189. Highlight 2 Cells Based on a text value(false)
  190. [SOLVED] How to ignore hidden columns
  191. [SOLVED] Adding to Collections
  192. [SOLVED] Show UserForm ONLY once workbook is fully open & displayed
  193. Need Help with Excel Project
  194. Compress Mutilple Files
  195. Need VBA code revised to ignore the Column A data, please!
  196. [SOLVED] Multiply two columns and sum a column in Listview
  197. [SOLVED] Input 2 files and create 3rd file
  198. [SOLVED] Find first row with two commas and delete
  199. VBA - finding date in another worksheet
  200. Change the major units in X axes in chart(vba)
  201. How to hide cells based on values
  202. Excel VBA ~ Google drive doc
  203. [SOLVED] Reference formula help
  204. Print/pdf excel sheet and include a specific word document vba
  205. [SOLVED] ELSE without IF Error - multiple line breaks including AND and THEN
  206. [SOLVED] Range Copy/Paste Loop for Multiple Sheets to Multiple Sheets
  207. Remove pictures/shapes of PowerPoint with VBA
  208. newbie needing VBA help
  209. [SOLVED] creating label
  210. [SOLVED] VBA Code Range Issue
  211. [SOLVED] How to use VBA Slicer to connect two PivotTable
  212. VBA, where ever the data is found in column BCDEF, macro can still accomplish results
  213. Book2 Macros interfere with Book1 Copy Book2 Sheet
  214. [SOLVED] Conditional Formatting Help
  215. worksheet Names 255 or less byte truncation - bug?
  216. VBA using INDEX MATCH
  217. [SOLVED] Pivot Table Data
  218. One Cell with different Time and Strings
  219. Cut away days to have only hours : 45841.12 -> 0.12
  220. 2 Macros Please Help getting so lost... to delete columns and email files
  221. 90 days past due chart
  222. Subscript out of range: Do While Cells(s2, 2) And Cells(s2 + 1, 2) <> "end"
  223. [SOLVED] Toggle Shape Fill & Text Colors
  224. Object as Picture and Data Rearrange
  225. A Simple Pyramid Totals
  226. HTML scraping/parsing
  227. [SOLVED] Conditional formatting without using A1-notation in the rule
  228. VBA - conditional error with code involving LBound(SheetNameArray) To UBound(SheetNam
  229. VBA Code to control Data Connectin from CSV File
  230. download via Microsoft.XMLHTTP fails
  231. Prompt message box for importing access table data
  232. If XLSM in XLSTART, Then Excel doesn't open with blank WB
  233. Search for Excel workbook and open
  234. Copy data from userform to sheet using option button
  235. List text files in folder based on partial file name - repeats first file found
  236. Simulating returns
  237. [SOLVED] Inserting Files From Multiple Columns - Concatentate Result File
  238. Combine excel workbooks from multiple folder into one workbook
  239. How to STOP Excels spell checker from checking text boxes
  240. [SOLVED] VBA to delete rows where first 4 words of text in column A are duplicated
  241. [SOLVED] Re-lock a Column after its been unlocked upon cell exit
  242. Write Data to Embedded Excel Worksheet in Word
  243. VBA - Finding and copy row with first value >&< certain threshold
  244. Dynamic arrays And Financial Functions
  245. [SOLVED] Hide Unnecessary Decimal Markers
  246. Date selection help please
  247. Change font on a sheet based on a value in a different sheet.
  249. Search by Multiple Criteria and Two Listboxes
  250. VBA Importing text files from user specified folder