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  1. [SOLVED] In need of help with a code
  2. VBA code for re-organizing address lines
  3. Table of Contents: Hyperlinking to Folders Using a Combination of Cells
  4. Want to search for value in column across multiple sheets and copy rows with value.
  5. [SOLVED] Add certain amount of rows to last rows per chapter
  6. Speed run time of code
  7. Move rows that meet criteria of sheet from multiple workbooks to other workbook (VBA)
  8. Identifying Duplicate E-mail Addresses with Different First and Last Names
  9. [SOLVED] VBA Help - Code to create a copy of a macro enabled workbook
  10. Passing Excel macro variable to access macro
  11. [SOLVED] macro stops if no data in filterd criteria
  12. [SOLVED] VBA to replace numerical data with Alphnumerical data.
  13. VBA date
  14. [SOLVED] Checkbox populated by worksheet cells via userform
  15. [SOLVED] Filter columns from negative values for Histogram Chart
  16. [SOLVED] Sum values between two specified dates
  17. [SOLVED] Help to convert COUNTIFS to VBA
  18. [SOLVED] testing for correlation matrix
  19. excel vba error 91 object variable or with block variable not set
  20. Frustrated need help with Email code Excel, Lotus, Attachements
  21. Errors dumping an Array to a range in a table
  22. Need explanation to save file as
  24. Choosing/listing from existing database
  25. [SOLVED] Loop through folder only opens one file
  26. Paste Special: PasteSpecial method of Range class failed
  27. Run-Time Error '1004' Delete method of Range class failed
  28. Extract data with one criteria and no duplicate
  29. Date picker
  30. Creating workbooks/sheets based on a tables in a master workbook
  31. copy data from a range in sheet into rows in another sheet
  32. Listing text files based on search value - returns multiple instances of same record
  33. [SOLVED] Help with Pasting Values
  34. Passing one function to another
  35. Get the first instance of a value from a range
  36. [SOLVED] Captilize Select Characters Within A Cell
  37. VBA to download images in web
  38. Using Excel VBA i want to protect a range of cells but other cells should be editable
  39. Converting LEFT and RIGHT with FIND formulas to VBA macros including IFERROR
  40. Help for VBA Code as too much time while processing
  41. Finding blank cells in named range and input 0
  42. Sort files by date in a folder and then use this ordered list to open the files
  43. [SOLVED] Run Same VBA Macro Code On Multiple Sheets
  44. Vlookup with multiple results
  45. run time error '1004' Help!!!!
  46. Error with Protect and Unprotect through VBA
  47. HTTP Response cookies not retrieved in results for XMLHTTP request in EXCEL Macro
  48. [SOLVED] Workbook closes "by itself" when some macros run or other workbooks opened.
  49. Checking if other sheets in the workbook contain the same content as a defined cell
  50. [SOLVED] Match Funtion VBA
  51. How i can exit from compo box after select ?
  52. Change Excel sheet Tab colour when date entered in a cell
  53. Restrict Duplicate Values in a Row using excel VBA
  54. VBA Coding needs advice - To Simplify
  55. [SOLVED] Copy Values from an array into sheet tab names
  56. Copy-paste extracted data in values to reference sheet (VBA)
  57. [SOLVED] Clear Contents VBA
  58. Need help creating a formula for multiple sheets of data that will tie into a chart
  59. Daily Data for Entire Year - vba userform
  60. Excel to PPT --- can't detect error in loop
  61. Need Help: Check Sheet Name Exists Before Creating New W/ Same Name
  62. Best way to add a column to a range with offset of n
  63. Choose Invoice Number from a userform combobox and copy data to invoice output
  64. Vba İnformation About The Array() Cells() Property
  65. [VBA] How to trigger a macro with a letter key without "Ctrl"
  66. [SOLVED] How to avoid to continue searching (on the same sheet) if specific word is found
  67. Advice required to run code faster
  68. Solver VBA code for multiple sheets
  69. [SOLVED] Conditional Formatting Formula
  70. Solver VBA code for different objective function cells
  71. [SOLVED] How to populate data from one sheet to another?
  72. [SOLVED] Filter question
  73. Deleting worksheets with specific name ??
  74. Runtime Error 1004
  75. [SOLVED] Looping formula
  76. Loop data is not recognized
  77. Different charts in one diagram: chart modification problem
  78. [SOLVED] Need vba macro to highlight duplicates in a column
  79. [SOLVED] VBA Calculate Event
  80. [SOLVED] Copy and Paste Data from One Tab to Another
  81. Loop Through SubFolders Task - Merge Files as Folder Name
  82. [SOLVED] VBA appears to be missing something please help!!
  83. VBA for highlighting needs revising
  84. Track changes to a column, not when rows are inserted and deleted
  85. Edit rows with userform textboxes and coboboxes
  86. Help with code
  87. [SOLVED] Delete Sheet Macro Crashes Excel
  88. VBA error on copying workbooks from file location
  89. Help on Excel Project
  90. relative range / Offset within a sum - how to change the range summed
  91. auto scale every chart in a worksheet based on each charts x and y axis min and max v
  92. [SOLVED] VBA codes clashing
  93. Creating Chart Via VBA
  94. Analog clock with Chart
  95. Windows 10 MISSING: Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (SP6)
  96. Macro that will consolidate multiple worksheets regardless of worksheet name
  97. Store image in VBA?
  98. [SOLVED] Copy + Find + Past (2 Files)
  99. [SOLVED] Excel VBA Date Issue Transfer from one worksheet to another
  100. Extracting Left function -String into Columns
  101. [SOLVED] How to Compare a textbox entry to a column and find duplicates?
  102. Macro to copy specific data from sheet A to sheet B
  103. [SOLVED] Mailbatch with 2 different bodies based on cell
  104. [SOLVED] VBA to merge data and place - between each data from five columns
  105. [SOLVED] Change event problem
  106. Select Active cell to top cell
  107. [SOLVED] Remove Array Elements
  108. [SOLVED] Help inserting a variable in to a formula
  109. Lay Dutch Test of dynamic subsets
  110. help, a system to check inventories
  111. Help - Selective look up needed
  112. Copy-paste data from source file to master workbook
  113. Match a string with a string that includes a wildcard (*) excel?
  114. Stock Historic prices on button click
  115. VBA macro for highlighting datain range based on selecting data in another
  116. How to make a dynamic table(dynamic rows and columns) using VBA code
  117. Need Help With Excel Formula
  118. Find yyyymm in date column
  119. Hello masters of VBA... here I am a newie for VBA with a question - please help
  120. VBA to jump to range in contained in a SUMIFS formula
  121. [SOLVED] Searching selected range (offset) for values in external workbook range
  122. Excel VBA add new list item in SharePoint List
  123. [SOLVED] Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)
  124. Arrays
  125. If statement checking last digit and modifying time
  126. Please Help with VBA code
  127. Macro take multiple screenshots and save in excel
  128. Stephen Bullen's Resize (Userform)
  129. How to Parse Based on Varying SubStrings
  130. [SOLVED] Trouble Grouping Label and Shape
  131. [SOLVED] DateDiff in listview excel
  132. Sum of cells in a row on other sheet, column reference based on selected number range
  133. Timesheet Help
  134. macro to savecopyAs multiply based on filter
  135. Simple excel macro if then condition to manipulate column values
  136. Need to copy specific text from open word doc, to excel in a row
  137. Conditional Formatting from one row to another
  138. [SOLVED] Select Case Conditional Formatting VBA
  139. Convert a value to suit an Excel Speedo's segmented variable scale
  140. How to skip an empty cell in a column ?
  141. [SOLVED] Save a certain sheet as PDF and name it from a range within the sheet
  142. Data Distribution
  143. Pivot Table from dynamic range
  144. [SOLVED] Need Help with Userform Progress Bar
  145. Clear Slicers Using VBA
  146. copy filtered table
  147. Help Needed
  148. Using Index Match in VBA Project
  149. ActiveDocument.Close error
  150. Extracting data from different worksheets in desired format-Part 2 (Editing formula)
  151. Macro copy worksheet to workbook and row offsets
  152. Ho to generate a dynamic range using VBA code
  153. Populate form ListBox from range
  154. How to recover A corrupted Excel 2003 file
  155. Reading data from Word document; selecting line after table
  156. Assigning variable to table or table name
  157. Need help to convert formula to VBA code
  158. Numbers format preventing calculation to be implemented
  159. Split the Workbook into different files based on SPECIFIC DATA VALUES
  160. Help on macro to fetch data from one sheet and post on the other
  161. Several VBA questions / index match
  162. [SOLVED] combining several VBA subs
  163. Running macro on another workbook
  164. iserror and lookup not working combined
  165. [SOLVED] search excel cells for value and input corresponding value in adjecent cell
  166. [SOLVED] Search string and return file name and Path
  167. if iserror match not functioning
  168. [SOLVED] Removing middle initials with space in last name
  169. Date Calculation Inside TextBox Vba
  170. Comparing pivot table and adding value to cell
  171. Help with inputting the value in the back sheet using VBA code
  172. Query Access database with parameters on Excel sheet.
  173. How to set focus back into the textbox after an error message?
  174. Using a userform with a for loop
  175. [SOLVED] Excel to Word Macro Merge File Select Help
  176. [SOLVED] vlookup array values
  177. [SOLVED] Sheet Buttons Flashing When Mouse Over Userform
  178. Update cell value on sheet change
  179. Geometric Brownian Motion simulation?
  180. Update cell on sheet change - w/correct file
  181. Logging into a website
  182. Find and add missing value
  183. [SOLVED] Label in Frame, catch caption with click error!
  184. Repeating a string using VBA button
  185. Calculating differences in exchange rates - FIFO method VBA
  186. Msgbox when textbox not filled but on choice (yes/no)
  187. [SOLVED] Help with authoirisation list please
  188. Macro to find numbers in a single column
  189. Macro to find numbers in a single column
  190. Overflow error on VBA Module
  191. Simple VBA query
  192. Excel File Recovery
  193. Copy range into a image in Outlook
  194. Macro Automatically SUM upper data when entering new data
  195. Get TIME format to match?
  196. [SOLVED] error in VBA lookup code
  197. power function in VBA
  198. Applying Border to symbols in Excel VBA
  199. formula to check different between 2 dates within same month in range
  200. Open workbook with one password close with another from a list??
  201. [SOLVED] Confused between Date and Today
  202. Play embedded wav file when workbook opens
  203. Hide Excel Tabs-Heading-Formula Bar on Opening
  204. Update data from mapping table to another worksheet
  205. [SOLVED] Align all shapes to the center of their cell
  206. lookup problem
  207. Error Handling for data scraping
  208. Matching data from two different sheets
  209. Add Active X Command Button to sheet and keep Userform Open
  210. Help with Sub
  211. [SOLVED] Something missing from code
  212. Flip an image in a userform?
  213. Download images from the excel and save to a Folder
  214. [SOLVED] VBA Syntax to run sql statement with where and order by
  215. Copy data in disperce cells from multiple excel workbooks..?
  216. Copy Pivot Table From One Workbook To Another
  217. [SOLVED] Listing unique vales in a range with blank cells
  218. Listing values assosciated with headings on a worksheet
  219. Macro to enter filepath on click browse button
  220. Extract specific columns from DBF to Excel
  221. Copy Data From One Sheet to Another with Input Box
  222. [SOLVED] Group shapes in a single cell without select
  223. 1004 Error Copying and Pasting Range
  224. [SOLVED] Issue with Mass-Email Excel macro
  225. Copy to multiple sheet based on cell value criteria
  226. ActiveCell.Value=replace........not putting range in new column.
  227. Non Looping For Next Loop
  228. VBA Fill arrays from sheet | SUMIFS | create & fill table based on multiple criteria
  229. How to increment Alpha numeric Value
  230. Populate (string) array from sheet
  231. Help with code to export excel to text file with number format
  232. VBA export filename and path
  233. How to leave just the text I want in a cell.
  234. Consolidating Order Sheet
  235. VBA CODE HELP ...if you have time!!!
  236. [SOLVED] How to get the absolute column number of given cell value from the range C2:K2
  237. Custom Menu/Macro Library
  238. [SOLVED] VBA find the FIRST real row
  239. [SOLVED] Run-Time Error "1004" LOOPS!
  240. Match index with closest previous date
  241. Trendline for y-values
  242. [SOLVED] Excel 2013 ActiveX Combo Boxes Macro Glitch
  243. How to make a solver VBA code in a dynamic range
  244. [SOLVED] Compiling a List to a Seperate Sheet
  245. VBA code to remove text from a column
  246. vba code for getting the filename for another worksheet on a newfile worksheet
  247. Match 1st ?? in column vertically, if Yes, then see if 2nd ?? matches horizontally?
  248. Macro to loop through Web Queries and enact a second macro once each page loads
  249. How to find and use the maximum value in VBA
  250. read Tag property without opening file