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  1. Macro to loop through Web Queries and enact a second macro once each page loads
  2. How to find and use the maximum value in VBA
  3. read Tag property without opening file
  4. Strings and Variables
  5. [SOLVED] Test Pivot Table
  6. VBA Pivot Table creation looks different than manual creation
  7. [SOLVED] Function working within Sub but not in spreadsheet
  8. [SOLVED] List box looses Blue 'highlight' when changing forecolor
  9. Generate Shapes, Align, Group, Cut and Paste
  10. Macro to find and replace based on different text within one cell
  11. Web query Looping from table selection
  12. [SOLVED] UserForm that Stays Visible on Screen When Scrolling
  13. Compare data from two workbooks
  14. [SOLVED] How to check if value starts with text
  15. [SOLVED] ListBox_Click event fires without clicking
  16. excel help
  17. Macro to copy values from one sheet to another based on specific conditions
  18. Reference specific text strings despite being repeated elsewhere?
  19. [SOLVED] Macro to delete all rows between two different text stings in column A
  20. Problem with copying the text format.
  21. How to execute a VBA program and halting another VBA code till the old program ends
  22. [SOLVED] Very omplicated calculation of hours worked (PLEASE HELP)
  23. Redim Preserve Change LBOUND
  24. How to insert a formula in a dynamic range using VBA
  25. [SOLVED] VBA - Change code to work on whole workbook
  26. [SOLVED] Difficulty using KeyPress Command
  27. need a vba code HELLLLLPPPPPP
  28. How to generate Sum formula in excel
  29. Populating a Cell with a Table
  30. [SOLVED] Type Mismatch Error Confusion
  31. Checkbox make values to textbox
  32. save and close an excel sheet when I press the Windows + L buttons
  33. Problem between macro event and SpinButton
  34. Unable to get pivottable property of class
  35. Saving Screenshots in excel
  36. Select number of rows based cell value
  38. macro prompt?
  39. [SOLVED] Run-time error '445' - Object doesn't support this activity
  40. VBA Macro Help - Extract from Multiple Closed Workbooks
  41. Import particular data from book1 to book2
  42. Help with text file row count - only want the last 13 rows
  43. [SOLVED] Sum Up Cells Value When Specific Value Match
  44. Userform with changeable headers/ listboxes to opt for creating reports from Excel DB
  45. Selective listing of files in a folder
  46. copy filtered data into different worksheet
  47. [SOLVED] Load data from TXT to Excel sheet (numbers with decimal get like text)
  48. Macro Help - Pasting
  49. vba code To Save Copy As Cell.Value
  50. [SOLVED] Find average of all values between two index match values in table
  51. Need help with my code as it doesnt seem to be appearing
  52. Avoid duplication in copying
  53. Combobox from external database, not working
  54. invalid or unqualified reference
  55. Color Code Data According by Categories
  56. Using a barcode scanner with Excel
  57. filter multiple columns simultaneously using Vbscript
  58. [SOLVED] Accessing Excel Tab data from Button
  59. A variable SUM formula in excel
  60. Excel 2013 Macros Click-Activated Shapes
  61. Writing to a cell in a loop
  62. Help with the meaning of this code
  63. Macro to remove marker line and border
  64. How to find and use the maximum value in VBA code
  65. [SOLVED] Can I use an excel sheet to calculate in a vba program?
  66. Convert Table to Calendar (Wincalendar functionality)
  67. Creating a form to filter data?
  69. Checking Excel background image with VBA
  70. NEW TO VBA...Need Help..driving me nuts
  71. Excel formula help
  72. course analysis from bitcoins with VBA
  73. Advice needed to speed this code.
  74. I need to count the amount of weeks a piece of text has appeared since last change
  75. Hyperlink to specific sheets in workbook based on drop down selection
  76. Macro to pull outlook info based on excel values
  77. Join Error
  78. [SOLVED] How to export variable from textbox into a cell after clicking on a button?
  79. VBA excel help
  80. merge worksheets
  81. How can I refresh a webpage in VBA before downloading it?
  82. Need to copy from all sheets from all workbooks
  83. VBA code to copy / paste values only + auto change cell value
  84. Runtime 1004 error
  85. Save As Help
  86. [SOLVED] How to extract date range into multiple rows?
  87. Why is the default value of UserInterfaceOnly False?
  88. Macro To Add DSN
  89. Procedure Too Large
  90. [SOLVED] vba or formula to find number of duplicates in a range
  91. Why is the sub or Function not defined for the following code
  92. [SOLVED] Help Needed! Macro to pull if cell does not equal criteria
  93. VBA matching, data manipulation across different worksheets
  94. [SOLVED] Filter and copy to WorkSheet help
  95. New VBA Code
  96. [SOLVED] Applying a multiplication by macro on a column
  97. [SOLVED] Problem using keyPress command
  98. Populate vlookup formula 1Million item
  99. Auto updating of worksheets in an Excel Workbook
  100. Last entry in a Column
  101. Percentage covered by values using VBA
  102. [SOLVED] Pivot Table Grand Total
  103. VBA Current region minus header and last column
  104. [SOLVED] Creating Sheets from Cell Value IF Only!
  105. [SOLVED] vba to loop through multiple worksheets and paste specific data based on a date
  106. A day longer than 24 hours
  107. [SOLVED] Can this Conditional Formatting Code be simplified
  108. Creating indivisual diaries from master rota
  109. Hyperlink from a cell in another sheet. Not quite working for me.
  110. [SOLVED] Macro for copy/paste values for only that row where the change is made
  111. VBA macro to hide rows based on cell value
  112. VBA to Find & Fill a cell based on row & column headers?
  114. VBC Excel to find latest creation date zip within folder, then open CSV file embedded
  115. Auto Data Display by Scanning. Please help
  116. [SOLVED] Using Userform with Date Picker to Select Data Range in Excel
  117. Lable the last know person to entra data to a cell from a list of names, populate dat
  118. [SOLVED] Easy If-Than code for comparison of multiple values doesn't return correct value
  119. Textfile loop to find/replace characters
  120. Save as Types
  121. Pivot find and replace
  122. [SOLVED] Types inside a Type
  123. Spreadsheet Consolidation based on specific path
  124. [SOLVED] Help needed with VBA to auto insert pic into comment
  125. Remove string in text files
  126. [SOLVED] Clear multi - select Listbox
  127. [SOLVED] match delete vba
  128. VBA - Auto Select Sheet, Save & Close after 1 hour
  129. [SOLVED] Vba find and replace with loop
  130. [SOLVED] Excel Loop WITH Function
  131. [SOLVED] Preserve exact formula, monthly analysis for full year
  132. VBA to Search both Email subject and/or Email Body in Outlook
  133. Intermittent errors after running macro varying number of times
  134. Macro wont work with a cell which is updateing by formular
  135. vba help
  136. VBA wont run unless through the editor
  137. [SOLVED] Error when using variable when connecting to SQL from Excel
  138. hide rows based on highlighted cell in column
  139. Copy and Paste based on cell value
  140. ODBC connection if not on users PC
  141. Is it possible at all?
  142. Using Range.Find to search another Open Workbook
  143. [SOLVED] What is wrong with my VBA code?
  144. Several If statements inside For Loop
  145. Embedded HTML Image Issues
  146. Combining parts of 3 workbooks
  147. [SOLVED] If range contans "0", mark as incomplete
  148. Values lookup in two different tables
  149. [SOLVED] Empty Row Deletion
  150. VBA to Add 3 Aligned Footers with Custom Formatting and Text
  151. Order Assignment Problem
  152. Directing SendKeys to the Correct Application
  153. Help -needed call named range based on cell value
  154. What Do You Think About This?
  155. [SOLVED] Excel Book Recommendations
  156. [SOLVED] Clear activex listbox selection
  157. [SOLVED] Goal Seek without Cell Reference
  158. Compares different rectangular areas and highlights equal values
  159. VBA
  160. [SOLVED] pulling data from a csv file based on specific dates
  161. VBA Cloudera Hadoop connection
  162. Merging PDFs and Allowing for Filling of Adobe Fields
  163. Help Understanding Code
  164. Different references for same formula (more complicated than it sounds)
  165. Put Excel image to PowerPoint in specific location?
  166. SUM of Values by Region and District
  167. Copy Multiple sheet as SaveAs
  169. VBA: adjusting pivot table per macro
  170. VBA to collect data from Pivot
  171. [SOLVED] How to connect to a RECORDSET
  172. [SOLVED] Loop through URLs, save source
  173. Help with #Value! errors
  174. [SOLVED] How do I have a cell value displayed on my user form?
  175. [SOLVED] Apply different format to each column of selection
  176. Counting rows in clipboard
  177. [SOLVED] Loop through combinations and add only Even & Odd numbers together within each.
  178. Adjust placement of copy paste to suit last row of previous paste
  179. Count texts in two colums and if no match write data
  180. Count number of mondays
  181. (VBA) error adding Title and Subtitle to PowerPoint Slide
  182. Excel 2013 VBA Import Dynamic Range from other Workbook
  183. Setting a range object & applying table style
  184. [SOLVED] How to replace a path in the code by a variable?
  185. Excel Userform Listbox VBA Help
  186. Enabling Content in access db with Excel VBA
  187. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>VBA>Function>Sum Visible Columns
  188. VBA code to prompt user to select file folder but still keep the file name...
  189. excel 2016 splitting datasets creating new separate sheets
  190. [SOLVED] Generate 5/50 lottery combination with selected odd sum or by even sum!!
  191. Macro for copy & paste data from worksheets if path of file changes
  192. [SOLVED] Assigning values from a table
  193. Display Data from Sheet
  194. [SOLVED] VBA Loop - If Cell is not empty then....
  195. HELP!!! Fastest code in consolidating columns with different headers
  196. Conditional Formatting not pasting correctly with macro
  197. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>VBA>Function>Average Visible Cells Horizontally
  198. Using Vlookup to set ranges for Loop, not sure how to integrate it.
  199. [SOLVED] Do While Method to append data
  200. Generate 3 sets combinations, which 3 sets sum match: to request target sum
  201. [SOLVED] Copy complete folder to another folder
  202. [SOLVED] Trying to name ranges over a number of columns
  203. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>VBA>PageSetup>User Defined Formula>Interference
  204. [SOLVED] Trying to get a range of cells to show up in my Combo Box
  205. Run-time Error '1004' - Method 'Open' of object 'Workbooks' failed
  206. [SOLVED] Using wildcards to filter list - help
  207. [SOLVED] Saving filename exists
  208. VLOOKUP formula with subtotals
  209. [SOLVED] Excel Margins
  210. Lotus Notes - VBA
  211. [SOLVED] File copy wont copy to the right folder.
  212. VBA to trigger input box when criteria in data found
  213. Help with Data in Column A and Shift...
  214. [SOLVED] Move files & folders from one location to another from excel
  215. [SOLVED] Check if activecell is in a column with date in the header in any table
  216. [SOLVED] Copy data from excel and paste it in to a word template at different places
  217. [SOLVED] Schedule code to run at a set time and then at intervals thereafter
  218. Skip first sheet in For Each loop?
  219. VBA -- Call Function Not Running Macros Properly
  220. Help With Recursive Formula
  221. VBA Find and Replace from Excel Range
  222. 90% there - Maybe paste as picture instead to esure cond format?
  223. [SOLVED] Create list of files in a folder and link to them in Excel
  224. Microsoft Dynamics AX
  225. ComboBox lag
  226. [SOLVED] Currentregion and autofilter Help
  227. HELP!!! Need a VBA code to get a table from a site
  228. [SOLVED] Date Problem showing as 42463 ?
  229. [SOLVED] Require total in column B of positive & negative values
  230. Excel Search Function
  231. [SOLVED] VBA loop to do multiple cut, transpose pastes within a loop, then repeat.
  232. [SOLVED] Dynamically Copy and Paste
  233. month end variance analysis
  234. Filter A Range And Chart It
  235. [SOLVED] VBA Array Function - Return Array from Range without Blanks
  236. [SOLVED] VBA - Filename Checker?
  237. [SOLVED] Need some very basic help
  238. Search and copy macro with search criteria
  239. Need macro that creates new rows and copies matching info from sheet 1 to Sheet 2
  240. [SOLVED] Need to change code in bottom line
  241. [SOLVED] Excel/Word/Access
  242. [SOLVED] VBA filter
  243. [SOLVED] Aligning two tables
  244. [SOLVED] Insert row & total other columns
  245. if unique of column A b c then count ifs
  246. Help with excel and word. Sounds easy, but its not.
  247. Runtime error 13 : Excel vba pivot - please help
  248. Formula getting a cell's data from another worksheet.
  249. [SOLVED] VBA Code Required
  250. Using VBA to Copy Multiple Workbook Filenames into their Workbooks