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  1. Using VBA to Copy Multiple Workbook Filenames into their Workbooks
  2. [SOLVED] Displaying numbers in fractions, not decimal (when concatenating)
  3. using array to add 1 hour to column A
  4. [SOLVED] Delete filter outcome
  5. Run Time Errror 91 when trying to find value
  6. [SOLVED] Directory mapping macro - need more robust code
  7. Way to reference a number in a cell
  8. Get child ID from parent ID
  9. Elegant Way to Copy Cells from one Sheet to Another - Value only
  10. Combine rows with duplicate values into columns
  11. [SOLVED] need help please creating a quick VBA solution for auto filling a dynamic range
  12. [SOLVED] Copy Data based on cell value
  13. [SOLVED] Shift column from row 3 to left
  15. [SOLVED] Delete filtered rows - 2 conditions
  16. [SOLVED] Textbox Loop
  17. Excel VBA Double Click or Hyperlink That Filters For Value In Another Workbook?
  18. IF statement for pasting entries into another sheet
  19. [SOLVED] Macro to only allow data to be copy pasted based on data validation criteria
  20. Macro to Copy and Paste from Adobe Reader to Excel
  21. How to Separate One Long Column of Data into Separate Columns
  22. Copy Sheet - Change Name with a twist.
  23. [SOLVED] Looping Advanced Filter specific to current worksheet
  24. [SOLVED] If column F is not empty merge data with column C
  25. If then, Go To Next Sub using a filtered column in VBA
  26. =IF(J2=B2,"Match","") ???
  27. [SOLVED] Issue with getting last member from an array
  28. help to fill the table
  29. Send email via Lotus Notes by clicking a button
  30. Give permission to users to change data in Excel using VBA code [VBA]
  31. How to enable user name and password in remote desktop
  32. [SOLVED] VBA code to search for online data and import into excel
  33. vba to extract selected subfolder name and file names
  34. Excel application crashes on ImageSearchDLL without any error.
  35. Stringing a bunch of Subs together creates an error But running separately does not
  36. Macro to refresh only sometimes working?
  37. [SOLVED] enter choosen OptionButtons caption to cell
  38. VBA to sort horizontal rows Help
  39. [SOLVED] Circle Invalid Data
  40. [SOLVED] Clean Up
  41. [SOLVED] copied userform error
  42. Hide Rows in VBA
  43. Can I disable Excel 2013 Start up screen using VBA?
  44. [SOLVED] Graphics with multipage form
  45. Decision tree with VBA
  46. Loop through files in order of date created
  47. Code won't paste into excel table, always outside it?
  48. Force SaveAs for this macro only
  49. Formula to change cell color based on if it is within two dates
  50. Range with Table VBA?
  51. [SOLVED] Is it possible to add a mouseover tooltip to a cell?
  52. VBA Script to extract MS Word document to Excel
  53. [SOLVED] Macro to upload data from a file into a summary file
  54. [SOLVED] Paste only Values from sheet 1 that are not in Sheet 2 into sheet 3
  55. Using VBA to Autofit Visible Rows
  56. Index Match Formula to VBA
  57. Click on a blank cell and have text appear in another cell
  58. [SOLVED] Split the row to column
  59. Lock selected range except for current week
  60. [SOLVED] Assistance for code pasting data into few columns and leaving few columns blank
  61. [SOLVED] If a word in a cell in col A matches the name of a worksheet, move row to that sheet
  62. [SOLVED] Copy Paste Shapes to Different Worksheets Loop
  63. Loop to match headers on seperatesheets, copy data below, return and paste in header
  64. Macro to attach Worksheet to a new E-Mail in Lotus Notes as PDF
  65. Range Values
  66. Find bottom right cell, and then highlight bottom row
  67. Export from Excel to PPT then Apply Custom Slide Layouts created in SlideMaster
  68. Creating new sheets based on date and other criteria from sheet 1 and 2
  69. Avoid duplicate entries
  70. Dataset Help
  71. New Worksheet from listbox name!
  72. [SOLVED] Application.OnTime loop keeps falling out
  73. Deleting and Adding new Chart Using VBA
  74. Fill multiple comboboxes from same range variable
  75. VBA to write to CSV in certain way
  76. Different print.
  77. Application-Defined Error: 1004
  78. Creating a pivot table
  79. [SOLVED] Simpson's Rule in VBA
  80. [SOLVED] Quick question about Listboxes
  81. VBA unable to set CF for second range
  82. [SOLVED] Check For Existing File and Create New if Not Existing
  83. [SOLVED] Userform Label Class - Reference Worksheet Cells Range - Run Macros Event Click
  84. VBA loop to replace 5k+ array formulas and circular referencing
  85. [SOLVED] WorksheetFunction.Sum not working
  86. Edit MS Access data using Excel
  87. copy custom tablestyle into new workbook
  88. [SOLVED] Looping test bed for 3 variables
  89. [SOLVED] Macro to paste Approval Data from Row 2 and Reject Data from Row 20 on sheet2
  90. Excel vba - Match Data
  91. How to compare data in a spreadsheet
  92. [SOLVED] Delete all VBA Modules - Except a Few
  93. Userform macro to update data in specific range
  94. Select Non Continuous Range
  95. Help with coding (Macro)
  96. [SOLVED] Changing the code from sheet to whole workbook
  97. Can an Excel Macro count categories in Outlook 2007 from a shared mailbox?
  98. VBA to copy random record from a range
  99. Macro to Separate Text in a Cell
  100. [SOLVED] Macro to insert rows based on cell value
  101. [SOLVED] Copy&paste only if live value has changed from previous loop
  102. Automatically mapping and collating data into a new workbook using Excel VBA
  103. [SOLVED] Combined multi columns values in one column separated by coma
  104. Assistance With Code Which Is Causing Excel To Close
  105. Pls help *Urgent* VBA Macro Problem
  106. VBA Excel increase invoice number and save (need help with code) Excel 2003
  107. Textbox macro to update data from 2 different rows on sheet2
  108. [SOLVED] Format only selected text on textbox userform
  109. Writing userform List Box entries into a worksheet
  110. Create a numbered list from string
  111. POP - UP Window on Excel file start
  112. [SOLVED] How do I lock the contents of a moving cell?
  113. Custom VBA Column to Row Insert and Transpose
  114. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>VBA>Clipboard
  115. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>VBA>Sheets>Array
  116. Excel 2013 -> need help having two macro's in a workbook - already have one running
  117. [SOLVED] VBA Excel - Collections unexpected answer
  118. Consolidating worksheets into one and paste special
  119. Excel vba to open ie ribbon
  120. Excel to ask what activity I am doing every hour
  121. [SOLVED] VBA Excel clear cells causes error 400
  122. Nested IF Statements - Please Help to Resolve
  123. Macro to Find Cells by Color and Copy to Different Worksheet
  124. Email Sending Userform problem
  125. Check Points within Rectangles
  126. [SOLVED] Need help with constructing a vba code, please!
  127. [SOLVED] Addressing problem in loop
  128. Macro to check value, open file, copy value, loop through range.
  129. Transpose Horizontal Table
  130. Calculate distance between point and rectangle
  131. [SOLVED] Linking to cells in another sheet with VBA - Can my code be improved?
  132. Drill Down Pivot Same Page
  133. [SOLVED] Populating specific cell with data from a userform when an option button is selected
  134. Navigation With Firefox
  135. Find external links within code
  136. [SOLVED] Find and open latest csv file in given directory
  137. Filter large files without opening
  138. [SOLVED] Windows activate + Todays date
  139. [SOLVED] Moving Data around in a Row.
  140. [SOLVED] Deleting rows based on values of cells in TWO different columns
  141. [SOLVED] VBA multiple Goal Seek depending and selection
  142. [SOLVED] Need help constructing VBA code to enter selected letter into cell after data already
  143. Split data based on criteria
  144. Need help wth a Macro
  145. [SOLVED] Exit Do after search item no longer found in a range
  146. Help with Macros for Conditional display
  147. [SOLVED] Custom Formatting
  148. Dynamic gradient chart background
  149. Open outlook new email and attach most recent file from directory
  150. Copy Data from One Sheet to another Specific sheet
  151. Compile error
  152. [SOLVED] VBA & OLAP Pivot:Code to set report filter pvt field with items from another pvt tabl
  153. Macro help to copy from Excel into email without duplicating info
  154. Select range on Row until last empty cell
  155. [SOLVED] Issue consolidating data to another worksheet
  156. [SOLVED] Need help with constructing a macro that counts dates as one day.
  157. [SOLVED] Copying multiple sheets with varying numbers of rows to one sheet.
  158. Copy a range of cells
  159. [SOLVED] Need help restructuring or recreating VBA code Please!
  160. [SOLVED] Help, i need to create a command button for saving selection as txt file
  161. [SOLVED] Save Workbook As .txt File With Delimiter
  162. [SOLVED] need help constructing a vba macro by using a key chart to reanslate number combin to
  163. Macro to automatically paste the selected column into another sheet
  164. [SOLVED] VBA to open file with date and partial name
  166. [SOLVED] How do I create a macro that allows me to show and hide rows with only one button?
  167. [SOLVED] Problems with hidden rows
  168. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>OFFSET>Count visible columns in a row that are >0
  169. Replace Multiple Carriage Returns with Single Carriage Returns
  170. VBA to autofilter between dates in one column based on text value in another cell
  171. VBA to auto filter based on 4 criterias
  172. [SOLVED] Sending e-mail from Excel with Outlook behaving badly
  173. move email from a frolder to different folder from Desktop
  174. [SOLVED] VBA to copy row if cells contain value
  175. [VBA] Query an Outlook Distribution List from Excel
  176. [SOLVED] Run Time Error when I click on a button twice
  177. How to sort numbers and strings at once?
  178. Open Workbook when the workbook name is combination of cells
  179. [SOLVED] Need Help in contructing a Macro the returns frequ. of searched data in chart,please!
  180. Help with Reusing file name
  181. Help with workbook source and textbox value
  182. [SOLVED] Toggle Visibility of the Drop Down of A Specified Table Column
  183. vba to append data by sheets name
  184. VBA code to apply to whole workbook
  185. [SOLVED] Need help restructuring code tohighlight numerical data w/o special characters please
  186. If first conditions is NOK else go to second condition
  187. Transferring Data Between Sheets (Excel VBA)
  188. [SOLVED] Change Layout of Column chart
  189. [SOLVED] Script to desseminate broker statement into trade journaling software
  190. Import Multiple Text Files from a folder to multiple worksheets
  191. Data Validation / Indirect help
  192. Consolidate and remove duplicate
  193. Macro to copy the 0 number
  194. [SOLVED] Problem with Macro
  195. How do i select a table range in VBA
  196. From a form - write todays date and a variable value in the next available row
  197. 'Unique Filter' applied on look back for multiple entries
  198. VLookup in VBA returning an empty string Why I was expecting the value I was serching
  199. macro to copy excel to powerpoint
  200. [SOLVED] Range " does not contain" - code
  201. VBA Script to Copy Excel Chart to Word not working in later versions of Word
  202. Print sheets based on partial sheet name?
  203. Excel 2013>VBA>Named Range>Display filtered range in listbox
  204. Stacking columns from several worksheets into a new worksheet
  205. [SOLVED] Detect listbox item is numeric problem
  206. [SOLVED] VBA: copy/pastespecial between workbooks
  207. Please configure my code with automatic filter
  208. Problem with pasting a concatenate value using VBA
  209. [SOLVED] Page in multipage form dont show picture, comand button and so on after swapping
  210. Else If - Do Nothing
  211. Comparison between two worksheets and find the difference
  212. [SOLVED] I need to remove the offset
  213. Excel 2013>VBA>AutoFilter>Multiple Fields Multiple Criteria
  214. need a 2 input solver
  215. Stepped through with no issues...but still obtained an error?
  216. Copying an entire row and pasting it on next row (loop)
  217. How to call Auxiliary Functions
  218. VBA works in one workbook but not another
  219. Run code if hyperlink clicked falls in target range
  220. Can't Get Userform to Pop Up After Deleting Worksheet
  221. VBA script to auto send e-mail using closed Excel Workbook
  222. VBA for workbook path sending in an email
  223. VBA code for message box popup if data already exist.
  224. Copy UserForm text box values to another workbook
  225. MsbBox code help
  226. [SOLVED] Hide row if cell contains...
  227. How to Loop?
  228. Hyperlink Help
  229. [SOLVED] VBA Code to enter different formula if value is different
  230. Cell referencing in formula
  231. Pasting into an existing column
  232. [SOLVED] VBA Conditional Formatting not Applying
  233. Excel 2013>VBA>Match>Wildcard
  234. [SOLVED] UserForm does not show ... Runtime error
  235. Sending SMS through VBA
  236. how to do this with vba? a difficult question
  237. Create a wizard for Users
  238. [SOLVED] Determining number of rolls to delete
  239. Disabling Cut Copy Paste in Excel 2013 not working
  240. [SOLVED] Need Help restructuring this Macro for large amount of data. Please
  241. VBA Password Prompt Appears on Exit from Excel
  242. Count consecutive cells (rows) with same value
  243. Finding duplicate values
  244. vba for each worksheet loop
  245. VBA to delete empty rows
  246. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>VBA>UserForm>TextBox>Name as variable
  247. [SOLVED] Dynamic Array using Redim Preserve VS large static array?
  248. Range of Rows filtered by column data
  249. [SOLVED] How do I convert text or string to time format using excel vba?
  250. [SOLVED] Addtional condition in array formula