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  1. [SOLVED] Addtional condition in array formula
  2. Paste as Unique values and paste dynamic cell formulas too
  3. [SOLVED] NEED with either fixing formual or preferably a macro to do this procedure. Please!
  4. [SOLVED] Out of memory
  5. Help, User input dynamic array
  6. excel vba multiple charts in new sheet
  7. How to delete entire row if specific column has ANY data in it?
  8. How to check the code of a macro which calculates the value of a certain cell?
  9. Function Simpification
  10. .AllowMultiSelect = True works intermittently
  11. Automating Tasks in Excel via VBA
  12. Saving and merging Word docs from Excel Sheet
  13. [SOLVED] need help understanding How to invert number. please
  14. Returning multiple results with Index/Match
  15. Lookup value in column and get result from relevent page
  16. [SOLVED] Select case debug error
  17. [SOLVED] Change picture depending on choice
  18. Select multiple sheets now not working
  19. Import sheets
  20. Populate 2nd tab by taking data from 1st tab
  21. [SOLVED] Find max min of subsets only after Instruction given
  22. Dynamic Conditonal Statements Help
  23. Set Range to Existing Range Name based on criteria
  24. Macro to loop through solver and post results to separate sheet
  25. [SOLVED] 424 Error, but object is in place
  26. Dynamic tax calculator
  27. [SOLVED] Excel 2013>VBA>Array>Fill with loop
  28. Web Scraping - Why does the code stop?
  29. [SOLVED] Copying, naming, and saving a master workbook
  30. Extracting data from a Sheet-VBA Help
  31. [SOLVED] Small problem with my code
  32. Create command buttons based on sheet names in UserForm1
  33. Need help hi lighting numbers with formulas in a cell
  34. Need Help Duplicating dates in a column, with a VBA. Please
  35. Assistance with data counting in VBA
  36. Count number of occurrences of text in the same cell separated by ";"
  37. Vba code that creates an input mask for a password ***** in an input box
  38. [SOLVED] sync 2 seperate gps times in two different columns
  39. Excel VBA to open Word doc, then populate, then Save it as PDF
  40. [SOLVED] need help to construct vba to label order of value in a cell and rslt to nxt col plea
  41. When macro tries to modify a chart in a protected sheet (UserInterfaceOnly) -> Error#
  42. Macro of copy and paste loop
  43. How to get the data from website (javascript) to excel by using vba
  44. [SOLVED] VBA to delete cells based on cell selected and move cells up
  45. Visible cells
  46. Formula Chart vs smae chart without specific item
  47. Lock Cells based on criteria
  48. VBA Varible IF Statement
  49. [SOLVED] need help please in contructing a macro for excel, please!
  50. Immediate window for changing dates
  51. Automation error during mail merge in Excel VBA
  52. [SOLVED] VBA remove specific characters in cell
  53. Automatically move to next sheet and perform Macro
  54. Macro to copy data rom all the files in folder and paste in single sheet
  55. Macro to copy data from all the files in folder and paste in single sheet
  56. [SOLVED] Need Help with a Conditional Format
  57. [SOLVED] List 4 number combinations
  58. Problems using For Loops and Find function
  59. Find nearest greater value
  60. [SOLVED] Searching in specific sheets problem
  61. Remove page info in cell
  62. [SOLVED] Excel splash screen not working while macro runs
  63. Fill Down, but not locked into one value.
  64. VBA function for representing click on ribbon icon (command bar) icon
  65. Compare ID and Header Two Worksheets
  66. reorganizing cell data on a diferent sheet
  67. rounding number problem in vba
  68. macro to copy exel data to powerpoint
  69. VBA code Problem
  70. Validate Date and Compare Amounts
  71. vba column to pivot table converted field
  72. Copy File List - Show Which Files Were Copied Succesfully
  73. Produce report on new page with current date
  74. Salary calculation problem
  75. [SOLVED] How to display Elapsed time on a Excel User Form ( Using Excel 2007)
  76. Terminology
  77. [SOLVED] Need help creating a macro that produces a dual cursor
  78. Copy multiple tables from multiple sheets to a master list sheet
  79. calculate salary for specific record
  80. PivotTable not functioning
  81. Need Help: Changing Sheet Index Property in VBA code
  82. Macro to expand SUMPRODUCT Formula
  83. VBA Code to go through one column cells, I don't have range, I have only one column?
  84. How can we convert arabic numbers to English number using VBA in Excel?
  85. Help With For Loop
  86. [SOLVED] VBA merge excel sheets into new sheet with some conditions
  87. [SOLVED] Lookup or Index Match Formula
  88. Not getting response in soap service call from excel vba
  89. [SOLVED] How to suppress JavaScript errors when loading a webpage into a WebBroswer control
  90. Basic VBA Help with Ifs, fors, and relative referencing
  91. Userform Multiple WebBrowser issue Excel 2010
  92. [SOLVED] Excel 2010 vs. 2016 Functions won't Work
  93. Exporting Query from Access to Excel - Inconsistent Results
  94. [SOLVED] Create a workbook from a worksheet and name it from a list
  95. Populate data from 2 columns
  96. Pause VBA loop until sheet is recalculated
  97. Need help in excel vba
  98. loop through checkboxes
  99. Find function
  100. Userform Errors
  101. [SOLVED] Pivot Time?
  102. Well versed in formulas but NOT VBA Code - Help a noob!
  103. Combobox: Optionbutton dependent lists
  104. [SOLVED] CF in Pivot Table
  105. [SOLVED] Extract & paste the filename into another workbook
  106. Transposing multiple columns into one column while repeating the names
  107. Multi ComboBox2 and TextBox how to update this whit less code
  108. Run time error 91
  109. [SOLVED] Clear all cells vba
  110. Macro to replace part of a formula with result
  111. vlookup within for loop vba
  112. [SOLVED] Need help restructering Macro for specific result, Please
  113. [SOLVED] Inserting Rows based on cell differences and interpolating in between
  114. Class in Excel
  115. [SOLVED] VBA run code if 3 rows and different code if 7
  116. Run time error 9 : Subscript out of range
  117. Background cell color on filter in vba
  118. Click event for a group of option buttons in a Frame
  119. [SOLVED] Need help restructuring a coloring cells code macro.
  120. [SOLVED] Tricky one, Changing vertical list to horizontal list...
  121. [SOLVED] call shell and execute in cygwin using excel vba
  122. Sending Email from excel cell with attachment
  123. [SOLVED] Link embedded objects
  124. [SOLVED] VBA to Verify Data
  125. Send multiple different pdf to contacts on list
  126. [SOLVED] Rename excel worksheets based on values contained in 1 excel tab
  127. [SOLVED] I need help fixing macros to high light the correct data. please need help with this!
  128. VBA Code for Combing Lists
  129. [SOLVED] ComboBox Linked Cell
  130. Create OLAP Connection in Excel 2010 via VBA Code under the Button
  131. [SOLVED] Textbox validation
  132. [SOLVED] VBA Loop Through all open Workbooks
  133. [SOLVED] Unable to select a value in a DropDown List in a Webpage using VBA
  134. Code to generate plots for different variables with different range in loop manner
  135. [SOLVED] Combining Columns into One
  136. [SOLVED] Something like vlookup
  137. only run one email command and other processes based on user prompt using excel vba
  138. Stop auto text to columns upon opening
  139. Source Password Protected
  140. Auto update data to diffrent columns VBA code needed
  141. Save the workbook with a time stamp in the same folder
  142. Need help with program deleting rows
  143. Problem changing cell color on button click
  144. [SOLVED] Disable right click insert rows
  145. VBA transfer columns from two reference sheets to a master sheet with different colum
  146. Delete is taking to long, and I dont know another way to do it.
  147. From DDL field
  148. Formula for value in Row
  149. [SOLVED] How to post only the SaveAs location that a user selects to a Worksheet cell
  150. Excel - lock range of cells in a row based on value in a cell
  151. Calculate Net Salary
  152. [SOLVED] Need help rearranging VBA to search from a rangei a range for duplicates to HL please
  153. Need help! constr a macro that copies data and pastes in multiple new range in WB
  154. Compare three work sheets problem
  155. Need Macro Help for making Transpose List
  156. Named Range !REF# error
  157. Get oldest file from the folder
  158. Point in Polygon
  159. [SOLVED] Generating random outcomes based on probability
  160. Display warning alerts
  161. Help with formula for scenarios
  162. [SOLVED] Help locking a column to prevent editing.
  163. VBA code in Excel opens Word template and fills bookmarks, but can't get correct form
  164. [SOLVED] Selecting a file to email from Excel 2010
  165. VBA code to automatically click an element of a toolstrip
  166. Changing cell color
  167. Cannot get excel to email sheet via outlook
  168. Creating a curve graph to show negative position to positive position
  169. VBA Open a Excel file and then copy charts to other excel file which is already open
  170. what should be the VBA code for my problem?
  171. Unable to fill text box of a #32770 window [EXCEL-VBA]
  172. VLOOKUP question
  173. [SOLVED] At my wits end
  174. [SOLVED] Verify no files are open in a folder
  175. Gathering sheet names and displaying them in a specific sheet column
  176. [SOLVED] VBA operator problem
  177. Print PDF batch scripting for a noob
  178. [SOLVED] import a .csv generated from a php website link
  179. [SOLVED] Loop through each excel file in a folder
  180. Split Multiple worksheets to Multiple Workbook based on Column Value
  181. [SOLVED] Multiple Dependent Checkbox to hide unhide sheet
  182. How to Call a user defined input within range function ? or Global Call ?
  183. Help with lookup formula
  184. [SOLVED] vba code to offset negative values - left or right and make positive
  185. VBA does not print
  186. Return the value to the right of the cell
  187. [SOLVED] Macro to move back to previously active cell
  189. match work sheets
  190. range of object failed xcel 2013
  191. date pick error
  192. Delete all rows except names input by user
  193. [SOLVED] Need to create a separate worksheet for each row of data
  194. Macro that highlights specific rows yellow if a cell is green and a date varies
  195. Make code shorter
  196. [SOLVED] Calculate power
  197. Searching for cells that contain a specific text constellation
  198. VBA HELP!!!
  199. [SOLVED] Need help with current macro run the x vlaues as letters. Please!!!
  200. Can you search sort for a specific color and number
  201. [SOLVED] Need help Restructuring current macro to translate different type of data, please!!!
  202. Save a copy of an excel file as Read Only
  203. Need help to create Scatter plot chart through VBA code
  204. How to search a specific text constellation?
  205. How to search a specific text constellation?
  206. Excel VBA to download file from url
  207. Extracting Unique Values in Column that meets criteria
  208. How to search substring against range and if found remove it?
  209. sum every sheet cell into a sheet easy
  210. remove line or lines from a text file using vba if checkbox is true
  211. User Defined Function not working when entered in Excel
  212. Vba Web Project - Data from web to Excel sheet
  213. Copy one cell of a worksheet of a workbook and paste to a master workbook many times
  214. VBA Error 91
  215. paste as text from other applications
  216. [SOLVED] Need help to transform one spreadsheet into another form of spreadsheet.
  217. Clock macro - How to setup clock as per zones, macro should work when excel is open
  218. Msg Box if cell left blank
  219. [SOLVED] Finding the active cell in other work book
  220. [SOLVED] Revert Scientific Notiation to the Text that was Entered
  221. Having an Excel file open a website at a specified time
  222. [SOLVED] UserForm RowSource Named Range Crashes
  223. Inventory System
  224. [SOLVED] VB Excel, Count shapes with same color
  225. Can't copy cells' content into another workbook
  226. How to search column and highlight values that are not in dictionary?
  227. Retention Report Automation
  228. Populate spreadsheet cells based on multi select listbox and combo boxes
  229. Excel2013 or 2016 on Android Tablet with VBA
  230. How do I save a value from a combobox on a userform to my sheet where ......
  231. Next record problem
  232. [SOLVED] Show the Solver Dialog Box
  233. [SOLVED] Copy Paste Ranges - Listed in Column A
  234. [SOLVED] VBA code to find the string and paste the whole sentence in another cell
  235. Integer Overflow
  237. [SOLVED] How to compare two Strings and do some find-copy-paste operation
  238. Excel templates to PDF
  239. [SOLVED] Type mismatch error on startup
  240. [SOLVED] excel vba search text in range and retrieve results in a textbox
  241. Problem for salary calculation
  242. If M column starts with phone number shift K,L and M cells left.
  243. [SOLVED] File not found error when trying to attach PDF to Email
  244. Transpose or Copy Text from text to another Text box and Undo when necessary
  245. Filter/sort columns in another sheet
  246. Automatically pull new data VBA
  247. Looping Countifs with Excel Formulas
  248. dynamic graph based on drop down list
  249. VBA - Finding a value in column A, selecting that row, pasting it above with formulae
  250. VB Excel, Data Not able to auto refresh