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  1. Autofit inconsistent
  2. Dynamic hyperlink in VBA
  3. [SOLVED] Copy/select specific row to last row
  4. Trouble with pulling data from offline workbooks
  5. timesheet Out of Hours enhanced payment values
  6. Save each sheet as a text file
  7. VBA : Help on Filtered Range
  8. Bypass "Enable content"
  9. Run time error '13' type mismatch
  10. Run time error '13' Type mismatch
  11. [SOLVED] Save sheet - New copy - Modify code witout formulas
  12. Help - Run-time error '9': Subscript out of range
  13. [SOLVED] Deleting rows on filter
  14. Macro enabled file will not open in Office 365
  15. [SOLVED] (PDF VBA and Excel) export cover sheet w/ a loop, attach spec sheet from local drive.
  16. [SOLVED] Vba+Excel - Pivot tables and Dynamic range
  17. [SOLVED] Macro for copying multiple cells from one worksheet to another
  19. VBA Macros Help - NPV
  20. Running a subroutine every half hour up to 5 times
  21. excel workbook pulls data from another excel workbook
  22. Translating Excel formula into VBA code
  23. [SOLVED] What is yellow dot parameter of a shape VBA
  24. [SOLVED] Compare one worksheet to multiple worksheets
  25. Dynamic hyperlink to folder Path problems
  26. Outlook to Excel
  27. VBA new row based on last row and input box
  28. [SOLVED] Blanks in Formula Treated as Zero's
  29. VBA - ReadProcessMemory - With a Base Adress + Pointers
  30. Data form displays incorrect date format.
  31. Trouble with Input Box
  32. [SOLVED] Count number of dates mentioned more than 10 times in a column
  33. Main characters to merge with Sub-characters in record
  34. VBA Work Sheet As Work Book Run Time Error
  35. Help with object shape name and colour
  36. [SOLVED] vba macro to run multiple macros in multiple workbooks
  37. Gather emails from used range in sheet
  38. Lost Data formatting
  39. [SOLVED] Application.EnableCancelKey not working
  40. [SOLVED] Look up in three columns
  41. VBA MS Excel MySQL Connection with ODBC
  42. [SOLVED] Lock cell after macro got runed
  43. [SOLVED] VBE Line continuation for Range definition
  44. Grab file size from URL
  45. Error 430 - C# .dll - Reference VBA
  46. Is it possible to automatically create a "Microsoft equation" from an excel formula?
  47. [SOLVED] Protect/Unprotect
  48. Sum by Colour Vba clarification please
  49. Copy & Pasting in VBA
  50. Find and rename Column Header using VBA
  51. Copy to next cell blank
  52. [SOLVED] Cant delete contents of a cell ... VBA issue
  53. Range SpecialCells Union LastRow
  54. Print all invoices macro
  55. Copying from 1 Workbook and multisheets to Another Workbook and multisheets
  56. Error VBA in Excel 64-bits
  57. How to run the VB in all Excel Files
  58. [SOLVED] Save Application Current States. Recall them when needed. (Rescue Workbook)
  59. How do I set/get a range from a certain cell to the last row in that same column
  60. VBA Code to Loop, Find Missing Data and Perform Calculation
  61. [SOLVED] Hyperlink to Files in Directory - Filter for Specific File Types ONLY to link to
  62. Can files residing on a slow network cause VBA to 'skip'?
  63. Help Keeping a running tally
  64. [SOLVED] Find and rename Table in Workbook if it is present
  65. Userform field changes not detected when userform invoked from userform
  66. Concatenate multiple cells by vba
  67. [SOLVED] Thousands and Decimal Separator Check
  68. VBA dilemma - Passing Variable from Input box
  69. Excel VBA UserForm TxtBox Calulations
  70. Center text vertically inside a combo box or textbox
  71. Macro Subcript Out of Range Error 9 Due to Worksheet Names have a Space
  72. Creating two lists from Multiple Columns
  73. Change cells value base on other cell value by worksheet event
  74. Multiple Spreadsheet data combined into one, and then again output into one workbook
  76. Disconnect Slicers without using slicer name.
  77. [SOLVED] Dividing a column by a range of numbers
  78. Excel VBA text file parsing help
  79. Filter data to another sheet with VBA calculation
  80. [SOLVED] Question about Pivot Tables and Filtering Functionality
  81. [SOLVED] Loop through all rows with data not just first row
  82. VBA Send Email From Excel Spreadsheet
  83. Merge similar rows...
  84. VBA/Macro Help: Copy and Paste x rows above, then find and replace, repeat
  85. [SOLVED] Count Rows EntireColum one Shot in VBA CountA IsNumber, IsEmpty, Istext, HasFormulas
  86. unable to set the formulaarray property of the range class - IF AND
  87. [SOLVED] Issue with the Auto Run Macro under Workbook Open
  88. [SOLVED] Copying data to a specific location, not last available empty row
  89. [SOLVED] Extract Word into Next Row From DataSet - From Searching WordList In Another Sheet
  90. BeforeDoubleClick trouble
  91. Efficient way to run sub if change via slicer is detected
  92. VBA to download Crystal Reports
  93. Button updates cells with Spin Button
  94. infinite series for the sine using VBA command button and input boxes
  95. VBA coding program
  96. Data Validation List generating with VBA getting 1004 error
  97. [SOLVED] For loop for different userform
  98. VBA to export images from cells to a folder with a specific name (MSO 2011 or 2016)
  99. VBA: Pulling data from files in the folder & skipping already processed ones
  100. [SOLVED] Unload all userforms except main userform
  101. Copy And Past On To Next Empty Row
  102. [SOLVED] VBA compare two columns and list cells that match and the ones that don't
  103. [SOLVED] Create an Hyperlink if cell value and file name match
  104. How to find if a date exists within 30 days of other dates in a date range in Excel
  105. Conditional Formatting static “Applies To:” field
  106. Conditional Formatting static “Applies To:” field
  107. VBA for copy from one sheet to another
  108. Close excel file if open
  109. [SOLVED] Filtered List - loop through only counting "visible" rows based on Criteria
  110. [SOLVED] sorting data by cell value
  111. [SOLVED] Search Matched File Names in Col A - Import the Text in Col B
  112. Refine code to combine multiple CSV files into single workbook
  113. Help Converting Early Binding to Late Binding VBA Code
  114. [SOLVED] Transposing each set of 22 items (all from the same column) into rows
  115. [SOLVED] Multiple Lookup Criteria - Help Required
  116. query close problem
  117. VBA to Retrieve Information from Multiple Workbooks
  118. [SOLVED] Copying & Pasting Values on Same Sheet to New Table - Pasting Issues...
  119. listobox remove item erorr
  120. Copy down formula then remove formula from where it copied with paste it as value
  121. Help with Count if
  122. [SOLVED] VBA Coding for Averageifs that needs to dynamically adjust over 8 quarters
  123. Macro to Deduct and Display Time in Userform TextBox
  124. Integrate multiple filesd in a specific directory to one worksheet in a separate file
  125. Loop through all worksheets in chosen folder to remove duplicate rows
  126. [SOLVED] AVERAGEIF Specific cells ignoring #DIV/0!
  127. [SOLVED] Scrolling not working for TreeView
  128. Help with merging workbooks
  129. [SOLVED] Stripping Line Breaks
  130. [SOLVED] Excel program & left in the lurch--please help
  131. spread repated cells
  132. Code Randomly works - No Pattern to when it does not work. Help Please
  133. Need to VBA Grouping for 2500 Rows.
  134. [SOLVED] Extracting Form Fields from Word to Excel run-time error
  135. [SOLVED] Need help const a VBA Macro to record 3rd and 4th digits, place in to rght in col B
  136. [SOLVED] Need Help: Replace all Cells of a Column with its Caption, if Cells Value is "TRUE"
  137. Multiple Modes
  138. [SOLVED] Need help restucturing VBA Macro please!
  139. Excel to Outlook Bold Text & Include Auto Signature
  140. vba excel macro data between two dates
  141. [SOLVED] Import from a Number of Worksheets Listed in a Column
  142. [SOLVED] Finding Last Column with CF Format - Paste Previous 6 columns format to Empty Column
  143. Help Posting??
  144. Help with compare code
  145. VBA Code will not search subfolders.
  146. ActiveX controls in office 2016 distort when design mode is off
  147. Export excel to pdf with pass
  148. [SOLVED] Align Row Content with cell format to Left column & Delete Blank row
  149. Breaking Powerpoint slidemaster link from Excel vba + quick macro question
  150. [ Excel ] drop down list with fixed area of dynamic table for user to enter data
  151. advanced filter code - subscript out of range/'Name' of object '_Worksheet' failed
  152. Help, scan barcode to two documents at the same time
  153. Return All Matching Rows On Button Press
  154. [SOLVED] [VBA] Copying cells from one sheet to another
  155. VBA code to build Pivot tables in “Existing sheets”.
  156. How to save PP as pptx instead of ppt from Excel VBA
  157. Excel VBA Queries
  158. VBA Loop Through Columns
  159. Userform to Image
  160. [SOLVED] Dynamic Table Array for Pivot Table in VBA
  161. Help with vba
  162. [SOLVED] VBA CellMovement from ActiveCell
  163. [SOLVED] How to check if Cells has content or not
  164. How to access Onedrive folder using macro / VBA?
  165. VBA to Delete Leading ,Trailing and Excess Spaces in Excel
  166. VBA Deleting rows from specific cells based on some condition
  167. Multiple lookups for string in once cell and return comma separated values
  168. [SOLVED] Table editing
  169. Average Function-Cannot do Copy and Drag with Quarterly Avg. Calc - Periodicity Issue
  170. [SOLVED] VBA Clear contents help
  171. How to express my cell range dynamically (using numbers) in VBA?
  172. [SOLVED] Import Text Content From File - Stored in SubFolders - If It Matches File Name Col A
  173. [SOLVED] Create a Copy of workbook with selected sheets
  174. [SOLVED] Transpose rows to columns
  175. [SOLVED] Sending email with links disabled in sheets
  176. Advice needed
  177. Transfer Selected Body Content from Outlook to Excel
  178. [SOLVED] Set powerpoint presentation opened from excel as active
  179. [SOLVED] Error with Find (438)
  180. [SOLVED] Linking macro in one sheet to anothwer sheet
  181. help building formula string
  182. Help Creating a Custom Desktop Shortcut
  183. [SOLVED] Folders path in excel cell
  184. VBA Copy/Paste Data Based Off ActiveX Dropdown Box
  185. Excel 2010 formula reccomendations
  186. Macro to identify selected point in Excel chart
  187. How to match index with two criterias and multiple dates?
  188. VBA Copy An Paste Only Copying 1st Row
  189. Identify Font used in XLS sheet
  190. VBA Code/Macro Help
  191. [SOLVED] Merging workbooks
  192. Add Usedrange property in the existing code
  193. [SOLVED] VBA or Formula? to assign a number based on driving miles
  194. Make the range dynamic
  195. Filter and create outlook email
  196. Automation of email classification selection
  197. How to remove duplicates within duplication sets based on criteria?
  198. [SOLVED] Copy color from range of cells
  199. How to close excel properly
  200. VBA Code Indentation tool for x86 and x64 Excel
  201. [SOLVED] Formula/VBA help
  202. Two Combo Boxes Active Control in the same sheet affecting each other
  203. Extracting Word Table cell Information from Multiple .docx Files on an Intranet page
  204. Match cells from another workbook & then copy
  205. [SOLVED] Getting Attachments from Outlook with Excel VBA
  206. [SOLVED] Sequence Function
  207. Macro to save spreedsheet as new file
  208. [SOLVED] Two-column data transferred to single cell
  209. VBA to look for certain parameters in a word and populate a single data to excel
  210. [SOLVED] Need Macro To Change And Add So Many Days To A Cell With A Date
  211. Help with LinkedIn
  212. Import/Extract Information from Word to Excel using VBA
  213. Userform: How do I disallow "save & exit" if requried fields are not filled-in?
  214. [SOLVED] Macro works only in one workbook
  215. [SOLVED] Pivot field moments Postion{1,5}. in case if the items availabe
  216. Outlook to Excel Table using VBA having a small issue
  217. Copying of one Cell Value each Row as excel runs down the Page.
  218. [SOLVED] Filter and name the rows when available
  219. [SOLVED] Auto E-Mail an Excel File When Saved???
  220. Help wanted....
  221. Calendar Control Not Working using VBA Code
  222. How to amend a formula to a new criteria
  223. when run macro, original file auto open
  224. [SOLVED] Add missing text in certain cells
  225. [SOLVED] How to prevent a Pivot Table from Re-Sizing
  226. Do until loop in Excel
  227. Transpose column by date( Excel or VBA)
  228. Transpose Column to Row (2 column)
  229. VBA code for if else based on date
  230. Catching error messages
  231. From Template file Force Save and Close
  232. Create PDF of Workbook or Individual sheets by last used row & column and send email
  233. Gmail search box automation - Need Help
  234. Group Columns are not expanded
  235. Paytm Automation help
  236. Copy specific links into excel from explorer html
  237. [SOLVED] Fill an array LIKE a multiplication table with a macro
  238. Assign value to shape by double clicking
  239. Autosum current column in a table
  240. [SOLVED] VBA To Hide or Show Rows
  241. Date Automation
  242. how to export the data into .excel in VBA
  243. [SOLVED] Assigning datalabels to doughnut charts with vba
  244. [SOLVED] Protected View, Enable Edit causes Runtime Error 91 or 1004
  245. Help with using a UDF as the criteria for a countif formula
  246. [SOLVED] Convert Text body in email to HTML
  247. VBA Exam type of questions
  248. [SOLVED] If only blanks PIVOT should not be inserted
  249. Need one Sub for all CheckBoxes.
  250. [SOLVED] Pass Sheet Codename as argument to Subroutine