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  1. [SOLVED] If only blanks PIVOT should not be inserted
  2. Need one Sub for all CheckBoxes.
  3. [SOLVED] Pass Sheet Codename as argument to Subroutine
  4. Need help constructing a vba to remove duplicates and its original and spare the uniq
  5. How to Save listbox items to .csv file
  6. How To Create a spreadsheet in excel
  7. Problem about data form excel to API
  8. Embedded image in Gmail only works with .Display before .Send
  9. Is a Multi-Cell Row Power Search Possible?
  10. [SOLVED] Issue with AVERAGEIF
  11. [SOLVED] How can I run VBA Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick on a (new) daily extract.csv
  12. Save Specific Protected Sheets to a new Workbook
  13. [SOLVED] Help with Dynamic UserForm in Excel
  14. Macro to concatenate cells into a single cell multiple times
  15. Convert to For Next loop
  16. [SOLVED] LastRow from a specific Cell
  17. VBA Help
  18. Put linear trendline equation into cell
  19. Problem about sort horizontal with Function.
  20. Problem about Loop through files sort by Date.
  21. Logit VBA Debugging
  22. [SOLVED] Hide Column Target Cell Clicked - From a List
  23. Checking For Commands From Central Server
  24. Outlook Calendar In Excel
  25. [SOLVED] Auto Save Excel File as PDF
  26. Email Range Of Cells
  27. [SOLVED] Show/Hide a Textbox Based on Value of a Combo Box in a USerform
  28. Sum with weeknumbers of a given date
  29. [SOLVED] Loop through sheets based on cell contents
  30. operations copy and paste file from Adobe Reader
  31. How To Copy just the value in Excel.
  32. Search data in 4 Contiguous cells within a selected area
  33. Amending Code To Reference value (Email address) In Cell
  34. Can I "cancel" Workbook_WindowDeactivate?
  35. [SOLVED] For If Statement with Two Ranges
  36. convert column to matrix
  37. Hyperlink With Special Characters
  38. Cycling through sheets with loop
  39. Help adding font size / color / etc to my macro
  40. [SOLVED] How to Combine a Save As PDF macro and an E-Mail send macro???
  41. Problem about function reference
  42. How To Copy excel to powerpoint
  43. How select next blank cell in row and add timestap
  44. SAVEAS with location
  45. Delete all AllowEditRanges in workbook
  46. Copying cells from worksheet that varies in cell range and number of pages.
  47. [SOLVED] Automatically Update TextBox on Other Sheet
  48. Match to master
  49. Delete Entire Row Based on a Selection
  50. Run time error 429 - ActiveX component can't create object.
  51. Information about Transferring Data In Excel.
  52. Problem about a variable value In excel.
  53. Chart - Plot has different size
  54. Out of Memory error on close tries to open protected VBA
  55. Search List, Find Sheet, Return Value
  56. Autofill Across Columns with "Centered Across Formatted (3 Columns)" Quarterly Dates
  57. [SOLVED] Please Help me
  58. Search for postcodes in a PDF document and list them in a excel worksheet
  59. Open all pdf one by one from a folder using followhyperlink
  60. Questions about conditions in excel function.
  61. Need help of members with spreadsheet allows users to manipulate.
  62. Macro for executing commands from cmd prompt
  63. Macro to count repeat occurrences from closed WB and paste total counts in new WB
  64. Adapt macro that copies excel to ppt
  65. Open Hyperlink File From Cell - Follow Hyperlink
  66. [SOLVED] CheckBox on UserForm to show Full list or Part list according to Criteria
  67. VBA Coding to send a common email to different email addresses based on cell values
  68. Issues about source in excel 2010.
  69. Question about create Macro manage information.
  70. Use WinHttpRequest#responseStream for SOAP Request
  71. When Limit has reached in Excel, send to Sheet2
  72. loop, vba
  73. Insert Excel cell range in Shell command
  74. Insert row automatically?
  75. add payment button vba code
  76. Exit User Form Button
  77. Find duplicates with VBA
  78. Copying multiple ranges to Word
  79. [SOLVED] Initialize modeless FYI Userform but focus never leaves sheet
  80. Download from FTP
  81. Saving to different folders based on part numbers in B1
  82. [SOLVED] Help with VBA password in commanduttons
  83. [SOLVED] INDIRECT Row Reference and Increments
  84. ie.navigate to follow links from A1 to A2000
  85. VBA an MSGBOX
  86. VBA Multiple Attachments
  87. Pasting excel tables one after the other from excel into a word document
  88. Meaning of iLastColumn = .Column + .MergeArea.Columns.Count - 1
  89. Excel VBA Database
  90. Macro: Sheet 1 populates Sheets 2 & 3 with unique records only. (stuck)
  91. VBA to group matching data and copy for printing
  92. Problems Initiating a User Defined Function UDF - Using Application.caller.row
  93. How to login with vba
  94. Can't select and activate cells during BeforePrint event
  95. VBA code to Copy/Insert + Delete rows by criteria
  96. VBA: Apply loop to existing code
  97. Save Worksheet as PDF and Attach in Outlook
  98. Extract data from LinkedIn
  99. All VBA Code Stopped Working
  100. Error 53 "file not found"
  101. [SOLVED] Help to create a date range chart based on a date wthin the data
  102. Copy and rename files without overwriting files
  103. From Sheet.add to Workbook add method
  104. Multi-choice of the listbox to many controls(textbox)
  105. VBA Simple Code Help (Formatting FDM)
  106. [SOLVED] Problems using ComboBox
  107. Looking for help with VBA code please?
  108. Gantt Chart
  109. Need VBA code for Copy+insert / Delete rows & columns by criteria
  110. Code guidance please
  111. Sort All Sheets In Workbook
  112. [SOLVED] Individually generate email content and attached all files from folder based on cell
  113. [SOLVED] Copy first 5 characters of Course Name to Column A
  114. VBA code to rename folders
  115. Unable to read last line from VBA plink stdout
  116. [SOLVED] Set Variable of column number to Multicolumn ListBox
  117. Excel: Copy Paste as Values & Save as new sheet
  118. Copy Missing Data to Main Worksheet.
  119. [SOLVED] Sorting Sheets in a specific order
  120. populating checked items in worksheet1 to worksheet2
  121. VBA Checkbox buttons
  122. HTML click not consistently working
  123. Passing Data from UserForm to Sheet makes excel to crash (Why?)
  124. Auto-resize Shape_width
  125. Loop through Vlookup
  126. [SOLVED] Using Workbook from FilePicker
  127. Help with combining these macro snippets?
  128. Need VBA Code to close userform
  129. VBA Command button
  130. Excel File-1 copy the value & compare with Excel File-2 and Save it in Excel File-1 ?
  131. Pivot > Showall data in rows field
  132. [SOLVED] Fix calculation of minimum date
  133. [SOLVED] Hide rows between 2 strings
  134. Open Images Folder Mac OSX
  135. Workbook Password Protect
  136. Need help with a VBA code for distributing data
  137. Validation Tool- Lookup for Mis-Match and send email out
  138. Why data labels gone when i paste the chart to other workbook and change the range?
  139. Copy select data on USERFORM
  140. [SOLVED] Combo box filtering?
  141. [SOLVED] Send attachment via outlook
  142. Macro to conditionally insert rows not functioning as intended
  143. [SOLVED] UDF to convert column Letter to Number and return the Largest column as Number
  144. [SOLVED] Match two rows using VBA
  145. [SOLVED] Require VBA Macro logic for Multiple ID and Matching Columns data.
  146. Stock Length Calculator
  147. Copy select data to different column
  148. Copy line by index number and past in another worksheet
  149. Embed an "open file" dialogue box to userform, Excel 64 bit version
  150. VB script to filter and update value in different sheet
  151. Generate random values between two number and specific string
  152. Hitro Macors
  153. Match two rows across various columns using VBA
  154. Stopping or breaking userform or code causes VBA to flip through all userforms
  155. [SOLVED] How to check whether Cells contains specific number?
  156. Resetting Dropdown list in all sheets (Excel Workbook)
  157. Hyperlink Issue
  158. Convert Vlookup to VBA
  159. How to conjuct all the excel value into one cell?
  160. [SOLVED] How to get Last Digit from Text
  161. Copy data from one sheet to another based on a certain criteria
  162. [SOLVED] Identify column header name based on a colored cell
  163. VBA Express Certification?
  164. Trying to extract all data from word docs into excel docs
  165. [SOLVED] Run-time error 91
  166. [SOLVED] Match and Vlookup method
  167. Google map Travel Planner #1
  168. [SOLVED] Left Right Function Help
  169. Can VBA be used to search a folder of .docx's for text strings and copypaste to Excel
  170. Codigo VBA para fecha matar o arquivo temporário.
  171. Delete rows except the last one with same numerical value
  172. [SOLVED] Code to match to cells using a mapping
  173. [SOLVED] Unhide Worksheet on Selection of Cell
  174. [SOLVED] Trouble using selected range to define a for loop
  175. [SOLVED] On Open: "This action will reset your project, proceed anyway?"
  176. [SOLVED] Macro to create list of hyperlinks to all files in chosen folder including subfolders
  177. [SOLVED] Remove Apostrophe from string
  178. [SOLVED] Add shape only if shape doesn't already exist
  180. Ping tester in Excal
  181. Run-time error '462': The remote server machine does not exist or is unavailable
  182. Help me insert subtotals on I:L my vba code below. It sorts and insets a blank row
  183. Data Formating - Macro to copy header row and paste to multiple columns.
  184. [SOLVED] Assign Shape Macros - From List
  185. Need help with this macro to have it work with Alpha Numeric data
  186. [SOLVED] VBA to create a mapping
  187. Group Shapes Rename Them - Loop Through Worksheets
  188. [SOLVED] Find and replace
  189. [SOLVED] Find Text Within A String
  190. "MSACCESS.EXE" process issue - How to terminate this process correctly
  191. VBA code disaappeared.
  192. [SOLVED] Forms 2.0 library
  193. [SOLVED] Conditional Compile Question
  194. Open workbook with dynamic filename
  195. Concat date and time in one cell
  196. [SOLVED] Find a Value in a Cell and Delete some of the text
  197. Adding Code to Workbook_BeforeOpen
  198. Open multiple password protected workbooks in a folder
  199. [SOLVED] Split files and attach them to an email
  200. Create multidimensional array from several non adjacent table columns
  201. Problem in Executing the Code
  202. The BIG DATA Challenge - Match cells on BIG DATA Sheet (LOOP take 4 Hrs !)
  203. Copy Leading Numeric Values, then Remove
  204. Update data entry for all future months (not a single month)
  205. Logging other PC programs via VBA excel
  206. Drag Drop Reorder part of Row .. Excel
  207. Help me to correct the vba
  208. trying to finish my vbaproject barcodescanner
  209. Syntax for Evaluate SumProduct in VBA
  210. [SOLVED] trying to pull dynamic webquery data
  211. Make userform stay on top of all windows when macro is fired
  212. VBA: Help me write a code in vba
  213. Formula working wrong, I can't identify why.
  214. Copy and pasting time calculations
  215. Email alert not firing with VBA even though the condition is satisfied.
  216. Learning VBA Variables
  217. Random Sequencing
  218. Rename Current PDF file name using Excel Sheet List
  219. [SOLVED] Search with Criteria on Userform
  220. i want to validate users entered value with existing range in another sheet
  221. [SOLVED] Add 1 row below a selected cell using a user input box
  222. VBA help to convert unstructure data to structured data
  223. Data Validation
  224. [SOLVED] Exporting Worksheet Code Modules - Export Code As Worksheet Name
  225. [SOLVED] Looping For Duplicates In 2 Dynamic Columns (Odd Issue)
  226. [SOLVED] Returning Description Based on Field Value
  227. [SOLVED] Why is "1D050" numeric?
  228. [SOLVED] Need Help constructing a vba counts rows between data and. Please
  229. create workbooks based on a given template using data in a table
  230. how do I save as .xlsx using xcell compiler
  231. [SOLVED] SPLIT STRING issue with array if element not found
  232. Loop for certain text in cell - delete cells and shift up
  233. avoid iterations
  234. Help with duplicate matches when using Index(Match(
  235. Sum if Index Match with multiple criteria
  236. Copy down text in columns until next part number - VBA Code
  237. [SOLVED] Declared Variable not selecting the correct range
  238. Need help reconstructing macros on this file in my description please!!!
  239. VBA code to sort, compare, and line up two lists of data.
  240. [SOLVED] Delete any row which does not have any cells which are conditionally formatted
  241. obtain distinct rows based on three columns
  242. [SOLVED] Start Loop Rows From - Row 10 on wards - Listing Files
  244. hide and protected sheet macro not working
  245. [SOLVED] VBA - Extracting 3 Text Lines From Text files
  246. Removing duplicates from multiple columns
  247. Help VBA using excel function help
  248. Vba help for a lookup table
  249. [SOLVED] QR-reader to Excel (with time stamp)
  250. Multiple column select in VBA