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  1. Select Case Function on a CommandButton/ToggleButton
  2. Merging columns
  3. Moved: VBA: Picture in Word-Header? Position?
  4. VBA Paste As Values
  5. Toggle to Hide Rows
  6. Matching multiple values from different column
  7. [SOLVED] Filling in blank cells with data from another workbook - VBA
  8. VBA help
  9. ListBox on Userform doesn't refresh
  10. Filtering out a specific range and pasting it a row below
  11. new logic need to add to the code
  12. [SOLVED] Code To Save Worksheets As Individual .txt But Only The First 9 Columns Of Each sheet
  13. VBA Books/Courses For A Novice
  14. Help Needed: Picking Shortage Corresponding Date
  15. Copy Used Row
  16. Macro to create new sheets when master is updated
  17. Some last problems with barcode prog. ' SetFocus, Barcode Length ,Autosave'
  18. [SOLVED] Time Rounding VBA (Custom Function?)
  19. Nested Loop to create multiple series in a single chart. Where did I go wrong??
  20. Pls correct my code (sending mails)
  21. [SOLVED] Filtering unique data & Remove duplicate rows & save unique record range in new book
  22. How to check if a cell contains something or not
  23. [SOLVED] Template SaveAs on First Open
  24. Corrupt data in workbook?
  25. Path/File Access Error - Replacing text in xml with text from excel
  26. VBA code to subtract the time diferences in the userform.
  27. Data Merge - Identify Rows Not Pulled Over from Sheet2 into Sheet1 - VBA
  28. Problem with Folder Picker
  29. [SOLVED] VBA Code to Match US Region to the State that is entered
  30. Get multiple values from sheet and assign to textboxes
  31. [SOLVED] Compare two lists of numbers
  32. [SOLVED] Delete row if it contains a certain word or phrase - and use array
  33. Extracting the URLs from a tweet
  34. [SOLVED] If Cell is Highlighted -> Copy Row and Paste in Sheet2
  35. Cumulative sum based on a condition
  36. small logic is missing (auto mail)
  37. [SOLVED] Left & Copy
  38. [SOLVED] Combine worksheets and move row and columns
  39. [SOLVED] Help Loop and Count if more than one unique
  40. Copy Worksheet to another Workbook - VBA
  41. Looping to find difference in time within string
  42. For loop delete entire row if cell is blank
  43. [SOLVED] VBA Celloffset function in For Each Cell function not work
  44. Compare 2 different excel sheets
  45. Delete duplicate rows if they do not contain a specific word
  46. Run "x" number of random draws and calculate totals against a pre-defined set.
  47. Read outlook emails copy to excel.
  48. Range not selecting correctly?
  50. [SOLVED] Find unique records between 2 sheets and delete
  51. Active X component cant create object
  52. Time of creation of shape
  53. VBA code to lock the active sheet
  54. Can't get code to loop through worksheets
  55. How to check for conflicts in a schedule?
  56. VBA select/send email based off criteria
  57. run msgox at certain times of the day only if a specific workbook is still open
  58. Convert table of contents to another format
  59. [SOLVED] A text box in excel that contains a Picture taken from a file
  60. path string in cell
  61. [SOLVED] Linking Label Caption To Textbox
  62. userform menu problem
  63. [SOLVED] How to reuse variable value across Private modules
  64. ThisWorkbook.SaveAs fails at second attempt
  65. disable close "X" button
  66. Using different Range in the body of email based on row criteria - Appointments
  67. Code error 9. Create a workbook and worksheets in relation with variables
  68. [SOLVED] Fill Series of Sequential Numbers in Column A Based on Last Value in Column B - VBA
  69. [SOLVED] Combine two arguments into one.
  70. [SOLVED] Copy sheet and paste values - VBA
  71. Concatenate Multiple Cells
  72. Object required (Error 424)
  73. [SOLVED] Copy values only not the formats.
  74. VBA to search in sheet1, match data in sheet2, return search results in sheet1
  75. Simplifying and looping VBA
  76. Modify VBA code for Advanced Filtering
  77. duplicating range
  78. ComboBox change for multiple comboboxes
  79. VBA auto outlook 2016 to send e-mail based off criteria
  80. [SOLVED] Formula to calculate AVERAGE but only to last used row in a grid.
  81. [SOLVED] Average values within time range for matching header
  82. Compare if any changes then highlight
  83. paste special values for multiple pivots
  84. VBA
  85. VBA
  86. [SOLVED] Grab data between two dates using arrays
  87. VBA Loop help (Error Loop without Do)
  88. Excel custom data validation with drop down list
  89. Index / Match / and search for result between two dates and a little bit more complex
  90. [SOLVED] Got Excel< 2007? Test if "Action Will Reset Project"
  91. Select added value from dropdown menu, program output
  92. Everytime I open my excel file open this file as new excel instance
  93. AverageIfs Dynamic Formula -Criteria Not Working?
  94. Making a leave tracker with VBA
  95. [SOLVED] Create a new sheet / workbook for all Unique values (Including Pictures / Images)
  96. Two Workbooks - Search for Values in Workbook 2, Copy and Paste in Workbook 1
  97. disable cells DataValidation
  98. [SOLVED] Need Some Help with SumProduct
  99. [SOLVED] How to find which columns are being used in active chart
  100. [SOLVED] "Run-time error '1004' on code to remove the ellipsis (...) character from a column
  101. [SOLVED] Setting a found item to a Variable
  102. [SOLVED] Replace certain cells in rows with values from same rows but in different column
  103. Pasting the contents from one sheet to a row after the last active row on another
  104. Not enough memory + Excel 2016
  105. Limiting User Entry on A Userform Combobox NOT working
  106. [SOLVED] Last User Save
  107. [SOLVED] Copying entire row from Sheet1 to Sheet2 if values in multiple cells matches
  108. [SOLVED] Default to current date in textbox
  109. [SOLVED] Reposition cursor in cell that contains the error
  110. VBA question on counters
  111. [SOLVED] Error 1004
  112. VBA - Consolidating information from one sheet from multiple workbooks in the same ma
  113. [SOLVED] Dynamically call function in sheet's VBA module
  114. Copy Data without Activating a Tab
  115. How to extract specified data to the other worksheet?
  116. Excel Error when arguments with multiple parameters are passed
  117. How to amend this code in order to copy the inserted comment also?
  118. [SOLVED] Can someone tell me why this doesn't work.
  119. [SOLVED] Type Mismatch Error
  120. Help subtracting sales from order
  121. For...Each + Merging Cells Leading to Error 2042 (Type Mismatch)?
  122. Macro to copy row, base in condition, into the botton of the table
  123. XMLHTTP - communicate with server - not working on Japanese OS
  124. Initiating a new instance of a class object
  125. Save worksheet as pdf using cell value and loop through work sheets
  126. VBA code to find current user default download folder, then open a specific file
  127. staffing rotation in excel
  128. [SOLVED] help about my code (get data)
  129. [SOLVED] Search a pdf file depended on textbox value in multiple folders and subfolders
  130. create filenames from the values in a MS Excel spreadsheet
  131. [SOLVED] Compare 2 colums of different sheet and copy values for matching data
  132. Multiple Entry Dependent Drop Down Macro
  133. VBA Converter Required
  134. [SOLVED] VBA Calculation
  135. VBA Insert array formula base on criterias
  136. [SOLVED] VBA Question on InputBoxes to Fill Cells on Worksheet
  137. [SOLVED] VBA Formatting Help
  138. Codes working for 2 templates but not the 3rd
  139. [SOLVED] Formula for placing ascending and descending numbers
  140. Can't add new item to the listbox while running the userform
  141. Hyperlink
  142. VBA Error/Trapping/Identification
  143. VLOOKUP with variable workbook and worksheet names in macro
  144. [SOLVED] Create a new workbooks for each Unique value
  145. [SOLVED] merge 2 VBA enabled worksheets to 1 sheet
  146. [SOLVED] VBA Code - setting cell background color doesn't hold with different selection.
  147. Help with time if/then in VBA
  148. VBA Help: Date/Time Stamp functionality
  149. Excel VBA to count the ADDITIONAL comments added to a cell
  150. Excel vba code to automate IE.
  151. [SOLVED] Excel VBA -Comparing Two arrays
  152. Trying to only retrieve files that i do not already have
  153. Creating a dynamic piechart
  154. Vba to highlight the cell and remove duplicates
  155. [SOLVED] Listbox - calculation based on selections
  156. [SOLVED] (HELP) add multiple process to my code
  157. Passing an item and its key to another collection
  158. Error connecting to MySQL using VBA (3709 error)
  159. VBA code to store and count data filtered by other columns
  160. Identify keyboards with vba 7 (Excel)?
  161. [SOLVED] grabbing error values
  162. [SOLVED] Baffled by Runtime Error 1004 - Help Please
  163. [SOLVED] return the value from 'A' which has the largest sum of values in 'B'
  164. Formula producing mixed results, may required VBA
  165. [SOLVED] Process too long for counting received,sent mails etc. with Outlook
  166. VBA to loop through each row and subtract if conditions met
  167. [SOLVED] Importing worksheets and retaining file order
  168. VBA error with parsing JSON
  169. Automating Data Retrieval From Terminal Emulator (OutsideView) with VBA
  170. Splitting multiple worksheet
  171. Filter Data and Copy to new worksheet
  172. [SOLVED] Sorting in Excel VBA
  173. [SOLVED] Pivots auto sort and dollar sign needs to be added
  174. [SOLVED] To Uppercase
  175. [SOLVED] Excel Worksheet_SelectionChange event not firing at all? (on both Office 2013 & 2016)
  176. [SOLVED] Index & Match formula error
  177. Find values
  178. [SOLVED] Problems with GetSetting function
  179. finding last column used and insert new data weekly
  180. Fliter listbox using checkbox
  181. Open File for Output hangs
  182. [SOLVED] Setting the date as dd/mm/yyyy from a combined field
  183. dynamic way of Filter and delete
  184. [SOLVED] Retrieve data(Time, From, subject, category) from Outlook inbox to Execl
  185. [SOLVED] Is possible to show the UserForm of another Excel file?
  186. [SOLVED] Application Defined or object Defined Error 1004 after every cell update
  187. [SOLVED] Named Ranges - Same code, but one is cast as Variant and the other a Range?
  188. [SOLVED] VBA Code to filter a list, then create new list in a new column
  189. FormatConditions.add to change cell color when something is entered
  190. [SOLVED] Is MsgBox Suitable ?
  191. [SOLVED] VBA Pivot Table- Datafields Horizontal to Vertical
  192. Run Time Error 13 (Type Missmatch)
  193. Excel templates and save as workbook
  194. Transpose non organized data
  195. formula error while cut/copy of cell contents
  196. How to pick one webpage each from a collection of web page list!!!
  197. VBA UserForm Movement limit
  198. Fill Formula Down Column when Rows Inserted
  199. [SOLVED] Help with SaveAs PDF
  200. [SOLVED] Combining Data from multiple worksheets to a printable worksheet
  201. VBA - Excel Assistance on consolidating multiple workbooks into one
  202. [SOLVED] Changing a cell font color upon cell entry & exit
  203. Error during import from webpage -> *** requires a JavaScript enabled browser.
  204. Paste multiple formatted word paragraphs into single Excel cell
  205. Arrays Compare
  206. Excel comments: a registered macro that doesn't work
  207. Need help with an vba macro for excel that adding an 0 in a number combination
  208. [SOLVED] New-work-assignment / Sort data
  209. [SOLVED] UDF called by another UDF sees Caller as an Object
  210. [SOLVED] Countif or Similar Help Required and advise on Named Ranges
  211. How to fix this problem? "unable to set the visible property of the pivotitem class"
  212. Excel - Identify Shapes by Content
  213. UDF calculation very slow in excel 2016 (faster in 2010)
  214. [SOLVED] Input cell value based on multiple dropdown list to populate
  215. Rename files using criteria in Excel
  216. VBA query while inspecting element on webpage
  217. Get duration of mp4 files
  218. [SOLVED] copy rows if number doesn't exist in all worksheet
  219. [SOLVED] How to get the index of ActiveChart
  220. excel file saving issues
  221. user form(vba macro)
  222. get file paths based on name criteria from folder
  223. Problems with xl2007
  224. [SOLVED] Update column of selected items in Multi Select Listbox
  225. [SOLVED] Recon between two spreadsheets across various columns
  226. Decorate my sheet as an interface
  227. Remove Duplicate Row IF Older
  228. [SOLVED] Copy Data from one sheet to New Workbook with the New Header Name
  229. Assign value to pie chart
  230. Highlight and popup message Between employee dates are overlap using (vba)
  231. [SOLVED] Macro for Conditional Formatting
  232. How to capture the lock time and event of System by vba?
  233. Gap in between the words in excel
  234. Help--Can't extract data from Mysql using cell content as select condition
  235. Union range vs Arrays (error out of range)
  236. [SOLVED] Date Format in VBA
  237. sorting among workbooks
  238. [SOLVED] callback an EditBox in the Ribbon
  239. [SOLVED] ListBox Object -- Inconsistent behavior (sometimes unresponsive?)
  240. [SOLVED] similar cells - grouping
  241. Producing hundreds of Multiple Regression analysis scenarios simultaneously
  242. Automation error
  243. [SOLVED] Copy a column from excel and paste in the "To" section of a new email in Outlook
  244. Export single row from given sheet & append into existing MSAccess table.
  245. VBA replaces long number with # sign (Excel 2010)
  246. It's possible to add a Word document with a customized name?
  247. combine mutiple values into single cell based on criteria
  248. Should be a simple fix but not sure how to move and tweak my If statement....
  249. Relative Paths within Excel for CSV imports
  250. Looping Mirrored Cells between Worksheets