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  1. Copy Range Until Last Cell With Data
  2. [SOLVED] MouseMove event for disabled controls.
  3. Excel SmartArt Organizational Chart - Name and Title
  4. Interfacing with local 'virtual' server
  5. [SOLVED] Find Match, Copy/Paste to a closed worksheet in workbook
  6. [SOLVED] help with validation
  7. VBA code fastest highlight of unique values
  8. How to copy rows from a sheet to ather sheets in the same workboouk with criteria
  9. Split Workbook Into Multiple Workbooks
  10. VBA - Importing External Data from Txt Files
  11. [SOLVED] copy data in specific columns to another sheet
  12. Need a little help please
  13. Excel will lock specific area based on a date
  14. Find last match in date sorted list using index match with multiple conditions
  15. Sales in the fortnight
  16. [SOLVED] Need help passing variable values to For Loop
  17. Need help: I am out of my depth.
  18. [SOLVED] Copy-Paste cell text content + delete rows
  19. [SOLVED] Need help modifying VBA code to suit requirements - Listing Uniques based on criteria
  20. Need Help - VBA HTML Wikipedia data
  21. Need Help: Import worksheets by name using an array of defined names
  22. [SOLVED] Multiple Find/Replace At Once (Feeding From A Table)
  23. conditional format on a different column
  24. [SOLVED] Need help creating a loop please
  25. Search for a word and get the (row, column) numbers, when the word is found.
  26. custom function in Excel VBA which takes an array as an argument
  27. Loading text file with specific name in excel
  28. Code Execution Speed
  29. [SOLVED] Concatenate Date and Keep Formatting
  30. Need a Help to expand the data in HTML Page in Internet Explorer
  31. [SOLVED] Conditional formatting of cells for 45 different cases with 5 criteria each
  32. Find Z value from given XY. Obtain plane from 3 coordinates VBA function
  33. Copy a varying range
  34. How to highlight cells with dependents in other worksheets?
  35. [SOLVED] Array Index new with Criteria of Old Array
  36. [SOLVED] Vlookup in VBA: lookup multiple values
  37. multiple vlookup formula is not working
  38. Excel VBA macro to copy specific rows and delete it
  39. capture specific records from multiple sheets to one sheet
  40. Find cell, make active cell and repeat
  41. [SOLVED] VBA macro for filtering and copying duplicates
  42. [SOLVED] Insert cell content in shapes VBA
  43. Help Deleting Rows with "If, then" statement
  44. How to simulate Brownian motion for multiple trajectories?
  45. Match same quote number and roll up
  46. Userform for Data Entry Into Several Different Worksheets
  47. [SOLVED] Lookup Value in two columns and identify opposite values
  48. merge/join/combine multiple tables into one master table
  49. Search for files/folder based on excel list info and copy them to new destination fol
  50. [SOLVED] Insert new row above specific text
  51. Excel Window - Automatically Resizes to Last Size
  52. Selection Clear Content
  53. Content in a range is not clearing when i using F5 key
  54. Outputing the time taken for a calculation
  55. [SOLVED] Automatic Filter
  56. Combo Box linked with List box
  57. [SOLVED] VBA macro for combining several cells into one
  58. [SOLVED] Set File Path to Cell in a workbook
  59. [SOLVED] VBA Combining tables into one - value paste needed
  60. exclude a row in code
  61. [SOLVED] Simplify XY Scatter into short line segments, individually colored
  62. [SOLVED] Embedding the most recent picture taken into a cell
  63. Copy multiple files from one folder to other using the file names given in excel.
  64. [SOLVED] delete sign pilcrow in combobox
  65. [SOLVED] Update Master File With Data From Open Workbook
  66. Help with a macro to check results and highlight future forecasts
  67. Error while connecting to Oracle database from excel macro
  68. [SOLVED] Can this code be optimized with regard to the Do While...Loop?
  69. [SOLVED] Report Generator Fix - Run-time error '1004': Doc not saved
  70. All pivot charts export at a time to folder doesn't work in excel 2016
  71. [SOLVED] User Input to VLOOKUP a number in spreadsheet
  72. [SOLVED] VBA text conversion into Number Help
  73. Add Zeros At End of String
  74. [SOLVED] Excel chart problem's
  75. Check Number of rows and insert category name
  76. automatic removal of empty rows
  77. Macro for infinitely moving data to new location (need help).
  78. [SOLVED] Changing source range of pivot table
  79. [SOLVED] Lookup Max value on one sheet and populate on another in used range
  80. [SOLVED] Need Help, How to Add more than 10 Columns ?
  81. Macro to check 4 columns to check for Unique combination & highlight dups
  82. Macro to Check For a Cell Value and Perform Null & Data Type Check for multiple Cols
  83. [SOLVED] populating combobox from access table
  84. [SOLVED] Adding a line to an acces table from a vba userform
  86. Novice syntax question...if then statements...error 1004
  87. How do I make a data scraper [Copy and pastes multiple pages into excel]?
  88. convert alpha to numeric
  89. Break single row into multiple rows based on FORMAT
  90. [SOLVED] VBA Compile Error "Else without if"
  91. [SOLVED] Help storing values in Array and returning to 3 values
  92. VBA to Force the User to Enter Data into a Cell before moving to next cell
  93. Conditional formatting
  94. Load and Sort ComboBox with Dynamic Range From Sheet
  95. [SOLVED] Assign each element of an array to a variable
  96. Error trying to attach file to email
  97. [SOLVED] Search Column and skip hidden rows
  98. Need help .Range.AutoFilter multiple field
  99. Dynamic Userform for data entry
  100. Find variants of positions and value. Need help!
  101. [SOLVED] Looking to code a function to efficiently remove multiple commas in a string
  102. [SOLVED] Automating Copy And Paste
  103. Macro to copy non-blank cells in 2 columns and paste values into first blank cells in
  104. [SOLVED] Odd scope of Workbook_WindowDeactivate?
  105. [SOLVED] Code Products
  106. How to get data from 2 criteria (StartDatte to EndDatte)
  107. Textbox entry search populates into listbox I'm stuck on how to make the VBA code
  108. [SOLVED] VBA search
  109. Need help with MSXML2.serverXMLHTTP request
  110. [SOLVED] Printing multiple ranges/charts from different sheets at the same time?
  111. [SOLVED] Need help with Multiple Pivot Table PivotField filters
  112. [SOLVED] Remove numbers of a 1st column founded in a 2nd one
  113. [SOLVED] Automatically readjusting a Pivot Table's data source range
  114. [SOLVED] In a userform, applying results to a different workbook
  115. Need to consolidate comments across spreadsheets
  116. Excel eMail sending failure in Windows 10
  117. Using If function to separate data into multiple sheet
  118. Date generating
  119. Extracting and refreshing data set
  120. Choose date and calculate onwards
  121. count the number of changes in several cells
  122. [SOLVED] Non-Printing Characters: Box with a Question Mark Unable to remove
  123. Excel VBA: limit file opening times, AND prevent copying. plus authorization code
  124. [SOLVED] Macro to delete rows
  125. [SOLVED] Delete row if it contains a certain criteria Please Help
  126. about Array
  127. VB Excel, increase factor in table
  128. [SOLVED] Show Column Headings in PDF's to Be Emailed
  129. [SOLVED] Adding A Reference
  130. Didn't work my macro to copy&paste only as formulas by default... can you give it a q
  131. Copy / Display row from another sheet
  132. Lookup Text Value
  133. [SOLVED] Need to remove a certain part of cell Data
  134. Defining Name Ranges Using VBA
  135. Different custom ribbon for each sheet
  136. [SOLVED] Copy/Paste unique rows based on multiple criteria
  137. Check if library exists
  138. [SOLVED] Is there a way to add Arrow Keys to Excel's Quick Access Toolbar?
  139. VBA (Noob): Automatically select the next row
  140. VBA - Verification of the sheet > MsgBox
  141. [SOLVED] Selecting pages to print within worksheet
  142. VBA code to delete row is value in column is less than a specific defined value
  143. How to add cells with Conditional Formatting
  144. Can i create a Licence to an excel vba solution !?
  145. sum if textbox <>""
  146. Ending a Sub on a Timer Loop
  147. [SOLVED] 3 Contact Numbers along with , (coma) Too many arguments
  148. [SOLVED] working with record sets
  149. Smartview connection issue
  150. VBA freeze / timeout when processing large data sets
  151. Find a name from a list of names
  152. inputBox default input in code, user not input
  153. [SOLVED] Need a UDF to Identify and remove parts of Cell Data from a Range
  154. VBA to write PDF froms from Excel, Radio Buttons
  155. [SOLVED] To Pull out Certain Set of Data from a Cell [ Urgent ]
  156. [SOLVED] Please Modify this VBA for New Requirement Or Provide a New One
  157. [SOLVED] excel 2010 dashbord to show totals
  158. [SOLVED] Help with Filtering...(autofilter)
  159. [SOLVED] VBA for Auto Filter and Copy/Past the Visible Cells at Destination Workbook
  160. [SOLVED] Array Relative Erase Variables but Next
  161. Issues with VBA's vbModeless for programmatically-created userforms: they close
  162. wildcard character is not working while opening excel file
  163. i could not paste the copied data (VBA)
  164. VBA for sending Bulk Email with Unique Attachments in XLS to Unique Receipient
  165. Calculate months onwards from set date
  166. Adding Worksheets to an Array
  167. explore the land owner
  168. Using .Value fails when initialising a user form
  169. Autofill formula help
  170. Get a Cell into a Standard Format depending on its Contents - UDF/Formula Only
  171. [SOLVED] Pull data from specific worksheet from multiple workbooks
  172. Get rid of extra row height with Word Wrap
  173. [SOLVED] Looping through checkboxes in user form
  174. Data Entry from Excel or CSV to AS400 Emulator is possible or not?
  175. VBA code to create Indented BOM
  176. Macro to Autofill
  177. [SOLVED] Extract Numeric Substring From longer String
  178. Copy Transpose and Paste Macro
  179. How to make Total Row always at the Last Row / bottom of the Printed Page
  180. [SOLVED] thisworkbook.path and dir function
  181. [SOLVED] Image frame resolution
  182. drop down lists vba
  183. Help with populating a table with values on other sheets
  184. [SOLVED] .pattern help please
  185. Add row to table refering to a Cell Value
  186. Adding prefix to cell in column as it is added
  187. VBA Autofilter 3 Criteria
  188. Automatically Converting Numbers stored as text to numers
  189. [SOLVED] No response to change event
  190. calling inputbox if cell value is true
  191. Find DUP, remove both same entries
  192. [SOLVED] autohide userform with active sheet modification
  193. [SOLVED] Check value based on cell text and turn another cell Green if there is a match
  194. Userform Standalone/Hide Excel Application
  195. How to refer on a picture on a different worksheet
  196. Ask for Explanation
  197. List select and copy sheet from another location
  198. [SOLVED] Stack bar chart configuration in Excel
  199. Reading a Text File into an Intermediate Window
  200. Changing a font style and color in VBA
  201. Reducing the need for Multiple hardline codes
  202. [SOLVED] Applying Proper Case to Strings
  203. PivotSelect Question
  204. Invoke an .exe file using macro in excel
  205. [SOLVED] How can I put the results of the Array back to the corresponding cells?
  206. Need to split sheets based on number of family members
  207. Issue creating SQL query from string in VBA
  208. Auto populating text fields on websites and scraping the web
  209. passing string from userform to public module variable
  210. Array Values filling specific cells
  211. VBA Newbie (Trying to write a code to copy and paste info from one sheet to another)
  212. Writing registry keys with API Calls
  213. [SOLVED] VBA macro to order and delete information
  214. Iterating through Groupings using VBA
  215. Implementing Save As function in VBA code
  216. [SOLVED] Reading in a text file and only printing certain lines
  217. The paste method of the _chart object failed
  218. [SOLVED] Excel Select the Rows - Input Box - Save to Text Files
  219. [SOLVED] OLE - Embedded Custom Icon won't stick
  220. [SOLVED] Select next cell after dynamic range
  221. Accessing a network file that might already be open by another user
  222. evaluate a date with vba
  223. excel vba macros help needed
  224. Write from excel to text file format
  225. Excel Macro Find and Replace Functions within Cell Formulae
  226. Improving a Concatenate & Vlookup Process
  227. Outlook 2013 Global Address List Alias to Excel Document
  228. userform textbox test for format
  229. Convert Excel to Web Application
  230. InStr - Not operating
  231. Excel - how to hide columns but allow users to insert rows
  232. Download File from Website From Excel
  233. VBA for make resume by date (Unique & No Duplicate)
  234. Compare two images
  235. Pivotal Filter Selection Macro
  236. [SOLVED] ndate returning time in Holland not London
  237. [SOLVED] Clear Data Module - Clearing Header when No Data
  238. Automating Internet Explorer / Interacting with HTML class question
  239. Find Multiple String Variables in a different sheet
  240. Target.value
  241. [SOLVED] Concatenate Rows Of Data
  242. [SOLVED] Reference Another Workbook Using Relative and Fixed Cell References
  243. Navigate web pages until search complete
  244. [SOLVED] Look for duplicates across 2 identical tabs, remove then merge remaining data
  245. Receipt Format
  246. Macro to UnGroup and Group Based on Current Month
  247. [SOLVED] Macro to Change all Date formats in workbook to 01/2017 to 01.2017 (and vice versa)
  248. VBA for Input Date
  249. saving selected worksheets into new file
  250. [SOLVED] Send data from multiple worksheet to a summary worksheet