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  1. [SOLVED:] ComboBox not refreshing
  2. [SOLVED:] Need Help Wrting This. (If from list, Then, If blanks, New Column)
  3. VBA issue with date format
  4. Run-Time Error 5
  5. Loop Through Multiple Workbooks/Sheets And Extract Values From Columns With Label
  6. [SOLVED:] For and Next code is not being excecuted (if, else if)
  7. [SOLVED:] Trying to program a button to remove an item from a listbox that references cells
  8. [SOLVED:] Newbie. Creating graphs on new sheets help.
  9. Need code string for copying multiple cells from multiple pages across worksheets
  10. Macro referencing Column
  11. [SOLVED:] VBA autofill used range
  12. How to resize the charts in outlook using vba macro
  13. VBA copy paste looping help
  14. [SOLVED:] Delete Columns then add border and highlights
  15. [SOLVED:] Loop in selection
  16. [SOLVED:] Find row containing "True"
  17. CellDragAndDrop disabled in all worksheets
  18. Google Maps Help
  19. Replace Special Characters in Selection
  20. First Excel VBA program getting Run-Time error '48'
  21. [SOLVED:] Runtime error 438 Object doesn't support this property or method
  22. Cell Reference on other sheet. Move All Found up to top in order
  23. Login into website(FB for my case) using MSXML2.XMLHTTP with VBA
  24. Welcome message box
  25. VBA cut,paste and delete
  26. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to Save into a Network Drive
  27. [SLEEPER:] Excel vba error 13 mismatch
  28. [SOLVED:] How to save a user selected file as a variable?
  29. How to create multiple files containing specific details from main file by VBA macro?
  30. muliti cvs files into excel worksheet
  31. [SOLVED:] trying to create vba to copy data when option button is selected
  32. Consolidate Date from Multiple Excel Workbooks using VBA
  33. [SOLVED:] Excel VBA to open PPT file, update links, save as new & break links
  34. Modify conditional formatting in multiple cells
  35. [SOLVED:] Comparison of relative data position row-wise & each cellwise of highlighted column
  36. VBA Named Ranges inc Sheet title
  37. CELL with or without .value
  38. [SOLVED:] Autofilter with date/other format
  39. .Find() Arbitrary Search Direction
  40. [SOLVED:] DLL expects Char*File_Location Having issues figuring out how to correctly pass it.
  41. [SOLVED:] Table Lookup without long nested IFs
  42. How To Destroy An Class Object's Instance From Dll(VB.NET) In VBA
  43. Need help with vba and website API xml data
  44. [SOLVED:] To unmerge cells and fill down blank cells with data from above
  45. VBA Navigation within tables
  46. [SOLVED:] OLEObjects current selection - change color
  47. VBA relative references
  48. [SOLVED:] summing a column with blank cells and replacing the blanks with a value in the sum
  49. [SOLVED:] Sort a table using custom list from another table
  50. scripting.dictionary method
  51. Call API to get info via Excel VBA
  52. VBA Code to link checkboxes to certain columns
  53. How to allow the arrows buttons on a listbox to change the selection?
  54. [SOLVED:] Dynamic Range Help
  55. Trouble Selecting Range.
  56. VBA code to get Internet Explorer language from registry
  57. UserForm Checkboxes
  58. countif and hlookup
  59. [SOLVED:] How to count number of cells (precedents) in a formula for one cell.
  60. [SOLVED:] Rearrange data in a table according to column headers using .Match in Excel VBA
  61. [SOLVED:] Exit sub as InputBox is cancelled
  62. [SOLVED:] How to sync a spin button and combo box, so they always have the same value?
  63. VBA to Concatenate three textboxes on a userform to one textbox on the same userform
  64. [SOLVED:] Pause to pick variable folder when saving a dated spreadsheets
  65. Dynamic Source Pivot
  66. [SOLVED:] Help with loop code please
  67. [SOLVED:] Frequency of a number
  68. [SOLVED:] Add Transpose to line of code
  69. [SOLVED:] Indirect & Networkdays Functions - Tab Reference
  70. [SOLVED:] Applying A Password to Most Sheets
  71. scraping data from a table generated by javascript
  72. [SOLVED:] Extract specific lines from text file
  73. Drop-down list increase viewable items without scrolling
  74. Creating a Pivot table from two or more worksheet
  75. Run-time error '1004' when saving spreadsheet
  76. Speed up a web scrape
  77. [SOLVED:] Filter and Delete Rows
  78. [SOLVED:] Accessing the Add-ins Toolbar
  79. [SOLVED:] Using Loops and Arrays
  80. Database Userform
  81. Coping data from one workbook to another based on specific criteria
  82. User Form Help
  83. Excel Problem Gantt
  84. Compare new sheet vs old and extract data from old sheet into new sheet.
  85. [SOLVED:] Remove duplicates across columns
  86. [SOLVED:] Userforms - Textbox Autofill
  87. [SOLVED:] Need help with looping this code
  88. AdvancedFilter result range EXCLUDING input column title
  89. [SOLVED:] Show UserForm With Application.Visible = False
  90. [SOLVED:] Same condition, multiple columns check, then copy rows
  91. Question about efficiency
  92. [SOLVED:] Do Multiple Replacements in Active Column Cells
  93. [SOLVED:] Export two sheets to xlsm workbook
  94. [SOLVED:] Import free text from multiple word documents to excel columns
  95. Controlling pop-up IE windows
  96. Excel formula to extract string
  97. Iterative comparison in Excel using Macro
  98. [SOLVED:] Need a macro that follows IF statements?
  99. [SOLVED:] Efficient VBA code for conditionally deleting rows in big excel sheet
  100. [SOLVED:] Sort Named Range with VBA
  101. [SOLVED:] Index match, working with values up to .99 but not above 1
  102. [SOLVED:] How to get URLS in excel as images for each row?
  103. Subscript out of range error when trying to OR two arrays together.
  104. [SOLVED:] Loops and lookups
  105. [SOLVED:] View Active Worksheet - Code Module - VBE Code Pane
  106. Delete rows by cell value
  107. [SOLVED:] VB add characters in a cell
  108. Excel VBA - Send Email Error
  109. [SOLVED:] Column Width
  110. [SOLVED:] Store rows in dictionary or collection
  111. Suggestions for rebuilding personal.xls
  112. change the status after press enter button. Worksheet SelectionChange
  113. [SOLVED:] Export to CSV files (faster method)
  114. [SOLVED:] VB, Excel 2007, Issue with autofill & copy
  115. [SOLVED:] import contents of a textbox in a document header into excel
  116. Click on "Run Report" Button in IE 11 Webpage using VBA
  117. Userform problem
  118. Error: Compile Error
  119. [SOLVED:] Save file with todays date - Format Error
  120. [SOLVED:] Pivot table update
  121. [SOLVED:] Concatenate Values with UDF
  122. VBA: color given data with given color.
  123. Checking for blank cells
  124. Open a worksheet with ADODB doesn't work
  125. [SOLVED:] Excel 2007
  126. [SOLVED:] Learning Excel
  127. [SOLVED:] Adding Table in excel
  128. [SOLVED:] Excel Report Page Help.
  129. Help To Compare five Excel workbooks and copying matched data to a new workbook
  130. Chart Height adjustment not working!
  131. [SOLVED:] Excel vba set email on outlook to high importance
  132. [SOLVED:] Loop in .txt file to extract recurring strings
  133. [SOLVED:] VBA, Excel 2007, How to open multiple files in a folder & loop main code
  134. [SOLVED:] activecell.address function
  135. [SOLVED:] Excel 2016 VBA remove duplicates by multiple AND/OR criteria
  136. [SOLVED:] VBA - Filter Data based on criteria
  137. [SOLVED:] Formula Not Copying to Last Row
  138. Searching blank fields in excel and exporting corresponding column values
  139. [SOLVED:] increment a cell reference
  140. Picture Blurry
  141. [SOLVED:] Create Workbooks from Worksheets with Dynamic Auto-Adjusting VBA Ranges
  142. macro to del specific file extension on desktop my documents subfolders with criteria
  143. VBA - Combine sheets in different files into workbook
  144. Search for specific text in multiple sheets and copy next line
  145. get text from txt to excel table
  146. [SOLVED:] Excel Count Macro
  147. [SOLVED:] Need Help Understanding Events
  148. [SOLVED:] Problems using VBA to find and replace within VBA
  149. [SOLVED:] VBA, copy, clear cell, 2007 excel
  150. Search on MULTIPLE column using VBA
  151. [SOLVED:] Summarize Data without using Pivot Table
  152. Add sheet after sheets count
  153. [SOLVED:] More than 10 columns VBA
  154. Downloading from a list.
  155. Application.run gives me back an error message
  156. [SOLVED:] Need help with restructuring Macro Columns to rows, Please!!!
  157. Visual Basic listbox search function
  158. Checkbox to Delete Row
  159. Comparing names in two worksheets for duplicates
  160. Transferring Revised Date from Multiple Word Documents and update in Excel
  161. [SOLVED:] VBA, Excel 2007, How to combine values from other columns into 1 with overwrite exist
  162. Using VBA Macro To Calculate Amount in Cell Excel 2010
  163. [SOLVED:] Need help trying to solve partial matches, please!!!
  164. [SOLVED:] Export data to text files according to fields
  165. Delete 2 cells.
  166. [SOLVED:] Macro for copying the value of one Cell to another cell(s) in specific time interval
  167. Await end of manual calculation
  168. [SOLVED:] Highlight duplicate matches based on citeria need help on this please!!!
  169. Sleeper: Need help on find text then add to another col
  170. [SOLVED:] VBA code for multiple data lookup
  171. [SOLVED:] 4 way Lookup but last lookup is a function query?
  172. simple vba: copy all images with "same length and breadth" to another folder
  173. [SOLVED:] Remove "?" from file property
  174. Transfering data from one main sheet to multiple worksheets based on multiple conditi
  175. Allow one digit or number in textboxes
  176. [SOLVED:] Copy paste Cell inside Table under certain conditions
  177. [SOLVED:] VBA - Comparing the numeric value of two cells for changes
  178. [SOLVED:] Opening access from excel opens as read only
  179. Help with a VBA code to separate a workbook into many different files
  180. Help needed guys please. Object failed
  182. Problem with code importing text from header textbox
  183. VBA to transfer data from one workbook to another
  184. Error Run-time error '424'
  185. Check each cell to see if they match then copy to certain cell
  186. Code for pasting new data
  187. Logic Program for VBA.. may be hard
  188. [SOLVED:] Extract two fields from text files
  189. Excel Small Function Formula (Not using VBA Code)
  190. [SOLVED:] NAME? error with predefined function which previously was working
  191. [SOLVED:] Conditional format macro
  192. Google Search VBA and Pull Data
  193. adding additional calculations
  194. [SOLVED:] How to arrange the order
  195. [SOLVED:] Variable changes its cases.
  196. [SOLVED:] Combine Formula
  197. Updating data in a closed workbook.
  198. Transfer data from adjacent cells to non-adjacent cells
  199. [SOLVED:] VBA find replace object error
  200. [SOLVED:] Embed an image and range to outlook using excel vb
  201. Program takes long to load
  202. [SOLVED:] How to tell a Macro to do nothing for a set period of time?
  203. [SOLVED:] VBA, Excel 2010, Need to change headers in .csv files
  204. [SOLVED:] Count Find Array
  205. Strange character (format) when merging 2 utf-8 files
  206. How to get the numbers from the data
  207. List content of zip files
  208. [SOLVED:] activate opened workbook
  209. [SOLVED:] How to use Array
  210. [SOLVED:] Filter on prior date
  211. INDEX and MATCH query
  212. Select Folder and Break External Links of All Files
  213. Extract string from text file
  214. [SOLVED:] Macro to follow hyperlinks when a certain criteria is met
  215. [SOLVED:] Importing data in consecutive rows
  216. [SOLVED:] Sort each subset of n rows by specific column ranking
  217. [SOLVED:] Check if cell has custom format using UDF
  218. [SOLVED:] Need help restructuring macro to do opposite and adding to macro, please!
  219. [SOLVED:] MSGBOX VBOKONY, Cancel exits sub.
  220. [SOLVED:] Move some cells to next records and delete some rows
  221. Excel help required: How to insert excel remarks in scanned pdf file.
  222. Comparing Dates
  223. Excel Billing Invoice with VBA and mdb
  224. Cell evaluation
  225. [SOLVED:] Use formula to grab data from sheets
  226. [SOLVED:] Break all external links
  227. [SOLVED:] Get last row in range that contains formulas
  228. [SOLVED:] Variable Vlookup vba
  229. [SOLVED:] Copy ThisWorkbook Code with Copy Sheet to New Book
  230. [SOLVED:] Return Row - Column for cell addresses
  231. [SOLVED:] VBA Auto Filter + Paste to New Sheets + Autofill
  232. Need help exporting row data in excel to their own individual powerpoint slide.
  233. [SOLVED:] VBA to Auto Number
  234. [SOLVED:] Put Country Codes in Excel For SharePoint
  235. [SOLVED:] VBA Count IF help
  236. Application.EnableEvents
  237. [SOLVED:] How to call DblClick sub from code VBA Excel
  238. Vba far loop too slow
  239. Wildcard with match index
  240. [SOLVED:] Separate Regions
  241. [SOLVED:] VBA formula with variables
  242. [SOLVED:] Help with making code run faster
  243. [SOLVED:] Code for copy and pasting in excel
  244. Copy from one workbook to another without opening the second workbook
  245. [SOLVED:] Count all files with specific extension
  246. Creating Folders from Excel into Outlook (attachment)
  247. Help to create a file from the inputs in the input sheet
  248. Issues with pagination in a worksheet generated by a macro
  249. Copy row based on criteria to existing sheets & constant update
  250. Challenge to get huge Excel Workbook running online