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  1. Vba far loop too slow
  2. Wildcard with match index
  3. [SOLVED] Separate Regions
  4. [SOLVED] VBA formula with variables
  5. [SOLVED] Help with making code run faster
  6. [SOLVED] Code for copy and pasting in excel
  7. Copy from one workbook to another without opening the second workbook
  8. [SOLVED] Count all files with specific extension
  9. Creating Folders from Excel into Outlook (attachment)
  10. Help to create a file from the inputs in the input sheet
  11. Issues with pagination in a worksheet generated by a macro
  12. Copy row based on criteria to existing sheets & constant update
  13. Challenge to get huge Excel Workbook running online
  14. Complex Macros needed to Make and Save Workbooks
  15. [SOLVED] Deleting empty rows
  16. Custom Option Buttons VBA
  17. Custom XLAM ribbon question
  18. Accessing Hidden Sheets Via Hyperlink
  19. Every time i run the macro it has different values, need help please
  20. Last saved issue
  21. [SOLVED] How to write VBA code to auto insert the last row occupied into Master Sheet
  22. [SOLVED] Write an IF statement relating to 2 different worksheets
  23. Copy function from workbook to another in VBA
  24. [SOLVED] Ctrl-C selection in memory - how work with it by VBA Excel code?
  25. Date Variable Showing 12:00:00 AM, Why?
  26. [SOLVED] Combining Static Series and Dynamic Series in a Dynamic Chart Issues
  27. [SOLVED] Unwanted selection change
  28. Can you customise the results from comparing two worksheets?
  29. If-statement with relative values
  30. Adding a certain number of cells between sets of data based on a comparison
  31. Help with copy paste code
  32. Convert from Text to Columns Doesn't Work if Source is Modified
  33. Values are not copying over as entered on one sheet to another.
  34. Identifying file type in excel
  35. [SOLVED] Excel coordinate projection - distance and bearing
  36. VBA to copy url from excel sheet and open in webpage and copy source to notepad
  37. [SOLVED] Search for data highlighted in red return it and return the data in next two columns
  38. [SOLVED] PivotTable.DrillDown and filtering the output
  39. insert six rows at specific points
  40. [SOLVED] Autofilter latest event date
  41. [SOLVED] Store special cells in one range
  42. [SOLVED] code for copy and paste
  43. [SOLVED] Re allocate Named Range addresses
  44. New to Macros - file naming issue
  45. Save active sheet only as pdf + Increment the invoice number + print active sheet
  46. Creating an xml file from each row in excel
  47. VBA Error - Missing 4 columns Data after copying
  48. [SOLVED] When using open text file how to tell if the file existed, or a file was created?
  49. Adding comboboxes in a loop
  50. File folder to single spreadsheet
  51. Get the heights related data in row D
  52. [SOLVED] Extract the formulas of each cell in range - VBA
  53. Populating PDF document with Excel vba
  54. Excel Function -Address
  55. [SOLVED] Select from Cube Through VBA
  56. Customised spell check in VBA
  57. [SOLVED] ActiveSheet.Previous.Select
  58. [SOLVED] need help gettng macro to run faster! please!!!
  59. Combine Multiple Worksheets w/ Different Headers Into One Worksheet
  60. VBA: Match string and color substring
  61. [SOLVED] VBA: Chart with Combobox
  62. Copy and combine files using VBA
  63. [SOLVED] Unmerge cells across rows only not across columns
  64. [SOLVED] Message in Every Cell
  65. VBA code for extracting report from Outlook Mails
  66. Adding functionality to an existing Excel Workbook (example pictures included)
  67. How Do I Filter In Excel Using TextBox?
  68. Compare values inside the range (sheet1) and copy the row to new sheet (sheet2)
  69. [SOLVED] Summing of columns into specified cell loop
  70. Help in Pivot
  71. [SOLVED] UserForm VLOOKUP to get Data and Change one Column
  72. pivot table - sort items with different order for each parent item
  73. Auto Save excel file to another Computer on the network
  74. [SOLVED] Help with updating formula's with VBA
  75. [SOLVED] loading a variant array
  76. [SOLVED] Help with code on language translation file
  77. [SOLVED] Adding a Scroll Option to The Text Boc Functionality
  78. [SOLVED] Need VBA to arrange data Cell adress data please!!
  79. [SOLVED] Macro to Set Page to Print in Particular Range & Adding a Company Logo
  80. data transfer
  81. Formatting, Highlighting Travel Times Conflicts
  82. Need VBA to create inputbox for multiple values & filter multiple columns
  83. [SOLVED] Text Size Issues in Text Box
  84. Macro to copy excel recordset and insert in to Database based on a condition
  85. [SOLVED] Rename text file with new name
  86. Userform- Populating Dependent List Help
  87. [SOLVED] Progress Bar for macro
  88. Add current worksheet as pdf to gmail
  89. VBA - SAP 'Save As' dialogue box
  90. [SOLVED] VBA to fill up website form and upload file path via “Browse” buttton
  91. Macro to Copy certain WS's based on Key to a New WB and email
  92. Code suggestions required.
  93. Significance Testing Macro
  94. [SOLVED] Loop through column data and delete or copy based on value given
  95. Labor Tracking / Time Tracking
  96. [SOLVED] Project Planner Not Working
  97. [SOLVED] How to export and save each worksheet as new workbook in Excel?
  98. Help with pulling names from online database
  99. [SOLVED] IF, AND, OR Nesting - Part of it not working
  100. [SOLVED] MACRO: SaveAs Cell Value File Name (Pull Two Cells within Worksheet as File Name)
  101. [SOLVED] Module Level Variable Loses Value
  102. [SOLVED] Sort by row based on column value
  103. Updating Google Calendars from a Google Spreadsheet
  104. [SOLVED] How do I set passwords and how to save as a certain name for a file
  105. File size reduction
  106. [SOLVED] Alternatives to MINIFS (Minimum IF's)
  107. Required Email generated with signature and attachments
  108. VBA Macro to copy multiple charts from one excel file to a word bookmark locations
  109. Import data from different files and sheets into file with corresponding data cells
  110. [SOLVED] Array limits?
  111. Open all CSV files in folder, and merge to one master file.
  112. [SOLVED] Copy range to blank cell
  113. [SOLVED] Remove symbol
  114. [SOLVED] Extract part of a line and paste in another cell
  115. [SOLVED] Create 2 Dimensional Array from "For" Loop
  116. Find out row and column range
  117. Vba Compile Error :(
  118. Get (some of) Excel Clipboard contents via Windows clipboard "XML Spreadsheet" format
  119. [SOLVED] Angles between 2 lines
  120. [SOLVED] Modified a function that is called in another function, now getting runtime error?
  121. [SOLVED] Save Outlook attachment into an Excel cell, as OLEObject in VBA
  122. [SOLVED] Pull specific data based on If statements
  123. [SOLVED] Handling Formula Errors & Formula Length Limit
  124. Subscript out of range
  125. VBA to update a table from another table
  126. Run macro on all files
  127. [SOLVED] Split function in vba
  128. excel vba macro to apply filter multiple column using header names
  129. userform icon in taskbar problem in win10 office 2016 bit 32
  130. [SOLVED] need macro added to current to automatically move to next row for next search and
  131. [SOLVED] Need help with Question, is it possible to Call modules to work or loop through?
  132. [SOLVED] Select working(Active) range with mouse
  133. vba adding image after clicking on the textbox
  134. [SOLVED] VBA function to return MySQL Data
  135. Help with filter by date
  136. [SOLVED] Break up column A content between column A and B
  137. Find and Change Values
  138. [SOLVED] Format Issue
  139. VBA code running too slow in Excel 2013
  140. [SOLVED] VBA code attach an excel file to outlook with a variable file path
  141. Autofilter failed
  142. [SOLVED] VBA Code assistance to separate a workbook into several different files.
  143. Function to update a cell in another worksheet giving #1004 error
  144. [SOLVED] Running Macros from ComboBox with Items from a Range
  145. VBA: referencing cell in one worksheet and using it as range start for another sheet
  146. Reading and Writing to dat file via forms
  147. [SOLVED] VBA code to cycle through sheets
  148. [SOLVED] How to send email in excel using content in word as email body
  149. [SOLVED] Take out space
  150. [SOLVED] Convert to a number
  151. [SOLVED] Copy and Move files to existing Sub-folders based on filename/Sub-folders's Name
  152. Change marker size for all series in a plot (VBA)
  153. VBA To Check That Value Appears In Single Cell Range Before Starting Macro
  154. Run-Time error "7" out of memory
  155. Compare two strings for similarity or highlight differences in Excel
  156. [SOLVED] How to Send a HTML Email using Word Email Template using Excel Macro
  157. [SOLVED] Simple for each loop problem
  158. Trying to copy a macro into another workbook
  159. Can you speed up my vba that copy and pastes the header amongst worksheets?
  160. [SOLVED] Auto Save excel workbook every 5 minutes
  161. Subscript out of range
  162. [SOLVED] Looping through ActiveX checkboxes and adding items to ActiveX List Box
  163. [SOLVED] Highlighting a cell if there is a match with another cell
  164. [SOLVED] Pivot Table Error with VBA Code
  165. VBA Use hidden cell to run IF Statement
  166. [SOLVED] Populating colums based on cell value and conditions
  167. [SOLVED] Two rankings
  168. Empty a Module within Excel 2016 …
  169. Disable Overtype / Insert Ability in VB Editor for Excel 2016 …
  170. Add Data Field in Pivot Table
  171. Export all the sheets in excel to images individually files
  172. [SOLVED] vba help on vlookup
  173. [SOLVED] Need help duplicating a row (if not already duplicated)
  175. [SOLVED] VBA VLOOKUP ON Historic trades
  176. Search string in two columns in different excel sheets and copy the matching data
  177. [SOLVED] Procedure Too Large - Compile Error
  178. [SOLVED] Sort/ transfer data
  180. VBA Conditional Formating
  181. modifying function cohort/matrix of ratings migration
  182. Vertical Column with possibility to filter
  183. [SOLVED] vba Double for each Loop combining task
  184. VBA code for lookup table
  185. MSO File Picker Help
  186. [SOLVED] #Name? error for TextJoin UDF
  187. VBA Macro - Use relative ranges to graph
  188. [SOLVED] VBA code mysteriously timing out
  189. [SOLVED] Searching with recursion
  190. [SOLVED] Unzip files to a folder udf
  191. Move cells to another worksheet
  192. Macro to convert from Paste Bottom-Up to Top-Down?
  193. VBA code in Cash Flow forecast
  194. [SOLVED] Need help with Do While Loop or If this AND that then....
  195. [SOLVED] Move File to Folder if filename matches foldername
  196. how to make CommandButton1.Rotation = 90 in office 2016
  197. Advance Filter using VBA
  198. Control strings
  199. adding selected rows into a sheet with a specific selection
  200. vba help to copy specific colulmn.. from a sheet
  201. If Formula not working as expected
  202. VBA getElementById doesn't work correctly
  203. Macro is not recording sheet protection password
  204. Change Sheet name
  205. [SOLVED] Copy and Paste Macro help please
  206. [SOLVED] Loop thru all sheets and copy a value
  207. Timer + Stop Watch
  208. RTF field in Excel by keeping formatting
  209. [SOLVED] Can't call several subs in a macro
  210. Identify employees late login
  211. VBA If formula help
  212. [SOLVED] Delete zeros
  213. Cell Value Confusion.
  214. [SOLVED] Macro To copy and paste data from a list to corresponding worksheet and cells
  215. create and store pdf, attach to email and send, with loop
  216. Subscript out of range and SaveAs Method error
  217. Quote Generator - Advice
  218. [SOLVED] sum of variable range stop working
  219. Trying to copy all sheets into one combined sheet
  220. VBA Help, to Pick first Column Data and its file name
  221. [SOLVED] is it possible: If Me.Controls("CommandButton" & i).clicked
  222. [SOLVED] Shorten loop using boolean
  223. Getting Problems in Making a Query from SharePoint
  224. VBA code to delete rows based on value
  225. [SOLVED] FileSystem Object, Folder.Files.Count Does Not Match Files.Item Count
  226. [SOLVED] For Loop does not seem to be working
  227. VBA Code to Run Other VBA Codes in Multiple Workbooks
  228. Dividing data records fairly into clients based on categories and amounts
  229. [SOLVED] Monitoring Remote Workbook for Changes
  230. [SOLVED] How to display a chart on a certain position (e.g. centre of screen).
  231. What are your favorite Excel VBA automation success stories?
  232. Vba code for partial transpose
  233. [SOLVED] Help with formula please
  234. [SOLVED] how can i save userform settings
  235. Parsing data to several sheets
  236. [SOLVED] Countif using arrays
  237. [SOLVED] IF then
  238. [SOLVED] Blank cell
  239. [SOLVED] VBA code to paste data to a row with today's date in column A in another sheet
  240. [SOLVED] Insert Pics Macro Not Working on All Cells unless name manually typed in
  241. [SOLVED] Selection not displayed when combobox item is selected
  242. [SOLVED] VBA check if a specific value has been entered into range
  243. Subscript out of range and SaveAs Method error (Revised)
  244. Encrypt password for database access
  245. select radio buttons in IE
  246. Using RANK on a range of data - need an exception
  247. [SOLVED] combine selected worksheet into one worksheet
  248. Cell locking macro not working
  249. Need code to merge PDF files in a folder using adobe acrobat
  250. A neat timesaver for Immediate ("debug") Window - abbreviations