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  1. VBa code to transfer rows base on a sequential number
  2. Writing a macro to capture values on a spreadsheet and add them to totals on another
  3. Using checkboxes to copy rows from one sheet to another in the same relative order
  4. index match between 2 workbooks
  5. Macro to Convert Flat Data to Database - Amendment to existing code required
  6. [SOLVED] One Row.Delete works, another doesn't
  7. [SOLVED] Format data in Excel with subtotal
  8. Web scraping with complex chronological events
  9. [SOLVED] Table transpose
  10. Compress four rows into one row
  11. VBA to stop pivot tables refreshing before power queries with autorefresh
  12. [SOLVED] Filter On Date With Headers
  13. Error copying multiple worksheets using VBA
  14. [SOLVED] Copy Paste to visible cells only with different sheets / workbooks
  15. Sending Email with Email body in a cell keeping the formatting.
  16. [SOLVED] Query Table - Extract Data From Text File by Column - TextFileColumnDataTypes
  17. Pivot table help
  18. Web Vba issue
  19. [SOLVED] Excel Slow performance
  20. Unable to click on button HTML
  21. Named Ranges.!
  22. Import data from excel files with specific file name into another excel sheet
  23. [SOLVED] Results of OptionButtons by GroupName
  24. [SOLVED] VBA Help with Macro to autofit visible columns starting at row 4
  25. Exporting excel worksheet to word keeping exact formatting
  26. VBA - update entry in other workbook if ID matches
  27. Replace a text with a future data
  28. [SOLVED] Using a Variable in a named range
  29. Simple EXcel Macro help
  30. In Automatic Calculation Mode, spreadsheet still does Manual Calculation??
  31. table and charts in full screen
  32. VBS Program Debug
  33. [SOLVED] concatenate formula
  34. CX-Server CDMDDE Visual Basic Macro Errors
  35. VBA userform combobox and vlookup to fill another cells
  36. OCR Data extraction with VBA from Web site HELP!
  37. [SOLVED] Code for pasting according to criteria
  38. Code to update a KPI based on a worksheet
  39. Compile Error: User-defined type not defined
  40. Convert to PDF, SaveAs, Attach to Outlook Email
  41. Disable New Excel Auto-save Feature(Not auto recovery)
  42. [SOLVED] Matching a string with a partial string using match function
  43. Any ideas on how to improve this Userform
  44. [SOLVED] Help on filtering an excel based Column C and send email for every filtered item
  45. [SOLVED] Individual zoomfactor for each sheet
  46. Sort Text and Consolidate
  47. Handle Spelling Errors
  48. [SOLVED] Help with Index Match function!
  49. Some VBA help please
  50. [SOLVED] how can do this: if any userform closed(x) then mainform.show
  51. [SOLVED] Userform output range
  52. Color chart caption with VBA
  53. ListBox dependent on 2 ComboBox (ComboBox1&2) selections
  54. Unique ID for new userform's entries
  55. application.windows object
  56. how can i open external excel file by using button in userform
  57. Use Getopenfilename function to browse the file.
  58. Code for pasting as per criteria
  59. [SOLVED] Please Help. trying to check for specific text in cell value :S
  60. VBA for color coding a cell based on values in other cells
  62. [SOLVED] Copy Paste Values from multiple workbooks to multiple sheets in one workbook
  63. Linked tables and Slicer in Excel
  64. Error Message: Cannot open file -- File Format/Extension Error -- Troubleshooting
  65. [SOLVED] Display Print Dialog with "Selection" as Default
  66. [SOLVED] Detecting Duplicate entries
  67. VBA code help (current code too slow and freezes)
  68. VBA Lookup?
  69. VBA To Combine A Combination of Values To Get One Target Value
  70. VBA: Copy Cell to another and remove last 2 characters
  71. [SOLVED] SUMIFS with sum range dependent on another cell value
  72. [SOLVED] If statement with non numeric cells
  73. [SOLVED] VBA Code to open a folder when ctrl + right click is pressed
  74. [SOLVED] Address SPLIT
  75. ExportedUI File to EXE File.
  76. Check if Attachments was added
  77. [SOLVED] Delete row if cell is not a number
  78. How to set cookies using web browser userform
  79. Filtering Column with Multiple Criteria
  80. Joint different set of data
  81. VBA - Macro has to run twice for it to work.
  82. Comparison for Reconciliation
  83. Compare a column of data on one ws to another ws and append non-match data
  84. Graphing on a MAC With VBA
  85. Public Variables in Object Modules
  86. [SOLVED] Splitting data from one column into other 4 columns in excel
  87. Dynamic pivot table
  88. VBA Code to link to Oracle
  89. Copy, paste and sum data from multiple worksheets to one worksheet
  90. vba for keeping first 4 characters and removing duplicates
  91. [SOLVED] Help with paste special
  92. [SOLVED] Populate ListBox from Multiple sheets
  93. Excel Threads in Windows
  94. code for copying from multiple files and paste in master file
  95. [SOLVED] Move matching rows to existing sheets
  96. [SOLVED] Format Shape menu appears after a printpreview.
  97. Allocation of Data - URGENT HELP
  98. VBA macro to set up dynamic print area
  99. [SOLVED] Looking for help to identify matches across multiple columns
  100. VBA to copy range from one sheet to another.
  101. [SOLVED] Time Conversion
  102. Generating an array, and using Vlookup to loop through this array (VBA)
  103. [SOLVED] BeforeSave loops and workbook closes
  104. Method 'Copy' of object'_Worksheet' failed PROBLEM
  105. VBA Get a value from a cell and compare to multiple conditions ElseIf
  106. [SOLVED] automatically consolidate data from different sheets to 1 combined sheet
  107. [SOLVED] Create a Project Scheduler With Excel
  108. Converting Index Match function to VBA code
  109. Reverse INDEX and MATCH
  110. VBA Code to link spreadsheet data
  111. [SOLVED] Condensing code - Using Arrays for Loops
  112. [SOLVED] Adding new lines in multiple spreadsheets
  113. Find list of words occurred
  114. Attendance Spreadsheet - Custom point reduction
  115. VBA: Folder & File Lister
  116. [SOLVED] Copy + Paste to Last Row based on Last Row of adjacent Column
  117. [SOLVED] Copy column from one sheet to another then sort and remove multiple delimiters
  118. [SOLVED] Help with limiting VBA range
  119. Copy whole frame content to worksheet
  120. Graph Data Labels - how to avoid line break
  121. [SOLVED] Pivot Table grouping
  122. [SOLVED] Linear interpolation
  123. Filter Value from Column and paste selection as value in another Sheet VBA
  124. Addition of cells as path
  125. [SOLVED] Sorting Rows by certain columns using VBA (or not?)
  126. [SOLVED] Change Textbox and Combobox Back Color
  127. VBA Code optimization- Speed up this Macro
  128. Dataset updates changing the pivot table
  129. Copy rows and column headings to new workbook based on cell value
  130. Create a list of unique values from multiple workbooks
  131. VBA pull first 4 digits until the bottom of the data
  132. [SOLVED] Rearranging Words within a Cell
  133. [SOLVED] generate random and unique value of cells
  134. [SOLVED] VBA Lookup, how to return multiple columns?
  135. Referencing List, how can i find the closest match?
  136. from a formula to a macro
  137. VBA - copying & pasting data using file path
  138. VBA/Excel Workbook Help
  139. [SOLVED] Clear cell after Worksheet_Change Analysis
  140. [SOLVED] Help! edit multi-cells with conditions. Thank all of you!
  141. [SOLVED] Index/Match with multiple criteria
  142. Excel VBA Listbox with additional item number column
  143. Restrict entry to textbox
  144. Coloring range of cells under colored cels
  145. Display Data from Two Sheets
  146. Re: Track Changes - Text and Formulas with user name and time stamp
  147. [SOLVED] VBA for picking only one value from an SQL base
  148. HELP: VBA Listbox - highlight selected states of AU and display some basic info
  149. insert formula - Run-time error '1004' - Application defined or object-defined error
  150. [SOLVED] Insert picture into image control
  151. CHOOSE with HLOOKUP
  152. Userform Listbox Filter using comboBox
  153. [SOLVED] Set Columns Names in ListBoxes
  154. Search Matching Value
  155. Copy selective columns from one worksheet to another in the same workbook
  156. Median with a Condition on Text Selection that Differs Only by Ending Number
  157. VBA to insert SUMIFS formula with row number updated when inserted
  158. [SOLVED] Assistance with bringing specific items from text file into Excel
  159. [SOLVED] VBA for Excel: automated correction of wrong decimal separator
  160. Filter the microsoft date and time picker control output
  161. Search and replace
  162. Copy to new WorkSheet and name as specific dates
  163. VBA that allows sorting of data by user
  164. DropBox getting dropdown menu from filtered table
  165. [SOLVED] Need VBA Help!
  166. how to move xls files in same named folders by vba
  167. Looping through code
  168. Need an advice for VLOOKUP function in VBA
  169. VBA Code required to see if workbook is opened or not.
  170. Email Range in Body of Email - Not pasting the data
  171. Macro captures scrap and submits it to another book. Please Help improve.
  172. [SOLVED] Macro to update macro buttons
  173. Search for file name in all drives
  174. Use VBA to send XML API
  175. [SOLVED] Form Control Listbox help
  176. [SOLVED] Linear interpolation. retrieving the wrong data.
  177. VBA how to: Multi line text in cell to column
  178. Formula for counting most frequent values
  179. User form Help
  180. [SOLVED] Need an advice for Insert new Row in other Sheet in VBA
  181. [SOLVED] Combining multiple Named Ranges into one
  182. Macro breaking when any edits to sheet are made
  183. [SOLVED] Using String variables within a formula in VBA
  184. Help create Macro remove multi-lines duplicate characters
  185. VBA: Copy and Past between different instances
  186. VBA to create-rename new sheets in a workbook and export them individually as CSV
  187. VBA please Support
  188. [SOLVED] Date Series Fill
  189. Dynamic diagramm
  190. [SOLVED] Best way to hide rows depending on cell value?
  191. [SOLVED] About WorkSheet_Change Event VBA
  192. [SOLVED] Detect the same value on cell and merge them
  193. the color of cells
  194. VLOOKUP to the left
  195. Merge Multiple Workbooks into One
  196. Project Explorer taking up full screen
  197. Application Error
  198. [SOLVED] VBA Copy formula x times to the right based on value in cell
  199. Export to XML
  200. Remove Duplicate VBA
  201. sub that creates two arrays month and dayslnMonth
  202. Sumproduct across ranges with varying sum values
  203. [SOLVED] Need help with VBA conditional VLOOKUP on another file
  204. Run-time error 1004
  205. problem with data extraction with VBA from Web site
  206. Copying a section if item from a drop down list is selected
  207. VBA: Copy row to the last line of data
  208. [SOLVED] Excel Userform Directory - search button using checkboxes
  209. [SOLVED] Need an advice for searching function
  210. [SOLVED] Edit new code to allow update of posiitional references to be edited by user.
  211. [SOLVED] Finding the length of elements in a 2D array
  212. Help with creating duplicate sheets, combo box are linked together
  213. [SOLVED] Need a help with loading data using class module (Derivative & Portfolio)
  214. Combo box Duplicates
  215. [SOLVED] Array formula?
  216. VBA current cell value = another cell value if criteria met
  217. Error after RmDir !!
  218. [SOLVED] Change Cell Value As Part Of Copy/Paste Operation
  219. Extract data from text file to Excel sheet
  220. add supplier & customer
  221. [SOLVED] array filling with multiple unique names
  222. Toggle Button copy same toggle instructions
  223. [SOLVED] the remove method in Collection and Select Case
  224. [SOLVED] Change a range of cells based on value in specific cell using VBA code
  225. [SOLVED] What determines the size of the userform other than screen resolution?
  226. [SOLVED] Beginner help on creating excel visual tool through VBA
  227. Finding Duplicates in Two Columns
  228. Looping through columns to merge files into a PDF
  229. Combox Depending on others
  230. Sum? sumif? sumproduct?
  231. autogenrate id in userform
  232. Need to filter data and create new workbooks
  233. match supplier name in form with standard supplier name
  234. [SOLVED] Using VBA to save a xlsm file (Excel 2013)
  235. Need some help with a macro
  236. [SOLVED] Find and replace multiple values in Excel using VBA
  237. Loop inside a function to retrieve data
  238. [SOLVED] Run time error 13 Type mismatch
  239. Read multiple .txt files and copy specific text to excel
  240. Excel VBA to import txt file AND automatically insert rows
  241. problem with getelementsby...
  242. vba code not working
  243. VBA CODE showing result as #VALUE!
  244. Excel formula
  245. Generate random number of strings that are stored in an array .
  246. [SOLVED] -- (Double Unary)
  247. alternative to VLOOKUP for large range
  248. vba consolidation of specific sheets data and Pasting in specific Master sheets
  249. [SOLVED] Chinese Encode in VBA
  250. Find Text String in Range then copy cell into another range