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  1. Userfom to count items and show clicks and percentage vs target
  2. Vba Code to open multiple files from a specific directory
  3. Form showing odd sizes
  4. How to consolidate data from multiple sheets into a master excel
  5. Index/Return cell references from table array based on "Yes"/"No" response
  6. [SOLVED] Wrong result of my macro!
  7. VBA Combobox for vlookup
  8. [SOLVED] loop through files in a folder based on a condition
  9. Replacing Text evenly from 1 sheet to another sheet
  10. Formatting table in worksheet
  11. [SOLVED] Bold First Name in a VBA generated Email
  12. [SOLVED] Convert text in alphanumeric string to lower case
  13. [SOLVED] Returning an element from an array of subclasses
  14. Control Panel using a userfom and hide workbook
  15. How to rename a bunch of files in the same folder using an Excel VBA code?
  16. Import HTML Data into excel
  17. [SOLVED] COUNTIF code then insert copied cells
  18. [SOLVED] listbox1 to listbox2
  19. [SOLVED] Issue with button
  20. [SOLVED] Why are my formulas changing automatically?
  21. [SOLVED] Non Regular Sequential Numbering
  22. [SOLVED] Outcome is not as expected - code might be wrong
  23. VBA To search for a WorksheetSheet and a Column in that sheet.
  24. Excel charts as jpgs to specific powerpoint
  25. help creating a repricing tool with defined parameters
  26. email automation
  27. Mail Merge Excel however instead of Print Need save as
  28. ID matching with Name and sub six hours work time calculation
  29. [SOLVED] Copy row data from one workbook to another based on row header name
  30. vba - copy workbook 300 times once user selects folder
  31. [SOLVED] Line Break Validation
  32. Pull Date by Criteria for Visible cells only
  33. Office Automation: Excel executng Word VBA
  34. Paste column format only through iteration
  35. VBA event to detect an Autofill Scrolling?
  36. [SOLVED] Using concatenate to reference a named range
  37. [VBA] set range find() -> finds wrong value
  38. Iterate 2 dropdown lists and move to all the new tabs to new workbook
  39. Save Active Word Doc with URL File Path
  40. [SOLVED] Split First, Middle and Last Name
  41. Finding the last modified date of an excel sheet
  42. Avoid code repetition by calling the common code from another sub
  43. Dsum and Data Tables
  44. [SOLVED] Looping through a Range of Data
  45. Loop through all Pivot tables in a worksheet and filter visability VBA
  46. VBA Code problem for Excel 2016 on a mac
  47. [SOLVED] lookup formula to sum percent
  48. VBA Code to attach (multiple) file(s)
  49. Minimize-Maximize-Resizing-Scrolling in a Userform
  50. [SOLVED] how to loop search to show multiple entries in listbox
  51. What am I doing wrong here?
  52. Range of inputs and graphing of result
  53. VBA Code running in f8 but not f5
  54. [SOLVED] Dim problem
  55. [SOLVED] Remove duplicates (runtime error 5)
  56. [SOLVED] automated data query
  57. [SOLVED] Sum Values Assigned to a Name
  58. Copy data from multiple single-worksheet workbooks into another workbook
  59. [SOLVED] Loop to copy and paste first cell of repeated values
  60. Loop for substitution
  61. Combine Data in Mutiple Columns into Rows
  62. Sheet_change is not worked
  63. Extract single row from multiple workbooks
  64. [SOLVED] Return Multiple Listbox Selection
  65. Need help with Timesheet Workbook I know exactly what I need !
  66. [SOLVED] Create outlook appointementes only on "check" rows
  67. macro to send multiple emails with all attachements from specific folder
  68. my excel vba stop running when i run the userform and not responding
  69. loading a txt file into excel win works fine. Loading txt on a mac doesn't work.
  70. copy and paste a certain number of times
  71. Vlook from Closed workbook taking a lot time
  72. what is wrong with my update button code excel vba
  73. [SOLVED] Validate cells in column A with info from other columns
  74. Improve efficiency of VBA Code
  75. [SOLVED] Getting Run Time Error 5 on String?
  76. Returning the Caption Property for active controls in an email body
  77. search for multiple value using FORMS
  78. VBA_Pivot table capture in array and reapply
  79. [SOLVED] Concatenation with double quotes and comma for the selected list of values
  80. how to get data from an array table with two different values
  81. Need help moving many fields of data from the master sheet to several other sheets
  82. [SOLVED] Error Handling (runtime error 1004)
  83. Filter the entries of Combobox
  84. [SOLVED] Excel 2010 run time error 91': Object variable or with block ...
  85. [SOLVED] Arrangement of values in groups
  86. Performing count and max commands on multiple groups of rows
  87. [SOLVED] Validation Code Problem
  88. It is possible deleting rows in lisboxt datagrid with active sheets displayed vba exc
  89. Outlook vba help - Folder Picker
  90. [SOLVED] VBA-split data into multiple worksheets based on column
  91. it is possible to save individual sheets as a separate file?
  92. How to Merge Cells Specially
  93. [SOLVED] Help to faster this script for moving Duplicates
  94. How to speed up VBA Code
  95. VBA - Set data list
  96. [SOLVED] Split Cells into rows but with two columns
  97. INDEX MATCH in VBA over different data files
  98. VBA to copy a new sheet based on active sheet
  99. [SOLVED] Color cells from previous colored cells in different column
  100. [SOLVED] Showing two expected values together with an IF function
  101. Restoring default Styles in Excel
  102. [SOLVED] MS MapPoint and MS Excel, plot latitude and longitude on a map
  103. Type missmatch error
  104. [SOLVED] Array of Email Addresses
  105. Find empty cell in one spreadsheet and then paste information from another
  106. Array match Only 1 RedimPreserve
  107. Replace text in email body from the excel
  108. VBA for designing your sheet
  109. xlsm file opens and immediately closes
  110. VBA code for conditional cell merging
  111. Run-time error 438: Object doesn't support this property or method (VBA), Office 2010
  112. SUMPRODUCT with additional sums/ adds
  113. [SOLVED] Conditional Statements & Nested If/Then in VBA
  114. [SOLVED] Copy and Paste Problem
  115. VBA Question
  116. [SOLVED] Need help figuring out what went wrong
  117. VBA Code-csv file into excel- from general to text
  118. VBACode to show autofilter criteria just show result as <>, even though filter is set
  119. Insert Vba macro to Sheet 3 using another macro.
  120. How to run external software run multiple files after each other using VBA (in Excel)
  121. macro to extract specific data from text file to excel sheet
  122. Array Question - basic
  123. Detecting Barcode Scanner input vs input by hand
  124. Allocating buyers based on expertise and performance
  125. Edit to "colour to chart" macro - to cycle through workbook
  126. Counting Used Rows In Column - Best Method?
  127. [SOLVED] Formula returning false when it shouldn't
  128. [SOLVED] Help with equation that has several inputs which vary in value.
  129. Excel 2016 Crashes
  130. [SOLVED] Send all files in folder vba
  131. Filtering numbers according to certain ratios
  132. VBA SUM Formula help
  133. [SOLVED] VBA/Excel change value of a cell in multiple worksheets from a range in another workb
  134. VBA Help needed
  135. SaveAs to SharePoint not working in Excel 2013
  136. [SOLVED] VBA Userform using Danish CPR Numbers
  137. [SOLVED] Color Coding Stops After I get to # 65,282
  138. VBA help loop until & IF formula
  139. How to make multiple, non adjacent cells hidden based on cell value code
  140. [SOLVED] Array Output
  141. Excel-How to concatenate data in multiple dynamic number of rows and multiple columns
  142. Public Variable won't pass
  143. Komplex If-Loop
  144. [SOLVED] MoveAfterReturnDirection
  145. [SOLVED] VBA exel programming: how to make a automatically filled up by filling up other cell
  146. Help with IE Button Click - SHDocVw
  147. Save textbox to specific cell based on combobox seletection
  148. [SOLVED] How to do loop in the function?
  149. Dependent between 2 dropdown columns
  150. Paste from Clipbaord
  151. Stock Locator Inventory System-Issue with locator
  152. Listbox not showing Data
  153. [SOLVED] Having trouble with renaming files in subfolders of subfolders
  154. [SOLVED] Select row based on multiple textbox values
  155. Excel Userform DatePicker Default Format to be Blank
  156. Traverse all images in workbook
  157. Forecasting
  158. Distribute Numbers Evenly, With Conditions
  159. VBA - Export as PDF and overwrite existing PDFs
  160. Copy multiple workbooks & multiple sheets into single workbook with multiple sheets
  161. [SOLVED] Adjust/Sync Table columns number Base on a Pivot Table Columns Size
  162. [SOLVED] VBA - Copy with validatation
  163. [SOLVED] Gradual Zoom?
  164. [SOLVED] Copy data block from one workbook to another .. should be easy
  165. Security
  166. [SOLVED] Dependencies and Dates
  167. Merge duplicates with cell color
  168. [SOLVED] Automatically group the cell based on the words that appear in it
  169. click button via vba
  170. Check Values in Array for Matches
  171. [SOLVED] VBA Help please - Find First Row of Data?
  172. [SOLVED] VBA Loop
  173. input box to define formulas contraints
  174. Send Email separating by specific recipient
  175. Need Excel VBA help to loop in folder, execute several tasks and save filesAs
  176. [SOLVED] VBA Code Modifcation To Insert a New Row and Fill out with Data As Per Existing Code
  177. clearing data using range(cells)
  179. Summary of cash book day wise
  180. Excel VBA - Check excel file names and change if necessary
  181. [SOLVED] Create a new function to find a date or next date on a selected range
  182. [SOLVED] Excel VBA help....please :)
  183. [SOLVED] Variable Not Defined, Excel 2013 & 2007
  184. How to compare different values either by formula or vba
  185. How to return entire output from Array to Excel sheet in one go
  186. Update value in a column from another worksheet depending on the date in a range
  187. VBA Coloring Cells Based on Value
  188. VBA for printing files listed in excel
  189. Perform Sum in vba code
  190. Prining from VBA not coming out in the correct size, please help me
  191. [SOLVED] Copy and paste total row with engineer name and headings to a new worksheet
  192. Refer to a cell in another worksheet (macro)
  193. VBA - open corrupted file - excel 2010
  194. Sharing Interest Dynamically
  195. Aktivate/ deactivate check box
  196. Add a Calculated filed in pivot table to calculate percentage of adjacent column
  197. Auto fill from multiple rows & cells
  198. [SOLVED] Please Help. Rank Formula Macro
  199. [SOLVED] VBA code for sum function for filtered columns
  200. Summing up values in label captions
  201. How to split categorical data in Excel
  202. [SOLVED] Macro to skip rows that have blank cells
  203. Spllit the data customer wise and email id should come in A1 Column.
  204. Using the Custom UI to create a custom ribbon Addin for Excel
  205. formula help
  206. [SOLVED] Timed Message Boxes not handling code in between
  207. [SOLVED] Brining in 2 inputs incrementally & 3 others from lists.
  208. VBA to email each sheet in a workbook
  209. Help with date and time formats
  210. VBA for AUDITING
  211. [SOLVED] Problem with Userform input to Worksheet (Excel 2013)
  212. Prevent Blank Rows When applying filters
  213. [SOLVED] How to DIM script itself?
  214. [SOLVED] Help with solving a maze in VBA Excel
  215. [SOLVED] if not found record after 1st criterial in Advanced Filter - then move to next if
  216. VBA to email each sheet in a workbook
  217. [SOLVED] Copy from Excel to Powerpoint to create a report
  218. [SOLVED] Deleting multiple cells based on value found
  219. VBA to copy / autofill data, where am i going wrong?
  220. Excel 2016 VBA Error 400
  221. [SOLVED] Hidden Object Range Failure in Worksheet Calculate
  222. [SOLVED] overflow error in range.find
  223. counts ships between instances of picked number
  224. Lock ComboBox/ MsgBox as Error
  225. Quick Question (hopefully) - Possible to create a front sheet for analysing data?
  226. proper variable type
  227. [SOLVED] Consolidating data from multiple workbooks with varying ranges
  228. [SOLVED] VBA Dir and HTTP Directories Equivalent
  229. VBA SQL Query from Cell
  230. Same Userform, Different Lines
  231. Multiple Linear Progression, logging and VBA
  232. Excel Clarification
  233. Market- making algorithm
  234. SUMPRODUCT formula does not add up negative numbers.
  235. Conditional Formatting with Multiple Criteria
  236. Excel Userform - how can I send an HTML email using data from the userform with image
  237. VLookup
  238. Transferring Data between sheets to main record sheet.
  239. Data Tabulation
  240. code for sum function
  241. [SOLVED] Sorting by custom aplphabet
  242. File renaming
  243. [SOLVED] IF-ElseIF-Else macro seems to be disconnected
  244. VBA Loop on Overly Coded Macro
  245. Else without If Problem
  246. [SOLVED] TextBox - Named Range Dynamic Search
  247. Programming Scroll Button on Mouse
  248. [SOLVED] Show Random Numbers Looping on a UserForm
  249. VBA to carry out Simpson's Rule for Tabulated (Equispaced) Data
  250. excel vba change cell color based on a number value in a range