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  1. Macro to open workbook copy data from workbook 1 and paste in workbook 2 and repeat.
  2. Form created in worksheet, using macro to submit the info to second sheet
  3. [SOLVED:] Random Numbers Looping Thru and Displaying Values
  4. [SOLVED:] Vba how to check workbook name first before opening it
  5. [SOLVED:] Delete the value of cell that start by char with exception .
  6. copy entire row from sheet1 into sheet2 if ID matches and column header should match
  7. OptionButton LinkedCell trouble
  8. Download Csv file from the Website VBA
  9. Chart with Dynamic Row and Column Count Help needed
  10. Variable x,y axis scales, series names and chart title
  11. [SOLVED:] VBA Before Double-Click Event executing when not desirable
  12. [SOLVED:] VBA help please
  13. Infinite VBA Loop
  14. Macro to Insert Objects from folders and move it to respective Sheets
  15. [SOLVED:] VBA Macro to select and bring back a new campaign code
  16. vba array /loop help
  17. Copying data from one sheet to another
  18. INDEX MATCH with 2 range criteria in the same sheet
  19. VBA code for adding a new value in data range using user form
  20. [SOLVED:] RE-ORDER and Inserting Columns of two Workbooks.
  21. [SOLVED:] Custom sort with placeholders
  22. Refresh MS Query - Password Issue
  23. static "fake" pivot table
  24. Fill Internet Form
  25. time deduction
  26. [SOLVED:] How to set loop for selecting columns and converting numbers stored as text
  27. Send E-Mail via Macro if Workbook was saved and the was name changed aswell
  28. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to create a list of changes from a workbook.
  29. Help with VBA coding
  30. To copy specific columns from a raw file to another workbook
  31. Change color of numeric characters
  32. Help with my code (Finding specific max values and applying it for other column)
  33. Close Workbook After Idle
  34. Filter - Copy - Paste
  35. Formula Help
  36. Outlook Calander Appointments With Excel
  37. VBA code for a routine process
  38. VBA Code Updating Word Doc Bookmarks Data to Push New Data from Excel Cells
  39. Shared Workbook Which Has 12 Worksheets
  40. [SOLVED:] Loop and copy paste part numbers based on qty
  41. [SOLVED:] An Array of Sheet Names
  42. Advice for my prank code
  43. Excel recalculate everytime i write in a cell
  44. List Box issue
  45. Help Combining Two Private Sub's Into One
  46. Copy specific data from a worksheet containing searchable comboboxes to another sheet
  47. Test if active cell is within 2 separate unrelated ranges
  48. I don't know what to do with message in Excel
  49. [SOLVED:] help with understanding loops and multiplying integers
  50. [SOLVED:] Excel 2013 - How to check whether a chart series is selected
  51. [SOLVED:] Change Mulitple Userform Label Backcolors (Excel 2013)
  52. VBA excel looping to subfolders outlook
  53. VBA wait on VBScript to finish?
  54. How to read values in custom tab of file properties dialog box in windows.
  55. Removing uncommon entries between two lists of names+data
  56. compare 3 arrays. If uniqe in dimmesion (2,3,4) then check and copy to Tab1 or Tab3
  57. to many line continuations during parsing
  58. vba algorithm
  59. VBA capturing screenshot
  60. Loop based on count of serial number and fill formula
  61. excel vba replace
  63. VBA Conditional Formatting Help
  64. [SOLVED:] Sum of all months
  65. [SOLVED:] Setting 1 range in 1 Workbook equal to another range in another workbook
  66. VBA API Parsing and pasting json string to excel spreadsheet. run time 13 error
  67. Data Retrieval
  68. Checkbox to write values to multiple cells
  69. Transferring Data
  70. Looking to Highlight Certain Phrases
  71. Export Multiple Sheets and Save As a new file
  72. vlookup range in another sheet
  73. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to copy data from one sheet to another based on date
  74. Transpose Tables arranged horizontally to vertically
  75. [SOLVED:] Checkbox Loop
  76. my code is working.... almost
  77. Can't get a loop to spit out individual files...
  78. [SOLVED:] Sum on the basis of multiple creterias
  79. VBA - Recursive Function modify Code - Output ERROR
  80. VBA help to compare 2 sheets and pick out duplicates
  81. [SOLVED:] SIMPLE vertical timeline ...
  82. Array add dropdown Combobox for UserForm
  83. [SOLVED:] Find and color text with Text List
  84. [SOLVED:] color uppercase words
  85. Copy and past whole rows to a different tab based on two criteria
  86. [SOLVED:] Shape Fill Color Does Not Change (Excel 2013)
  87. [SOLVED:] Display Cell Contents - in ListBox
  88. pls help conditinal formating or vba
  89. Macros to copy from desirable worksheets to the same worksheets in another workbook
  90. [SOLVED:] Ensure Selected Item in Listbox does not exist in Range
  91. [SOLVED:] Sort and spilit into column from one cell
  92. VBA to email each sheet in a workbook
  93. Moving Folder to another Folder if name of folder and cell match
  94. Pivot > show all data
  95. [SOLVED:] Shapes Array (Excel 2013)
  96. Run-time eerror 424
  97. Highlight Duplicates based on Different year in each row.
  98. Add string of text to a specific point in every cells
  99. Rename Files
  100. Excel VB "Unprotect" workbook statement
  101. [SOLVED:] Setfocus in Access form FROM within Excel ?
  102. VBA - Removing a Sheet based on a condition (else a message box)
  103. getting #N/D on function.transpose
  104. Creating shapes and position them
  106. [SOLVED:] Start From Last Column - Sequential Number
  107. Copy text to cell from another sheet
  108. Moving Files & Folders by Last Modified Date
  109. [SOLVED:] Sum on the basis of mutiple criteria
  110. [SOLVED:] Find values in a range then copy and paste data to different column
  111. Autofilter, copy, paste to new file
  112. Count Highlighted Cells In Each Column
  113. [SOLVED:] Run Macro only if selected by left click
  114. Sheets change every few seconds in a loop
  115. Extract URL with the hashtag #
  116. Please Help !!! Copy particular columns from one file to master file with condition
  117. Help with VBA to send email to several recipients listed in different columsn
  118. [SOLVED:] ListBox - PreSelect Values
  119. [SOLVED:] Quick VBA find question
  120. [SOLVED:] Class Event for ComboBox Enter (Excel 2013)
  121. Userform too much loaded
  122. excel - search for document and open
  123. [SOLVED:] Conditional Formatting Help
  124. #1 VBA to sort data from multiple worksheets into a worksheet (same workbook)
  125. Problem in automating form filling web page.
  126. [SOLVED:] VBA to send 1 email containing all attachments
  127. Run-Time Error 53 File not found
  128. Pass Chart Data Point number to variable
  129. sending email with multiple attachments
  130. Excel VBA Highlighting dates in a range which match a date from an inputbox
  131. Convert Row Range formula result to Value
  132. [SOLVED:] Underline specific text in shape caption. (Excel 2013)
  134. Amalgamating and texting
  136. How to create a dynamic range for vlookup based on active cell
  137. Logic to pull directory, two tabs and transpose data
  138. VBA code to seend seperate sheets as PDF to seperate emails
  139. VBA Code help - Search files within folders and return file name and path
  140. VBA code to delete contents of one cell based on change in another
  141. [SOLVED:] Send e-mail with multiple range in body of e-mail
  142. [SOLVED:] Merge specific worksheet from multiple workbooks into a single worksheet
  143. [SOLVED:] If E and F is empy paste to column
  144. Counting Number of Colors in a sheet (not Number of Colored cells)
  145. [SOLVED:] change from vba code (const as date) to (cell.value in worksheet)
  146. [SOLVED:] Find all cells with certain value and delete the whole row
  147. After uppdating cell excel jumps to other sheet
  148. VBA code help 2016
  149. Multipage: When I change the page the date changes.
  150. VBA code to print unique values and corresponding values from the other coloumn
  151. VBA not to show excel file, excel logo, excel ico but only show a User form
  152. [SOLVED:] Auto Fill Next Blank Cell in a Row with Value from the Row Above
  153. [SOLVED:] Compare 2 Sheet and by 2 column and compare date get the value on sheet 1
  154. [SOLVED:] Import .csv file
  155. Extract data from the outlook mail which has attached excel file
  156. [SOLVED:] Error - Duplicate record after filtering n the Header can't be copied to new workbook
  157. Complex VBA - Trying to use specific online calculator and download data to excel
  158. VBA Textbox get last entry from time stamp
  159. problem getting internet values
  160. Code to hide row if no value
  161. [SOLVED:] How to copy and paste only bold parts of string and not unbold parts of string?
  162. Send Notes Mail out of Excel with monospaced body
  163. Cntl+. macro ?
  164. Dlookup only works when Access is open
  165. [SOLVED:] Increment number sequence by two conditions
  166. VBA code errors for exporting sheets as individual PDFs
  167. Getting “Type Mismatch” with VBA PivotTables and Filter Dates
  168. [SOLVED:] Excel VB to hide an entire row based on sheet name match and cell dynamically.
  169. How Many Coctail With Fruit From İnventory(most effective ways)
  170. Impossible to trigger a value input in a menu with VBA (javascript)
  171. VBA to replace text in a single column
  172. [SOLVED:] inputbox vba problem
  173. [SOLVED:] VBA: Detect if the webpage on Internet Explorer is loaded
  174. [SOLVED:] PDF from a macro in excel
  175. [SOLVED:] How To Load Macro onto Exported Excel Sheet
  176. [SLEEPER:] Can you query a RECORDSET using SQL
  177. [SOLVED:] Placing comma separated values into the corresponding cell
  178. VBA - change color with double click and count cells based on color
  179. Date calculation and formula
  180. [SOLVED:] Problem with Range().EntireRow.Insert when creating insertRow sub
  181. Runtime error 438
  182. Update the Master Workbook from the Copy.
  183. How to insert a specific row from my sheet, into the email-body using VBA-Excel
  184. HTML Scraping
  185. Userform Listbox Search Function
  186. Transfer Data from one sheet to another sheet to create invoices
  187. Copy data from excel which receive in outlook mail
  188. Draw line around page margins
  189. VBA code for plotting ternary in excel
  190. Code to copy row if two criteria match
  191. INDEX/MATCH formula with INDEX return being in row higher than MATCH value (xlUP)
  192. Most efficient way of finding the last row.
  193. Copying specific fields of multiple txt files into one master excel
  194. Out of places to turn for Time and date stamp help
  195. Change the list contents in a cell, when changing the contents in another cell.
  196. If and Index and Match against a couple of different conditions
  197. MAcro Creation Date
  198. Can VBA record multiple iteration wb results with for next loop from a range of data?
  199. Excel VBA
  200. How to disable the sheets protection
  201. [SOLVED:] I need to create a macro, but unsure of what formulas to put into it
  202. Automation of Drop Down list
  203. [SOLVED:] Wrong customer apprearing
  204. [SOLVED:] Excel Optionbutton Calculations
  205. problem getting internet values
  206. Filtered data in Listbox based on Option buttons EXCEL VBA
  207. [SOLVED:] Code for Pivot
  208. Find Copy and Paste
  209. Copy Values if name of sheets in two different workbooks are equal
  210. Call data from another sheet based on multi critiria
  211. [SOLVED:] syntax problem with a While nested into a Loop (for an Array)
  212. Auto Updating Row for Sum Grand Total
  213. Code for selecting data and paste in another tab
  214. Copy rows with specific values and paste within the same worksheet
  215. [SOLVED:] How Do I Change The Date Format in VBA Code
  216. Copy Cell Values Using If Statements through VBA Code
  217. Looping through combo box
  218. VBA Script locks the excel sheet
  219. Assign exact dates of material availability to each production order
  220. How can you use a variable to reference a worksheet object?
  221. Spell check stopped working
  222. Is there a cleaner way to write this formula?
  223. VBA Userform (Excel 2016) - Textbox date calculations: Date + No. of days=Expiry Date
  224. [SOLVED:] Trim and LCase values in an array
  225. Macro to recover an excel encrypted workbook
  226. Dynamic vlookup refering different workbooks through VBA
  227. [SOLVED:] Saving worksheet range without formula to array
  228. [SOLVED:] could not set the list property. Invalid property value error
  229. [SOLVED:] Multiple Frames on A Excel UserForm and switch the visibility
  230. Filtering data on multiple creterias
  231. VBA: Internet Explorer zoom level
  232. [SOLVED:] For Loop for 2 Range
  233. [SLEEPER:] Help with Merge in Excel
  234. [SOLVED:] Textjoin help needed
  235. VBA breaks when it comes to deleting command button and selecting A1 cell
  236. [SOLVED:] Import most recent xml file
  237. [SOLVED:] Average and addtional conditions
  238. automatically hide/unhide the row based another sheet cell value.
  239. [SOLVED:] Hide/Unhide Rows Based on Cell Value
  240. [SOLVED:] Concatenate Transpose - Multiple with Multiple
  241. Customized Footers with VBA
  242. Extracting data from a variable length string
  243. Hiding ribbon commands
  244. Reading value from another application
  245. [SLEEPER:] Time formula
  246. In work materials vs delivery date
  247. [Help] VBA for scheduling
  248. golf 4somes
  249. Test to determine workload
  250. Else without IF error !!!