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  1. Randomly selecting 50 cells from a range & filling with color
  2. scheduled macros execute a few times VBA?
  3. how to click href using vba
  4. VBA syntax question for Dynamic Web Query
  5. Copying Excel Tracker into Access - Endless Issues with INSERT INTO statement
  6. Merge data from multiple spreadsheets into one master sheet.
  7. Merge data from multiple spreadsheets into one master sheet.
  8. [SOLVED] Different results when execute code by "F5" or "F8" (step by step).
  9. cannot get Listbox column count property
  10. [SOLVED] FillDown VBA Excel doesn't work on second Worksheet
  11. Updating AutoCAD Attributes with Excel
  12. Run macro if cell has a specific value
  13. [SOLVED] Goalseek last cell in column, changing last cell in adjacent column
  14. How to set Range based off Target Range?
  15. [SOLVED] Add Dynamic Named Ranges to Each Sheet (Excel 2013)
  16. Return cell values as date
  17. QR Code system for Excel for estate inventory and sales
  18. [SOLVED] Problem inserting formula with VBA
  19. [SOLVED] Adding continuous Series Collections with loop
  20. [SOLVED] How to Disabled a Command AFTER the last row is inserted.
  21. Delete entire column with duplicates in row 2
  22. vba autofilter with several search cells as a filter
  23. Importing CSV through PowerQuery to Excel
  24. Help with VBA
  25. perfomance VBA with loop
  26. [SOLVED] Code for Hiding Slicers on Pivot Table: Getting Error Message
  27. Compile Error with ComboBox
  28. Multi Condition Average
  29. Getting runtime error from Range object that VBA Debugger shows as "String * -1" Type
  30. Hiding rows based on cell value - VBA
  31. Substitute a value from a Choice of multiple words in a offset cell - Randomly
  32. Can't find DLL entry point
  33. [SOLVED] Can't copy data from new created workbook
  34. [SOLVED] Countif function on varying ranges
  35. [SOLVED] Bold while adding text to excel in vba
  36. when drop down value is month or weeks or days, force user to enter required rows
  37. Excel Online - Sharing workbook between two companies - Editing Permissions
  38. File extension issues
  39. Can't find "div class" element
  40. Get Range according multiple Listbox values
  41. Double Do...Loop does not work
  42. Extract a word from a text in a tab
  43. Setup a formula to be completed later
  44. Insert The Created Time And Last Modified Time In Cells In Excel With VBA Code
  45. VBA VLOOKUP always returning zero.
  46. Refer to Grouped Charts (or anything that's grouped) in VBA
  47. VBA Pivot Table Creation Doesn't Sum all Rows
  48. Shift clicking files storing filenames in an array
  49. Web scraping
  50. Transposing Excel table using VBA
  51. Automatic Sorting while typing
  52. VBA copy cell data based on value in columns
  53. Help !!! struggling with run-time error '-2147352571 (80020005)': Type Mismatch
  54. Dynamically referencing multiple named ranges
  55. Clean trim code explanation
  56. Foreign Language Characters
  57. Monthly Payments With a Final Payment
  58. reduce all pdf file size which kept in folder below 100 kb excel vba code
  59. Help needed: looping within loops
  60. [SOLVED] Else problem with clicking on a row to run macro
  61. [SOLVED] Indirect Cell references from VBA gives error
  62. Display Columns in Listbox only if cells are not empty in a selected Range
  63. Not specified issue
  64. Code to transfer data from one workbook to another
  65. [SOLVED] Modules not accessing userform objects
  66. Change data validation to vba
  67. [SOLVED] Copy data from multiple files in a folder to master sheet
  68. Date entered to next column of pivot table, reflected on master sheet
  69. [SOLVED] Maximum workbook and set to page layout view
  70. Request for tips and notes for code structure and style
  71. On Call Rotation Schedule with no VBA (Defined Rules)
  72. [SOLVED] Create timeline in Excel with several phases on single row and only 2 input dates
  73. copy row, based on columns header and row color
  74. [SOLVED] creating a access db with autonumber primary Key
  75. Efficient method of creating dashboard in Excel 2016
  76. VBA Macro help needed to compare to column different sheet
  77. [SOLVED] Excel Formula full update?
  78. Run-time error '91' Click html button
  79. Excel Formula full update?
  80. For each loop with data validation lists
  81. [SOLVED] VBA Code to create a folder based on cell date
  82. Calling Subroutines in VB
  83. Word to Excel Copy and Paste
  84. need help in writting VBA Code to save file sequentially after each loop
  85. [SOLVED] List Data Between Two Dates
  86. **Macro is waiting to close the form**
  87. [SOLVED] Array resizing help
  89. [SOLVED] Context menu on UserForm "reluctant" to show first time
  90. [SOLVED] maximum Value from other column
  91. Automaticall change dpi settings of windows to 125% for all devices that use the file
  92. add formula to first available cell column B
  93. creat multicharts
  94. Dynamic drop down lists with OFFSET, LARGE, INDEX and MATCH
  95. Loop based on text
  96. Visual Basic code gets separated from workbook
  97. Excel VBA reuseable copy and paste below last cell
  98. Updating a master sheet from nightly data
  99. [SOLVED] Problem writing to minimised workbook - worksheet minimised when saved
  100. Runtime error at #dataname = ActiveSheet.ListObject(1).Name#
  101. Update Links question
  102. Need help figuring this code out!
  103. [SOLVED] ODBC connection error through VBA in excel
  104. write SQL table output to excel using VBA
  105. How to set "A1:A" & to variable and convert column number to letter
  106. VBA Macro help needed
  107. MACRO to record real time data
  108. VBA code for automatic open sheet & Update & send mail
  109. VBA Outlook single mail instead of multiple mails to recipient
  110. [SOLVED] Changing tab names dynamically
  111. VBA code to count number of only weekdays between 2 dates
  112. "collect" data / string from another open window (which is not the excel)
  113. Modify text string all over .txt document
  114. VBA LOOKUP - How to Return Multiple columns of dynamic range?
  115. Website Auto Login - Type as Hidden - VBA
  116. VBA Code for highlight a row based on cell with fix column and row
  117. VBA to insert text in adjacent cells
  118. [SOLVED] Changing the properties of many charts
  119. [SOLVED] Get datetimestamp in Excel through VB
  120. VBA Help - on Visible cells
  121. Send Textbox Text to Array
  122. Excel VBA Delete after timer
  123. VBA Pivot Calcfield
  124. [SOLVED] Clear contents with in a range in Excel through VB
  125. Have a shortcut key to command bar
  126. Excel VBA Email with PDF attachments
  127. Compare Two Sheets and Extract Differences
  128. [SOLVED] VBA remove all records from master sheet while auto refreshing and auto archival
  129. Macro auto filter to create report pasting hidden rows. Help
  130. Transfer data from one workbook to another
  131. Using Dynamic Ranges (without range address) inside a Formula
  132. Using a Userform with Multilple Checkboxes to complete a Range of Cells
  133. Copying Sheet into Master Sheet
  134. [SOLVED] Two different additions alternatively
  135. Reading in a Text File
  137. Run Time Error 438
  138. Count unique values with three conditions
  139. Transpose an array - type mismatch error
  140. Sorting a multicolumn listbox
  141. Insert a date in a cell in one and only possible format
  142. vba macro to loop through find and return search criteria
  143. Class module for userform command buttons
  144. Run-Time 1004 Array Copy Error Charts to PPT
  145. [SOLVED] Date Format Help
  146. Help with VBA Code: cell values and matching values
  147. VBA website scraping - multiple link clicks to show full table
  148. Compare Main List and Sub List, included new items in sub list to main list
  149. How do I fix this VBA Code?
  150. run macro in workbook1 then go to workbook2 to run macro
  151. Filtering on checkbox text
  152. Want to convert markovitz excel variance model to VBA
  153. Multiple similar If Statements
  154. VBA Script seems working at first glance, but does not..
  155. Unique Random Number Generation
  157. [SOLVED] if and match formula
  158. Help: VBA Training to pull data from online database to worksheets
  159. [SOLVED] Switch Values Between Sheets
  160. [SOLVED] Split the excel based on headings list
  161. Delete multiple files, based on cell value.
  162. Split the excel based on headings
  163. If cells in a column contain a value, input text into another column.
  164. Help with Compile error: Else with out if
  165. [SOLVED] String || How to do selection.replace with space?
  166. User Form to Select Pivot Table Filters
  167. [SOLVED] Shell Command results in Runtime Error 5
  168. Want some idea on transposing function
  169. [SOLVED] Finding Min and Max Times for Each Date
  170. Excel VBA creating emails via web browser
  171. VBA not running correctly in Excel 2016 (worked perfectly 2010)
  172. [SOLVED] Search Replace in Text files - Loop to Next Search & Replacement
  173. Modify the code in the userform
  174. Loop Format (Not Looping)
  175. If cell is N/A, how to replace it with the average value of the cells above and below
  176. Required Conditional formatting
  177. [SOLVED] Adding Email Addresses From Names Rages to Lotus Notes
  178. [SOLVED] Select Folder and Rename Files according to list in excel using VBA
  179. [SOLVED] Analyse a subset of numeric Array only
  180. Excel vba code to iterate through list and match to total
  181. [SOLVED] VBA Code to open PDF file using LastModifiedDate
  182. Need assistance pls
  183. How to group Files in windows explorer with VBA / VBScrip (a .bat file)
  184. [SOLVED] Copied Table Missing First Column
  185. Delete Rows based on Input Box Enrty
  186. Paste Link is greyed out during Paste Special
  187. find all path between any two nodes
  188. [SOLVED] Date Lookup Problem
  189. Count values in rows based on column name
  190. Transpose and insert a column to a row on a different sheet
  191. overloaded excel workbook - ETL replacement ?
  192. Find copy and paste into same worksheet
  193. Excel VBA CDO Email
  194. Insert new row in excel which is protected
  195. [SOLVED] Loop to Cut Down on Long Code
  196. Need to modified Code (getdata) from Closed files for John Walkenback
  197. Duplicate Values only on ListBox
  198. Search string or substring from range
  199. Unique Variable Name for File
  200. Help!
  201. Excel Graph Paper Not Measuring Correctly
  202. Not VBA - INDEX MATCH MAX DATE Question!!! :)
  203. Clearing a Shape from a Chart
  204. Copy data from Pivot table(except headings) to a new tab using VBA
  205. [SOLVED] Conditional Formating Issue
  206. Compare and replace- English and French Translation- Optimization.
  207. Urgent help needed - "Runtime error 9: subscript out of range"
  208. Facing Run-time error-13 "Type Mismatch" while edit and update user
  209. search for words or symbols in files
  210. Search for number in another Excel file and get adjacent cell
  211. modify vba code
  212. Modify Macro to have sheets added in particular order
  213. Auto filling data w/ VBA
  214. VBA reset all pages in multipage
  215. VBA: Workbook won't open until the macro is completely finished
  216. Creating comma separated list from multiple columns
  217. Expanding between two dates (start and end) along with other information
  218. Renaming a closed excel file by info in it, Excel VBA
  219. VBA with a lot of condition statement
  220. Format Object
  221. problem with api call
  222. Help with production counter in VBA
  223. Dependent Combo Box in userform
  224. Download and extract zip file, and open file in it
  225. Not able to use the find command in vba ,Please help
  226. [SOLVED] Automatically enter the value of a formula in adjacent cell
  227. [SOLVED] inputbox coding for invalid selection(s) - column
  228. Combine 2 sheets into 1 PDF file
  229. [SOLVED] Excel Calculation issues with UDF
  230. [SOLVED] Trying to Make Macros Run More Efficiently
  231. Floating point question, exactness of integers
  232. Cancel querytable.refresh
  233. Need to Match two or more rows values based on their ID in another cell
  234. vba help to shorten the my code...
  235. Inserting Multiple Rows in Excel based on cell selection
  236. [SOLVED] expand and complete series excel
  237. [SOLVED] vba conditional formatting - compare range of adjacent cells
  238. Insert and Delete rows based on value
  239. [SOLVED] Conditional Data Validation issue
  240. Highlighting cells that contain specific characters with VBA
  241. [SOLVED] I Need help to reconstruct code to add to existing code, please
  242. Option Enabled Search
  243. Copy Sheet From file to workbook, and save it as origin name in different file
  244. [SOLVED] Need help with highlighting duplicates of data in 3 columns, Please
  245. Macros not enabled etc. Runtime Error 1004
  246. Automatically save on insert/modify cell data.
  247. [SOLVED] Create x,y points from mouse clicks
  248. Creating CAD files using Excel.
  249. Change code to include range of cells
  250. Overview values pivot table