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  1. Need to build a macro with the following logic. Don't know how to start!
  2. [SOLVED] requesting help on restructuring code to work on extracting data w. int color red
  3. Need Help VBA Find Certain Value
  4. If statement to copy data to correct row
  5. Angle of a trend line
  6. [SOLVED] Updating PT Slicers is Causing Macro to Fail
  7. [SOLVED] VBA Makro Load Data from Website with Java Script
  8. Time delay Stock Data
  9. [SOLVED] Macro not finding next available blank line
  10. Copy rows to new tab based on column value
  11. Only FOR JULY (07-01-18 to 07-31-18 ) as per formula available in cell
  12. Converting a logic in R to Excel VBA
  13. [SOLVED] Export data to workbook with criteria with few selected columns(not all rows)
  14. Jumping to intermittent last cells in a column
  15. Sports scheduling helper
  16. Bring picture to front
  17. Excel VBA macro to paste values
  18. [SOLVED] Next without For error
  19. Excel file open by specific ID number
  20. [SOLVED] Replacing a Date Extracted From a String
  21. Develop VBA program to find and divide numbers
  22. [SOLVED] How to Reference a String in a Cell
  23. Protect & Unprotect Sheet in AutoCall Macro
  24. Excel VBA attaching print area as PDF
  25. Loop through folder to fill a table
  26. Adding to a Cell Which Time Decays
  27. forgot the password of Excel
  28. [SOLVED] Delete after coma when spicify workd does not exists
  30. Message in cell when criteria is met
  31. Split Data in Column A into Separate Workbooks
  32. VBA program to find the number 15
  33. Repeat VBA code for each cell
  34. VBA Help to Reverse a String without StrReverse function
  36. opening 2010 file in VBA
  37. VBA Macro To Scan Headers and Paste Them Into Specific Column On Master Template
  38. VBA to extract & combine data from multiple excel file from a specific folder
  39. Excel 2010 / VBA/ problem with code to create listbox in userform
  40. [SOLVED] VBA copy from a variable sheet
  41. VBA - copy specific cells with criteria to multiple workbooks (get filename from cell
  42. Excel VBA Don't show Sampling - Output range will overwrite existing data
  43. search for a string in a column on a different worksheet
  44. VBA Error handling
  45. Help with VBA code to copy formatting into clipboard
  46. [SOLVED] Radar Scoring
  47. VBA to Auto-populate the Sheet "Protect" password field(s)
  48. VBA Set File path to a cell reference in the workbook
  49. VBA Print area problem
  50. VBA changes "Rows" to "rows"
  51. create and print files automatically
  52. VBA Assistance Needed
  53. Delete duplicates based on partial match
  54. help with select case
  55. [SOLVED] Delete row if cell entries in 4 columns match
  56. Help with VBA Code
  57. Lookup and return Names for Duplicate Orders
  58. Splitting Uneven Text Strings
  59. Divide number under certain conditions
  60. Formula with named ranges not working
  61. Insert the different picture into all worksheets
  62. Shorten
  63. Extracting data from .txt file to excel using vba
  64. Form Controls Reset to Default on Worksheet
  65. [SOLVED] Loop to match headers on separate sheets, copy and paste revisited
  66. VBA IE automation: error on getting iframe
  67. Grade calculator this should be easy fix
  68. VBA is it possible to use a integer like function with cells
  69. Importing data from multiple files by VBA
  70. 1 Email, Multiple Recipients, No Duplicates
  71. VBA Code needed to insert rows based on pricepoints
  72. VBA code. Copy certain cells with a number of conditions
  73. Duplicate entire workbook into 3 copies and leave only specific sheets in the copies
  74. Google Maps Static API in Excel
  75. Excel Formula/Macro: Fetch data from multiple rows and columns with a single key
  76. Can't get my code to offset
  77. Copy Columns in Selected Sheets to a New Table with the data
  78. [SOLVED] intersect range and table.listcolumn - need to find if cell is in table column
  79. Select Multiple entry and remove in dropodown in excel vba
  80. Vba data for chart
  81. Named Range Help - Excel 2013
  82. [SOLVED] Copying data with changing rows.
  83. [SOLVED] Conditional Formatting range selection
  84. Converting columns to rows
  85. VBA Convert textnumber to number format
  86. Find and format only specific text/numbers
  87. Copy several cells into one cell
  88. [SOLVED] Match Overlap Date Range and multiple criteria - Need to match extra criteria
  89. Deleting cell contents based on a partial formula.
  90. Range setting for sort
  91. [SOLVED] Issuing retrieving an "hour value" from worksheet using VBA
  92. [SOLVED] Matching 2 columns
  93. [SOLVED] Transpose Data In Columns
  94. How can I get my second range to transfer as an offset?
  95. [SOLVED] Save to Network drive using UNC format
  96. VBA Code that deletes entire row if "Received" is selected from Drop-Down List
  97. How to increment a column with a selected range
  98. Help with filling out webform from excel sheet
  99. how to further divide out how this is saved?
  100. Copying Rows based on two columns having matching data
  101. Excel file only to open on designated computers
  102. Formula Evaluation In Excel
  103. Excel VBA: Format and change cell value based on specific values in cell
  104. Excel VBA Seek Error Solution
  105. Auto-Size Pasted Picture/Snippet to Fit Cell Height and Width
  106. [SOLVED] Count Rows From Specific Column - Row Number
  107. [SOLVED] Userform for Project closing
  108. Simple Copy and Update Cell Value Every Minute
  109. Sending emails with data from cells (including bcc)
  110. Copying data from one worksheet to another base on the header name.
  111. Runtime 1004 Error SaveAs Workbook Failed
  112. Lookup or match
  113. Add a cell reference in newly created worksheets created by VBA indexed by row
  114. Adding or deleting rows from Table depending of data
  115. Generating a checkbox corresponding to the each worksheet on click
  116. Track Changes not working properly
  117. [SOLVED] Counting The item that separate by | character
  118. Copy/Paste/Rename values between two workbooks if certain conditions are met
  119. Quick Question About XlDown
  120. Macro For Printing Labels
  121. Search multiple values in column A and create sheets based on value name
  122. [SOLVED] Insert Values into - Offset Cells Array
  123. [SOLVED] Export Sheets as CSV and Keep Workbook Open
  124. [SOLVED] Delete a filtered auxiliary column while maintaining the filtered range.
  125. VBA help - not sure which getelement to use for scraping website
  126. [SOLVED] If Column A ıs Empty and if Column I has a data copy them to Column A ..
  127. Add a cell reference in newly created worksheets created by VBA indexed by row
  128. VBA Code - Referencing to a Different Sheet
  129. Combine multiple pdf files into one file using Excel
  130. Open several files from list of paths
  131. [SOLVED] Using form control checkboxes to clear ranges on other pages- VBA Excel
  132. Userform | write new row for ComboBox and TextBox entries ONLY when user adds content
  133. [SOLVED] copy data between worksheets based on list selection
  134. Sub or Function not defined compile error help
  135. How to unhide a sheet - xlveryhidden
  136. Accessing File Properties in an audio file
  137. [SOLVED] Loop to find cell, then using that cell reference to clear a range
  138. innerHTML not returned?
  139. [SOLVED] When Ranks change in a Range
  140. Issues with using autofill in vb macro
  141. [SOLVED] Find ALL cells containing multiple words then display a corresponding cell
  142. Array Problem (Swapping array value based on determined row)
  143. Formula on MS Exel sheet Vlookup ,H_lookup , For Entropy and enthalphy
  144. Intermittent issue with a UDF, Google address extractor.
  145. Get row of Checkboxes
  146. [SOLVED] Dynamically adding check boxes based on worksheet name, updating error
  147. [SOLVED] VBA to create a folder and move
  148. [SOLVED] Cut and past a selected row to another worksheet
  149. Best way for deploy excel with .net dll reference
  150. How to show the last row in this code
  151. Userform Read only to Read/Write
  152. How to use image recognition for finding buttons on an internet explorer page?
  153. Cash flow analysis: Help selecting a cell based on a certain $ threshold
  154. How to return data from a complex nested populated VBA Array
  155. [SOLVED] VBA to check and delete the entire row
  156. [SOLVED] Struggling with Countifs formula
  157. [SOLVED] How to Get Array Length...
  158. Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignments in Excel ->word
  159. [SOLVED] Issue with References
  160. Excel/VBA app hangs up temporarily when tabbing past last unlocked cell
  161. Extract product-price from URL in Excel VB
  162. extraction of key entities using VBA
  163. GetData from multlipe Closed files with multilpe ranges to one file and specific rang
  164. Filter and delete rows based on value from a cell
  165. Open closed protected excel workbook from other workbook with SQL statement
  166. Copy Rows - If it Contains a Word Listed in Column A Data Table
  167. [SOLVED] Advice re class modules
  168. [SOLVED] Search & Index
  169. Filter excel data without hiding a Graph
  170. Pivot table with 2 sheets
  171. VBA help please
  172. Subtract values in column VBA
  173. 2010 macro runs slow in 2016 and display result is different
  174. [SOLVED] Looping through all possible combinations of two ranges
  175. Find Text and Extract
  176. How to restrict user from using old versions of excel
  177. "Compile error: Method or data member not found" assistance
  178. Need to compare two string columns based on similarities and return a value
  179. Data Validations and Indirect
  180. VBA to autofilter with Array
  181. How to protect workbook with force user to enable macro code
  182. [SOLVED] Data Validation formula issues
  183. Range in macro
  184. VBA scripting for PDF
  185. VBA novice needing help!!
  186. Please help me. Import data from a scripted web page
  187. [SOLVED] Formatting issue when putting data into charts
  188. Copy worksheet to another workbook
  189. round formula vba
  190. VBA range.value and looping issues with selecting a range of cells
  191. Move to next column in a loop
  192. [SOLVED] autorun marcos if condition is met
  193. IF(AND statement works - changing to an IF( and IF(OR causes a False - also is there
  194. [SOLVED] Delete the Value in Sheet 2 that does not exist in Sheet 1
  195. Mean of a MOVING Range
  196. Filter pivot item by date - type mismatch
  197. HELP Excel VBA Easy Code Popup MISSING!!!
  198. Formula Using A Variable in File & Pah
  199. Autopopulating columns until one column reaches a certain value, then stopping
  200. Searching for Multiple Values using Match and Index
  201. Default Insert Hyperlink by VBA input box
  202. Add New Column & Formula & Bold Indicated Value after Last Column
  203. Reset Input Sheet
  204. Find value in another sheet and get cell value in same row
  205. QR Code creation
  206. [SOLVED] Pasting columns to the next blank columns
  207. Stop calculating a column once the date has passed
  208. VBA to ZIP and password protect individual folder in the path.
  209. Hi I need to amend this code
  210. [SOLVED] Needed help in running the macro very urgent
  211. Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker) with Network Folder Path
  212. Numeric value mysteriously appearing in the VBA editor immediate window.
  213. Create csv files for rows corresponding to each ID in excel using VBA
  214. Problem sorting each table in workbook
  215. [SOLVED] IF statment looking at 2 different cells
  216. VBA macro help
  217. Unlimited Sub ()
  218. Looping through folder with excel files, extract specific cells values to master file
  219. How to Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker) for https:// Sharepoint file
  220. VBA Code Help with Command Button
  221. Loop record macro though all worksheets
  222. Excel VB Attachment available or not and Email sending Log
  224. Excel macro to Automatically generate the data and save file
  225. MACRO to Copy all Sheets from Folder
  226. need macro to update Master Calendar file copying data from numerous identical files.
  227. copy data from .csv file to other excel files
  228. [SOLVED] Need to highlight the entire rows once duplicate values found in two separate columns
  229. [SOLVED] Help with an Excel VBA Script (Excel 2010)
  230. [SOLVED] Add words to a list in column A relative to a list of selected names in column B
  231. [SOLVED] Runtime error
  232. [SOLVED] Macro to subtotal A2 until blank cell - cany anyone please help?
  233. [SOLVED] Macro to copy cell without leaving cell
  234. Find numbers whose sum is a number given
  235. [SOLVED] Speed up Macro
  236. Max characters allowed on status bar?
  237. Move files with path as argument
  238. Copy and Export to CSV of Pivot Table output results
  239. Export to file with different extensions
  240. Variable declaration
  241. Random with critaria
  242. Copying and sorting rows from multiple tabs to another tab
  243. [SOLVED] Look up value and copy variable coulmn
  244. Specific range date on a code with counting subjects
  245. Format repeated lines in excel with a lighter font
  246. EntireRow.Copy Issues VBA
  247. Create Hyperlink and Copy data from files.
  248. Insert a row and copy data if condition is met
  249. Range.Address length issue
  250. [SOLVED] macro to create a range name