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  1. [SOLVED] macro to create a range name
  2. Add column containing an xl-addin function to a table imported from a Web page
  3. Range.Address length issue
  4. Search directory using a *word to find and open the latest zip
  5. Print as a PDF then combine with existing PDF
  6. Using VBA to insert a row if condition is met in Excel
  7. Dynamicaly Linked Cells based on the Month
  8. Searching multiple values
  9. Formatting the data with the help of VBA Macro
  10. copy/paste data from nth column into two columns
  11. How to use VBA to set up equal number of Rows per Page for a worksheet for print
  12. Copy data from "All Levels" sheet to Master Sheet.
  13. Size of Files
  14. EXCEL USER FORM (Update Existing Date and Time)
  15. Combination algorithm for this condition
  16. [SOLVED] Refactoring & issue with row
  17. [SOLVED] An application.EnableEvents issue. Help needed.
  18. [SOLVED] Avoid selection and select in format number
  19. VBA with counting files
  20. How to get a cell property?
  21. [SOLVED] Compare values in 2 columns, if values match copy value in adjacent cell to new colum
  22. Need help comparing numbers and generating a temporary 'no data found' message.
  23. Auto-Filtering A Dynamic Table and Copy-Pasting to Word Template
  24. Compatibility Checker & Recalculate formula Messages
  25. Filter a table using a different name each time and paste the results in a new file
  26. Find corresponding value in database, the copy whole row to update it.
  27. [SOLVED] Function does not work. Where is the mistake?
  28. Help with Split Function
  29. [SOLVED] Need Assistance with Pivot Table Change
  30. Floating box Help
  31. VBA for click on BUTTON Internet DOCUMENT
  32. [SOLVED] Filter a text file and produce a new one
  33. [SOLVED] Need help- Sort columns within rows numerically. Cells contain text as well as number
  34. Extract data to another sheet according to different filtering conditions (using vba)
  35. Combine rows if there is a blank cell under column A
  36. Can't change Range.value
  37. Macro to auto copy a cell and paste it in a particular column
  38. [SOLVED] Formula to Return value when a cell falls between two values
  39. help to apply array formula in the range
  40. Transforming dataset into a different layout (Formula if possible?)
  41. [SOLVED] Question: Passing objects to sub-procedures
  42. Specific range date on this code
  43. [SOLVED] Invalid image error :481
  44. [SOLVED] Opening and editing mutiple csv files
  45. [SOLVED] Excel MDI vs SDI
  46. Find match from range and copy/paste values to destination row where match found
  47. Create Report based on criteria match
  48. VBA code that Unhide sheet that are hidden using (xlSheetHidden)
  49. Excel VBA conditional insert of page breaks
  50. VBA Code to loop once (Do While) Replacing Array, Object Error
  51. [SOLVED] Unable to Control Cursor at End of Script
  52. Copy Cell Values to Columns if Criteria is Matched in VBA
  53. Formula instead of Pivot Table
  54. Reset Cell Value to Zero every day (after midnight)
  55. matching words from transliteration and replacing using vba
  56. [SOLVED] Date Format
  57. [SOLVED] VBA to group and identify
  58. Encryption Decoding VBA String
  59. How prevent open Excel file automatically when open connection to an Excel file
  60. vba code analysing different workbooks
  61. [SOLVED] Downloading images
  62. Macro to auto-copy a cell and paste it in a another cell at particular times
  63. reference cell font color and value
  64. [SOLVED] How to assign a variable value in to another variable
  65. #NAME? Error with VBA
  66. VBA button work 3 activity at one click?
  67. [SOLVED] Save Attachments from Current Open Outlook Email
  68. [SOLVED] Problem with date comparisson
  69. [SOLVED] Macro timing issue
  70. [SOLVED] Data Validation in a MessageBox - VBA
  71. Insert Picture With Cell Reference In Excel VBA Dont Show In Other Computers (Help)
  72. VBA copy and paste with criteria and different sheets
  73. VBA Run-Time Error 13 - Mismatch???
  74. [SOLVED] Explanation VBA code [Activate+Loop]
  75. [SOLVED] VBA Message box to display column titles based upon totals
  76. Run several Fast Fourier Transformations in a row
  77. Googletranslate()
  78. matrix rank
  79. [SOLVED] Run-Time Error '1004"
  80. Problem: Compare two excel files and mark new text.
  81. [SOLVED] Sum Cell range based on Worksheet title with wildcard.
  82. VBA to copy a Specif sheet from multiple other workbooks in MAC
  83. [SOLVED] VBA Inputs restricted to specific decimal ending values
  84. [SOLVED] Is there a consistent way to get a sequential list of controls
  85. [SOLVED] Deleting Ovals - Logic: If they are above row 70
  86. COMBOBOX Change code not working properly
  87. Print reports from a drop-down list in Excel into one pdf
  88. [SOLVED] Dynamic range help for conditional formatting rows
  89. [SOLVED] VBA to resize cells with wrapped text
  90. Seeking help for creating a nested loop with condition
  91. Get Active directory Username Details in Textbox2 based on Textbox1 Value
  92. I want to automatically create pdf and send via outlook email to different addresses
  93. [SOLVED] Doubleclick add row
  94. Help with analysing consistencies in data set
  95. VBA code to click on Image button in IE
  96. Merge files in one folder to a master worksheet and update
  97. [SOLVED] filtering with * as one of the multiple criteria
  98. vba for next loop
  99. [SOLVED] VBA - Use variable from InputBox in formula?
  100. Run-time error -2147467259 (80004005)
  101. [SOLVED] User Defined Function vba
  102. VBA Help, Automatically entering passwords on multiple workbooks
  103. Append an order number in a text file with a string and then save
  104. VBA Nest If Statement help
  105. Images Gallery in UserForm
  107. Enter a password for multiple protected work books
  109. Need help with my VBA Dictionary task
  111. Pivot Table, Calculated Item - not working on large file
  112. Excel.Action
  113. VBA in shared workbooks
  115. Excel Won't recognise as date (mm/dd/yyyy)
  116. Text to Rows Macro : Subscript out of range
  117. vba new
  118. Check game numbers
  119. Create text files with file names from excel column
  120. vba add
  121. Check first five characters and replace offset
  122. Deleting rows with specific text
  123. listbox population based on search value
  124. XML substitution of values
  125. Doevent and buttons
  126. [SOLVED] Transfer worksheet to another workbook
  127. Use of the WorksheetFunction INDEX and MATCH
  128. scraping vba dropdownlist
  129. Insert symbol into text box - in the active textbox where the mouse cursor is located
  130. VBA to compare and update data on Master Sheet/workbook from another Sheet/workbook
  131. [SOLVED] Change ActiveCell within a selected range
  132. Size with Chart property of format picture in VBA
  133. [SOLVED] SQLiteForExcel Help
  135. [SOLVED] Excel to Text File
  136. [SOLVED] If values equal zero command.
  137. [SOLVED] Multiple concerns with my Sheets
  138. [SOLVED] Object variable or With block variable not set -Run-Time error 91
  139. Application.FileSearch replacement
  140. [SOLVED] Include 3 sheets only in filtering
  141. Splitting data by range
  142. [SOLVED] Excel Ribbon
  143. [SOLVED] Display 3 donut charts based on combobox
  144. [SOLVED] Visualize state of ADODB recordset in statusbar
  145. [SOLVED] input data from vba userform textbox to a spreadsheet cell depending on the time/date
  146. 1004 error on delete picture on mouseover VBA
  147. [SOLVED] insert formula via loop including cell contents in a range
  148. copy and paste based on a value present in two sheets
  149. execute netsh with "Run as administrator" in VBA
  150. drag & drop merge with copy-paste-code
  151. Macro for a variable range sum if formula
  152. VBA Code for numbers colors-for different format cell criteria
  153. Send a file to the dropbox with a macro
  154. [SOLVED] Setting Header/Footer issues
  155. [SOLVED] Adding line numbers to VBE Code using MZ-Tools
  156. VB Script
  157. [SOLVED] Listview specific rows conditional formatting
  158. Complicated VBA
  159. Macro to create detailed payment schedule using summary list of bank facilities
  160. How to get Percentage
  161. VBA Conditional Formatting
  162. Multiply VBA InputBox value by cell value derived from json API URL Web Query
  163. Hide rows based on username
  164. Index Match and Wildcard *
  165. Header/Footer Print settings optimization
  166. Transponse each n rows + merge rows periodically
  167. [SOLVED] Save customrange to csv file
  168. [SOLVED] Opening unknown File names in known Folder
  169. [SOLVED] need help on using results from formula to use in case macro
  170. Normalising Data in Excel with VBA
  171. Pivot table data sorting in percentage problem
  172. Userform to filter ,add and edit data
  173. Fill Listview form 3 identical sheets (with same headers)
  174. VBA error on clearing cells
  175. VBA: Create a List of Userforms and make check visible one's
  178. Check combos values and add if not already added
  180. Custom Save Button
  181. [SOLVED] Having trouble performing a few tasks in VBA, possibly need a loop?
  182. [SOLVED] vba userform textbox Value from date picker (Monthview)
  183. [VBA] (Challange) Match dates between two workbooks and export data
  184. Count Listview subitems based on condition
  185. Button Click
  186. [HELP] Make a more complex VLOOKUP formula
  187. Help with find/replace loop.
  188. VBA Dynamic array
  189. [SOLVED] Trying to return Table Column rather than Sheet Column from Find method
  190. Getting max value from a dictionary
  191. Formula to import and sort data from other sheet based on dates
  192. Change ActiveX Image Control from UserForm
  193. [SOLVED] excel macro help
  194. Move file to new folder based on cell value, create folder if not already exist
  195. open workbook
  196. [SOLVED] Userform instructions
  197. VBA save a variable when criteria is met
  198. Populate a cell percentage based on amount of dates in a range of cells.
  199. How to rename TextBoxes on userform
  200. Ignoring Error VBA
  201. ControlTip Text not showing in excel Userform
  203. [SOLVED] Sub Not Defined error when using a renamed combobox
  204. VBA restaurant ordering form
  205. Highlight cells with inputbox
  206. VBA Conditional Format Error 9
  207. [SOLVED] Paste and End(xlRight)
  208. Copy Paste Without Opening The .csv file/s
  209. How to make my combobox invisible
  210. Comparing two columns with empty rows but same data and delete
  211. Allow access to certain sheets in a workbook
  212. Copy And Paste All Rows That Match A Specific Criteria
  213. Copy calculated data ranges in Sheet2 O:O to Sheet1 offset column block areas in C:C
  214. vba example
  215. VBA Row offset when dynamically changing cell value
  216. [SOLVED] Set Worksheet to variable name
  217. Extract Unique List That Meets Criteria
  218. [SOLVED] macro or VBA code "is it possible?"
  219. Long if statements with numbers.
  220. Lookup formula Corresponding value in anywhere in array
  221. [SOLVED] Msg Box Problem
  222. [SOLVED] Remove excess cells
  223. [SOLVED] VBA creating new folders and files
  224. Need Help Re-writing Recorded Macro
  225. Help to separate two codes and place one in a Userform Function
  226. Display CopyFromRecordset result vertically
  227. Timer/StopWatch - How do I make button turn to red and flash when I click Start?
  228. excel stops working and crashes when working with excel user form
  230. [SOLVED] .AdvancedFilter using an array as the criteria
  231. Array loop
  232. Password protect and unprotect a worksheet/workbook
  233. Lock and unlock lines in worksheet based on usrname
  234. [SOLVED] Insert progressive numbers in a column but every n rows
  235. VBA Counting instances of journeys
  238. VBA to check column I and if find data and match the same ID in column A Put Data in.
  239. To set Date filter on pivot via input box when opening a file
  240. Array Formula - More than one wildcard in lookup
  241. Legend Issue
  242. [SOLVED] vba cell event change & call macro combination
  243. Lock pictures so immovable (but do not want to lock objects)
  244. Run time Error 438
  245. [SOLVED] Modifying VBA code in multiple files
  246. Automation Error when trying to run stored procedure on SQL server
  247. Learning VBA
  248. VBA: GetObject / Copy and Past is bringing only 255 characters
  249. Find and Replace Multiple values in Excel