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  1. Automation Error when trying to run stored procedure on SQL server
  2. Learning VBA
  3. VBA: GetObject / Copy and Past is bringing only 255 characters
  4. Find and Replace Multiple values in Excel
  7. VBA - Lock the cell based on Conditional Formatting
  8. Required VBA code to change Color of chart & also formatting
  9. [SOLVED] Any way to make this apply to a larger selection instead of just 1 cell ?
  10. [SOLVED] How to set up spreadsheet for regression analysis in Excel 2016
  11. [SOLVED] Userform with File Selector Process not working
  12. [SOLVED] How to find the top5 and bottom5 values without using large or small
  13. [SOLVED] Help for interpretation of the code
  14. [SOLVED] Please need some help to edit my macro (Copy colored words)
  15. Runtime 50290 error When trying to enter Time value in a Range
  16. Bluezone 7.1 and Excel VBA
  17. How to use arrays to filter and find information
  19. Merge few files with few sheets to one sheet
  20. [SOLVED] VBA: USE InStrRev to get file Name
  21. 64 bit excel question
  22. How to create and manage user access
  23. [SOLVED] Excell userform requiring boxes to be populated with filenames
  24. [SOLVED] VBA myFSO GetFolder path problem
  25. Replacement for PLX-DAQ Add-In
  26. Reading the XML of a workbook
  27. List box error 308
  28. [SOLVED] Possible Combination
  29. VBA - help optimise/clean up the code
  30. [SOLVED] VBA code copy and paste
  31. Code addition of rows
  32. [SOLVED] How To Show A System Tray Notification Balloon
  33. 2nd validation-How to prevent user from entering end date less than start date?
  34. Extract rows of data based on a criteria
  35. vba for shifting or arranging certain column with respect to Data1 sheet
  36. [SOLVED] If Formula with Year Function
  37. [SOLVED] Remove Duplicate Data by Specify Columns and Their Date
  38. Best way to create dynamic named ranges
  39. VBA for Slicer & Table Formatting
  40. Remove Duplicates By Making Them Unique
  41. Lock Black Colored Cells (Revised)
  42. Scatter Plot with Filter option
  43. advance filter
  44. Copy Data till Last Row and Column
  45. Pivot table changing from tabular view to compact view automatically
  46. VBA: Cross-match first two sheets and save result sheet as excel workbook.
  47. [SOLVED] Select Cells Excel VBA
  48. [SOLVED] A working macro that I need to change the search range and write location
  50. excel vba permission denied run time error 70
  51. VBA Copy Last Row into Last Row on Another Workbook
  52. loop
  53. Concatenating two ranges in MATCH function
  54. [SOLVED] How to restrict users between two dates using VBA
  55. link pivot tables to existing slicer(s) - error "invalid procedure call or argument"
  56. Simple VBA: Copy cell data from the top row in below cells (in the respective column)
  57. Anyone have any idea on this code to speed up macros
  58. [SOLVED] How to reduce file open time and screen flicker (with custom RibbonXML)
  59. vba property in lcase
  60. [SOLVED] Stop user from pressing CTRL + BREAK
  61. VBA: Match row data with below cells and fill cell with data condition
  62. What's the difference between the dims of Array ?
  63. VBA/Macro. Hashtag Generator.
  64. Dynamically Added Checkbox Is Not Shown While Clicked
  65. Data Entry VBA Form
  66. Populate single listbox merging different ranges from different sheets
  67. [SOLVED] Save file to a different folder, add to file name & change from .xlsm to .xlsx
  68. VBA to loop through an array
  69. Adjust VBA-Excel split code to combine similar tab names
  70. Adding Percentages to a Pivot Table with Calculated Item
  71. VBA dependent drop down list
  72. [SOLVED] vba Personal workbook - I dont get it
  73. VBA Lag/Delay Issue on Import Command Button
  74. [SOLVED] Hide Rows
  75. Search Characters Within String
  76. [SOLVED] Search multiple ranges for two specific above values and modify an offset
  77. [SOLVED] Copy/Paste files into new folders based on condition
  78. Copy Worksheet to a New Excel Document and SaveAs...
  79. [SOLVED] UNable to get vlookup property of worksheet function class
  80. [SOLVED] Locking Cells If Certain Values Is Selected
  81. Change Color Of Labels As Mouse Moves (Using MouseOver event)
  82. Extract FIlename (including dots) without extension
  83. Mac Office 2019 - Any different than Office 2016?
  84. Work Books Sheets copy to Multiple WorkBooks and Rename and Save
  85. vba chart series formula property
  86. [SOLVED] Excel VBA: Copy cell values to next empty row in table when row contains formulas.
  87. Allow Auto Data Entry into a locked cell.
  88. [SOLVED] 2 change events on 1 worksheet
  89. VBA File/Path Error
  90. [SOLVED] Commission Percent based on Gross Margin Percent Formula
  91. Update Data of Charts
  92. [SOLVED] Remove Duplicates keeping most recent change
  93. [SOLVED] Auto close userform when video ends
  94. [SOLVED] Copy data based on pivot table
  95. Get row number from a closed workbook
  96. Pasting and editing data formats in excel
  97. [SOLVED] Vba to save range with formulas as values if date is less than today.
  98. [SOLVED] Properties Window - Won't display (Not a Docking issue)
  99. VBA: Loop a simple calculation through a 2 dimensional array
  100. [SOLVED] VBA Copy Value Method not working
  101. [SOLVED] Pivot Table Name Changed Every time when Macro Runs
  102. How to run macro for multiple worksheets
  103. [SOLVED] Workbook_Open operates inconsistenly
  104. need help in macro to select a column
  105. [SOLVED] Copy cell range onto new tabs sorted in groups
  106. [SOLVED] filter sublist from list in another column then filter that with another criterion
  107. [SOLVED] Extracting Four Specific Data for each Row. Complex and Disorganized Raw Data.
  108. [SOLVED] Sum two dynamic totals
  109. [SOLVED] Showing & Hiding Rows based on values
  110. VBA API Macro Inconsistent
  111. Copy .CSV to .XLS and Formatting
  112. Repeat Bottom Rows on every printed page of a worksheet
  113. VBA Formula with dynamic range. Please help
  114. Conditionally copy content of adjacent cells to different worksheet
  115. Saving files using Relative Filepath Location
  116. VBA Query
  117. [SOLVED] Convert negative to positive numbers in range being copied
  118. Need Help : How to do convert 1 table to another format
  119. compare pictures
  120. Change code to search multiple terms across columns
  121. [SOLVED] Worksheet formula Offset 1 Column Left & another Cell
  122. Pop up a help text on userform after hovering the mouse for 1 sec
  123. [SOLVED] Extracting groups of Options button
  124. [SOLVED] How to draw out the WorkSheet properties?
  125. [SOLVED] If find any data on column P add CHECKED word on Column O
  126. Ribbon Toggle Buttons Issue
  127. [SOLVED] Crashing UDF - debug tips needed
  128. Help next sheet macro
  129. How to speed up a Change Event Loop
  130. Userform & scanner, won't go to the next field
  131. [SOLVED] Chartobjectsd and SeriesCollection
  132. Cell reference changes to make a change in URL
  133. VBA/macro to filter Pivot Table Filter Field
  134. Simple Loop For Selecting a Range and Replacing Values
  135. [SOLVED] Excel VBA events only working on last element of Collection
  136. Filter multiple sheets with same headers in one sheet
  137. [SOLVED] Run-Time error 9 Subscript out of range
  138. [SOLVED] Find and collate rows with repeated partial text in one column
  139. Chart generation loop issue
  140. Need copied web workbook to overwrite to the same worksheet
  141. Why can't I UPDATE the SELECTED value from the ListBox?
  142. [SOLVED] Need Help in VBA
  143. Hide current Roll based on Cell value
  144. [SOLVED] Type Mismatch
  145. [SOLVED] Explanation about a specific function
  146. [SOLVED] VBA Investment Returns - How to find last day of a month?
  147. Macro to populate all the macros to the ribbon
  148. coverting if formula to macro
  149. Split range based on total
  150. Returning a Value
  151. Daily Cash-flow Forecast Planning
  152. [SOLVED] Unable to resolve type mismatch with userform entry
  153. how to make exception when I get message of “if could not find the specified object”
  154. Copy worksheets (names, data and format) from saved data file to open active workbook
  155. [SOLVED] VBA cannot resolve type mismatch error with vlookup
  156. [SOLVED] How to make a search filter in Excel Userform that displays the output in the ListBox
  157. [SOLVED] Filling Empty Cells with Data based on Averages
  158. [SOLVED] VBA Code for Worst Month from Daily Data
  159. ByRef Array Button Click
  160. [SOLVED] Worksheet/Workbook properties
  161. [SOLVED] Trouble with CountIF Function in VBA, I think
  162. Unable to View XLS File Created in Office 365
  163. VBA Help
  164. Sum Variable types
  165. Wildcard Filter Not Working For Dates
  166. [SOLVED] Extracting Letters from the String
  167. Comparing two cell range
  168. [SOLVED] VBA Sumif in R1C1 style not working
  169. [SOLVED] Match, Find, Offset & Sum in loop not working
  170. extracting object browser information
  171. Extracting directly from a text file into excel with specific conditions in theheader
  172. [SOLVED] Renaming multiple worksheets from list
  173. [SOLVED] Excel, switching between worksheets is "jumpy"
  174. Select Rows which has specific value (but now Entire Row selection)
  175. formula
  176. [SOLVED] VBA code to unhide Unhide multiple columns based on multiple values in row
  177. [SOLVED] Obtain text between words and populate to different cell in another sheet
  178. [SOLVED] Problems with vlookup on another sheet
  180. [SOLVED] Use cell ref in table formula
  181. Search function using VBA
  182. Fisher Yates Shufflein Excel with VBA
  183. [SOLVED] VBA Matrix Operations Help Needed.
  184. Extract data from a table using two criteria variables
  185. [VBA-excel 2007] How to check if variable exist on userform
  186. VBA is Stubbornly Interpreting 10/12 as Date
  187. auto draw triangle from cell values in worksheet
  188. Code to unprotect worksheet in 2016
  189. Room reservation in sort of calendar
  190. [SOLVED] Referencing a range into formula: explanation
  191. [SOLVED] rename sheet and first row.
  192. Active Directory Bulk Check
  193. help
  194. [SOLVED] Colon as part of string in Userform Label
  195. VBA - Split/Extract data into specific worksheet with formatting
  196. Allocating amount with invoices based on FIFO method
  197. Using VBA To Conditionally Format
  198. Getting values from specific cells in a dynamic range
  199. VBA with index + match with 2 criterion issue
  200. [SOLVED] Compare rows of two sheets based on multiple columns
  201. Workbook Partial Name Match
  202. [SOLVED] join models
  203. Single Column Arrays or Vectors
  204. VBA for Date Expiry does not close WorkBook
  205. Cannot pass object to sub-procedure located in worksheet?
  206. [SOLVED] Copy Down Formulae Row (range of cells) Down to Last Row.
  207. A VBA Code which sort values, remove duplicate and vlookup
  208. [SOLVED] Define Worksheet As Public Variable
  209. [SOLVED] Split Function - Allow for variances
  211. [SOLVED] Combine rows of data in to one cell
  212. using VBA sendkeys with vmware horizon client
  213. Excel Questions on using "Switch" formula
  214. [SOLVED] How to add a single letter to the end of an growing number
  215. Same details load on multiple orders
  216. [SOLVED] How to change non-tabular data into tabular data with VBA
  217. Printing excel sheet to pdf
  218. [SOLVED] Application.Caller error for AutoShapeType 152
  219. VBA Coding Related to Data Entry Form
  220. Advance Filter : Not showing Particular Filtered Items.
  221. VBA codeperforming two functions, check column then count all columns & create tables
  222. [SOLVED] Userform unload issue
  223. [SOLVED] Setting date picker to certain columns only
  224. [SOLVED] macro to edit part of a cell contents
  225. Application.Run?
  226. Sorting Data Using Double Click on Header but multiple range
  227. Search textbox and create chart in userform
  229. vba excel auto filter total
  230. Compare two date column in different sheets, return adjacent value in matched dates
  231. Bringing together 2 sets of data
  232. Excel Macro To Combine Multiple Sheets in one only
  233. [SOLVED] Array problems ... need help
  234. Object not defined while trying to clear contents of row
  235. Unique Concatenate Values
  236. Delete button added to new row and delete row/move sheet.
  237. [SOLVED] Save specific sheets as separate workbooks
  238. [SOLVED] VBA Biweekly payments and monthly interest payments
  239. [SOLVED] How to use previous row's Beginning Balance in calculation
  240. remove line
  241. [SOLVED] coping conditional format and moving the compare cell with it
  242. find and retrieve a price from a different sheet index match - vlookup?
  243. Select a cell with target.row
  244. Select CSV file and Import - UTF-8
  245. Excel VBA MySQL
  246. Problem with like
  247. Compare the last two months and remove the color in the first Number
  248. [SOLVED] VBA to Create Data rows for Multi-Valued Columns
  249. Summing up values between 2 criteria in rows
  250. Populate Listbox with Combobox