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  1. [SOLVED] Code to know when values in column changes
  2. [SOLVED] Excel VBA Automation Error (and Crash) when running macro twice
  3. Create UserForm with Vlookup (combobox and textbox)
  4. Filtering a Range into another Range
  5. vba accessing file on server??
  6. [SOLVED] MessageBox line length
  7. number not found ... error proofing vba macro
  8. [SOLVED] userform input box to print a page
  9. Help -- updating listbox and worksheet data
  10. How to create a GeoJSON editor with VBA
  11. [SOLVED] Please help to modify my code
  12. Extract week start and weekend day exclude holidays & weekday excel formula
  13. [SOLVED] Function to list pdf files within a folder
  14. Special chars to UTF-8
  15. Update chart when adding new sheets of data
  16. VBA to delete first 3 characters and keep cell formatting
  17. assign a cell value to a variable vba loop
  18. Found connection problem when run VBA to direct connect Oracle Database
  19. [SOLVED] sort and extract text to another excel file
  20. Update Cost on a smaller spreadsheet from costs on a larger spreadsheet.
  21. identifying duplicates on each row
  22. Activate this popup html
  23. Retrieve price from another wb instead of different sheet? code complete except exter
  24. vba find text paste text in message box next cell
  25. Compare two sheets and exclude existing in the second sheet
  26. Need a macro for copy pasting with transpose
  27. [SOLVED] Combine strings and place in separate sheet
  28. Copy & Paste
  29. [SOLVED] VBA save as function as new workbook
  30. If cells starts with a number and exceeds a certain number of characters
  31. VBA: Counting an "if" loop to get average.
  32. [SOLVED] PROCESSING External Excel Files
  33. [SOLVED] Subscript out of range
  34. [SOLVED] change word spacing in a messagbox
  35. Calculation incomplete message issues
  36. [SOLVED] Conditional Formatting
  37. Generate workbook
  38. Unpivot data?
  39. [SOLVED] Code runs when VBA Editor is open, but doesn't work when closed
  40. VBA Macro button to open a folder derived from the (partial) name in a selected cell
  41. Sum/ABS
  42. size of photo based on the height of row and make center based on the column width
  43. [SOLVED] Find and Replace macro is not working
  44. VBA: Am i doing something wrong with While...wend?
  45. [SOLVED] stripChar is not working
  46. macro to select different sheet tabs
  47. If Elseif to toggle
  48. Conbining IF Then Conditions in Excel
  49. convert date/number
  50. [SOLVED] How to copy sheets from workbook to new open workbook and rename new workbook accordi
  51. [SOLVED] Multiple buttons using a single macro
  52. Save Document's most recent version
  53. Studying VBA for Excel and getting frustrated by objects/properties...
  54. Frightened to tunnel!
  55. [SOLVED] Stuck with defining range for calculation
  56. [SOLVED] Excel 4 Macro Page.Setup Error
  57. Macro to delete line in excel after third / sign.
  58. Help needed: Vlookup formula with a dynamic range
  59. [SOLVED] Needs Help With Conditional Renaming for Several Tabs
  60. Need he;p with code error, .SaveAs
  62. Checking for multiple conditions
  63. Excel picture object chart paste in specific ppt as per slide name/number through VBA
  64. [SOLVED] Needs Help With Calling All Tabs
  65. Needs help with VBA for 2 specifics detailed functions
  66. Pivot Table Filter Button - VBA HELP
  67. Excel Macro to copy data from a specified multiple ranges of a workbook to another wb
  68. Need help for copy columns to new sheet with new order and two or more criteria
  69. Helped Needed: Linear/nonlinear Optimization with Solver
  70. Problems writing data to worksheet
  71. [SOLVED] how to remove saturday and sunday when calculating start dates
  72. Copy rows from Outlook to Excel
  73. Insert a picture in an multiple image control with one click based on dropdown list
  74. VBA code to copy data from one sheet and paste it in a specific location
  75. [SOLVED] Highlight Duplicates
  76. [SOLVED] VBA Page Break Issue
  77. VBA Lock rows upon checkbox click on multi-sheets
  78. [SOLVED] Need advice with manuals and instructions
  79. Avoiding the DocumentsPane to show up on startup
  80. [SOLVED] Need Help With Input Box To Open File in Specified Path
  81. [SOLVED] Select Sheets Array If
  82. FSO Object used in VBA code?
  83. [SOLVED] How to create a list out of wide table
  84. [SOLVED] Switch between Putty and Xshell using same Loginbutton
  85. Run Regression on Filtered Data Set
  86. [SOLVED] Needs Help With For Next Loop
  87. Combine Excel sheets w/ same name into one
  88. This code takes 5 seconds to run. Any suggestions on how to get that down to 3?
  89. [SOLVED] Run-Time error when saving
  90. Code retrives https:// in Windows Explorer instead of windows explorer drive
  91. [SOLVED] Qucik help
  92. Need help combining multiple sheets into a single summary page
  93. restore workbook after Application.Visible = False
  94. Place formulae on each row where dates meet criteria
  95. How can I chart the moon data against the tide data
  96. [SOLVED] Importing data from a MySQL database
  97. Need Help With Automating Data Validation Selection
  98. VBA to merge specific sheet of different workbooks into one multisheet master file
  99. Need help with VBA code for entering cell value based on another cell value
  100. Efficient coding with Loop
  101. Need Help - Find Variable Text from Cell B in Cell A, then Bold/Color.
  102. [SOLVED] Format Cells based on start & end date!
  103. Calculate Percent Error
  104. Optimize macro performance
  105. Unmerge VBA with dates
  106. Could I have done this quicker?
  107. [SOLVED] Format decimal places based on columns from same row
  108. How to analyze big data with Excel
  109. [SOLVED] DATE DIFF function in years
  110. Matching Algorithm - Gale Shapley, Almost complete - Excel Matching
  111. Alternative for sendkey
  112. [SOLVED] Shared excel userform
  113. [SOLVED] Display MsgBox "Macro is running" when macro is running
  114. "orientaion" parameter in vba SORT
  115. [SOLVED] Generate multiple TXTs files
  116. [SOLVED] find/retrieve price from closed WB and copy to current workbook
  117. [SOLVED] Need Help in making minor modification to an excel vba code.
  118. Help creating a file joining different other files
  119. copy and paste into next blank cell of table
  120. [SOLVED] Range changes values unexpectedly as code executes
  121. Creating and Save new workbook based on cell value
  122. [SOLVED] Excel and splwow64.exe issues
  123. [SOLVED] Function in VBA (Excel) - Want a dynamic behavior depending on parameter
  124. [SOLVED] Workbook open from specific folder
  125. Transpose Data Blocks To the Right
  126. select item with macro
  127. VBA code for determing if worksheets (OR) cells within a worksheets are protected?
  128. Method 'SaveAs' of object '_Workbook' failed
  129. [SOLVED] VBA copy and paste Vlookup
  130. [SOLVED] Need Help With Show/Hide Check Boxes
  131. [SOLVED] Autofill Destination Offset
  132. [SOLVED] Extract matching data values and copy to new location
  133. [SOLVED] Subscript out of range problem
  134. Copy data from another worksheet if it doesn't exist in current worksheet
  135. VBA - Want to load Red colored text from a cell into an array
  136. [SOLVED] Print Userform
  137. [SOLVED] Highlight the first row in every data block
  138. [SOLVED] Highlight duplicate data blocks
  139. Work hours between 2 dates(not working -VBA)
  140. [SOLVED] VBA User Form To Select Column To Copy Cells Into If Destination Is Blank
  141. [SOLVED] Coding Efficiency (2)
  142. Excel Table of Contents/Summary Help
  143. VBA code to determine if a specific excel-based tool is used as add-in and locked?
  144. How to copy an entire row from 1 sheet to another
  145. Subtotal at each PageBreak
  146. Help with VBA code in data entry form
  147. [SOLVED] VBA to dynamically select EACH block/range of cells on a worksheet, then copy/paste?
  149. Create Summary sheet from multiple tabs & run macro on certain tabs
  150. VBA to relocate XML blocks
  151. Modification of VBA code
  152. [SOLVED] Find and Replace based on Selection only
  153. move files from one folder to another whose file names are listed in an excel file
  154. [SOLVED] De-selecting cells after Paste
  155. ActiveX Combo Box and Pivot Table using Visual Basic Issue
  156. VBA code to generate report based on criteria
  157. Even Vectors - Panel Data
  158. Numbering a unique sort
  159. [SOLVED] Renaming inserted Object
  160. Excel to Pdfs Not saving correctly
  161. How to correct this error
  162. Can I “include” another file or module in a sub or function?
  164. Get data from two worksheets using form
  165. [SOLVED] Cell selection issue
  166. Adjust macro (problem)
  167. [SOLVED] Database or object is read-only
  168. Hi , how to select sheets
  169. Isolating errors 2
  170. [SOLVED] Copy/paste values in column if condition is met
  171. Save workbooksheet as .CSV with some variables
  172. [SOLVED] How to modify this code to place the checkbox in the first cell of each column?
  173. Locking Cell Format
  174. [SOLVED] Date filter in table
  175. Using Marlett for optional selections - multiple ranges
  176. Filter Pivot table by each customer and auto email invoices unpaid
  177. VBA for binking Text inside a Shape in Excel
  178. [SOLVED] Need help with Macro VBA code in Excel
  179. How do I move files into latest created subfolder
  180. How do I break a link after saving to new workbook
  181. Skip heading rows with Range Offset
  182. [SOLVED] Vba code to copy and paste dynamic range from mulitple workbooks to one workbook
  183. [SOLVED] Message bar detection.
  184. Moving different rows data to one row based on criteria to optimise on printing
  185. Export Crystal Report to pdf
  186. [SOLVED] Data Validation
  187. Minsweeper VBA code Problem
  188. Excel report generation and export to pdf
  189. Auto click OK button
  190. [SOLVED] Help with macro to set vertical alignment in Excel without affecting text indents
  191. [SOLVED] Spell Check in Excel-Auto Select First Recommendation Using VBA
  192. VBA: How to use listbox properly.
  193. Exporting an multidimensional array from an Ecxel file to a new Excel file (.xls)
  194. Still Stuck On A loop
  195. [SOLVED] Optimizing Copying Sheets & Printing
  196. [SOLVED] help for homework
  197. [SOLVED] Function to get list of Excel files in a folder
  198. Converting Excel File to CSV
  199. [SOLVED] Template
  200. Mails from excel
  201. MonthView DatePicker default to current date
  202. [SOLVED] using conditional format to change font if column has a number greater than or equal
  203. Copying real time data in excel using VBA
  204. convert gregorian date
  205. VBscript for data matching
  206. Condition should applied if columns total value is not match
  207. [SOLVED] When stepping through, code doesn't stop after this "paste" command...why?
  208. [SOLVED] Form selection
  209. Activate sheet which contains date
  210. Excel automation error on VBA Code modification using VBA
  211. [SOLVED] Numbering Duplicates Consecutively
  212. VBA Copy Sheets to New Workbook
  213. VBA to save excel file (downloaded from server) to specific folder
  214. Code to detect duplicate cells in Excel
  215. VBA adding numbers up to a certain range
  216. Simple and Basic VBA question.
  217. VBA macro for dependents
  218. Linking multiple sheet columns into one master sheet column
  219. Format Column Labels
  220. Worksheet_Change ( No Responese )
  221. Table
  222. Change Color If Selected Cells Edited
  223. Looking for a free software/tool to perform analysis on excel data....
  224. VBA:Problem with DCOUNT + Problem while copying data from range to listbox
  225. Need help with INDIRECT formula
  226. [SOLVED] Help to build a data collecti searching from many Workbooks
  227. [SOLVED] Help needed resolving Compile Error: Expected End Sub issue
  228. Hiding and then Unhiding Rows on Excel sheet based on if a checkbox is unchecked?
  229. HELP! - Print All Options (Loop) On A Drop Down List after Refreshing Excel Add In
  230. Hiding columns based on cell values in column
  231. Rank for Top 5 after two criteria match excel formula
  232. "Run-Time Error 91" trying to run Login Code
  233. Write selected items on form to range
  234. Protect radio buttons on a sheet with VBA
  236. Add and Sort
  237. Chart series don't extend
  238. Creating a VBA code for a cell with a dropdown list to allow multiple selections
  239. Assistance resolving Runtime 1004 error
  240. Multiple conditional formatting to the same range
  241. [SOLVED] Using End(xlToLeft) in Sheets with Tables
  242. [SOLVED] Stuck trying to figure out this macro
  243. Calendar userform ( datepicker )
  244. [SOLVED] Execute Macro on Cell Change
  245. VBA Userform match issue
  246. vlookup separate workbooks and sum the results
  247. Nested if statement, loop or something else
  248. Sorting arrays
  249. [SOLVED] VBA Copy & Paste Based on a Condition in Another Column
  250. [SOLVED] For Loop goes thru all sheets but doesn't execute code?