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  1. [SOLVED] Need help getting results of macro displayed, starting at row 5 column B thru F
  2. Starting from specific place in a row
  3. [SOLVED] Sumif multiple criteria
  4. [SOLVED] Prompt user for date and user to Open file
  5. [SOLVED] Copy and Paste
  6. Help to make VBA Model in Excel run quicker
  7. Very Very Very Very Complex excel formula required...
  8. split text in different cells after each underscote "_"
  9. Find previous day balance.
  10. Moving Sent Items To Another ARCHIVE Sent Folder.
  11. VBA PasteSpecial error
  12. Creating Checkboxes that when click uncheck the other
  13. Copying with condition
  14. Word Document Vba Excel - Changing Information in Multiple Documents
  15. [SOLVED] Justify text in a msgbox
  16. Insert new column with a Formula
  17. [SOLVED] How to force WorkSheet InputBox to accept currency or decimal value
  18. Macro defaulting to original filepath after sheet extracted to new workbook
  19. [SOLVED] HELP Getting data to final sheet based on highlighted cells!!!
  20. [SOLVED] VBA code Function to check if date is weekday
  21. .CompareMode with Dictionary
  22. internetexplorer from excel vba run time error 462
  23. Calculating Max and Min Value of RTD without capturing them.
  24. Defining range to convert to CSV
  25. [SOLVED] How to Combine Multiple Excel Workbooks into Existing Workbook
  26. [SOLVED] Counting letters and numbers separately in a single cell
  27. Add In Preferences
  28. Copy and paste in one worksheet by conditionqq
  29. how to filter all dates between two dates
  30. [SOLVED] VBA Code Require - Consolidate multiple sheets in 1 sheet when column Headin differs
  31. [SOLVED] Renaming Word Document from Excel VBA
  32. Compare two sheet , i.e import sheet and htmlcopy sheet and give result in third she
  33. [SOLVED] Roundup values in specific Range using vba
  34. I can't find a control
  35. [SOLVED] Issue with Excel Division of Fractions..Not showing correct results
  36. I get the error with that if condition.
  37. Fill down name according to column B
  38. vba - Create subfolder as per monthwise and one Masterworkbook
  39. Move all files on XX Folder to XX Folder based on excel.
  40. How to invert and copy data from a cell?
  41. VBA Coding help please
  42. Stgange overflow error
  43. VBA to load specific cells from one doc to another
  44. Macro to parse a file and input in a spreadsheet the lines that match parameters
  45. Move Filtered Data & Get series of Numbers
  46. Pivot report filter with wildcard
  47. VBA code help - concatenation
  48. [SOLVED] Open File not working
  49. Inserting lines in text file according to a list
  50. [SOLVED] How to Open a Picture using Windows Photo Gallery
  51. Print multiple sheet as single pdf page
  52. Defining names in VBA using for loop
  53. Delete Partially Duplicate Rows based on Multiple Values
  54. Search for data based on cells in another worksheet and copy data to another wrksht
  55. [SOLVED] Assistance required to resolve ComboBox_Change issues
  56. Copy paste
  57. Copy paste csv to xlsx
  58. extract after multiple criteria
  59. [SOLVED] String Array
  60. [SOLVED] Copy data based on a certain criteria
  61. Drop-Down List to Display Different Pivot Tables
  62. Concatenate Conditional Long String in Formula
  63. [SOLVED] Refreshing linked cells to 3 workbooks on different pc's
  64. Search for data in different wrsht and paste result to other column in original wrsht
  66. Scatter graph based on pivot table
  67. [SOLVED] How do I avoid selecting Shapes?
  68. SQL query run on Excel VBA
  69. Suggestions for Creating Hundreds of Data Lines for Budget
  70. Delete Blank Rows and Add Borders on Last Row
  71. Dlete row
  72. Unhide sheet with password protection
  73. Copy paste
  74. User Form Shown when open VBE Editor
  75. [SOLVED] Delete row
  76. [SOLVED] Connecting to phpMyAdmin SQL DB through SSH
  77. If Column X Contains Specific Text, Copy to Col X cell & del
  78. Reference a person in e-mail from VBA
  79. Userform Enter key
  80. Turn Multiple OptionButtons as False
  81. Add border top and bottom row for all pages
  82. VBA Sheet Linking Issue
  83. How to Sum Variable Columns and Rows Using VBA
  84. How to automate an email process –ideas and or advice
  85. Formula by vba
  86. Popup UserForm, the custom message box, is not closed.
  87. filter data Automatically with wildcard characters string
  88. hide/unhide column after criteria match
  89. VBA to use Format Painter from one row to another row
  90. Pulling data from MenaData and BioData in result sheet based on employee id
  91. Clear the data
  92. Page break setup
  93. need macro for auto year workbook with auto months and dates
  94. Combobox's
  95. VBA Help
  96. [SOLVED] Arranging data that is in columns in a different dynamic way
  97. [SOLVED] Move file by vba
  98. After page break bottom border for all pages
  99. Select record and update
  100. [SOLVED] Look up function vba?
  101. [SOLVED] Issue with VLOOKUP.....Working on 1 Cell but not the other cell....
  102. [SOLVED] Updating Win/Loss records with VBA Button
  103. The number of users in the shared workbook
  104. [SOLVED] Select Current Row when a Condition is True in a For Each Loop
  105. Best way to handle duplicate records....
  106. [SOLVED] Change Value on Multiple Pivot Tables at Once
  107. How can I paste specific rows and replace specific rows
  108. Searchable Drop-Down List Stops Working when Sheet Protected
  109. Debugging Offset within a Range?
  110. Opening XLSM file with Excel 2007 does not display content
  111. Vba process entire row delete
  112. Change the copy order in this VBA code
  113. VBA - Set background color (and text) according to column in another dataset
  114. [SOLVED] VBA command button to auto generate outlook email
  115. Extract unique text from cell - excel formula
  116. Please help
  117. [SOLVED] open worksheet from different worksheet cell
  118. Popup to display warning message
  119. Update Calendar Fills by Revolving Sequence Using VBA
  120. Complex Netting of Amount Against An Array
  121. Copy all of the sheets in an array to a new workbook
  122. how to fixed box text in the excel?
  123. Refer to cells instead of hardcoding text and numbers
  124. Best VBA process for extracting data
  125. Need to be able to move things in order based on sequence of events.
  126. VBA CODE for Subtract two cells
  127. Change cell color based on other cell value
  128. % variation between two cells
  129. VBA - How to Cycle through Workbooks to Paste Columns To a Matching Worksheet
  130. [SOLVED] VBA coding help
  131. Lookup closest value azimuth (0-360°) value in specific range and return over 360°
  132. If condition for stop printing sheet
  133. How to extract all data with same name
  134. Make Directory and File If doesn't exist?
  135. [SOLVED] crieria item in list to replace in another column
  136. Copy/Transpose/Paste Vertically Breaking on Blanks Macro
  137. need macro file with macro button to import and split the data in to multiple work bo
  138. logic operator bug, I've never had anything like this
  139. [SOLVED] Shell( .exe with input files)
  140. [SOLVED] Check if Plink.exe is active
  141. VBA open another Workbook copy and paste if condition is met
  142. Extract author and date from web page
  143. How to have excel add any new data in a pivot automatically
  144. [SOLVED] How to unhide Sheets based on 3 cell values
  145. Paste contents into cell that has color
  146. Copy Sheet to New WB but Macros still point to sheet in WB
  147. Duplicate the sheet and updte the Master
  148. Pass parameter into SQL statement in Power Query
  149. VBA Browse multiple workbooks how to short the code....
  150. [SOLVED] ADODB not getting all the data from one field
  151. VBA update and clear the value without delay
  152. [SOLVED] Hide and unhide columns according to number of days in my calendar
  153. Prevent to modify file extension
  154. Update Shopping list Fills by looking up on another workbook Using VBA
  155. VBA - Find and find next and sum their value help.
  156. [SOLVED] AdvanceFilter- Multiple Criteria in one Cell
  157. How do you write to worksheet in Excel 2007
  158. [SOLVED] Save as pdf's
  159. Open latest, partial named file in folder.
  160. Clear cell data that does not contain specific value
  161. Runtime Error
  162. Create Bookmarks from cell names when saving as pdf
  163. add a new event to an event change macro
  164. Vlookup Choose for 3 table after criteria macth
  165. Copy and paste a row in a new worksheet VBA
  166. Reference large spreadsheets without opening them
  167. Update Sheet2 based on date/time values in sheet1
  168. [SOLVED] How to get name of Option Button created dynamically
  169. copy cell value from one sheet to another sheet
  170. Next without For error
  171. Problems with Object Variable or With block variable not set
  172. vba using on android
  173. SQL on Excel Table
  174. [SOLVED] Formula to look for a cell phrase and add a cost
  175. [SOLVED] Transfering Values From Textbox to Textbox
  176. [SOLVED] Write array to row (not column)
  177. Mismatch data - Dates issue for certain range
  178. VBA Pivot Grouping help
  179. questions about ranges and refedit.
  180. [SOLVED] Create copy button on userform that autofills information already entered on userform
  181. String Manipulation to Sentence.
  182. Copy and paste filtered rows
  184. Filtiring Dates in Listview
  185. [SOLVED] combine macros and have access from my personal workbook
  186. [SOLVED] Different granularity for dashboard
  187. Userform Textbox Number format
  188. Vba to execute what was done with conditional formatting
  189. [SOLVED] UserForm Label Text Direction
  190. VBA Countif help Passing Criteria through Array
  191. Horizontal cell data to Vertical cell data excel formula
  192. [SOLVED] EXCEL VBA - Open the Specific file and copy the Data by Vlookup and Offset
  193. 'Send e-mail' bolt-on to existing VBA code
  194. VBA for highlight & extract cells addresss where harcode mannual entry
  195. VBA to execute filter for future date ranges
  196. [SOLVED] Duplicate Entries in Excel
  197. Populating listbox with selected columns
  198. VBA Change FileName with Numbers sequentially
  199. Extract Data from PDF to Excel in a format
  200. Open specific folder based on cell value or create folder
  201. How are these things done inside VBA Excel?
  202. VBA TextBox Upon Opening, Adding Userform, Not Prompted After Initial Save
  203. [SOLVED] How to count, sum and subtotal values in a filtered listbox?
  204. VBA: Copy and paste row data in multiple column if Sheet1 ID matches with SheetY ID
  205. Copy and paste images from excel to word with VBA
  206. Database Style
  207. Using a loop to run through Adding Freeform Nodes
  208. [SOLVED] Removing extension (.xlsm) when converting to PDF
  209. VBA R1C1 help on vlook up
  210. [SOLVED] Populate multiple textboxes
  211. How Can I Build Chat with Vba?
  212. [SOLVED] VBA SPLIT into cells and reshape into table
  213. Update chart after cell gets updated
  214. [SOLVED] User type not defined error trying to merge pdfs
  215. small with condition
  216. [SOLVED] Make Array with Full Paths to PDF Files in Parent and Subfolders
  217. VBA Search form
  218. Pull data from one table to another
  219. If cell is Empty!
  220. VBA: Input cell data outout in three ways
  221. Input box to display as ******
  222. How to share an Excel file containing a macro on the network
  223. Selecting (copying) specific rows up to the last column
  224. Keep userform open when opening or closing other workbooks
  225. help adjusting code combine two tables from two sheets to another sheet
  226. vba advanced_Filter help
  227. Customize ribbon 2013 excel
  228. [SOLVED] VBA Code not running if sheets are protected
  229. Pull from Table1,Table2, Test Data, Then place in Table3
  230. [SOLVED] VBA from text to number
  231. VBA Validation Fields and Date and Time Picker
  232. Require VBA Code for filter Data after criteria match
  233. [SOLVED] Finding/Changing Default Printer
  234. [SOLVED] Identify missing numbers in sequence
  235. [SOLVED] Reformat a table
  236. VBA Error 'Range of object worksheet failed
  237. Copy data between sheets
  238. VBA Macros to Copy Data to Another Workbook
  239. vba copy paste
  240. [SOLVED] How to Log Changes on Sheets!
  241. Multi-use UForm - can it be improved upon?
  242. [SOLVED] Extract numbers starting with 07
  243. Formulas no longer work in Excel for Office 365
  244. [SOLVED] vba sum format number with currency
  245. UserForm to Return the MAX date in a TextBox resulting from VLOOKUP in ComboBox
  246. [SOLVED] Add Roundup formula to VBA button
  247. [SOLVED] help adjusting code delete empty rows based on condition from sheet1 to sheet2
  248. VBA code to copy to new workbook and insert pivot
  249. [SOLVED] Highlight cells that contain specific words
  250. [SOLVED] question re "for each range in target"