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  1. Advice on comparing excel workbooks
  2. Help!! Merging multiple Excel workbooks into one master sheet.
  3. VBA to check if object is inside or outside of freeform area
  4. [SOLVED] I want my reset button on VBA userform to do nothing if "no" is selected
  5. [SOLVED] How to define range based on the value of another cell
  6. Check if labels are visible
  7. [SOLVED] copy multiple rows of numbers to new location on same sheet.
  9. [SOLVED] Part of a string
  10. [SOLVED] Delete text line with specific word from multiline cell
  11. Search for a string in text files.
  12. Publish to Sharepoint
  13. [SOLVED] Transferring selected cells to a new sheet
  14. VBA mult AdvancedFilter - Unique Column 1, Greater than 0 Column 3
  15. Replacing Date with Period Based on Matrix
  16. auto fit cell height for merged cells in sheet that has protected (locked) cells
  17. Convert Binary to decimal on and vice versa on VBA
  18. Solver in Userform Linked in Excel
  19. Using non-contiguous ranges in Solver VBA
  20. Help VBA search
  21. [SOLVED] Finding cells formatted with colour gradients of various colours
  22. Like expression with AND or OR
  23. Formula/vba - Summary Report without Pivot
  24. [SOLVED] VBA - Filling Master Template
  25. Room Booking System
  26. combine multiple txt files
  27. [SOLVED] How to Add Different Texts to End of Excel Cells Macro
  28. VBA - Collection help..
  29. Date Picker VBA that will work on all versions of excel
  30. Copying multiple text files into one excel but different tabs
  32. [SOLVED] Pull rows from array given two conditions
  33. [SOLVED] Run-time error '424': Object Required
  34. simple copy-past
  35. Subscript out of range error in VBA code
  36. Replacing multiple numerical values
  37. Insert a line break after word wrap
  38. newbie vba questions & help with posible loop for multiple cell values to sheet
  39. [SOLVED] VBA- Variable declaration help
  40. VBA Array Help in filtering data with logic
  41. [SOLVED] Combo Box Index select
  42. [SOLVED] Combine common worksheet names when splitting a file
  43. [SOLVED] Turning off alerts issue
  44. How to Copy Paste Symbols-Phonetics Data to Excel sheet?
  45. Range.Find Issues
  46. [SOLVED] When you have one workbook, two windows, does any event happen closing second window?
  47. Is there any event allowing Cancel of closing a Window (not closing a Workbook)?
  48. Apply AutoFilter based on selected cell in another sheet
  49. Declared public variables have ceased to pick up values
  50. [SOLVED] Copy and rename multiple sheets
  51. Excel 2016 Open Read Only file
  52. [SOLVED] Interactive Way to Search Based on First Few Characters Typed
  53. [SOLVED] Between two numbers
  54. [SOLVED] Clear all textboxes except 1
  55. [SOLVED] Copy value - Another Excel
  56. Splitting up a String
  57. Delete certain rows and highlight certain cells
  58. How to remove [TAG 001], [TAG 002], [TAG 003], etc from string
  59. Prepare hierarchical and non-numeric pivot tables in Excel
  60. Search string if it contains words from a range then replace with adjacent cell
  61. Inserting Recordeset into Access DB via VBE - Error operation must be an updatable...
  62. [SOLVED] Sum values vba code
  63. Running macro on files in a folder: impossibly hard!
  64. Count only visible data after filtering
  65. VBA to perform lookup for individual lookup range
  66. [SOLVED] Cannot show merged cells
  67. copy and change date
  68. [SOLVED] Copy Data from worksheet to another one with VBA
  69. Bad file name or number - Runtime Error 52
  70. [SOLVED] Changing Column Headers
  71. VBA code: copy data from sheet and paste values onto another specidied workbook
  72. Get first and last dates (dd/mm/jj) from year range
  73. vba - Extract Unique values from Single Column via Colllection and Dictionary
  74. [SOLVED] Data Conversion using Dynamic Multi-Dimensional Array
  75. [SOLVED] Linking a commandbar button to a macro in an addin
  76. Macro for sorting by lot number, splitting table w/new header, then sort by due date
  77. [SOLVED] Fill Column
  78. Array only returning first column of values
  79. [SOLVED] Pass Params on Activate event
  80. easy VBA seek for help!
  81. Help with random selection and variable criteria
  82. Multiple Rowsource in combo box?
  83. pick a new interior color from an array when next color is needed
  84. [SOLVED] How to fetch data from a excel table with multiple rows.
  85. [SOLVED] Match FileNames and then Merge those PDFs
  86. Userform with listbox and checkboxes that finds values on a worksheet
  87. counting number of occurrence of a value and depositing that number in another column
  88. [SOLVED] Refer to range in cell formula
  90. Select Random cells from range
  91. Get name of procedure
  92. Reconciliation based on recurring values
  93. [SOLVED] [R1C1] Formula with a loop index in VBA
  94. [SOLVED] VBA code to set print preferences
  95. [SOLVED] How to Selection.Insert Shift:=xlDown with keep destination formatting?
  97. [SOLVED] Problem with hiding rows
  98. Multiple dropdown list
  99. Excel Sumproduct Count Blank Cell as well...
  100. Caption label
  101. Modify macro to output to Combobox
  102. Extract Items from String and then Sort
  103. Matching data from columns with offset multiple row data in other worksheet
  104. Cell content as part of filename
  105. Count colored cells in a range using columns and rows, output result
  106. VBA scrip to sort data inside sheet
  107. Number help
  108. [SOLVED] Copy / Paste data ranges to specific locations
  109. application.run - return value byRef
  110. Control Tip Text
  111. [SOLVED] How to get the first & last range value for this type of data...?
  112. Updating a Chart while VBA is running
  113. Copy Multiple Files from Absolute Paths to SharePoint with Same File Names
  114. VBA problem
  115. [SOLVED] Copy and paste VBA
  116. [SOLVED] VBA code for selecting data from statement to output sheet
  117. [SOLVED] VBA Code to remove Data embedded in the "Pick From Drop Down List"
  118. [SOLVED] Userform open from one worksheet and referencing another worksheet
  119. VBA code not working in 365
  120. Error Handling for InputBoxes
  121. Run-time error 438: Object doesn't support this property or method
  122. [SOLVED] Copy .pdf files from one location to a new folder based on a list of cell
  123. [SOLVED] VBA Code to add groupings to subtotals
  124. [SOLVED] Need help with logic
  125. VBA Advanced filter help..... Criteria excluding a list
  126. [SOLVED] BeforeSave and Userform: Issues with saving the excel file
  127. [SOLVED] Multiple selections from drop down list
  128. On editing protected view programmatically , display setting are getting changed .
  129. VBA filter and cell formatting
  130. Copy data from one sheet to another sheet where the values are matching
  131. [SOLVED] Help import from csv file
  132. Search data using Userform and then scroll through matching records
  133. VBA how to superscript characters in a string following an apostrophe?
  134. [SOLVED] Declaring Variable Type - Excel 2013
  135. Export as CSV file
  136. User Form - Many Text Boxes - Restrict One Text Box with Password for Editing
  137. Loop through a folder and copy data from files to another WB
  138. Word file - filled using excel and send by email as attachment
  139. Why is my code showing error??
  140. [SOLVED] VBA to replace previous table and check if one cells value is equal to the previous o
  141. Print to PDF file
  142. [SOLVED] VBA Code to Run Code Across Multiple Worksheets at One Time
  143. Array issues - one vs two dimensional
  144. Excel VBA code to Delete 'Heading 1' from Word Document
  145. Excel to JSON -- bracketing
  146. Findvalue from 2 searchstrings
  147. VLOOKUP not working properly
  148. [SOLVED] Use .Range("A1:A10000") to end of records?
  149. How can I control when and if my chart updates and not updates?
  150. My chart "hides" from view sometimes after running or when idle.
  151. Two userforms in one sheet
  152. [SOLVED] Create a File list with metadata
  153. Filepath to reference cell value
  154. [SOLVED] VLOOKUP Not Updating when Data Repeated
  155. Userform - Compile Error: Invalid qualifier
  156. [SOLVED] Format transfer to sheet 2 after match in sheet1
  157. Creation of File list in a new Workbook
  158. [SOLVED] Printout VBA
  159. [SOLVED] VBA Code to stop loop if cell / range is blank
  160. Crank Nicholson
  161. Crank Nicholson Method
  162. [SOLVED] 2 separate change events code issue (Floating Cmd Button & List box selection)
  163. Input user form to change cell value
  164. Excel help copy and paste from sheets then move to next row
  165. Formulas NameManager
  166. Excel vba merge cells based on duplicate cell data
  167. Transform data type in column
  168. VBA to Recalculate Grand Total
  169. Application.Match gives 'Type Mismatch' only on descending date values, match type=-1
  170. VBA Code to edit and update existing data
  171. Rename New Sheet?
  172. Macro to clear hidden contents based off other cell values
  173. Update Shared Spreadsheets
  174. Active X Textbox Content to Userform Textbox
  175. [SOLVED] Button click to change shape color
  176. adjusted code show the data in listbox on userform
  177. VBA pivot table error 5
  178. Making 2 Dependent drop downs
  179. Skip blank from Auto Filter
  180. Runtime Error 438
  181. Excel Macro help - If target cell in range of cells.
  182. Code that detects data in cells and pastes data into the next cells
  183. User defined directory not working
  184. Flags on birthday calendar
  185. [SOLVED] Produce parts list from breakdown
  186. VBA: Filtering for a date range from 2 ComboBoxes for dates
  187. [SOLVED] Hyperlinks with changing Sheet Names
  188. Set Range Using a Function
  189. Importing pictures by directory string
  190. Debug stops running macro and will only continue in step mode
  191. autofit cell height for merged cells
  192. Search with Table
  193. Yearly Calendar Project
  194. Application.FileDialog clean up
  195. VBA Code to Loop and Calculate Subtotals with blank rows
  196. Help needed for Text String whenever get typed anywhere in worksheet gets BOLD
  197. Backtesting futures using VBA
  198. conditional formatting help
  199. Filling ComboBox?
  200. [SOLVED] VBA newcomer - help with IF to determine whether to run code
  201. Procedure too large error
  202. Data migration between tabs using VBA
  203. Search and Fill Listbox
  204. vba excel function return #VALUE!
  205. Copy Data from one Worksheet to Another
  206. Convert from range to tables and code support?
  207. [SOLVED] Find and replace module help
  208. VBA Error When Add / Delete a Row
  209. How to Calculate Standard Dev without using the worksheet function in VBA
  210. [SOLVED] Abbreviate the next succeeding instances of scientific names
  211. type mismatch error that i didn't get before
  212. subtract today's date from a date in another column
  213. Find cell matching text then get last row before blank
  214. Case issue
  215. [SOLVED] VBA macro code to expand a certain column
  216. [SOLVED] Transfer data from Excel to double column of information in Word
  217. [SOLVED] Vba Custom Format "0000" in File Name
  218. [SOLVED] Excel VBA to read txt file, input all data into one cell
  219. VBA Update from Excel to SQL Table Contents.
  220. [SOLVED] Good way to mark a textbox so users know it is required to fill
  221. How to calculate Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) of all relevant deals
  222. cumulative sum between two dates
  223. Fetching data in various cells based on on one cell
  224. [SOLVED] select data using drop down list
  225. [SOLVED] CTRL + Shift + Down in a Macro
  226. tracking worksheet changes over multiple columns
  227. [SOLVED] VBA copy / paste to the next specific row
  228. [SOLVED] Replacing drop downs by two multichoice listboxes to copy&paste in between sheets
  229. [SOLVED] Data uploading from userform to excel when "No" is selected in msgbox
  230. Store in DataBase
  231. [SOLVED] struggling with vbYes and vbNo coding
  232. [SOLVED] Get data in various cells based on a cell value from another sheet
  233. [SOLVED] VBA to insert blank rows based on conditions
  234. [SOLVED] Remove Header / Footer from files in folder
  235. Excel Vlookup and multiple search results
  236. [SOLVED] setting a cell to a formula
  237. [SOLVED] VBA to calculate TOTAL based on condition
  238. importing sheet from another file - issue with data validation
  239. [SOLVED] Parenting Calendar in excel exported to CSV for import into google calendar
  240. Change first letter of word to uppercase
  241. [SOLVED] Removing duplicate from keywords
  242. VBA That Will Group Specific Blank Rows
  243. Form Close
  244. Excel formula help match
  245. VBA Replace From Code to Range
  246. VBA search function
  247. Batch script for inputting data into cells
  248. Cascade String concatenation problem
  249. ClearingContents in ranges that don't intersect
  250. [SOLVED] Export Multiple wbk