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  1. Userform problem : makes excel crash
  2. Searching for Macro
  3. Arrays in VBA errors
  4. Listbox and name manager comparison
  5. How to a reference to a new sheet in same workbook
  6. Sum function in other sheet
  7. Maximum Limit for MMULT()
  8. [SOLVED:] Sorting one Column in a Table
  9. [SOLVED:] RE: VBA auto filter Iterate through each criteria
  10. Hilbert Curve VBA
  11. [SOLVED:] VBA error: Run time error "424":Object require(pull data from HTML Element)
  12. fixing show message when open workbook from dialog to copy data
  13. [SOLVED:] if cell value in range = "code" then copy paste value to last used row another sheet
  14. Finding Keywords from Text String - Formula
  15. CommandButton1_automatically update the date in ("A") column
  16. Insert new row for breakdown detail data
  17. Put NA on cells with dates before indicated start week
  18. text in cell in condition
  19. [SOLVED:] How to copy the most current file from one folder to another
  20. Need help to Code VBA using the combination of text and date format
  21. Hundreds of sheets, trying to loop through and extract specific columns
  22. find replace
  23. [SOLVED:] Value from UserForm to Worksheet - Accounting format - (How to?)
  24. VBA - Count # of cells in Column B that are greater in value than in Column A
  25. [SLEEPER:] Last update field formula on Google sheet
  26. Calendar to bring the Leave Type from Leave Data to Calendar
  27. Total dummy when it comes to VBA, so hoping someone can help!
  28. Filter based on two columns
  29. [SOLVED:] adjusting code search files into folder and sub folder
  30. [SOLVED:] VBA - hiding column based on value of cell
  31. Excel VBA problem on application.inputbox that returns range
  32. [SOLVED:] How to remove rows based on filters?
  33. [SOLVED:] Calculating between 2 worksheets
  34. Sleeper: Copying a Value to an Addess Reference which is Nested in Another Cell
  35. Convert a formula to UDF Function
  36. [SOLVED:] Stacked Chart Percentages
  37. Change all Workbook Connection Strings
  38. Assigning a value to the specified cells?
  39. Perform action with dynamic ActiveX button
  40. [SOLVED:] transferring a column from sheet to sheet with the help of button
  41. Single & Double-Click a Shape Object
  42. Transfer the values from one sheet to another by adding them to below of previous row
  43. Search in Excel specific word, delete all rows who does not have that word
  44. Excel VBA to create a series of new pivot tables
  45. Sleeper: Compare two sets of data with multiple conditions
  46. Looking to condense data with quantity totals
  47. VBA Code to pull data dynamically from multiple sheet tabs
  48. How to subtract number of hours from 24 hour timezone in alphanumeric format
  49. create uninterrupted sequences of 2,3,4,5,6,7,8. from 01 to 25 goal.
  50. Does Excel 2007 SP3 work without issue on Windows 10?
  51. Validata Lists using offset, match and counta formulas - Different Sheets
  52. [SOLVED:] Return to Cell in Column A after entering value in Column Z
  53. VBA to arrange response value in large database
  54. Text Wrapping - Stuck for a solution
  55. Count number of users active each mont
  56. VBA - Opening File with Yesterday's Date
  57. Roster Automation
  58. Put NA on week dates IN RANGE
  59. Transpose 1 Column to Multiple Rows/Columns
  60. [SOLVED:] VBA -Identify blank fields for user form before submitting -Force User to add data
  61. VB on Time
  62. Duplicating Multiple sheets to all workbooks in folder
  63. VBA Copy paste Images from one cell to another cell on a different sheet
  64. [SOLVED:] Find column header
  65. [SOLVED:] Changing numbers with scientific notation (E+) in pivot table created by VBA
  66. OLAP pivot table vba filtering using VisibleItemsList
  67. Copy data range to a new workbook
  68. Adding a sum total to a Ron de Bruin VBA to email workbooks
  69. [SOLVED:] Formula assistance required.
  70. [SOLVED:] VBA to Find Maximum Value in a Range
  71. [SOLVED:] Dynamic Array not Resizing
  72. [SOLVED:] 3 columns matched create report
  73. Combine specific sheets from multiple workbooks into 1 workbook.
  74. [SOLVED:] copying images from one folder and pasting in another based on schedule in excel file
  75. VBA Help
  76. User Form error
  77. [SOLVED:] Anomaly With Formula
  78. [SOLVED:] Object Required Error when Selecting Range
  79. Index Match to Determine Paste Location
  80. Advice needed to speed up Painting code based on defined colors.
  81. Automatically Printing Autofilters / loop through all filter values then print vba
  82. Convert Excel range into HTML table
  83. Excel pivot fields recognition issue
  84. How do I link a cell to 2 non-bold cells and 1 bold cell and keep that formatting?
  85. [SOLVED:] sum data based on dates from sheet to another
  86. [SOLVED:] Using Application.Run
  87. Copying vales with their number format from Excel into a word table
  88. Insert Multiple Picture into excel thru vba
  89. Dynamic dropdownlist from productlist
  90. [SOLVED:] Help to amend vba to highlight any cells where file paths do not exists
  91. Worksheet object onClickEvent with changing cells issue
  92. Refresh item data in IRibbon combo box
  93. vlookup from Last Modified File in Folder
  94. Assistance needed for converting formula in Array VBA.
  95. transfer if there are no blank cells
  96. XML Map Export and Save
  97. Folder and cell value
  98. Error checking on existing roster
  99. [SOLVED:] Highlight minimum value ignoring 0
  100. [SOLVED:] Loop Vlookup for each cell in range from another worksheet
  101. Updating VBA code to Paste Values only
  102. [SOLVED:] loop through range inserting sum formulas based on start and end indicators (text)
  103. If Checkbox is checked, display message... If checkbox is unchecked, do nothing
  104. 'Cascading' comboboxes
  105. create a cubic grid shell in VBA
  106. Pivot Table Copy Paste 5 Days in a Row
  107. Convert Text to cells Sentences by Punctuation Marks
  108. Adding and Activating Reference
  109. packing list serial number generator for boxes
  110. Concatenate Values
  111. Update image/replace image from excel to PowerPoint
  112. Trying to rename individual shapes within a duplicated group.
  113. 2007: Issue with graphics shifting when saving to a PDF.
  114. Help with Debugging Code
  115. open file with vba
  116. [SOLVED:] 2007 Formula: Trying to locate a numeric value in a square named range.
  117. Export to PDF (specific sheets) if cells in Input sheet are >0, if condition is met
  118. [SOLVED:] Count number of occurrences via combobox in user form
  119. Excel VBA with Advanced Filter Error messages
  120. help needed to calculate dates and time together
  121. Create New Folder Based on Cell Name and Copy Files into it
  122. Macro or form based solution for attached excel sheet
  123. Help to check string of file name, if meet will copy valu to master workbook
  124. Workbook open event not working
  125. Macro wont run on duplicate columns
  126. [SOLVED:] AutoFilter Percent Values +-5%
  127. [SOLVED:] Sequentially Number Search Using an Array
  128. Intellisense working Sporadically
  129. [SOLVED:] Use dropdown to populate other cells
  130. Vlookup to delete entire row on another worksheet
  131. random selection from a growing range
  132. [SOLVED:] VBA Coding Help for Conditional Formatting
  133. [SOLVED:] Fuzzy Lookup add-in VBA
  134. [SOLVED:] Looping through Dates to Determine in Date Falls Between Other Dates
  135. If statement help
  136. Search for Strings Listed in Column A and Insert Offset values in B
  137. Finding IDs
  138. Is there any way to create a macro to keep doing nonlinear regressions?
  139. Auto populate table from another worksheet
  140. [SOLVED:] Multiple find and replace in Excell sheets
  141. Syntax To QuickSort A Range Of Numbers In An Array
  142. [SOLVED:] Copy, Rename and validate multiple excel files
  143. 2007 VBA: Cannot figure out recursion to show all possible paths in a 4 x 4 grid.
  144. Run macro run by itself
  145. Basic question - create and fill X new rows based on instances of character in cell
  146. Excel VBA data transfer between workbooks
  147. Importing Multiple .Txt Files Into Excel Based on the Date Last Modified in VBA
  148. Counting the number of times a string appears on a filtered worksheet.
  149. Convert Many Invoice Formats to a Standard Format
  150. Importing text file into Excel but worksheet names are too long!
  151. [SOLVED:] IF condition is not working with formula
  152. [SOLVED:] Make code more efficient
  153. Exiting Command Prompt window from Excel
  154. [SOLVED:] Create a new folder based on cell and copy list of file into created folder
  155. fixing error code get folder names and files names
  156. VBS for Check the zide and move files
  157. "Run-time error '1004' with .xlt file
  158. [SOLVED:] Date Not Filtering Correctly
  159. Run-time error 1004: The extract range has a missing or invalid field name
  160. Open specific worksheet and hide all other worksheet
  161. [Question] Dynamic amount of averages
  162. Extracting data from excel VBA
  163. Filtering a DefinedName that a ComboBox pulls from within a VBA Form
  164. Add-In Buttons Delete When Excel Closes
  165. SaveAs2 fileformat/encoding not working ???
  166. Help about sorting rows and assigning a new field automatically?
  167. VBA code to copy data from Excel by rows to multiple text files
  168. [SOLVED:] RE: copy paste entire pivot data Using VBA
  169. [SOLVED:] Excel formula syntax
  170. (Question) Make Subtotal ignore ="" Cells
  171. Easy! Need some help, Delete Line from txt file
  172. Change String
  173. Find & Replace - All worksheets except one and with different Target column
  174. Filter Listbox value marching with Combobox value
  175. Auto-expand text rows in protected worksheet - can I do it?
  176. Looking to make this macro Faster
  178. [SOLVED:] Need assistance copying Cells that just contain certain data
  179. Excel VBA Multiple loops
  180. [SOLVED:] Copy, Find Match in another worksheet, and then Paste Range
  181. Call shortcut only in specific column
  182. Run time error 438
  183. [SOLVED:] Locate a set value and copy the value in the cell that's below it
  184. Code to loop through ws only works on active sheet
  185. [SOLVED:] User forms - Alternatives to Me.Field = "Value"
  186. VBA help for sales report
  187. [SLEEPER:] Use Macro on Teams/Sharepoint/Onedrive
  188. [SOLVED:] Userform search is not working after delete any record
  189. Making a dynamic list.
  190. VBA Help - Code for Report Updates
  191. Populate in listbox
  192. Vlookup not working when Table array refers to a cell with variable
  193. Scroll Bar (Form Control) Offset Table - Sync Scroll Bar Pos. Across Multiple Sheets
  194. Could use some VB help with dealing with combo box data from a Union All query
  195. Last save time
  196. [SOLVED:] Like Operator
  197. Filter/paste rows by months in the near future
  198. [SOLVED:] Need VBA Help With the following info
  199. [SOLVED:] Convert Excel Cell Text in Bold or Italic to HTML Tags/Convert Cell Line Breaks
  200. Upper Case
  201. VBA conks out on very simple code
  202. [SOLVED:] VBA Index Match across two worksheets
  203. VBA help on pulling data from an external workbook
  204. Use a master list to run a macro that opens, extracts, and closes multiple workbooks
  205. Expand VBA code to search Column & Paste Cells to Other Sheet
  206. Type Mismatch error when there is no type mismatch
  207. How to create a macro that puts today's date and time in cell
  208. [SOLVED:] VBA Disbale Copy&Paste in target range (not complete sheet/workbook)
  209. [SOLVED:] Drag tool to adjust formulas correctly
  210. How to fix a messed Excel sheet and make a proper format?
  211. Extract and move records , then delete from master sheet
  212. [SOLVED:] Function for checking and opening a workbook
  213. Sleeper: VBA Macros 438 runtime error
  214. VBA Sum Array Formulas
  215. [SOLVED:] Custom Sort On Column
  216. Xlsm file problem
  217. VBA Time Stamp for single cell entry
  218. VBA code to open workbooks in a folder, create new sheet, paste headers and formulas?
  219. Change alignment
  220. [SOLVED:] Object Required Error in UnHiding rows
  221. [SOLVED:] VBA code to calculate dates from an event
  222. Macro to find best way to combine numbers to equal a certain sum
  223. VBA look for cell next to first blank, copy and paste
  224. [SOLVED:] RE: Pivot table creation in existing sheet- VBA issues
  225. VBA Code Copy&Paste Request
  226. [SOLVED:] Debugging VBA built on Excel2013 not working on v2016
  227. [SOLVED:] HELP - Calculate Based on Dynamic Variables (What-if Scenario)
  228. excel to pdf print
  229. How to hide/unhide worksheets based on cell value?
  230. Is there a way to protect or lock my macro?
  231. Generating a table of events based on a calendar on a different worksheet
  232. Trouble sorting as part of a Macro
  233. Auto Filter Data from Multiple Worksheets Using only One Combobox
  234. Truncate Data in Excel VBA to prompt Pass or Fail
  235. What function should I use?
  236. Macro to copy a cell value and put in different worksheet
  237. [SOLVED:] Creating an 11 digit number
  238. Formula Assistance Required
  239. VBA
  240. Array of unique values in a Column range
  241. Disable SAVE/SAVE AS and Make Savable Again after Username and Password
  242. Converting three calculators in a workbook into one with a dropdown box (hardcoded)
  243. [SOLVED:] VBA Sum function NOT calculating small values
  244. [SOLVED:] Delete Hidden Rows when Filter applied
  245. Sum with integer
  246. save from template to range value name workbook
  247. [SOLVED:] VBA to add new row above and include formatting
  248. [SOLVED:] Paste to next empty row in another workbook
  249. How to move data between date rows using VBA?
  250. Conflicting Code (Add Row & Move Row to another Worksheet)