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  1. [SOLVED] Creating an 11 digit number
  2. Formula Assistance Required
  3. VBA
  4. Array of unique values in a Column range
  5. Disable SAVE/SAVE AS and Make Savable Again after Username and Password
  6. Converting three calculators in a workbook into one with a dropdown box (hardcoded)
  7. [SOLVED] VBA Sum function NOT calculating small values
  8. [SOLVED] Delete Hidden Rows when Filter applied
  9. Sum with integer
  10. save from template to range value name workbook
  11. [SOLVED] VBA to add new row above and include formatting
  12. Paste to next empty row in another workbook
  13. How to move data between date rows using VBA?
  14. Conflicting Code (Add Row & Move Row to another Worksheet)
  15. [SOLVED] Requesting help to correct the codes
  16. Restrict Replace Module
  17. [SOLVED] Vba look for certain value and copy certain cell value in the same row
  18. VBA to search for different value in all worksheets and then write down where they ar
  19. Create user input box for range row in Excel
  20. [SOLVED] Table Of Contents - Help required to customize the code
  21. vba help - show Top 3 performer
  23. [SOLVED] VBA Check for multiple cell values and copy the cell in column A
  24. Finding the best rank of places to find the best path (using geographical coordinates
  25. VBA/Macro to insert rows based on drop downlist selection
  26. Help Required in Create and Open Folder and Track Changes
  27. VBA Help - Auto generate multiple rows base on cell value
  28. [SOLVED] Filter a txt file based on an Excel template
  29. [SOLVED] VBA Macro - pull two data sets, in the same column, to a separate spreadsheet
  30. Delete Columns with blank or zero in total
  31. automatic sort of a table, return to last used cell
  32. [SOLVED] VBA for find values in range in multiple worksheets, copy values to UserForm
  33. [SOLVED] VBA Macro - Import data from different excel file for a given value
  34. [SOLVED] Standard CTRL+C in ListBox
  35. [SOLVED] filter and sum values based on three selection from dropdown
  36. [SOLVED] Looking in subfolders instead of root folder only
  38. [SOLVED] Search Textbox
  39. [SOLVED] Fields mandatory
  40. [SOLVED] Difference between two 2D Arrays in VBA
  41. SUMIFS with Multiple criteria using Variables
  42. sum only red fonts
  43. [SOLVED] Find each occurrence of a set of numbers in column and highlight the rows that contai
  44. Can’t find project or library - Microsoft Forms 2.0 ticked in error?
  45. amending code copy data from sheet to multiple without repeating
  46. [SOLVED] Create a Hardcoded Workbook Copy
  47. [SOLVED] Help required in replacing InputBox with Select any one option
  48. [SOLVED] Run-time error '13' after several succes runs
  49. [SOLVED] Help Required : Highlight a part of text with in a cell (case sensitive problem)
  50. [SOLVED] Left align text in joined cells
  51. VBA Exponential Smoothing
  52. [SOLVED] How far is the first occurrence of a coloured cell
  53. [SOLVED] Run Submacro If It Contains Data
  54. Limit Detailed amounts based on original balance
  55. [SOLVED] Help : Apply formula to selected cells
  56. Replace XML Null values
  57. [SOLVED] Help : Join String with Delimiter - need to have the option of downward or rightward
  58. [SOLVED] How to compare two arrays row by row?
  59. [SOLVED] VBA code to speed up and automate multiple account, multiple site stock movements
  60. How to parse json GET request with VBA?
  61. Advanced find mewthod with copying values
  62. Copy data from folder and sub folder to master workbook base in sub folder names
  63. [SOLVED] Passing variables between modules
  64. Help with some code?
  65. found max number
  66. [SOLVED] Highlight Cell With Search Values
  67. Please Help ( vba combobox code )
  68. Need Help with VBA code - Excel
  69. Automatic changing of cell colors
  70. Convert numbers into words for printing checks
  71. [SOLVED] Execute submacro a set number of times until criteria is met
  72. Macro to create a database
  73. Web scrapping vba
  74. [SOLVED] Search for specific words in worksheet and make bold
  75. Vba search function not pulling links through.
  76. Adding and Compressing(SizeKb) Image to Comments Field
  77. [SOLVED] VBA Conditional Formating - Cell 1 format based on Cell2 <= other worksheet cell3
  78. Count left alignment cell
  79. VBA form - Choose an item from 2 list boxes to select one row
  80. [SOLVED] Need some help with the Regular Expression
  81. Populate fields based on the filter
  82. PasteSpecial options
  83. [SOLVED] Condition Base Min & Max
  84. [SOLVED] Extract Value from Text
  85. [SOLVED] Search worksheet for multiple strings of text, then delete those rows
  86. Help to moving file to another folder, using partial filename
  87. Log the results
  88. I want to copy and paste a chart together with its linked-to data?
  89. [SOLVED] Advanced locked Filtering data
  90. Filtering by some specific value
  91. [SOLVED] Copying Down Formulas to New Row
  92. [SOLVED] Predict Date of Enlistment
  93. Prevent VBA from activating the sheet when it updates a chart.
  94. [SOLVED] Stop macro running if row empty
  95. [SOLVED] Help : Stop Application.onTime before this workbook close
  96. Left/Right formula not working
  97. Copy Paste Selected Rows
  98. Excel Macro help
  99. Data to blank cell
  100. Paste without source file name
  101. Extracting specific lines from multiple text files and save it in a single excel shee
  102. Blinking Cells when I reach a certain value
  103. Automatic update of pivot table wiht error - EXCEL
  104. Paste data to another tab based on meeting criteria
  105. VBA code to filter a specific column
  106. RE: Pivot filter Month selection - Automatic Population in respective column
  107. Move Files from current folder to a new subfolder specified in a column
  108. How to search through multiple worksheets and display the results to your listbox
  109. [SOLVED] Help : Replace O365 Dynamic Arrays Dashboard with VBA Codes
  110. [SOLVED] A simple VBA "for each" loop with "call" function issue
  111. help with UDF Function
  112. How can I use the VBA-Excel function NORMINV with variables?
  113. Filling out specific cells thanks to a UserForm
  114. range sort horizontal range
  115. Error in user form
  116. [SOLVED] Smaller font size for a part of the cell value in loop
  117. Need help with loop, concatenate and trim in Excel, VBA
  118. [SOLVED] Search in multiple columns while Autofiltering - Excel VBA
  119. VBA Dynamic Loop in Columns and Rows to find and copy values
  120. How can I add a condition in my loop that does not work?
  121. compatibility vba 2016 VS vba 2019
  122. Help required for the mentioned modification in the attached code -Manpower scheduler
  123. help debugging macro for my daily time tracker - copy/paste sheet at front of wk_book
  124. 2019 VBA: How to move files based on first or first two characters
  125. macro to fill a form and save one file per row in document
  126. [SOLVED] Target.Cells.Count - Change to Read a Range - VBA
  127. Help - Macro to add data to workweeks
  128. Basic VBA code Help
  129. Array loop through multiple rows/columns, find result, then repeat.. Help Needed!
  130. Delete duplicates from VBA Combobox
  131. [SOLVED] Is it possible to make it faster? VBA copy and paste when condition is met
  132. [SOLVED] Change column
  133. Creating new Files based on some excel columns values
  134. [SOLVED] how make rowsources for multiple combobox from multiple sheets in the same colums
  135. [SOLVED] How to Create Interactive Dashboard Tiles
  136. Slow code
  137. [SOLVED] Search data on another sheet using VBA
  138. Userform Dependent List Boxes
  139. dividing a number into a given range
  140. [SOLVED] Unchecked checkbox if cell is blank
  141. Blinking Cells when I reach a certain value
  142. [SOLVED] with VBA create a function that accepts arguments in an excel sheet
  143. [SOLVED] A Dashboard with my first independent codes - Request for review by other members
  144. AN error 481: Invalid pictur
  145. [SOLVED] Check if data is already exist before adding a new data
  146. remove rows and columns
  147. Create a procedure with combination of keys
  148. [SOLVED] Want VBA Textbox information to show VBA MsgBox
  149. VBA UDF required
  150. [SOLVED] VBA for create new folder based on multiple cells values
  151. how to make '"table" stay in the same page?
  152. [SOLVED] Multiple textboxes that only accepts numeric value
  153. VBA Excel - Use UserForm even if the sheet is protected
  154. VBA Excel - Update Data using UserForm
  155. VBA editing automatically comments in protected sheet
  156. Copy cells in col. B, D and F if there is contents in cells in col. D
  157. Last row is not advancing in worksheet
  158. Custom Dialog Box "Show" method causes runtime Error on some Excel installations
  159. Filter data - date range and customer
  160. [SOLVED] Find And Replace with Increment Number Excel VBA
  161. VBA for copying values with ActiveCell.Offset
  162. Excel - Formula to stop counting based on another cell
  163. VBA to Insert a character in a specific position in a cell
  164. Calling a macro within a macro
  165. [SOLVED] exclude folder paths list
  166. VBA to add prefix in Human Interface Device RFID tag reader
  168. Merge different Excel worksheet from different workbooks into one workbook
  169. [SOLVED] Date Entry Not Being Correctly Interpreted
  170. How to Create UDF
  171. VBA - Macro - EXCell getting it to insert a formula (offset)
  172. VBA Excel - Filter selection “wrong” row
  173. Data validation - does not save =OFFSET(lista_rep!$C$5,0,0,COUNTA....
  174. VBA userform multiple textbox
  175. [SOLVED] Split number from an alpha numeric invoice reference and highlight duplicate
  176. Hidden rows
  177. SUM multiple COLUMNS DATA with common HEADER NAME
  178. [SOLVED] Determing if a time of day falls between time of shift
  179. VBA Split Cell to Array + VLookUp for Array
  180. [SOLVED] Create a list in column G if specific text found in cells in column A
  181. Input box and sheet
  182. [SOLVED] Formula help to list items based on criteria
  183. Copying Data Between Sheets
  184. Converting / reading a cell while filtering ( double .. Ccur ... )
  185. Saving file in specific location
  186. WHat I am doing wrong....
  187. [SOLVED] Split words from text string and count occurrence of each word in a range in excel
  188. [SOLVED] Load Item In Combobox with Diffrent color (Depended cell Color)
  189. [SOLVED] Macro to match cells in a range with those in another column.
  190. Copying information from listbox into textboxes in new form
  191. [SOLVED] Trying to create a Macro to filter a set of data for streamlined work (See descpt)
  193. EXCEL VBA to show images as comments
  194. how to get value of page, where exact cell is?
  195. Identify / return name of Visible Chart Only
  196. [SOLVED] Search string multiple sheets copy row to new sheet
  197. [SOLVED] Please Help with Code
  198. [SOLVED] Subtracting a cell from hard coded values (on weekly basis)
  199. [SOLVED] Excel Chart. Display rows based on check boxes
  200. [SOLVED] Audit plan for next 3Yrs : Mark X based on audit frequency and previous audit quarter
  201. Copy data from one sheet to new - but paste only values without formating and links
  202. Loop through column and conditionally subtract
  203. Why Excel commandbutton macro is too slow?
  204. Graph two data tables in one graph
  205. Help with weighted averages for scorecard
  206. Combine recursive listing with excluded code
  207. Type mismatch when using Application.WorksheetFunction.Match
  208. Based on the Location & Quantity, Locations to be grouped & corresponding sum
  209. VBA Help - Reference to a Table & Vlookup
  210. [SOLVED] two way dependent dropdowns.. possible?
  212. [SOLVED] Transpose Data In Columns
  213. fifo vba code please
  214. Newbie needs help please
  215. Change Pivot Table Date Filter to Cell Reference
  216. Conditional Format Macro help
  217. Vba To Refresh Specific External Connections
  218. Email Active workbook with updates made
  219. Multiple conditions for 3 consecutive ListBox - How to make it work?
  220. [SOLVED] Subscript error when finding next blank row in added worksheet
  221. VBA Excel paste special speed reduces over time while looping
  222. [SOLVED] Is there a way to insert a permanent VBA userform to excel
  223. VBA Edit Links
  224. Adding on to existing macro, Need IFS function and filter
  225. [SOLVED] Several Groups of ActiveX Option Buttons - How to Identify Selected Button in Each
  226. IF Then ElseIf Else Statement macro
  227. add a new row based on selected on combobox and copy data
  228. Best way to use lookup to find last value in column of another sheet
  229. Round Up the answer to a calculation which is being performed in VB
  230. vbModeless question
  231. Pop-up Message Box when certain values are inputted in Column A