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  1. Need Help Highliting Some String in Cell and Columns With Macro!
  2. Copy & Append Paste from various workbooks into one master
  3. Password to save worksheet as new workbook
  4. Excel 2016 VBA on MAC to Open A File
  5. [SOLVED:] Code only copies certain column.
  6. [SOLVED:] Add extra worksheet
  7. [SOLVED:] VBA Help - Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)': Method 'Value' of object 'Range'
  8. Copy Rows with Certain Values
  9. fastest way to copy multiple range to multiple sheets
  10. [SOLVED:] Loop thru validation list - filter multi sheets - generate individual files
  11. [SOLVED:] Count based on two criteria from different columns
  12. [SOLVED:] File Format and Extension Don’t Match
  13. help with vba code
  14. [SOLVED:] Splitting large range of data into multiple cost center outputs in txt-format
  15. date Macro
  16. [SOLVED:] VBA to Limit what Columns a User can View--Question about Security
  17. VBA-Import text file of yesterday's date which is the file name
  18. Why will macro will move pdfs and xlsxs but not msgs?
  19. Need Help Creating a Macro
  20. lookup between different worksheet.
  21. [SOLVED:] Extract dates from a cell containing a string of data
  22. [SOLVED:] Fill in a row until bottom of the table
  23. Help needed for layout display after calculation.
  24. [SOLVED:] Cell is equal to another cell until you write something in it
  25. [SOLVED:] SharePoint and SaveCopyAs method
  26. Read all Excel files in a folder and edit them via UI
  27. [SOLVED:] Hide rows with option buttons
  28. regexp to find multiple instances of the same structure term?
  29. Nested classes with dynamic array
  30. Export to CSV with New Name and Time Stamp
  31. [SOLVED:] How to know form Option button name or number
  32. [SOLVED:] Macro help - matching times to periods
  33. Transpose using VBA
  34. Swap last and first word in a sentence in an excel column
  35. [SOLVED:] Merge Workbooks into one - Help in Folder Picker
  36. A function that crashes: Compile Error: Procedure too large
  37. VBA to open excel-sheets, updating link, saving and closing
  38. [SOLVED:] Hide rows when check box selected
  39. Hi. Need to copy/cut rows from sheet to another at top of dataset
  40. Problem with Charts
  41. UP/DOWN/INSERT/DELETE macros part of line
  42. [SOLVED:] Move Duplicates to Result Sheet
  43. Extracting data from json api
  44. [SOLVED:] Hyperlink formulas in VBA code - one is working and one is not
  45. VBA - conditional copying different column ranges
  46. How to move data from one variable to another
  47. Can you lock one filter in a pivot table?
  48. Help with VBA Macro
  49. [SOLVED:] Help : Compare texts in two columns in the same row and get the similarity percentage
  50. [SOLVED:] create sheets based on extensions files and copy to each months
  51. Update a new sheet from Userform
  52. VBA - seet 1 cell value (H2) to copy paste in activecell column c sheet 2
  53. Import Second Excel file
  54. [SOLVED:] help for VBA conditional formating count on correct color
  55. Search for a file in folder and subfolders (mac version)
  56. [SOLVED:] search files across multiple sheets and open & highlight
  57. [SOLVED:] UCase Help
  58. delete blank cells in every row individually
  59. Axis Ticklables to ObjectThemeColor
  60. [SOLVED:] error 1004 - VBA Delete column
  61. Not Working : VBA : Create folder and access files from One Drive
  62. With PivotTable: Count consecutive days that meet a criteria
  63. [SOLVED:] Difficulty Changing Data with a Hyphen "-"
  64. vba for mac book pro
  65. Loop through column, range.copy to another sheet based on cell value
  66. [SOLVED:] Pivot Tables: error in 'Field.CurrentPage = NewCat'
  67. How to Handle Blank cell value in VBA
  68. [SOLVED:] editing VBA code
  69. How to read in server name, software name and version from a text file
  70. Help : Date Picker in VBA user form and view data from data entry wb
  71. Find the duplicate from one work book and remove the duplicates in another workbook
  72. Rows to hide and unhide based on two columns
  73. Find Specific Word from the cell by referring a list (VBA)
  74. [SOLVED:] Not Working : Worksheet_Change Event
  75. Excel VBA shift selected cells in various columns up/down for a specified number cell
  76. Import, Filter and Sort Multiple Columns
  77. Collecting Data From Multiple Users
  78. VBA and Excel Formula
  79. [SOLVED:] Trying to make specific cell contents bold
  80. [SOLVED:] Search column for specific value, then delete rows found, leaving the first instance
  81. [SOLVED:] Request help to find missing dates in a date range for the user
  82. [SOLVED:] Highlight Matching Text in different cells
  83. Office 365: Application.CommandBars("Workbook Tabs").ShowPopup issues
  84. [SOLVED:] VBA Text Comparisons Identifying Differences
  85. [SOLVED:] How to do sequencing number after rows duplicated
  86. [SOLVED:] Not Working : Opening an Excel workbook from SharePoint in edit mode from a user form
  87. Autofilter help needed - encountering Autofilter method of range class failed error
  88. [SOLVED:] Trying to allow a TextBox entry on UserForm store in variable
  89. Print sales transaction receipt error
  90. VBA Help with Multiple If conditions
  91. Excel 2019: Range.Find(Number) Trouble
  92. [SOLVED:] Superscript in a Function
  93. [SOLVED:] Formula to collect charges
  94. [SOLVED:] Comma separated list from columns
  95. VBA help to stop one code from affecting another
  96. [SOLVED:] Searching for multiple texts within a cell (InStr)
  97. product csv from sheets
  98. VBA Command
  99. [SOLVED:] Change format of ConvertDegrees function
  100. [SOLVED:] Not Working : Sum of Hours
  101. Create a loop in VBA to copy data out of different files
  102. [SOLVED:] Slow Calculation of Sum Row
  103. [SOLVED:] Calculate the SUM from One Place to Another
  104. [SOLVED:] convert cells in worksheet to values
  105. [SOLVED:] Vba Array Shuffle Giving an Error and Lost Datas!
  106. VBA Code/Macro for Extracting data from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2
  107. Help required to extract data from rows to column in Excel2013
  108. [SOLVED:] Not Working : Load data from excel in user form and update / delete
  109. Compare with two column and return value or highlight match word(s)
  110. Combination data types
  111. [SOLVED:] Format date within formula in VBA
  112. How to apply VBA formula to stop row height from readjusting ? (Excel File)
  113. VBA Application.Run for Running Macros-with-Parameters Stored Inside an Excel Cell
  114. Keeps overwriting my output
  115. [SOLVED:] Userform with calendar month code to bold 2 inputbox result day label value
  116. [SOLVED:] pushbutton and countif/deletes
  117. [SOLVED:] Simple read file macro in Excel VBA on Mac OS X
  118. [SOLVED:] Syntax error - can't see why!
  119. [SOLVED:] ClearContents of merged cells?
  120. Concatenate in VBA?
  122. Help : take out numbers from a string after a specific word till next space or comma
  123. Office 365 - Using ComboBox / Text Box & Lists from Dynamic Tables
  124. Excel VBA - causing issues
  125. [SOLVED:] Cannot get two subs to run together
  126. Remove duplicated rows with VBA
  127. [SOLVED:] Need Help Creating a Macro
  128. Office 365 - Select Dynamic Sheet Names in Array
  129. [SOLVED:] Office 365 - Remove All Tables, ListBox & Macros from a Dynamic Range of Worksheets
  130. Sensitivity Analysis
  131. Statistical confidence plot in Excel
  132. [SOLVED:] Protect Workbook (Lock Certain Cells) and still have VBA run on unlocked cells??
  133. [SLEEPER:] VB Editor Menu Keyboard Shortcut Assignments Change with Macro / Code …
  134. VBA Formula for Splitting Property Address to Multiple Columns
  135. [SOLVED:] Select Sheets Starting with "XXXX" and Remove Macro from Sheet
  136. Copy some data from one Sheet to another and create a list
  137. Click IE Popup window
  138. [SOLVED:] VBA “folder” sorter
  139. how can i create userform using simpson rule for a function in excel vba
  140. How to get the number of instances of a class
  141. [SOLVED:] Exel crash when VBA frames manipulation
  142. Import XML to worksheet with mapped schema
  143. [SOLVED:] Change sheet tab color automatically based on cell values
  144. Sumif with integer and from another sheet
  145. Copying and pasting values into a table below the previous entry for many days
  146. [SOLVED:] copy data with pushbutton
  147. Find Form Controls with Value not set
  148. Auto Update Excel Data
  149. Help VBA CODE to include negatives in the loop calculation
  150. [SOLVED:] Count Dates in a List of dates for every employee for every month
  151. Selection Change where a merged cell is involved
  152. Close and save changes in one workbook from another.
  153. delete folders on search
  154. [SOLVED:] VBA to Delete Duplicate Info on Same Date
  155. Worksheet_Change multiple ranges and different formulas
  156. VBA to merge multiple workbooks with demarcation
  157. VBA Macro Causing Excel to Freeze When 2nd Copy of Sheet Added to Workbook
  158. show and hide photos with formula
  159. Matching the data.
  160. Copying sheets and updating values from a main sheet
  161. [SOLVED:] Cannot control the popup window
  162. Macro to Look for Specific text in other workbook and report value in cell beneath it
  163. Conditionally Filter chart categories according to the x-axis labels
  164. [SOLVED:] Close All Instances Of Excel Without Saving Any Changes
  165. [SOLVED:] Need help fixing/understanding Macro
  166. Vba : copy Transpose in 2 differents rows
  167. Efficient Way of Copying Data from an Input Sheet to a Database
  168. Shift pattern conversion
  169. [SOLVED:] Shared Workbooks with Hidden Tabs
  170. listview background color
  171. [SOLVED:] Counting the occurrence of each entry in a column
  172. [SOLVED:] Excel cannot access 'ExcelVB'
  173. Script not Running
  174. Need Help Finding Specific Cells and Determining if there are values in it or not
  175. Merge Workbooks based on Number of Row of Data
  176. Vba if iserror issue with vlookup
  177. EXCEL VBA - Dependent FORM Drop Downs & Excel Tables
  178. [SOLVED:] Date Increasing
  179. [SOLVED:] To Copy and Split the Name to First and Surname from Another Workbook
  180. Excel Formula : =MIN(IF)
  181. VBA Bold Text
  182. what's going wrong with the code
  183. What's wrong with this code?
  184. Automate a Pivot Using VBA
  185. vba help - Count only Alphabets from a string using Regular expression
  186. How to close it
  187. RE: SAP scripts VBS loop - Help required
  188. To automatically create a variable number of worksheets, name them and the enter the
  189. VBA: ActiveSheet started spitting out 1004 out of nowhere
  190. VBA Excel - Conditional Formatting in Table based on group
  191. Concatenate with ";" if values of 3 columns are same
  192. Conditional If in VBA
  193. [SOLVED:] Export to single PDF from matrix of range and sheets
  194. [SOLVED:] Help : Highlight the row basis of a cell selection and restore on selectin change
  195. [SOLVED:] Range("R1C1") gives error
  196. Extract data from automatic pivot table
  197. [SOLVED:] VBA Code for IndexMatch Function not working without error
  199. Sleeper: How to dynamically add data into a new column to the right
  200. VBA how do you change the thickess of a line using AddLine
  201. [SOLVED:] VBA Loop Control Variable Issue / Question
  202. [SOLVED:] Add between 10% to 20% random to numbers in cloumn F
  203. [SOLVED:] Date -Time not populating correctly
  204. [SOLVED:] Help Required : Random Sampling of Data
  205. Paste Excel Range into Powerpoint
  206. Display succeeding column data while skipping blank cells
  207. [SOLVED:] Multiple errors in VBA trying to get HTML elements by Class & Tag
  208. VBA Code to Disable Insert Header & Footer on Ribbon
  209. Removing Specific Fill Colors
  210. HinstancePtr vs Hwnd?
  211. [SOLVED:] Take subheading and move to front of each row
  212. How to Declare Object Variable with Direct Memory Access?
  213. Help to filter list
  214. [SOLVED:] VBA To Insert A new Row with Specific formatting
  215. [SOLVED:] Macro removes editing options selected when re-protecting worksheet after macro runs
  216. Using SumIF with Cell.Interior.ColorIndex on another WorkSheet
  217. assistance from experts to fixing theses codes
  218. [SOLVED:] Save Worksheet Tabs as Seperate PDF Files to Folder
  219. One PDF with Print Page Order - A variation
  220. [SOLVED:] VBA to Print the Comments of a single cell
  221. variable = worksheet (=>expected identifier)
  222. VBA to loop through sheets in workbooks in a file directory and add missing columns
  223. VBA Clipboard Statement
  224. Using Excel to send e-mails through IBM Notes
  225. Printing multiple workbooks into pdf
  226. VBA Add slide to the end of the presentation
  227. Print a sequence of sheets
  228. ODBC Refresh Connection String Error in VBA / Run Time Error 1004
  229. Exporting from Word Textboxes to Excel
  230. Tracking equipment run times with multiple starts/stops
  231. Remember selected cells in other worksheet
  232. [SOLVED:] VBA to use Selection.Address in a formula
  234. extract OLE image from access to file by running sql adobd from vba excel
  235. for loop in vba
  236. VBA to Hide and Show rows based on multiple ranges provided
  237. checking for duplicates when creating macro to move data into master sheet
  238. Can't output values to cell
  239. Move csv file to new folder
  240. Drop down multi select while also changing what is shown in the cell
  241. VBA to Extract digit and text from two different columns of excel
  242. How to get mainserver ping response on userform
  243. InsertVBComponent not working
  244. [SOLVED:] VBA - Formatting Height of two Merged rows
  245. [SOLVED:] Cumuative Sum
  246. Help with loop and MID function
  247. VBA for multiple files with date - maximum values
  248. Casting Couch
  249. [SOLVED:] Offset Rows
  250. [SOLVED:] Fill first Empty cell in column When second column has an entry inserted