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  1. Show graph in userform but via sharepoint
  2. [SOLVED:] Lookup formula not returning the correct result
  3. [SOLVED:] Userform is not displaying anything when i change a "box" to visible or not visible
  4. [SOLVED:] Worksheet SelectionChange Error - Target.Address - if statement
  5. Script not working after moving data to SharePoint
  6. [SOLVED:] Help: Capture file location on the first opening of a workbook/workbook open event
  7. Column getting truncated
  8. Open and Close Workbooks | best Practices
  9. Excel file always opens in read-only mode when opening from sharepoint
  10. [SOLVED:] How to create a values only copy of WB while keeping formatting and filters in tact?
  11. Excel VBA folder-search-tool
  12. Application Visible with more than 1 workbook
  13. [SOLVED:] mismatch when sum values in multiple textboxes
  14. [SOLVED:] Cumulative based of criteria
  15. Opened Workbooks are still opened after executing Macro (Workbook.Close doesn't work)
  16. HELP!! can't figure out details for a file-combining macro
  17. Not Getting Sum Result From All Sheets
  18. expenses compared to the budget
  19. Market data and charts
  20. copy with loop double variable
  21. [SOLVED:] Date Help
  22. Macro for inserting rows if value
  23. [SOLVED:] Multi-sheet procedure
  24. [SOLVED:] How to Change the Value of a Cell based on the values of two other cells
  25. [SOLVED:] Zero Out Column if another column has a certain qualifier
  26. [SOLVED:] Create Summary
  27. How to prevent duplicate value
  28. Shell Command results in Runtime Error 5 - but path appears to exist
  29. [SOLVED:] Countif in VBA Module
  30. New to VBA: Compile Error Syntax Error
  31. Add the value taken from the user to my range for ActiveX ComboBox
  32. Loop Through Data Validation List and Copy Values Given By Each Item
  33. [SOLVED:] Re-Arrange Columns after Import
  34. [SOLVED:] Is it possible to store range objects in an variant array?
  35. [SOLVED:] clear dependant drop down boxes
  36. [SOLVED:] VBA code to pull in data from SQL table
  37. copy information with vba
  38. [SOLVED:] Deleting Worksheet Stops Script
  39. Pull SQL Data into Excel by Date Range
  40. Setting tab order, adding ability to stop/start code and refine functionality
  41. Macro Or Command To Change Photo In Excel - Urgent Weekend Help Needed
  42. Data validation and manipulating input
  43. [SOLVED:] Check if within multiple ranges check problem
  44. [SOLVED:] Compile Error Private WithEvents oCbarEvents As CommandBars and Private Sub Worksheet
  45. strAddress = .ActiveCell.Address Run-time error 438 when switching sheets
  46. [SOLVED:] Delete Rows if Cost Code Bucket is Zero
  47. SUMIFS on multiple rows and columns, based on a mapping
  48. File Selection- if user cancels- End Sub Then call macro1
  49. How to split a big text file (with more than 500000 lines) in to smaller files
  50. [SOLVED:] Conditional Format:Need to compare 2 cells with any other 2 cells for the same number
  51. wrap broken lines in one line in a given text or log file
  52. Copy text from text file between keyword in rows.
  53. [SOLVED:] insert auto serial number in user form
  54. [SOLVED:] storing processed data
  55. [SOLVED:] Textbox within a Frame in UDF unable to take focus. Why not?
  56. [SOLVED:] looping through functions
  57. Helper columns to solve problem
  58. search and copy the line
  59. Help to remove duplicate strings from table
  60. VBA script updating values other sheet
  61. [SOLVED:] Formula with OR condition does not return expected result
  62. How to close all the hyperlinked files automatically?
  63. Array loop values
  64. Make a declared variable equal to values from multiple cells
  65. [SOLVED:] HOW TO CONCATENATE: IF(condition;result string;result string) result string?
  66. Sleeper: Find a Partial Match from Location Sheet
  67. [SOLVED:] 3 questions regarding VBA Excel
  68. [SOLVED:] Expanding the range
  69. [SOLVED:] need Code to select value from dropdown list using numeric values
  70. [SOLVED:] MkDir and "Path Not Found" Run-time error 76
  71. Criteria based lookup
  72. Instant change between one textbox to another.
  73. Insert Multiple Image and name image in Userform
  74. Copy and paste styles of diagram
  75. [SOLVED:] VBA Excel - reduction of lines
  76. Copy and paste specific ranges
  77. [SOLVED:] create Summary report from information on the DATA Tab.
  78. Checkboxes and filters
  79. [SOLVED:] Copy Data from one workbook to another - based on tab name
  80. [SOLVED:] VBA Userform macro help for range dates
  81. [SOLVED:] Search for name and letter matches and split equally
  82. Search for a match files using value from selected cell in Folder or Subfolders
  83. Return latest result for work schedule
  84. [SOLVED:] Every time you open the UseForm, it generates a new code
  85. Image embed
  86. [SOLVED:] AutoComplete doesn't recognize Cell A1, it starts getting information from the second
  87. check if serial number is repeated
  88. Can someone recommand an obfuscator for xlsm?
  89. Doppelte Einträge zusammenfassen
  90. [SOLVED:] How to range table "t" from ActiveSheet "Charts"?
  91. [SLEEPER:] How to convert number of color to RGB?
  92. [SOLVED:] how to force users to enable macros
  93. [SOLVED:] IF Countif and Textjoin - Help required
  94. [SOLVED:] Help for viable registration solution and code improvement
  95. [SOLVED:] How to pull information from different columns of data from the same row?
  96. Help needed- Analysis of splitting of orders
  97. Need vba to code to split data depends upon col I:I and col J:J
  98. VBA Help on drop down list
  99. HLEP!! I need help modifying this code.
  100. insert selected row from listbox to excel table
  101. Worksheet Change Referencing Cell in Another Sheet
  102. Automatically delete rows after time period using time stamp (have partial code)
  103. Excel counts a blank as zero. Why not leave it as a blank?
  104. [SOLVED:] Cross section by matching column and row headings
  105. Filter values ​​from a table and display them in different textboxes
  106. Price List Comparator
  107. Filter By Multiple Criteria then match results to different workbook & paste new data
  108. A search code with three possible results
  109. [SOLVED:] How to save multiple selected information from a LISTBOX?
  110. Making code more concise - VBA scrape information
  111. [SOLVED:] Pivot table
  112. VBA Code for pasting today's date into a text box
  113. [SLEEPER:] VBA Email TO Cell that contains IF formula
  114. Vlookup to ListObject "Table copy, paste"
  115. [SOLVED:] Saving is not creating a new record line, but saving over it
  116. VBA Help to change Form of Smart Art Nodes
  117. Finding Shape types WITHOUT selecting the shape ?
  118. How do I get one cell color to change based on another cell color that changes?
  119. Why do macros work once and then stop? Example is included
  120. [SOLVED:] Putting Values with Leading Zeros Into CSV file
  121. Copy data from user selected source file to current open workbook
  122. Using the TEXT function and Concatenate function in one formula
  123. How to Solve using CurrentRegion if cells in Table is Protected
  124. Copying values from one column in a sheet to another column in another sheet once.
  125. VBA - function Vlookup
  126. Can I add cell info into a comment box via a formula?
  127. VBA - Range of object _ Global failed
  128. Help : Error on saving workbook to dektop synced with OneDrive
  129. Lookup to add Products from one table to another VBA
  130. code to setup crop dimension
  131. Does anyone else have this error 1004?
  132. Picture shows in userform with search
  133. [SOLVED:] Fastest way to transform data
  134. [SOLVED:] show multiple separate information
  135. Retrieve formulas and autocomplete
  136. [SLEEPER:] Loop between two tables to sum their matches
  137. VBA - Problem in .range
  138. Log Scale graph in excel
  139. [SOLVED:] Formula to FIND specific TEXT within a worksheet
  140. how to create a portfolio Optimimizer using VBA
  141. [SOLVED:] Move data around in workbook
  142. Item number with current month
  143. Linear interpolation with lookup of two values
  144. Using VBA Set for workbook and worksheet
  145. VBA Code for Highlighting Cells based on If then Rules
  146. Create a Userform with a Textbox and link it to a Cell or Table
  147. VBA Code for PDF of Vibile Sheets in array
  148. Method 'SaveAs' of object'_Workbook failed
  149. [SOLVED:] Keycode 13 only for textbox input on userform
  150. [SOLVED:] Conditional Formatting borders around cells with formulas
  151. [SOLVED:] Making a function based on Find having IF
  152. Simple code that refreshes link to another excel file with Password
  153. [SOLVED:] Sort range from one empty row to the next empty row Custom
  154. [SOLVED:] Repeat Search Function
  155. [SOLVED:] Formula to format the cell? (so text gets enough space)
  156. Reference a cell.
  157. Macro not working for fetching data from Active Directory
  158. After user clicks 'Notify', do this
  159. Unrecognized text on different computer
  160. [SLEEPER:] Compare the selected item of a listbox with a table
  161. errors on Macro code for consolidation
  162. How can we use VBA/Macros Excel for solving this interesting simulation question?
  163. [SOLVED:] Help with simplifying my background substraction (data analysis)
  164. Transferring data workbook to workbook
  165. Sleeper: VBA using Loop
  166. Sorting two way pivot table with VBA?
  167. Sleeper: Linear interpolation in Excel
  168. Sorting and cutting part of the sort into a new tab
  169. [SOLVED:] Msg error: "Exception from HRESULT:0x800401A8" when refreshing reports automatically
  170. Extract a number from text in cell using VBA
  171. [SOLVED:] IF Else statement not executing properly
  172. [SOLVED:] Pin Folder to Windows Explorers Quick Access in VBA
  173. VBA code
  174. [SOLVED:] Code only doing it for cell not entire column
  175. [SOLVED:] Can a Header
  176. Precedents arrows state
  177. Haven't encountered this before, what does it mean?
  178. Dynamic update for each userform textbox through looping
  179. How to make a macro work in selected worksheets and how to fix a macro error from CF
  180. Help duplicating from one cell onto multiple rows
  181. Modeless Form Closing
  182. [SOLVED:] Problem in concatenate
  183. Macro called from Menu no longer responding
  184. Break record row into multiple rows
  185. [SOLVED:] Can't loop a macro
  186. Insert Row & copy and paste formulas in new row
  187. [SOLVED:] Lookup values from a range with partial non-ordered keyword strings
  188. Creating a VBA to find and delete duplicate values within Excel workbook
  189. Reformat found data and count equal 'strings'
  190. Insertion range depends on meeting conditions
  191. [SOLVED:] How to add row in second Sheet using ActiveCell in first sheet?
  192. [SOLVED:] Impossible to insert
  193. Editable listview items
  194. VBA - Prompt To Save Excel File In Variable Location
  195. help with the debug
  196. Help to fine tune the codes | transform data, delete blank rows and then autofill
  197. Removing leading letters in a text using VBA
  198. Add some cell values as notes
  199. [SOLVED:] How to assign a worksheet change codes to a button to refresh the values
  200. Range Address Variables
  201. VBA Macro Sort Range
  202. Fiter, Copy and Paste unique values in the next available row of another workbook
  203. Replacing hyperlinks with find and Replace
  204. Copy the last 3 columns
  205. [SOLVED:] VBA code to search on folder and sub folder for file named in worksheet
  206. How to cycle through control sheet in workbook
  207. [SOLVED:] Combinng Ranges into One
  208. Macro That Inserts a New Row and Defines Formulas to Cells
  209. Move To Top Of The Sheet
  210. Crossposting VBA Question - Overlapping Text Boxes with all Shapes
  211. Adding label for msoDropdown control type
  212. [SOLVED:] Copy the Last Row Within a Range and Paste to Last Row in Another Sheet
  213. Cannot get Application Caller to work
  214. excel help
  215. Function behaving differently
  216. Hide/unhide columns
  217. Noob question about Do-Until Loops
  218. DO NOT Copy Data Under Table/ Copy Data from Table to Table
  219. macro to add or subtract date and time from yyyymmdd_hhmmss format
  220. Need help with sending multiple .bcc from range in excel
  221. [SOLVED:] VBA doesn't compares correctly via greater than string comparison
  222. [SOLVED:] Multiple Individual Exclusive Checkboxes with data validation Macro (code here)
  223. [SOLVED:] autofocus on userform after print out
  224. VBA - Flat Text Import Changes
  225. Filter for suffix [x] when a comparing file has _x suffix
  226. [SOLVED:] Help with Code to splitting values into 2 columns
  227. [SOLVED:] Small VBA Macro: introduce cell text into a CountIF formular and get output
  228. [SOLVED:] Shape Colors Updated per Cell Value (150 cells and shapes)
  229. Using a class module for several userforms, identify which userform is active
  230. [SOLVED:] vba code if lastrow is full, it errors out
  231. vba print 2 ranges in one page
  232. Transfer data from one work to another
  233. [SOLVED:] Scale display vba code
  234. [SOLVED:] Delete rows with previous dates
  235. [SOLVED:] Copy Multiple Range on Multiple Sheets.
  236. [SOLVED:] Code searches entire workbook-Need only specific coulmn + keep formatting after Paste
  237. [SOLVED:] Change active page of Vision object in Excel
  238. VBA Form Source List
  239. How to calculate a route / find waypoints between start and destination
  240. Transfer specific columns from sheet to another
  241. [SOLVED:] Refresh custom formulars that checks background color and output as 1 or 0 (File here
  242. Convert ASCII code back to text with StrConv + vbUnicode (VBA)
  243. Quick VBA Question - Adding Another Condition - Use ElseIf?
  244. Need Help converting columns to YML format
  245. [SOLVED:] Help needed to count duplicates but derived by a column of values
  246. [SLEEPER:] A macro to show and hide specific rows in specific worksheets
  247. Finding duplicates in 6 columns by excel VBA
  248. [SOLVED:] Vlookup in Different Workbook - Sheet Looping
  249. Delete Button on UserForm won't Cooperate (Run-time error ‘1004’, Range Class Failed)
  250. Can Not Seem to Get If and ElesIf Statement to Work Correctly