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  1. Can Not Seem to Get If and ElesIf Statement to Work Correctly
  2. sampling -VBA code
  3. need help to edit code use values instead of coords
  4. InvalidateControl in Excel not working... not sure what I'm doing wrong
  5. Absolute Cell Reference Using Match
  6. Secondary & primary axes scaling !
  7. Change Header Name on Worksheet Table from a ListBox
  8. VBE Programming buttons in Excel
  9. Automating My Excel Project
  10. Allocation with VBA until limit value is reached
  11. Need Help with the Following Macro--Copy & Paste
  12. Iteration Until Conditions Are Met - Need VBA Code
  14. [SOLVED:] Resize Code Window
  15. Show Hide ranges with button selection
  16. [SOLVED:] VBA to copy data from source to destination with unique column match
  17. Deleting rows in the middle of a table
  18. accessing data from intranet and copy pasting it into the appropriate cell
  19. [SOLVED:] Macro for numbering several levels
  20. Circularity Breaker
  21. API call, send XML
  22. [SOLVED:] Stripping certain data from left side of a string
  23. [SOLVED:] Using active cell move entire row from one table to another
  24. [SOLVED:] VBA Excel Match Sets of items in a range
  25. [SOLVED:] How to mark a post as solved
  26. [SOLVED:] Formula to find single date from multiple dates
  27. [SOLVED:] Input box Data entered need code to state you’ve entered Wrong data try again
  28. [SOLVED:] Python dictionary in VBA
  29. VBA code working on one file, giving error on another
  30. [SOLVED:] How to count unique values in a dynamic range
  31. [SOLVED:] Delete all conditional formatting and coloring conditional on specific rows
  32. [SLEEPER:] Split Workwook and save
  33. [SOLVED:] Dropdown List Copy/Paste to Excel Table on Different Worksheet But in Wrong Column
  34. [SOLVED:] remove . from the last of email
  35. From Abbreviation to full form street address Column E
  36. [SOLVED:] Need to delete any row with "Daily Ledger Bal' in the 3rd column
  37. Need VBA help for Multilevel number according to the document path
  38. [SOLVED:] Dynamically locate and copy last number in a column before #N/A error
  39. [SOLVED:] Create a working search box
  40. [SOLVED:] Copy active workbook
  41. [SOLVED:] Highlight domain
  42. Data transfer from online excel to offline excel only specfic columns
  43. [SOLVED:] return TEXT value from MID w integer results
  44. [SOLVED:] Check if Excel cell is not number
  45. Execute a function stored in text format
  46. Excel spreadsheet looks different depending on how I open the file.
  47. Create Hyperlinks based on selection and cell contents
  48. [SOLVED:] How do you get Excel VBA to realize the default properties again
  49. [SOLVED:] VBA code to replace "1" with "7:00/ 15:30"
  50. [SOLVED:] Evaluating Lat Long Equations
  51. Find and replace function (not Sub) with VBA
  52. Sleeper: Recursive folder search
  53. [SOLVED:] Formula to match information from a source sheet
  54. [SOLVED:] VLOOKUP - Multiply by a percentage if appropriate
  55. [SOLVED:] Copy file from source path in cell, to destination path in cell, and create folders
  56. [SOLVED:] condition error
  57. [SOLVED:] 'Run time error 438 Object does not support this property or method
  58. [SLEEPER:] copy rows with checkbox
  59. [SOLVED:] 'Run time error 1004 method 'range' of object'_worksheet' failed
  60. Error #Value!, vba code trinomial model, Option Put American
  61. when the checkbox is checked, something must only happen in that row
  62. [SOLVED:] problem adding 2 values ​​in 2 columns
  63. [SOLVED:] Copilot
  64. [SOLVED:] Find Small in and Array
  65. Drag & drop a file to automatically copy it to a destination folder
  66. make a table bigger at the touch of a button
  67. [SOLVED:] Finding wildcards in indexing and aggregate functions.
  68. transferring a spreadsheet but specifically which sheet
  69. [SOLVED:] Vertical progress bar with label and changing height - only "grows" downward
  70. [SOLVED:] Insert names found according row .
  71. [SOLVED:] How to connect to SQL server over the internet?
  72. how do i output an ascii text from excel and maintain proper dimensions
  73. [SOLVED:] Interpolation in excel
  74. Is chatGPT the way to go with Excel
  75. Array as variable
  76. [SOLVED:] Working with Read-Only Export - Save-As
  77. [SOLVED:] All userform controls are "not" working
  78. [SOLVED:] If Cell Contains Any Words Found in the Adjacent Cell
  79. [SOLVED:] Reading items
  80. Sleeper: Macro to select next result that an xlookup would return
  81. Create my own permanent Quick Access Data Form on a UserForm in VBA?
  82. [SOLVED:] columns to columns and rows
  83. Formula in VBA
  84. Sleeper: AdvancedFilter - Removing page
  85. Sleeper: AdvancedFilter - limited columns
  86. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to Send Email Using Excel
  87. Sleeper: 'New Outlook' Broken my VBA
  88. [SOLVED:] Trying to reference data from a column of cells in a message box
  89. Sleeper: Draw proper Bezier curves to contruct flow shapes for Sankey chart
  90. Sleeper: If and Statement based on one cell and
  91. [SOLVED:] Concatenate first 3 letters of first word, and first 3 letters of second word
  92. [SOLVED:] Switching 3 colors on Form
  93. VBA formula that creates new workbook from 1 sheet after 1 cell is updated and refres
  94. Sleeper: Ribbon Menu
  95. Sleeper: Reading serial port rs232 vba
  96. [SOLVED:] Filter function (not VBA)
  97. Sleeper: VBA Help on Excel to Web portal
  98. [SOLVED:] Standard Deviation of an array
  99. Sleeper: Payroll File--Need Help with Formula
  100. Convert Excel formula to VBA code
  101. Sleeper: Pull different numbers from independent lists efficiently
  102. [SOLVED:] Counting DataValidation Attempts
  103. Move data from Template A to template B
  104. [SOLVED:] Copy Macro based on ActiveCell.Offset(r,c)
  105. [SOLVED:] Appointments Failing to Line up correctly when more than one Appt scheduled in a day
  106. Can't position dialog
  107. [SLEEPER:] Please make my code for an active workbook
  108. Removing folder and subfolder from hyperlink path
  109. Feedback for Dashboards
  110. [SOLVED:] VBA code not work if I change the file name
  111. [SOLVED:] Error handling
  112. [SOLVED:] PowerQuery Steps to Move Data
  113. Find duplicates in combobox - get index and remove from other comboboxes.
  114. [SOLVED:] VBA Highlight consequent cells based on value from another cell with criteria
  115. [SOLVED:] Should I need a terminate initialisation subset as well?
  116. [SOLVED:] Run-time error 1004 when trying to open a VBA form
  117. [SOLVED:] Transposing data
  118. [SOLVED:] Use an Input box to select a range
  119. Automatic form creation from construction activities list
  120. Change lines in a macro with the same idea but different reordering
  121. [SOLVED:] VBA Macro. I Think I'm Close But Something Is Not Right
  122. [SOLVED:] Power Query to transpose a dataset
  123. [SOLVED:] Copy and paste vba - Full numbers come out -1
  124. [SOLVED:] Dependant cells
  125. [SOLVED:] Press button to assign the reason provided and count
  126. [SOLVED:] Excel not handling large number correctly
  127. Automatic sensitivity assignment in Excel VBA - Blocks automatic processes in VBA
  128. Switching Between Two Already Open Apps
  129. Changing excel version with macros
  130. Hide the Macro form Dialog Box
  131. Oddly slow running code, under very specific circumstances
  132. Sleeper: Need some help with arrays and loops
  133. Moving file to folder with first couple matching characters
  134. [SOLVED:] Custom Function Wtih Range in Another Sheet
  135. [SOLVED:] Counts min and max quantity of equals 'strings' based on a filter column
  136. Sleeper: Excel's Formula by Example
  137. [SOLVED:] Select row apart from a merged area
  138. Simplification of Repetative Actions on 2 sets of Different Ranges
  139. Table format to rows Macro
  140. Convert Index Match to a regular excel reference
  141. [SOLVED:] how to enable macro button for every sheet
  142. Sleeper: VBA code to un-merge cells from a Database
  143. [SOLVED:] Macro Codes for auto fit columns and rows
  144. Sleeper: Loop for copying and pasting tables
  145. Sleeper: VBA Change Line colors
  146. [SOLVED:] VBA sub - result in run-time error 9, but code looks good
  147. Adding worksheets to a Listbox
  148. [SOLVED:] Join Lines
  149. Sleeper: Change Cell's named reference via VBA
  150. How to.. Macros only running one active worksheet
  151. [SOLVED:] Existing macro to password protect sheets has stopped working
  152. [SOLVED:] Pivot table showing how a Batsman was given out
  153. [SOLVED:] Update Excel table from a one column range on a different sheet
  154. How to create a module to find missing brands and models (look through table 1, compa
  155. Sleeper: Method to show exponential growth in population
  156. circular flow diagram
  157. [SOLVED:] Incrementing value in a cell depending on clicking of a macro button
  158. [SOLVED:] Incrementing a list on clicking a macro button
  159. [SOLVED:] Help with Convert a formula
  160. [SOLVED:] VBA Hyperlink not working
  161. Command Button
  162. [SOLVED:] Summing dynamic Excel column and count
  163. [SOLVED:] Close Specific Workbooks Without Saving
  164. [SOLVED:] Saving index to a variable prior to closing the file
  165. [SOLVED:] Why does this work? Replacing IF with Text
  166. Hide unhide sheets with navigation buttons
  167. [SOLVED:] How to search text in pdf files in one folder
  168. VBA module to Macro short cut and sharing to multiple users
  169. [SOLVED:] Inserting Date Last Modified in lots of excel files without opening
  170. [SOLVED:] Macro to import historical data using web query
  171. Need help with VBA
  172. Sleeper: VBA to continuously click email hyperlink
  173. [SOLVED:] Subtracting Single and Formular values
  174. Split file with multiple sheets into new workbooks based on column value
  175. Could not find installable isam when connecting Excel 2016 to SharePoint 1016 lists
  176. Cannot find the Chrome binary
  177. VBA and Highlight function has stopped the Undo Funciton
  178. [SOLVED:] Open file with vba based on file name
  180. userform close when i close another excel file
  181. [SOLVED:] Help needed to find matching string from the collection.
  182. [SOLVED:] Create Named Ranges from worksheet list
  183. ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs not working with folder
  184. How to save multiple output excel in single folder in the given format
  185. Creating a macro to highlight cells in one sheet using info provided in another sheet
  186. [SOLVED:] VBA code not working
  187. Sleeper: Reset CommandButton Caption after creating PDF
  188. how to merge two VBA codes in one?
  189. VBA copies random rows to new sheet
  190. [SOLVED:] Why doesn't the macro I created work on all of my sheets.
  191. Sum of arrays
  192. Sleeper: Inserting a Row under a Specified Value
  193. [SOLVED:] Compare each Value from a Row with Values in a Range
  194. Export bespoke PDF macro
  195. Need help with the following code--To Save and Close
  196. Next Help to fix VBA please?
  197. Use Excel VBA to extract fund size data
  198. need help in looping
  199. [SOLVED:] Auto commentary function
  200. Modules and forms autoupdate
  201. Generating and populating a table based on list of values in another workbook.
  202. [SOLVED:] VBA Combination/Posibility problem with and "not equal/OR"
  203. [SOLVED:] Non-VBA question for Conditional Formatting
  204. [SLEEPER:] Row protection based on specific cell
  205. VBAcode to switch(show and hide) between 4 sum value fields on a data mod pivot table
  206. Why cannot print PDF
  207. [SOLVED:] VBA help - New row in excel with predefined data
  208. Workaround to Create a Checkbox in a table with cells(A:A)
  209. [SOLVED:] IF statment nested within VBA Code
  210. Excel Not Changing Serial Date to Formatted Date
  211. Command button to download all attachments recieved today from a specific sender.
  212. [SOLVED:] Problem with Query Filters on Excel
  213. [SOLVED:] Need help: debug/fix VBA code to create new worksheets from template and names list
  214. Excel VB Macro Help
  215. Create new column in excel when email received.
  216. Run time error 91 object variables not set
  217. Syntax issue
  218. [SOLVED:] Clearing clipboard performance
  219. [SOLVED:] VBA display pictures in a table
  220. [SOLVED:] Stuck on sorting array
  221. Looping through textboxes to copy files and send emails.
  222. [SOLVED:] dynamically call sub via string
  223. VBA User form error when saving data to a table
  224. Moving rows when cell value is changed
  225. [SOLVED:] Split Text File Into Multiple Text Files keeping the header row
  226. [SOLVED:] VBA - Search explorer for keyword and return file path
  227. [SLEEPER:] Copy data including coloured cells automatically to another sheet
  229. Unprotect sheet for certain users upon start up
  230. Extracting Financial Data From PDF
  231. Pull information from selected row via listbox
  232. Pulling data from another workbook and worksheet
  233. Scan and copy in same worksheet
  234. [SOLVED:] Transfer columns from comparable workbook if cell value exists
  235. [SOLVED:] Pivot table filter based on value using VBA code
  236. Macro to apply MP3 tags changes with VBA
  237. [SOLVED:] List the 2nd Tuesday of the month for the next 12 months - Calculation Error
  238. VBA dictionary concept problem
  239. Optimization of newton-raphson iterative solution with excel solver vba
  240. [SOLVED:] Return Subtotal for Table Columns
  241. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to Copy UserForm Textbox data to specific Excel sheet/cells
  242. [SOLVED:] Failed to run codes from txt file
  243. Perform basic operations basen on a cell
  244. [SOLVED:] Help with a Macro to insert a column of a fairly complicated Date/Time function
  245. [SOLVED:] VBA - Remove Duplicate rows from an entire worksheet
  246. Vba to copy range from Sheet to another and define a name
  247. help with detrended fluctuatin analysis
  248. [SOLVED:] VBA Code to call another VBA function when certain cells match a given criteria
  249. Prepare Profit and Loss Statement
  250. Converting 32-bit to 64-bit VBA code