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  1. Solved: Automated Slide Project
  2. Solved: Automate Chart Series
  3. Advice: Automating Chart and Range to PPT (from XL)
  4. Command Button Not Printing
  5. Zooming in on Powerpoint Image
  6. Solved: How To Auto Run PPT Macro
  7. Solved: Where to store custom toolbar?
  8. Solved: Setup Audio File to Play During Entire Show
  9. Automate chart series colors in PPT
  10. Solved: Numbering Slides
  11. Solved: Open With No Active Presentation
  12. Can't view ranges or graphs pasted from Excel
  13. Solved: GoTo Function
  14. Macro to Format Object
  15. Solved: Circular Presentation - Novice PP user
  16. Perhaps a style sheets question?
  17. PowerPoint & VBA = Free Fishing Trip!
  18. Solved: Help Merging Mutliple Files
  19. active X 2002 VS 2000
  20. Solved: Disable Slide Transistions
  21. Navigating to another presentation/slide and return
  22. Solved: Save as dialog box
  23. Default file save location in Powerpernt VBA
  24. [SOLVED:] Print all slides in a PPT
  25. Solved: Setting VBA Project Password
  26. Solved: BeforeSave
  27. Solved: Two Slide Masters?
  28. Is PowerPoint still a single instance app?
  29. Solved: Charts in Master Slide
  30. Dim After effect
  31. Printing PowerPoint Notes without Slides
  32. Not sure if this is a Power Point question or not..
  33. Windows media player in powerpoint
  34. Solved: Disable focus Textbox.
  35. video In PP ???
  36. Solved: Bring to front VBA
  37. Slide NotesPage in html
  38. Sounds
  39. Copy and paste row values in a table.
  40. SchemeColor problem in Power Point 2003
  41. Solved: ByRef argument type mismatch error!!!
  42. very trivial one - if else condition
  43. MS graph and Color palatte problem(executing VBA Code)
  44. Solved: VBA Compiler Problems
  45. New Newbie needs help!
  46. Solved: Fade a picture until it is gone
  47. [SOLVED:] Formatting dynamically added Textboxes
  48. Run an embedded file
  49. Flash In Powerpoint Problem
  50. Solved: Excel Used Range To Powerpoint
  51. Simple Explanation for Cropping
  52. Copy each excel worksheets and paste in each indivual slides
  53. Solved: powerpoint tutorial on intranet - Get pop-up box 'This document has been modified'
  54. VBA to advance PowerPoint Slide to Next slide
  55. Unreliable Macro Performance
  56. To automate the values for major and minor unit for a chart using VBA
  57. Problem while excuting the macro.
  58. Assign Minimum and maximum values for a MSChart
  59. Navigation Using FindBySlideID Method
  60. Setting RGB color in MSGraph object.
  61. Disable Update Link Prompts
  62. Solved: "Traffic Light" Status Report
  63. Powerpoint to Word
  64. Solved: Powerpoint quiz with multiple users
  65. Solved: Add textbox to powerpoint and change font color
  66. Creat a button that launches outlook and pastes in contents of answer slide
  67. Solved: Browse to Select Save Directory
  68. Problem with the text!!!!!!!!HELP!!!!!
  69. Using VBA in a powerpoint quiz
  70. Solved: Remove macros from a file
  71. PowerPoint Handouts Print to PDF
  72. VBA: Displaying the Template Gallery
  73. Copy Data fRange rom Excel and Paste to PowerPoint Table
  74. Free PPT template download
  75. Msgbox and Functions
  76. Scrollbars in Powerpoint to Manipulate Embedded Excel SS
  77. Sizing of form windows
  78. Insert Slides from other presentation
  79. Solved: Pulling file name from dialog
  80. Solved: Counting slides from file path
  81. Window Crashing.Looking for cause
  82. Deleting VBA Code Locks PowerPoint
  83. PowerPoint plug-in
  84. Tutorial for convert PPT to flash
  85. Fine tune Excel to Powerpoint Code
  86. Change page/background size on Notes Master
  87. Embedded objects in PPT Office 2007
  88. Shapes in ppa
  89. Solved: individual Contextmenu in Powerpoint?
  90. Solved: Simple table question (I think)
  91. Solved: Removing a table's Outline border
  92. Solved: screen updating with macros
  93. Solved: Passing values from Userform
  94. Solved: Table Margins
  95. Solved: Next slide after animation
  96. Solved: Custom Userform
  97. Solved: Excel to Powerpoint - Variation on a Theme
  98. Solved: moving a shape?
  99. Solved: Locals Window
  100. Solved: retrieving bounding box info of selection
  101. Solved: Passing Userform data accessed from Database
  102. Solved: simulating CorelDraw or Photoshop functionality
  103. animation control by code
  104. open powerpoint slide
  105. Solved: PowerPoint Drawing Guides
  106. Copy Slide
  107. Automating Footer - Frustrating the heck out of me
  108. Solved: Object Required Error
  109. Command Buttons
  110. Solved: Quick question about add-ins
  111. Solved: toggle an object on/off?
  112. Slide Show pictures mixing up! Please help!!
  113. PowerPoint for E-learning
  114. Can I do this in a macro?
  115. Protecting Elements in PowerPoint
  116. Right Click Events in PPT
  117. Print Options in Powerpoint - is this possible?
  118. Macro - turn object different colour
  119. Solved: Size picture for each slide
  120. Read-only password
  121. Solved: Would an array make my code faster?
  122. Solved: Add-in with custom menu
  123. Solved: Add-in question
  124. Adding slides with linked data
  125. Solved: Hyperlink TEXT not TextFrame, PPT help!!
  126. BeforeSave events ?
  127. Solved: Autoplace shapes around the center
  128. How do I position a floating toolbar?
  129. Solved: Getting current Screen Resolution
  130. Solved: "Drawing" a line during presentation
  131. How to find whether PowerPoint has finished printing?
  132. Help: opening a password protected presentation
  133. ~ Presentation Help ~
  134. How do i get a handle on currently selected textbox?
  135. template with movement
  136. Solved: Problems with Input/message boxes
  137. Open Excel and select specific cells to populate text boxes
  138. Solved: Display response as answer
  139. Move shape whilst animating
  140. selecting slide in slideshow
  141. Onkey analogue
  142. Solved: Adding shapes to current selection
  143. Export data to file
  144. Eyedropper for PowerPoint
  145. Please help with PowerPoint 2007 linked object problem....
  146. get text from TextFrame of slide
  147. Solved: Trigger Existing Custom Animation By Code
  148. Flash in PowerPoint
  149. Solved: Add a "shape" during during slide show
  150. running macro with "hotkey"
  151. Powerpoint VBA Project Protection Issue
  152. Solved: Trigger background color change on shape?
  153. Solved: Powerpoint VBA Code for 'Is Shape Displayed?'
  154. Changing text in an existing textbox
  155. How do i do something to CURRENT row in a table?
  156. Solved: Macro Recorder doesn't do Animations?
  157. Solved: Need to hide/unhide images with checkbox
  158. find and replaceall macro for powerpoint
  159. Solved: Remember last saved toolbar position
  160. [SLEEPER:] How can I use the contents of a variable in several separate subroutines?
  161. Solved: Call SaveAs Dialog for PPT from Excel
  162. Solved: Need input on design layout
  163. How to close powerpoint from a OnPresentationOpen event.
  164. Display total # of pages for handouts
  165. Solved: Selected cels in Excel to Power Point
  166. Object names
  167. Running Two PowerPoints at Once
  168. How to insert a thumbnail
  169. Solved: Timing Objects to turn visible = true/false
  170. Solved: Making New Slide Layout Formats?
  171. Start PP Slide Show after inactivity in Excel
  172. Setting focus back to the Powerpoint Application
  173. [SOLVED:] Lets try it again
  174. Solved: Lorem Ipsum generator
  175. Copying to an Excel Chart Object
  176. Cam
  177. Can't paste in an Excel object?
  178. Link form controls in PowerPoint to Excel?
  179. Random SlideShow Powerpoint
  180. Random Question
  181. Slideshow from array containing SlideID
  182. VBA Code to Exit Active Powerpoint Presentation And Launch Another Powerpoint File
  183. [SOLVED:] Code to switch between to open presentations
  184. [SOLVED:] VBA format indent level in text
  185. Powerpoint and Tables
  186. Using a macro to manipulate/format a linked object (eg. a graphed table)
  187. [SOLVED:] A clock in a presentation
  188. Solved: change text in a textbox with a button
  189. Blinking shape
  190. Building a Ticker
  191. editing datasheets and saving
  192. macro to sort slides based on shape value
  193. Check if shape is in specific location in slide
  194. Solved: Text color in a text box not sticking
  195. [SOLVED:] Autofit Text to Placeholder
  196. Copy position of elements to other elements
  197. [SOLVED:] Disable the Enter key event?
  198. [SOLVED:] Controledit bug?
  199. Code working when stepping through but not completely when assigned to rollover
  200. Solved: Anyone have a "What Am I" macro?
  201. Command to open a user Form
  202. PPT 2003 - Problem saving guidelines in template
  203. Simple Macro to import slides from a file
  204. Question on importing 1 slide from all files within a directory
  205. Solved: Open excel, access, and power point
  206. Update Label Control On Slide Load
  207. Create custon toolbar with inbuilt commands in PPT 07
  208. Solved: Tags or Names
  209. Actions - Run Program (Path Problem)
  210. Animate Text ? Seconds delay between letters
  211. Solved: Custom Menus not visible???
  212. Save an unlinked version?
  213. go to next slide automatically
  214. [SOLVED:] Navigating when in "Show" Mode
  215. [SOLVED:] PowerPoint Scrolling Ticker
  216. [SOLVED:] Password to next slide or custom show
  217. User name
  218. [SOLVED:] Freeform poly and nodes
  219. Playing music across muliple slides
  220. [SOLVED:] Open a Word doc from ppt and update the doc...
  221. Table of content not fully working?!??!
  222. create and hide an excel sheet from ppt
  223. To clear TextBox in several Slides
  224. To clear TextBoxes in several Slides
  225. Solved: Macro / VBA to Compress Picture
  226. [SOLVED:] delete specific objects in slide show
  227. [SOLVED:] PPT & Embedded media file location issue
  228. [SOLVED:] power point error adding shapes
  229. Macros won't run in Action Settings On Mouse Click Mode
  230. Help: how to set transparency in chart color
  231. Powerpoint in Excel Userform
  232. Anyone with PowerPoint 2003: HELP!!!
  233. [SOLVED:] System/Computer Date display in ppt. slide
  234. To Click or Ctrl + Click?
  235. Solved: Can we use the Color window in code?
  236. Powerpoint 2000 dlgSaveAs Problems
  237. [SOLVED:] Need Help Fixing VBA Code for Comboboxes
  238. Bullets in oleformat textbox(inserted through control toolbox)
  239. Display image help
  240. VBA To Create Slides
  241. [SOLVED:] backwards compatable
  242. Need to countdown to a specific date?
  243. save slide as a jpeg of certain size
  244. Making graphic equal a variable
  245. how to set zorder of a oleformat object?
  246. repeat animation sequence on single slide
  247. Textbox control query
  248. Solved: demonstration
  249. How do I add a shape object to a Powerpoint macro that resizes itself?
  250. [SOLVED:] Eval functionality needed