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  1. [SOLVED:] How to target just .XLS extension and not implicitly .XLSX ?
  2. HELP Please VBA Hard Drive information
  3. [SOLVED:] Attaching embedded ppt object to the outlook mail using VBA
  4. Scraping data from a website
  5. Access DB to check Word File Setting
  6. PDF Save as .xlsx
  7. Copy data from website source code to spreadsheet
  8. [SOLVED:] process advice on sending worksheet as an email
  9. [SOLVED:] Advice on how to automate process
  10. Copy a paste multiple charts from excel to powerpoint
  11. Transfer Outlook Email to Excel and its Attachment to Drive C
  12. VBA Word/Excel - Populate ListBox with data from Excel Workbook (multiple sheets)
  13. Outlook Email to Excel and Download Attachment
  14. Selecting HTML tabstrip from excel VBA
  15. [SOLVED:] Send email notifications code
  16. VBA To Attached Signature To Email - Not Working
  17. Auto number rows
  18. Excel to Word - Formatted with Titles, Heading 1, via ActiveX Check Box
  19. Automatically save Outlook attachment (pptx), convert to PDF and return to sender VBA
  20. Copying data from Excel, Pasting into existing Powerpoint table
  21. Excel Table to Word Table - Please help
  22. Email Embedded Word Doc in Excel Sheet as Email Body
  23. How to save acrobat pdf file via AcroExch.PDDoc.Save
  24. [SOLVED:] Looking for Let/Get generating macro
  25. [SOLVED:] Help required to extract data in Word doc to Excel
  26. Excel sheet to outlook - VBA
  27. VBA web scraping help
  28. [SOLVED:] VBA to email multiple .Pdf from specified folders.
  29. Excel List to Outlook Email Search
  30. [SOLVED:] Open DB From Excel VBA Works for one db but not another
  31. Outlook Mails to be generated from Excel..
  32. How to automate request information into excel spreadsheet- no idea where to start
  33. [SOLVED:] Creating MS Word letter each time I'm adding new row in Excel.
  34. [SOLVED:] Copy Paragraph Headings and Text in MS word to Excel using Excel VBA
  35. Open outlook calendar via VBA excel code
  36. [SOLVED:] Sending Data from Word Into Excel
  37. [SOLVED:] Merge PDF
  38. sending email from excel through outlook
  39. can i color specific line in email send by excel
  40. [SOLVED:] Import into Excel from Word file with multiple repeated Content Control tables
  41. [SOLVED:] Columns auto fit on outlook mail body
  42. [SOLVED:] How to adjust line spacing of a table pasted into Word from Excel
  43. Get Data from SQLServer to a TextBox
  44. Send service reminder mail based an hour reading
  45. Export Word Legacy Form Data to Excel Worksheet w/ Submit Button
  46. VBA to download multiple files from https website & place into folders. Possible?
  47. [SOLVED:] Copy pasting tables as image to word document
  48. Updating a DB Record with Word Macro
  49. VBA code when click on PowerPoint last slide then open Word document
  50. Send multiple emails using one command button
  51. Issue VBA Copying/Displaying Table in Email Body
  52. Different slides to different emails
  53. using excel to email using outlook, need help on sending from account(s) portion
  54. Need Help on Macro to Copy Shape and Paste into PowerPoint
  55. OLE Excel Object in PowerPoint - Works only once
  56. Access 2016 Send email with multiple attachements and auto subject!
  57. Sending Email in Excel VBA.
  58. Delaying delivery mail through Groupwise
  59. VBA - Categorize Email on Outlook Shared Mailbox
  60. Force Word to recognize/see that Excel is open?
  61. Control speed of Windows Media Player from Excel
  62. [SOLVED:] Excel UserForm Data to Word Bookmark - Not working on network
  63. email excel update using VBA
  64. Creating multiple sheets for every row data/ Excel solution to Word's mailing list?
  65. Tasks from Excel sheet in Outlook VBA
  66. [SOLVED:] VBA - copy sheet from Excel to Word
  67. [SOLVED:] How to find exact match in a word macro
  68. Create PowerPoint slides from many Excel rows
  70. [SOLVED:] Transfer results from Excel to Word
  72. Looping through x-amount of orders - Adding data to an email for each order
  73. VBA serial COM port logging
  74. VBA to copy from Excel as image and paste in Word
  75. [SOLVED:] Create backup of folder with date
  76. VBA for adding multiple content fields into Subject Header
  77. [SOLVED:] Transfer Word specific form data to Excel worksheet
  78. [SOLVED:] Creating Word docs from Excel list
  79. [SOLVED:] Batch Find and Replace Text in Multiple Outlook Emails
  80. Create Weather Report Dashboard and Send Email
  81. Need to help to read a XML file
  82. Common Programming Pattern References
  83. Filling field in Internet Explorer from excel
  84. Find different expressions in same text (wildcard)
  85. Word VBA SharePoint API to Populate Combobox
  86. Need help setting up VBA code to send player report to multiple emails
  87. Excel to Powerpoint Text Size
  88. [SOLVED:] Send Outlook Mail based on value changes in cell
  89. Run Time Error 80004005
  90. VBA Excel - Send emails to various recipients with various types of messages
  91. "The remote server machine does not exist" and insert caption
  92. Outlook - VBA Get Working Directory
  93. [SOLVED:] Read from Excel file without opening Excel window
  95. Text to Word document in headers
  96. Transferring Word Table Cell Contents to Outlook Body
  97. Export excel cells to word with and defining heading1,2 and fontbolt and normal
  98. VBA copy pasting crosstab - wrong letters
  99. Hide Title Bar of Internet Explorer from excel VBA
  100. VBA MACRO get element as ID not working-Data Scrapping
  102. Getting data elements by Class VBA data scrapping
  103. How to use excel code in powerpoint
  104. Outlook Body Text - Content out of order
  105. Extract subject with specific keyword, sender, date/time, export to Excel
  106. Web Scraping - Extract specific information from an html page - VBA/EXCEL
  107. [SOLVED:] Import Words and Phrases from MS Word to Excel
  108. Excel VBA opening SAP from Chrome
  109. [SOLVED:] Capture content controls to Excel, handle various control types
  110. Email individual worksheets as attachment
  111. Attaching newly created PDF files in Outlook (from Word)
  112. [SOLVED:] TypeText Cell Into Word Formatting
  113. Adding Range to Mail Body
  114. save outlook attachments from excel macro with specific file name
  115. [SOLVED:] Copy specific text from Word to Excel using VBA
  116. Excel data to create meeting invitation in Outlook...Almost there (I hope)
  117. copy tables from word without repeating header
  118. Excel to Powerpoint
  119. VBA to get PowerPoint to look for links from Excel in same folder
  120. Excel to Outlook when a range is filled
  121. Programmatically importing pictures from a URL
  122. Trying to use cell data from worksheet to post data to API web service.
  123. Auto Export info of sent items Emails with specific subject to an Excel File
  124. Multiple e-mail recipients in strTo=
  125. VBA For Exporting Selectable, Manipulated MS Word Headings To Powerpoint 2019
  126. Pasting a Range into an Excel Cell
  127. Copying data from Excel to pre-existing Word table
  128. [SOLVED:] VBA Excel MailMerge to Word
  129. Extract word text from tables into excel
  130. [SOLVED:] Start Outlook mail from word, body txt variable + fixed text
  131. Excel to PPT Cell Reference
  132. Send individual PDF's with contact list in Excel - Specify "From" in a cell
  133. VBA website scrapping help
  134. [SOLVED:] Excel VBA creating Word Document and Field codes
  135. Emailing from Access to Outlook using Query and Mailto:
  136. Extract table from website
  137. How to split an excel range into multiple tables in word
  138. Transfer Data in Excel to Word have Checkbox Content Control
  139. Auto run Word mail merge to Email
  140. extract data from multiple tables from multiple word docs into Excel
  141. Excel VBA to send emails - but continuing the thread from the last sent item
  142. Send Email With Multiple Tables In Body Dynamic Ranges with if Statements
  143. Access Link Table from excel file located in Sharepoint folder for shared database
  144. Outlook VBA macro to open a webpage hyperlink from selected text
  145. VBA: Open an Embedded Excel worksheet (from Word) to NEW Excel file?
  146. [SOLVED:] Web scraping from printer web interface
  147. Get outlook reminders for multiple people from Excel to Outlook
  148. Problem with Word - Pasting content from multiple table cells into one
  149. Excel Vba to check for web site and screenshot
  150. Longstanding code to check for office apps causing issues.
  151. WORD VBA Open outlook and Send saved PDF Attachment
  152. Import Worksheets Into TextBox
  153. Powerpoint change label background based on Excel Cell value
  154. vba help- copy excel worksheet to word by browsing for excel file
  155. Save document as pdf and attach to new mail
  156. Save email message to SharePoint Doc library
  157. VBA code - input data to website and retrieve result in excel
  158. Capture data from a web workbook that changes the sheet name daily
  159. [SOLVED:] Convert Word to PDF and preview / Error on PDF replacement
  160. [SOLVED:] Paste and keep source formatting
  161. Application Object In Access
  162. Excel text to Word Document, controlling the Page Breaks
  163. Excel to Word. Move Position of Page Break
  164. Get live changes of a number on a webpage
  165. Generate online excelsheet from results in ppt
  166. Login website and get data
  167. click in the login page button (vba)
  168. IE help needed
  169. copy webpage data to excel with given name
  170. [SOLVED:] extracting from multiple word tables to excel sheet
  171. Editing each chart element in PowerPoint VBA using data from Excel file
  172. VBA loop to send emails with attachments also includes all previous iterations
  173. Response time calculator from Outlook to Excel using VBA - issues with shared inbox
  174. Help to Create word Table from Excel Data
  175. How to debug the error?
  176. Format Legend Width and Height in PowerPoint using VBA
  177. VBA printing publisher document
  178. [SOLVED:] export mails to excel report
  179. emailItem.Send Error Message "Outlook doesn't recognize one or more names"
  180. Generating an email from VBA which pulls results from a query
  181. [SOLVED:] Formatted Word text to Excel
  182. Reload this Page Attaching all PDFs in folder to Outlook email using Word VBA
  184. convert and change report format from PDF to Excel
  185. From IE to Excel
  186. VBA IE Scrape data to excel
  187. [SOLVED:] Send text in cell as email to address listed in sheet
  188. [SOLVED:] Simulating Mail Merge from Excel to Word Using Bookmarks
  189. [SOLVED:] Calculate percentages in Excel, select data, and merge into Word?
  190. [SOLVED:] Import MS Word form to Access
  191. How to create alert for streaming data
  192. [SOLVED:] VBA to create folder from Excel and save Word document in that folder
  193. [SOLVED:] Help getting Word content control text to populate specific cells in Excel
  194. [SOLVED:] Extracting PowerPoint Titles Into Excel
  195. [SOLVED:] VBA code to email a single excel worksheet - file name issue
  196. upload file, pdf, jeg, pptx, excel, word at userform interface
  197. [SOLVED:] can I edit in word after export data from excel
  198. how to add hyperlink into the body of an email via VBA?
  199. Need VBA Help From Experts Scraping, Comparing and Sending Email VIA Outlook
  200. [SOLVED:] VBA import certain content control forms from word into excel.
  201. Pull together various pieces of information to prepare email with attachment
  202. [SOLVED:] Set Row Height in Exported (to Excel) table data
  203. Excel VBA to Outlook canlendar set reminder
  204. Export Access Query Results to Excel and open the workbook
  205. userform to choose sheets and send them by email
  206. Automate IE webpage booking
  207. [SOLVED:] command button to send email to recipient not working
  208. [SOLVED:] email body to reference a specific cell in sheet
  209. [SOLVED:] Split word document save as PDF rename as per name on Excel Sheet.
  210. VBA to cycle through pre-defined webpages & click on a link
  211. Import to Excel data from many pages on website
  212. [SOLVED:] Copy Normal.dotm file
  213. Extract data from multiple powerpoint files and paste them to Excel using vba
  214. External Table not in expected format
  215. [SOLVED:] Filename %20 when adding Workbook from SharePoint in Email
  216. Send Excel sheet as email attachment using worksheet data using Windows 2010.
  217. Get the content control object for currently selected text
  218. [SOLVED:] PPT with Excel Linked File with username variable in Path
  219. Manage Excel workbooks from a Powerpoint macro (VBA)
  220. How to change plot area size of a shape pasted from an Excel file to a powerpoint?
  221. [SOLVED:] Formatting of Excel Data copied to Word bookmarks
  222. [SOLVED:] VBA - Copy URL from Excel file and paste into PPT
  223. [SOLVED:] Excel VBA not returning to PPT after opening and running PPT Macro with Dialog Box
  224. Saving a spreadsheet in Teams
  225. Excel: Creating a detailed list of all files in a SharePoint folder
  226. Macro in Outlook to look up data in Closed Excel File
  227. Table in word into outlook Message
  228. Using Excel macro to attach files in Outlook (without using full file name)
  229. Posting Issues to Jira using VBA
  230. Excel to Outlook Run Time Error 287 & Remove Default Signature
  231. [SOLVED:] Save .docx file as .dotx file
  232. cannot execute workbook queries without opening the queries panel interactively
  233. Word to Outlook, utilising a UserForm prior to sending email
  234. Email attachments without user intervention
  235. Need help with Application.FileSearch
  236. How to tell if Outlook window is open in VBA?
  237. VBA Word Merge and Email Help
  238. [SOLVED:] Set Focus on Excel Workbook
  239. [SOLVED:] Range copy issue when transforming excel to word
  240. VBA - sending a meeting invitation to several people
  241. Check Permissions To Add Outlook Appointment
  242. [SOLVED:] VBA Automated extraction of tables from word file and table processing
  243. Export a specific page with tables from word template to excel spreadsheet
  244. Email Template Fires Each Time You Receive a Fresh Email
  245. Excel VBA to extract specific outlook emails
  246. Sending emails to multiple recipients using VBA
  247. Saving Emails from specific sender to folder on hard drive
  248. Including HTML Code in Email Body
  249. Access Sharepoint Object and Library
  250. Need vba code to export rows from excel to msword with image