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  1. Mac, Excel, and VBA
  2. Excel 2004 VBA Bug (Resolved w/SP1)
  3. Limitations on Excel for Mac VBA
  4. Scripting Word via AppleScript vs VBA
  5. anybody have a Split() replacement?
  6. XL file with both Mac & PC users: plugin possible?
  7. Please Help Procedure not working
  8. Excel 2001 - font issues in Excel and VBA
  9. Help! Macro working in Excel 2003 but not working in Mac Excel 2004
  10. Solved: Strange Array Problem
  11. Solved: Sheet Positioning
  12. Solved: Where can I find a script that will copy the activesheet
  13. Solved: name it from data entered In a cell And save it
  14. modifying code using addfromfile method
  15. Solved: Positioning UserForm In VBA :)
  16. Solved: Rename forum
  17. VBE on a mac
  18. copy / Paste and Textbox
  19. Solved: check for Word running
  20. Click cell - move to that address
  21. Solved: msgbox problems
  22. Opening other programs
  23. How do I open a file on a windows server with a macro on a Mac OS X machine?
  24. Thanks firefytr for...
  25. VBA to Hide/Unhide Sheets
  26. Referencing Named Ranges in UserForms
  27. Multiple User Account Problem (maybe)
  28. combo box but no Rowsource property
  29. Pivot Table Grouping
  30. matchentry property doesn't work
  31. Solved: Loading data into a form
  32. Run-Time error -- GetOpenFilename / Open Browse Box
  33. Solved: Tabbing
  34. Sorting
  35. Solved: VBA Splash screen
  36. Solved: FaceID on Excel Worksheet Menu Bar
  37. Solved: Calling macro in another project
  38. Type Libraries and WLLs on the Mac
  39. Solved: How to get the size of an array?
  40. Shortcut toggle between Excel and the VBIDE
  41. List box in cell?
  42. Solved: VBA equivalent for Edit->Clear->All?
  43. Appending arrays
  44. DataObject on the Mac
  45. checkboxes enable and disable and assigning values and retreiving answers
  46. DateDiff Problems with Elapsed Years
  47. "file not found" when using Shell()
  48. FileFind on the Mac
  49. Export Chart as Graphic
  50. Mac menu options
  51. [MAC] How to process all XLS files in a directory?
  52. End of VBA for Mac Office
  53. Solver.xla equivalent for Java platform
  54. GetObject method in Excel 2004 for MacOS
  55. Copy fail in Automation
  56. Object library not recognized
  57. XML parsing in VBA on Mac
  58. RefEdit in Excel2004
  59. Solved: textbox.SelStart Excel 2004 no effect?
  60. How do I get Autofilter to select the next criteria?
  61. intersectwith > 3dface
  62. Button Image
  63. Spell Check Fillable Form Word:mac
  64. Excel VBA crashes
  65. forms on MAC
  66. Problem with Tab Function in UserForms
  67. Excel VBA Help - hide few fields on drop down selection
  68. Help me be able to use a macro on any workbook without creating a new module?
  69. VBA Lookup
  70. Opening/Activating Safari
  71. Inserting image into userform
  72. Userform size varies on pc and mac
  73. File Dialog in Xl 2004 on Mac?
  74. Problems w/SplitVertical in Word 2004
  75. Solved: How do I pass an Array back to Sub from Function?
  76. Solved: copy range with formula unchanged
  77. Sound Files with Mac Excel Solution
  78. Modeless VBA/AppleScript routine - Puzzling
  79. [SOLVED:] Problem using Oorang's worksheet compare on a Mac
  80. Connecting to MQ Series Queue using VBA
  81. Picture file problems on mac
  82. How to sign digital certification by script or code?
  83. VBA in XLA not working as expected....
  84. Drag the Excel userform
  85. Blink
  86. Macro keeps crashing Excel!?!?!
  87. macro code to switch worksheets?
  88. Variant type not match error
  89. Calendar control for Windows and Mac
  90. "Can't assign to Array" Error
  91. GetOpenFilename
  92. VBA in a sheet and not a module
  93. Solved: looking for the correct sheet and fill in the value refer to date
  94. VBA Excel in MAC OS
  95. Control+Break on a Mac?
  96. VBA MAC HELP!!!
  97. Excel 2011 VBA Help system
  98. Delete Sheet2 & Sheet3
  99. VBA compatibility Excel 2010 / 2011
  100. Mac Office 2011 VBA
  101. Pick a Folder Name in Mac 2011 VBA
  102. VBA Unable to Run Excel 2011
  103. Heritage Excel VBA bombs in Excel 2011
  104. Word 2011: AutoNew() doesn't run
  105. Solved: Formula Help
  106. [SOLVED:] ReDo formula Help
  108. Mac VBA help 2011 is on-line
  109. I need to make a program bullet proof
  110. Import data from another workbooks
  111. Solved: Inserting a photo
  112. Using Save As to create a new workbook
  113. Copy text from Word and paste into Excel VBA
  114. Open Page Break Preview and Print Preview, Excel 2011
  115. A date picker userform for Mac.
  116. How to open files one by one in an order??
  117. Copy more than 1024 characters to a cell
  118. Extended Properties for Word 2011 documents
  119. [SLEEPER:] Custom Menu Bars
  120. Control Tip Text
  121. SaveAs Dialog pointing to specified folder
  122. Edit with TextEdit via VBA
  123. Application.Workbooks("try.xls").Close problem
  124. Not sure Excel issue or Batch file issue - Application.Workbooks("Book2.xls").Close
  125. Word 2007
  126. Solved: Excel 2011 - can not update locked textbox programmatically if locked
  127. Solved: Small Modification VBA code help needed!!
  128. Workbook does not work in Excel for Mac
  129. New to MAC - VB Questions
  130. Migration vba excel from win to mac office 2011
  131. Save as to network directory
  132. Syntax for opening file on server...
  133. Solved: Make a new folder error
  134. Add Calendar to User Form on a Mac
  135. time picker
  136. Solved: Save as a Plain Text file on a Mac
  137. macro excel report flickering
  138. ASCII file
  139. .Find function
  140. Getting values from a textbox in a userform
  141. VBA Excel 2011 Data Labels
  142. VBA 2011 Overlapping Datalabels
  143. VBA Excel 2011 Calculate / Clear / Copy
  144. CBJ
  145. Default Mail Add-in for Excel/Outlook 2011 for the Mac
  146. Default Mail Add-in for Excel/Mail 2011 for the Mac
  147. Unable to Click a link in web page using VBA
  148. VBA code to update master file and reflect changes on other workbooks
  149. VBA code for inserting blank row in between the data points
  150. Browse button for Photos to Upload in Userform (MAC)
  151. Open Macro to delete line of code witout running macro
  152. currency change on an estimate
  153. Problem with looping
  154. Looking for Macro or VBA to edit word DOC
  155. Trouble exporting multiple sheets to PDF
  156. Mac Excel Page and Print Setup
  157. Browse for network folder - VBA
  158. [SOLVED:] First to digit remove from text file without open by vba coding
  159. Records Count
  160. call web service excel for mac
  161. Form Export / Import
  162. VBA search for files stored in mac time capsule
  163. Vba code for solving N equations N unknowns
  164. [SOLVED:] Problem solving multiplication of two matrices with entries decimal
  165. VBA Code for Combining Multiple Columns into One Column - Excel for Mac
  166. Pass Macro results to Javascript in Mac
  167. VBA Ok Click() If Statement Procedure Too Long
  168. If statement with CommandButton
  169. I Need A Macro That Moves Entire Row To Sheet2 If Cell=X
  170. Read data (one column) from excel and pass to AS400
  171. Word Macro not run in Mac
  172. How to show 'Save As' dialog box?
  173. Word not found message box
  174. Multiple DSN's for Excel Macro
  175. Macscript
  176. Listing files in a folder with a powerpoint macro
  177. How to Convert selected ThinkCell chart as an image
  178. DIR() and filename lengths
  179. VBA Code to Count & print Dulplicates from One Excel to Other
  180. [SOLVED:] Adding a common value to a column.
  181. Timesheet entry
  182. Adding Daily Expense to Tracking Spreadsheet by pulling data from Trial Balance
  183. Combo box with list box help
  184. DateDiff no longer works with interval parameters
  185. HELP -- Hyperlink Question
  186. Automation Error
  187. RemoveDuplicates
  188. Need help to convert windows excel vba code to run on mac osx
  189. AppleScriptTask command not working in VBA for Excel 2016 for Mac
  190. Pls help with macro to send e-mail from excel workbook
  191. Table in powerpoint disappears when additional codes are added
  192. Out of Stack Space Runtime Error 28 in MAC Excel 2011 VBA
  193. Help with a simple VBA
  194. PPAM doesn't appear on Mac with PPT for Mac 2011
  195. [SOLVED:] Windows to Mac macro error
  196. add new sheet one workbook to another and copy Data
  197. Mapping of cells to other cells on other sheets based on certain condition
  198. How to change size of internal cache in Word/Office using a macro
  199. VBA code to extract strings
  200. Windows APIs & loading pictures into userforms at runtime in Office for Mac
  201. Excel For Mac - Macro to Print Worksheets to Separate PDF File
  202. Create custom mouseover pop up box
  203. LoadPicture for the Mac
  204. VBA Excel - Extract Unique Combinations from two cells
  205. Using AppleScriptTask to run Apple Script but can not close access of a file
  206. Using a macro to find and replace terms in specific column using an array of terms
  207. Excel 2016 Crash when calling Function with some parameters
  208. Lindin extractor
  209. Creating new folders and file names using data from sheets in Excel 2016 Mac
  210. Workbook.close and limit scroll area in Mac excel 2016
  211. Image is not dispalying in mac excel 2016 for xlsm
  212. Copying Same Range in Multiple Workbooks Worksheets to Columns in a Master Workbook
  213. How to Find selected Active cell highlighted with Color and copy the data provided in
  214. How to open a specific word document in Excel VBA
  215. Need to extract data from word to excel
  216. Can't associate a keystroke with my MarkupToggle macro
  217. Loop doesn't work when insert multiple rows from excel to mysql
  218. VBA Word Code - newbie
  219. TextBox Help
  220. Choosing folder for sent mails
  221. Selecting a value from the form control combo box ,doesn't reflects the item selected
  222. Transfer attachment
  223. Macro won't loop through files in folder - opens up first file again and then crashes
  224. Automation error in vba
  225. Mac Excel VBA - copy paste a picture from Excel to Word document
  226. Run-time error "438": Object doesn't support this property or method
  227. Printing $ instead of
  228. Need help with inventory control formula using VBA (First time user of VBA)
  229. Sleeper: ActiveWindow Top and Left bug?
  230. Extract email data of 'To' and 'CC' values from an existing Macro
  231. How to 7zip all folders separately in a same path
  232. Import data from multiple CSV files on a Mac
  233. Creating Macro for dynamic range
  234. Import CSV- error 53 file not found, How do I open a CSV ?
  235. new doc from template from excel
  236. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") alternative for Mac?
  237. VBA - create email with body based on cell range and open it in New Apple Mail
  238. Mac excel macro pdf export
  239. problem getting internet values
  240. 2 Vba Routines - stop working
  241. Mac Excel VBA - Printing Problems
  242. Extract Certain Text from Word into Excel Using VBA
  243. Excel "License information for this component not found" error when accessing Word
  244. Retaining data in cell when dependent cells change value
  245. Macro-Enabled Template with Word 2016 on a Mac
  246. Macro for deleting slides in Powerpoint from number 60 to 246
  247. Word 2016 Mac DocumentBeforeClose Event
  248. Error message Type mismatch
  249. Macro for random numbers from range when conditions are met
  250. Hiding Emails and sorting groups from Google Forms Survery