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  1. VBA-SqlServer: stored procedures, jobs
  2. Cracking the ice
  3. A question for Squealers?
  4. Going beyond SELECT *
  5. Anyone care to explore
  6. SQL via Logparser
  7. Big Kahuna: SQL Server, XML, Logparser
  8. Solved: Something Else worth discussing
  9. 2 more for the Road
  10. Joins
  12. SQL Server 2005 - Using Regular Expressions
  13. A Few Resources
  14. SQLServer Nvarchar unicode test [for Tommy et al]
  15. Solved: vb-ado-access mdb
  16. [SLEEPER:] SQLServer XML Query
  17. Nice-Neat XSD file generation
  18. Nice....
  19. Query Browser
  20. Export Excel Workbook to SQL Database
  21. SQL Syntax Question - LIKE Operator
  22. ...and back to XSD
  23. Sleeper: Decode function
  24. Not sure I'll get an answer
  25. Solved: Conditional ORDER BY in MS SQL
  26. Solved: Using SQL to translate Nulls into Empty Strings
  27. Solved: Is it possible to "ORDER BY IN" ?
  28. Update Query
  29. Solved: Help with JOIN statement (SQL Server)
  30. wData
  31. Query Status in Excel
  32. Record Macro won't complete query lenth
  33. What's with the "@" symbol?
  34. Solved: difference between types of databases
  35. Syntax Variations
  36. Sending data to Access via VB
  37. [SOLVED:] SQL Server, SELECT DISTINCT [joined tables]
  38. Execute Insert Query and get the key
  39. max at the same time of 3 fields
  40. coding for custom function
  41. Excel and MYSQL
  42. Solved: Complicated SQL for a VB user
  43. Solved: Access-SQL Server Update Query
  44. SELECT INTO via OpenRowset
  45. SQL Server: ADO Select Between 2 DB's
  46. Gosh!
  47. Sums change when I add Inner Joins
  48. Efficient: HasRecords?
  49. Access/SQL Sever - to link or not to link
  50. Closest date in a set of tables
  51. [SOLVED:] Excel connection to SQL Server
  52. Solved: String Length
  53. Solved: SQL Convert() datetime issue
  54. Jet 4.0 ISAM "INSERT INTO....."
  55. Is a SubQuery Possible
  56. Solved: Recordest Filter
  57. Recordest Filter(2)
  58. Unique retrieval from timestamp
  59. Solved: Upadating from one table to another
  60. [SOLVED:] Create Table (SQL) in VBA using an Array and String Variable
  61. Excel to Access
  62. Banner
  63. Write into SQL
  64. This is how to write into SQL db table using excel VBA
  65. How to run query, sum the columns, transfer to a table?
  66. SQL help - date ranges
  67. Solved: Implementing DBCC calls from ADO
  68. SQL Server Reindex Via ADO: Redux
  69. Solved: SubSelect on Same Table
  70. Solved: sql qurey to arrange by months
  71. INNER JOIN problem
  72. Multiple SQL Statments in Excel
  73. Solved: 8 decimal date field?
  74. Select nearest date
  75. export data from Excel to Oracle using ADO
  76. SQL Server - Multiple Left Join
  77. Solved: date format in vcarchar
  78. Hexadecimal Represented As Varchar
  79. Solved: Online SQL Database - access via VBA from Access 2007
  80. [SLEEPER:] Counting String Null Values
  81. How to connect to SQL Server from VBA use ADO
  82. Connection string for Access Database (LogParser)
  83. Copy records with new date in the same table
  84. Date Groupings
  85. Date part
  86. Auto Item Send Error
  87. Update Statements
  88. CrossTab Query
  89. Problem with Update Statement
  90. vba sql datetime format
  91. Solved: Simplify SQL
  92. Vba Code to insert data from access table to mysql table
  93. Solved: Report From query issue (access SQL)
  94. SQL Enterprise Manager (View) IIF Then
  95. Error 3001 when calling stored proc
  96. Excel api and databases
  97. Wildcard in SQL
  98. LogParser SQL - basics
  99. LogParser SQL - basics++
  100. Newbie - Excel data from MySql on server
  101. Solved: SP_HELP
  102. How to call a Stored Procedure in Word
  103. Stored Proc question
  104. Solved: Stored Procedure not executing from scheduled task?
  105. Inner Join 2 Excel Sheets with ADO?
  106. Logparser SQL and HTTP/SOAP: redux
  107. Solved: Testing current date...
  108. Pivot Tables question
  109. SQL query to retrieve only rows from 60000 to last row
  110. Fun with SQL Policy Manager Exported Results (XML)
  111. Solved: SQL Server 2005 Connection Problem
  112. Concurrent Installs of MS SQL Server 2005 And MS Sql Server 2008 Express
  113. SQL Compare Databases
  114. veiw sql query for the output.
  115. Solved: D*MN Column Headers!!!!
  116. Data import from closed workbook omits cells
  117. Retrieve SQL Server data from remote server
  118. Excel to SQL
  119. SQL Relationship
  120. Solved: Convert Varchar to Date format
  121. [SOLVED:] Connecting to Commercial Software
  122. Friendly inquiry
  123. Solved: SQL Server Express - Free Download
  124. [SOLVED:] Installing SQL Server on a Server
  125. ODBC in SQL error
  126. Field Name unknown in SQL with VBA excel
  127. How to learn VBA excel with use ODBC connection SQL query
  128. QueryTable.ResultRange includes header row
  129. Querying dates fails
  130. Solved: Using SQL to build a drop-down list
  131. VBA Check Box
  132. How can i link my website to the result generated from excel (VBA) ? I have no idea !
  133. Solved: List grid solution for a user form
  134. Solved: SQL Syntax for querying two tables with specific columns
  135. SQL and Word Connection - finding data to put into word
  136. SQL Server 2008 book recommendation
  137. Odd 'Where' statements
  138. Can't create table from script
  139. SQL Query in Excel VBA - Runtime Error 1004
  140. Solved: Populate a comboxbox and Listbox in a excel userform with an sql table data
  141. Solved: Alter table script
  142. Solved: Extract data from SQL Server table into excel
  143. Solved: New SQL user
  144. SQl server 2000
  145. access 2007 update query using CASE
  146. select multiple foxpro databases for query
  147. Use a stored procedure in Access 2007 ..
  148. Solved: Help required in SQL Statement.
  149. SQL help, ms access
  150. Solved: Specific Order?
  151. Solved: Convert 12-hour to 24-hour
  152. Solved: Count include 0?
  153. getting value into a string using sql statement in VBA.
  154. get list of items which are there in result of 1 query and not there in another query
  155. Solved: nested loop on sql statement
  156. Update query in ms access
  157. MS Sql Reporting Services configuration problem
  158. Syntax to display last day of current month
  159. SQL Server Export Specifications
  160. Solved: VBA-SQL Type Mismatch
  161. SQL Express, Access front end deployment
  162. Batch processing SQL query strings
  164. Quick question - Sql server
  165. SQL Syntax Error
  166. Access Format vs SQLS Convert
  167. Solved: Type conversion error with SQL query
  168. ODBC connector
  169. Store Procedure that deals with nested tables?
  170. Feeding data set into a sql stored proc using VBA
  171. Solved: ACE.OLEDB and SELECT INTO [Excel
  172. Solved: vba to solidDB
  173. SQL problem with Null
  174. Solved: How to fill all sheet name into Combo in ADO
  175. SQl VBA Access 2007 -filter not working properly
  176. Best Practice Advice
  177. Sleeper: Create Subtotals
  178. Solved: Remove duplicate records
  179. Access - SQL Query to repair table.
  180. converting Access db To SQL Server
  181. TO_NUMBER SQL function not work
  182. Update Script
  183. ListBox.Value inside an MySQL Query
  184. SQL Download
  185. Merging into one....
  186. Solved: ADO error: syntax error or access violation
  187. Notifying Excel 2007 about changes in a database in SQL Server 2008 R2
  188. Get all results from where clause even value doestn exits.
  189. Solved: Table Design / SQL Design Advice
  190. If argument in SQL query
  191. Setting Parameters or Query def for Access 2003 DAO SQL query
  192. different version of versions(dialects)
  193. Excel to SQL Server (SqlBulkCopy method)
  194. SQL Server Database Integration with EXCEL
  195. Sending a SQL String to SQL Server 2008 from Excel?
  196. Multiple JOINS without NESTING
  197. empty recordset when multiple entires in parameter
  198. Database Design for Multiple Filters
  199. VBA code to export SQL extract result and formatting
  200. ADO Connection Problems
  201. Specified Procedure Not Found
  202. Advanced SQL Sorting
  203. sql excel vba connection problem
  204. Solved: Need to Store query results for use by another query
  205. Can't get RecordCount of a Query Output from Oracle DB using VBA
  206. Urgent : How run BCP command using .bat/.vbs file from Excel VBA?
  207. Converting A date Function from VBA to SQL
  208. Plz help a newbie understand SQL
  209. Present SQL result in Word???
  210. SQL insert
  211. VBA ,SQL Data type
  212. Solved: Loop to create repeating SQL statment with incrementing variables
  213. creating random future dates with datediff()
  214. Oracle SQL
  215. Filter by previous week
  216. Statement Help
  217. Solved: Update Query
  218. Can't resolve "Query too complex" error
  219. Excel Front end, SQLServer backend???
  220. Connect to oracle from excel
  221. Count unique instances of a column in relation to another column?
  222. Doing a calculation on a derive column within an SQL statement
  223. Solved: ADO Parameter query.. from text file!
  224. how to automatically update sql results in ActiveX Combobox?
  225. How to pass combobox/textbox selected member into sql string in main module
  226. SubQuery Amnesia???
  227. VBA code to get data from Mainframe
  228. Solved: Visual Studio Form Control
  229. creating bounded groupings
  230. Solved: Table Autonumber and Visual Studio VBA
  231. CopyFromRecordset vs. GetString()
  232. Automation Error:
  233. VBA [Excel 2007] to SQL Server [9.0]
  234. Return multiple results if multiple strings
  235. [SOLVED:] transitioning from vba/access sql to T-SQL and errors
  236. LocalDB installation
  237. vba to sql
  238. SQL string syntex problem
  239. only local SQL databases?
  240. BULK INSERT Text Files into SQL/Oracle
  241. Emails
  242. Book
  243. [SOLVED:] Excel Formula To TSQL
  244. [SOLVED:] Filter DataBase Between Selected Start and End Dates w/ Visual Studio 2012
  245. VBA - SQL Syntax checker function
  246. VBA Code
  247. AdventureWorksDW2012
  248. How to query oracle using VBA
  249. Getting an error in this VBA
  250. SQL Embedded in VBA using Queryopen