View Full Version : Frontpage 2003 Question

11-25-2004, 08:42 PM
I am starting with Frontpage 2003 and have a decent site at http://www.linkemup.us but can't get the search page to work properly. It says that a file can't be found. Is there some sort of index that needs to be set up? Any suggestions?

12-04-2004, 01:01 PM
I realize this may sound like, "Okay, is the computer plugged in?"

but have you looked for the file that the error says is missing?

Frontpage makes an index file for the pages in the web, but if it has somehow not been published to your server, then it would do what you are talking about.

If it is present, then we'll have to look further.


12-05-2004, 05:58 AM
Nope. It isn't there locally or on the server. My understanding is that FP is supposed to automatically create it but that is not happening. I tried the suggestions found at http://2000clicks.com/NoFrills/InternetGuide/FrontPageHintsAndTips.htm but that didn't help either. Could there be a setting I am missing?