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07-19-2007, 02:01 PM
I've heard that insanity can be quite a release in a way! You become completely removed from the world around you and become so involved in your own thoughts that a sense of complete tranquilty envelopes you.
In order to reach this Nirvana, you first need to go through the soul destroying monotony of, and the general 'losing the will to live' of excel!
To the matter at hand! I, like a number out there, have repetetive tasks to do daily on a number of different Excel files. Unfortunately my Excel skills fall far short of what you could call average. Yes, I can cut, and I'm a half decent paster but as far as anything more complicated goes I was in the wrong cue when these talents we're being handed out!
So, to my first request for help. The attached file is an example of one of my files. The actual file contains up to 20+ "sheet1's"(plus another 20+ worksheets). I'd like to create a summary sheet so that when info is changed/amended (which happens everyday) I can run a macro to give me the summary info I need (Only from specified sheets).
The first bits come from static cells, the next from pivot tables and the final from a range. In the range I need to know if two cells that are next to each other contain the same text. i.e. "Bob","John/Bob". Oh and a cell that counts how repetitions there are would be good as well. i.e 4 x Bob.
I will try to give more info on request.
All of your comments, help and witty remarks are appreciated!!: pray2:

07-19-2007, 02:37 PM
Hi Buyone,
I have changed the name of your thread to more closely reflect the problem you are having. This will help posters who might be able to help with this and it makes searching much easier if it gets solved so that others can find it. :)
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