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07-31-2007, 07:27 AM
I?m having a problem finding out how i should do this.

I got a long sequence of time/date data and i need to split the month up to days and the days up to 6 periods of hours(i.e. 11-12, 12-13, 13-14,....,16-17)

I?ve set up Three Combo box's. With the first one you can decide what sequence you want to get, the second you decide the day you want to check out and third you can decide at what time, i.e 12,13,14,15,16,17.

I?m not having problem with the calculating i need to do on the sequence but having problem with picking out the data that has been chosen.

If I let say choose to pick certain sequence, 3 march 2007, at time 12:00:00. My code need to get everything that is in from the begin of the day til 12:00:00. It need to be sorted by three columns. That is the Date, Goes out and Valid.

So If it's Date is 11:13:24 but it goes out 11:16:35 then i should not by takin into the calculation sheeth. But if it?s Date is 11:13:24 and it goes out 13:12:34 it should be inside when i check it at 12.

This is a little complicated to explain but i hope somebody gets it.

There?s a attachment with this, where i take a little example.

So when i have chosen things in the combo box?s sheet2 goes into sheet1 and picks out what it needs. Then it splits up by time periods, and as i say if it goes out inside this periods it should not be taken (painted red in the example) but all these green should be in and they should also be in between 12-13 and 13,14...

Damn this is hard to explain in a computer.


07-31-2007, 08:10 AM
I have done the first block for you, you will need to create each block separately