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12-27-2004, 12:07 PM
Does anyone have any experience building an organizational chart in EXCEL. Yes, I know Powerpoint is the preferred way but that is not an option this time.

12-27-2004, 12:30 PM
I have done workflows in Excel and I am sure at one time or another I have done an organizational chart... Can you tell us what you are having trouble with and then we can try and help you find a possible solution...

thanks :)

12-27-2004, 01:57 PM
Just need a basic way to get started. If you have an example file could you post it? Thanks

12-27-2004, 02:31 PM
In XP, start by clicking Insert->Picture->Organization Chart. Autoshapes can work too eh. http://www.vbaexpress.com/forum/images/icons/icon10.gif

12-28-2004, 05:52 AM
i have done them using the autoshapes... Of course - i just got Visio, but havent had the chance to stop and look at it yet to see how it works...

Zack Barresse
12-28-2004, 09:30 AM
Or Insert --> Diagam ..

12-28-2004, 10:13 AM
Sorry been away for a while. What I wanted to do is find a way to populate the org chart programatically from a list of names in another workbook. It would be broken down as ex. John Smith President, where the name and title are in seperate cells A1, B1. The same would hold true for managers, subs and so forth. Sorry for the confusion.

12-29-2004, 05:58 PM

Here is something that I did a while back, it is not to fancy, but once you set it up for your or. the names can be easily updated.

Anything can be done if we are willing to spend the time to create it.:bink: :yes

Hope this get you started.