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03-27-2008, 01:21 AM
Dear All

First of all let me say thank to admin and his support team and other voluntary members who are doing a great job in order to helping people to increase their knowledge and solving their problems. I really impressed to join this forum. I am very new in VB i want to learn VB and that?s what i spending most of my time in this forum.

Here i have a small query.

1-I have 2 sheets this variance sheet b/w actual vs Budget. And variance stands in G. What i want to look values in G if grater than 1000 should copy to sheet 2.
2-Sheet 1 is vertical and sheet 2 is horizontal, so when it copy to sheet 2 base on horizontal.

Thanks in advance


03-27-2008, 02:19 AM
Main and Major-var both look vertical to me.

For example, in G7 of Main you have a variance of 17,429. Where hould that go n Major-Var?

03-27-2008, 03:05 AM
if you see in "Main" there is cost center like 09-60-77-73 etc. cost center stand for defining the department Like 09-Rooms, 60-Telephone etc "Main" is mix data but when you in Major-Var the cost centers are on horizontal which means that the Operating supplies account have the expenses in which which department. where as you canot define this in "Main"

I think this explaination is enough