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05-19-2008, 06:43 AM
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Question: see attached workbook EE-modified-9e.xls
Hi People

let me explain this in steps.

1. Please familiarize yourself with the grey ADD/REMOVE macro button and understand what they do...

Here is a quick overview.

A demand sheet needs to create using the demand Y sheet as a template where the contents of the sheet are a list of demands and the supplier, which are reference via two Userform similar too (grey ADD supply button).

On the grey ADD button the user was combining supply customer against demand customer&

Supply radio button and demand check boxes

i.e. Pressing the grey supply add button, adds a demand to a pre existing supply ... in respect of supply X1 worksheets only.


Know pressing the blue ADD demand button, I want to add a supply to a pre existing demand worksheet Demand Y.... in respect of the demand worksheet only.

Demand radio button and Supply check boxes

Also a point - the demand and supply sheet will look exactly the same only difference being the tab color of demand worksheet "red" and the name range formula will take the form:

Alloc_DemanName_SuppyName - for demand sheet

were as the supply sheet formula were